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Jul 1, 2023

Kim Goguen credibly claims to hold the highest level control of the global banking and telecommunication systems and to be heading up critical military and economic operations, as “Ground Command” for the Universal Council she says appointed her in 2012. Kim’s material maps well onto high-level geopolitical reports as well as esoteric updates from Lisa Renee and others. While Kim periodically makes unfair remarks about certain others (eg: David Icke, RFK Jr, related critique) and has not recognized some important companion cleanup projects (eg: the Gitmo group) her activities are critical re: planetary liberation prospects. Kim’s reports can be found on the UNN Rumble channel and via subscription at  The goal of the GVI KG series is to provide “World Situation Report” highlights – manually transcribed from video broadcasts – along with related background materials and commentary. If unfamiliar with Kim’s materials, scroll back thru the original articles in this series.

According to Kim Goguen’s three per week “World Situation” reports of the past two months, major behind-the-scenes planetary progress continues. Ongoing themes include closing down lower astral portals, repeatedly blocking attempts to launch a CBDC digital slavery system, blocking numerous attempts to start WWIII, repeated shutdowns of high-tech SSP machinery meant to create new pandemics, progress taking critical infrastructure away from Cabal networks and decimating their leadership ranks.

Either Kim is the most skilled, intelligent and amazing liar ever in planetary history re: high-level global esoteric, political, financial and military affairs, or she’s the most important news source on the planet and almost certainly also its top behind-the-scenes operative at present. You don’t have to be naive to believe the latter, because, to the contrary, her narratives tend to tie together complex intertwined topics better than any other version out there. That Kim colors outside the lines here and there re: giving credit where due with regard to the contributions of certain others may, in itself, lend further credence to her demi-god status.

The following excerpts are all Kim Goguen quotes, taken from UNN World Situation Reports broadcast from mid-April through June, 2023.

“We’re unwinding thousands if not millions and more years of history, as fast as we possibly can. That was the mission, to take our planet back. But, not only to take our planet back but…what we’ve done here has changed the multiverse forever. What Source has done here, has changed the multiverse forever. But, we had to get it to a certain point before that could be possible. And, we did that.”

Of the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain based non-white hat Deep State generals,

“So, the Deep State generals there came up with a plan…to crash a plane into the White House. Another 9/11 type situation. It would have been blamed on someone else. It could have been Hezbollah, the Taliban, the Iranians, the Russians, the Chinese. So many boogey-men to choose from, so little time.

The end result was to be martial law in the United States. And, then, an order to crash the markets. Remember the train that went missing with all the explosive materials in Cheyenne, Wyoming? That was part of the plan. The explosives have been found in DC. Also, there were seven surface-to-air missiles for sale in Mexico a couple of weeks back. They were purchased and brought to Colorado. Then, they went missing…and showed up in Washington.

Next, they had two planes, one on the tarmac in Maryland and one on the tarmac in Langley. Both of them had directed energy weapons on board and were waiting for the go order at approximately 11:30 EST today. We were the ones that made sure nobody took off. And, that was the end of the plan. So, this has all been my morning.”

“Then the US government, the Israeli government and the Chinese government were cooperatively using the 6G satellites that they have to send bursts of radio frequencies so that they could reactivate these bots. So, if you started feeling funky, well, there you go. Governments use them [6G satellites] for military communications and whatnot. But, unfortunately, we had to disable that entire network yesterday, because they can’t have anything. They were trying to kill millions. They were starting with America, then they were going to morph their way around the world – that was the plan – for an instant depopulation agenda.

I know some members of my team received calls over the weekend. ‘Why did we lose this? Why did we lose that?’ Well, that’s the answer to your question. You were trying to kill off millions and millions of people that had ‘tested positive.’ in one day.”

“We have an NSA Director resigning. They will now take care of anyone who steps out of line. They will acquire and use the media as a tool, to get people to comply. If we were feared as much as they are, we would do the same thing. I’m guessing that it will take 30 to 60 days to turn the media around, and start using it as a powerful tool for disclosure.

The next global call was with all the agencies in the world, to get them on the same program. It was a perfect place to start, because then you can move on into politics and media. They have been calling the entire network of people in government…and other businesses around the world and introducing themselves as…their new boss. ‘You’ll no longer report to the Rothschilds. You’ll no longer report to the Chinese Deep State.’

And, if they decide not to, you have people like the NSA Director who resigned and will be replaced. Same thing will happen with DARPA. The SES [“Senior Executive Service”] is another one. It’s pretty much a clandestine British operation on US soil.”

“Now, that leaves us with the Order of the Dragon. And, the question is, did they have a similar system? Yes, they did. Washington DC has a grid of boundary stones around it. And, beneath each stone is a crystal. And, right in the center is the Washington Monument. The center of the wifi network for the Order of the Dragon’s implants is the Washington Monument. Or, was. How’s that for interesting? Another big tower, obviously, and nobody knew why it’s in that shape or what it actually did. They planned to overlay all our gateways. It’s a quantum physics binding. Then, they would begin coming out with the New World Order.”

Group based in Opus Dei and high up in the Umbrella and Mobius SSP were using super advanced equipment, able to tap into akashic records and target people for mind control keyed to their DNA. Kim says they used the tech against her, to try to gain control of the quantum Alpha AI system,

“It did cause some pain on my end of it, for sure. Then, I went torching everything. And, the guy running the show is no longer with us. I went over to the P3 lodge and those people [the Octagon group in Switzerland] and I just burned everything to the ground.”

“We’re on thousands of sites we’ve cleaned up since you and I spoke last Friday. The Enforcer’s on it and all hands on deck. Anything tied to the lower astral is important. Satellites, space stations, portals, all that. Like, when they go to a site and we pull the plug, there might be something that shows up like ‘Attempted Recoding of Omega.’ It’s enough to excite the Deep State.

They were at a quantum computing lab in Australia, at MIT labs in the states. But, you cannot use a Higgs particle – which is the God particle – to attack an organic life form that is not attacking you. They want their old timeline back. They don’t want us to come out of the dark. They don’t want us to wake up.”

“You’re likely to see a lot of people quitting or resigning or getting fired for whatever reason. You’re going to see it in the financial sector. You’re going to see it in the military community, globally. You’re going to see it in the intelligence community. You’re going to see it in the media and in politics. And, if you control those five sectors, you control the world in its current structure. This is about us taking back power and putting in people who actually work…for the people. We’ve moving into a world where common sense shall prevail. It’s time to move forward.”

“When you go to Defcon 1, an automated protocol starts to happen. So, all of the alerts went out. Everyone’s in full-on panic. And, the whole purpose behind all this was that they had gotten an indication from someone, that if the US went to Defcon 1, that the backup systems would automatically come into play. By backup systems, we mean that all of the cash and data in banks would automatically revert to a center in…Cheyenne. The control over the Federal Reserve would revert under military control.

Now, this would have been possible two years ago, maybe three. The backup systems are now off, and revert to the Global Repository. So, we made sure nothing was going to happen, yesterday. They had convinced all of Congress, before any of this actually took place – because, you’ve got to convince everybody to push all of these buttons – that…if there was an imminent Defcon 1 type threat in the United States, that money would come out. And, the US is of course desperate for money, so therefore they played along with the game, and then when nothing happened, I was the one that got the phone calls last night. And, I had to explain to people why it didn’t happen.”

“I am now in charge of the asset base. And, I have been in charge – for a long time – of the issuance of new allocation of every currency in the world. That is part of my job. They know that the only agreement I have is with you, the eight billion people in the world.”

“A lot of the orders were coming from the Order of the Blue Dragon in Oxfordshire. So, the Rothschilds and Chuckie [“King Charles”]. In the mind of Chuckie – who’s told everybody he’s going to be the Pindar this weekend, it’s going to all happen – then he will have control of the BLM [US Bureau of Land Management]. So, he’s looking to have control over BLM to support the $1 trillion platinum coin – which is never going to happen – and then, they’re going to take that coin and use it to back the CBDC. That’s the plan right now.

The Chinese Deep State is also desperately hoping this will work out, for their own reasons. But, it won’t. I’m telling you right now, despite all the rituals…it’s never going to happen. There’s no Solomon ritual that’s going to change the outcome tomorrow. And, we really don’t have anyone that’s willing to come back and get up in Chuckie, anyway. Because, that would be the Draco. So, we’ll be back here talking about this on Monday, which will work out just exactly as we said.”

“Interestingly enough, I did have a conversation with the World Health Organization and United Nations personnel, who were at their building in Geneva this weekend. And, I explained to them that China is broke, the Order of the Dragon is broke, and nothing is coming. And they said, ‘But, we were promised we would have this by Sunday morning.’ And, I said, ‘Well, it’s not there. You’re wasting your time.’ So, they abruptly called their ‘Elders’ over in China and told them they got a little bit of truth from Ms. Goguen, and they were very upset. Because, they work very, very hard to hide the truth…about what’s really going on.”

“Let’s talk about the so-called gods of ancient Greece. So, we’ve all heard of Zeus and Poseidon and Thor. Well, these folks were actually Abraxas. The Abraxas are known to be in control of the Order of the Black Sun. And then, underneath the Abraxas you would have the Draco and the Mantids – not any longer, but at the time – who would have then created the Order of the Dragon. They [the Abraxas and Draco] created loosh farms everywhere.

The ‘Abraxas Dominion over Earth’ agreement expired yesterday. If the Draco and the Abraxas agreements go, that means that the Order of the Black Sun’s agreements go. The Order of the Dragon has also officially been fired, as of yesterday. They are no longer the ruling bloodline of anything…as of today, based on agreements that had been made…long before humans even walked this Earth.”

“The Paris Climate Control Agreement…nearly every country in the world signed it. But, what you may not have heard…is that there’s a little clause…it says, ‘You agree to turn over all of your in-ground resources to fight global poverty.'”

“I’m always learning something new, you know. The unbelievable amounts of power and control they had on this planet was ridiculous. They’re very angry. They don’t have even the little bits of credit they had left to do bad things to us, and pay people to make wars. When we filed martial law, we also did a debt call on the Federal Reserve and the United Nations. And, without the ability to pay us back the quadrillions of dollars they owe us, we will now begin seizing their properties. There is a plan to do this in rapid succession. There is also a plan in place to deal with politics.”

“On Monday, I mentioned that Biden and Chuckie [“King Charles”] signed a new COVID agreement, which then filtered into the state of New York and China. Of course, this is being driven by the Chinese Deep State.”

“This has been a coordinated effort to bring in the Age of Light, not only here, but across the multiverse. And, that takes a coordinated effort with the councils and the colonies and all the other folks. The Council of 5 that’s assisted us quite a bit here in this galaxy. And, thank you to all of them for all the help. It was over months ago. They don’t have the equipment. There’s no way you’re going to fight Alpha without Omega. It’s not possible. Hundreds and hundreds of agreements have expired, that took place between the Dark Overlord and those bloodlines. Not only here on Earth, but in other places.”

“This dark overlay energy binding went all the way from Finland all the way down to Indonesia and bound us to the lower astral. Let’s call it a wifi grid…that would transmit instructions from the Aldebran star system and the Abraxas AI…and give those instructions to the Black Sun generals using a chip implant in their heads. It’s an etheric, not a physical implant involving…advanced technology. Remember, I kept saying, ‘Gee, they’re like these little windup toys that just keep going off the cliff and they don’t even know why’? It’s because the instructions hadn’t been updated since the death of the Abraxas. Remember, Ukraine was the original location where the Order of the Black Sun on Earth was formed. That’s why they’re wearing the Black Sun on their uniforms right now and causing holy heck over there.”

“So, the obvious reason for America needing to conquer country after country, had to do with the orders that were coming through the wifi tower in Washington DC. The Order has always had its people in DC. Were they aware they were following instructions in their head, coming from a wifi tower and the lower astral? Well, no more wifi tower for the Order of the Black Sun. No more wifi tower for the Order of the Dragon. The Washington Monument, by the way, was actually tied to the Alpha Draconis star system, the original home of the Draco. That’s where their instructions were coming from.”

“There really will be mass panic in governments when there is nowhere else to go. Now…we are the alternative. They can see the money. They know that it’s there. They are being prevented from talking to us in every way possible. They’re being told the IMF will sanction your country if you touch this money. A lot of threats that are unfounded. The generals are never going to stop. But, we have to make them irrelevant in our lives. Now, it will become very apparent in the coming days that CARE has replaced the UN system and all its divisions.”

“Bottom line, the country is bankrupt because you have bad management. The government is kind of like the corporation of all corporations. So, what would you need to do to fix that company? They determined that the first thing we need to do is replace the management staff, and I agreed with them. And, the US going under would mean a lot to the whole world right now. So, Number One to include in your business plan: No more taxes.

80% of all the taxes collected in the US currently go to the Rothschilds family through the X-N system. So, you’re paying your taxpayer dollars in order to have a quote-unquote representative in Congress, that is allegedly supposed to represent your area and then vote accordingly. That was the plan, but that’s not what’s happening. Management controls all that. Management controls all those decisions and the big corporations and campaign donors also get funding and drive the bus. So, Number One in the business plan: You will go to a spending tax only.

Number Two: We will take a look at how many departments you have. How many intelligence agencies do we have? The constant monitoring of people is so ridiculous. Maybe you need one domestic and one foreign. Will the spending tax work to fund the government if you have departmental consolidation? Yes, it will. Next, let’s look at NGOs that are always in the budget, like FEMA and the EPA. If the EPA was actually involved in protecting the environment in any way, shape or form, maybe they’d be useful. FEMA reports directly to “management.” In this case, the Rothschilds. Remember when Kushner was running FEMA? Oh, for the love of God. The Red Cross is another one. Largest money laundering organization in the world.

Now, let’s talk about the Ways & Means Committee. They have reported to the Order of the Blue Dragon, the Rothschilds, forever. These are people that do things for you like Social Security, Medicare and all those programs. Those are all coming from the Ways & Means Committee. These things need to be restructured. Now, let’s get down to the Military-Industrial Complex. Why are we giving money to Boeing? Why does the United States government fund Pfizer? The military is another thing. Trillions of dollars go missing, the federal audits. And, everybody is like, ‘Oh, well. We’re missing a trillion dollars.’

Embezzlement is something we go to jail for. You do that in the federal government, somebody pats you on the back and takes you to dinner. I am offering to come forward with my capital…but I am certainly not going to feed the pig. And, I am not going to fund a government that’s going to report to bad management with no plan whatsoever to fix things. So, I’m in agreement with silent circle on this one. You can’t negotiate with these people. Management has to change. And, I’m not talking about the [US] President. That’s middle management. I don’t care who sits in that seat. In the next week or two…it’s all going to change. Because, those people will go play shuffleboard. They don’t understand economics. They don’t understand infrastructure. All they understand is destruction. War and what they can put in their pocket. That’s it.”

“I have decided to take on some new roles. First of all, I have replaced the chair of Mr. Black – head of the Order of the Black Sun – with the Office of the Guardian. Therefore, I have acquired all of the authorities and permissions that come along with that position, but only to serve the light. I have acquired that position as of this morning. Congratulations, all you Order of the Black Sun generals, you now work for me. And if you don’t believe me, you can check with the archivists. Because, I have officially taken that position.

I have also replaced the office of the Pindar with the Office of the Guardian. Now, there are several positions that the Order of the Black Sun or the Order of the Dragon would be able to appoint. One of those positions is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. By the end of the day, it’s going to be a Chairwoman. Now, you’ll still have these people yip, yip, yipping on TV. But, there’s no authority, no permissions. I have the right to take all of the assets, anyway. I might just close up shop. I can also appoint myself Secretary of the Treasury. I can do lots of different things.”

“We have trillions of dollars in assets in the United States under BLM land. You know, rare Earth minerals. All of it’s been leveraged, and I’m the only one who can release the lien and allow you to use it to back the dollar. So, is that going to help your current situation? You know, the Senate Banking Committee headed by Warner. As you know, he is an avid Order of the Dragon ally in the US government. And, he still wants to give the country back to England.”

“And for the love of Christ, if you are a military general and you know war and you know weapons, then get the heck out of the economic system and stop trying to register ‘Trump Bucks’ or any other ridiculous scheme that will never work. And if you don’t believe me, call in your economic hit men. Call in someone who has basic economic understanding. The generals have no understanding of macroeconomics.”

“We’ve talked about all these agreements expiring, based on the fact that the Abraxas agreement has already expired. The main one…over the last 3 billion years. That’s where the Draco got their power from. That’s where the Mantids got their power from. And, the subsequent lower astral beings…called Reptilians. They all hail from this original agreement that the Abraxas signed 3 billion years ago.”

“So, Chuckie [“King Charles”] was actually taken to Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Now, if you remember the story…that’s where the Queen’s body was, in stasis, while her soul resided on the mental plane of existence. And then, they had a Reptilian thing walking around as the Queen. Well, Chuckie – King Charles the third – went to Balmoral Castle, to take his rightful place in the pod and transfer his soul out, so they could get a being to come here and take the place of him before the coronation.

Now, this did not happen. And, the people that were in the meeting – the Order of the Dragon – were shocked that it didn’t work. So, before entering the pod, three agreements were submitted to the Hall of Records for ratification. The first one was for King Charles to be ratified as the King of England and the Commonwealth. And, that was rejected. So, he’s not officially King. Number Two. He would like to be the Pindar as well. And, Number Three, he would like to be in the Office of the Guardian.

I thought about it for a second and I had a conversation with myself. I said, ‘Self, do you want to replace yourself with Charles?’ And, I said, ‘No.’ If you look at close-up shots during the coronation, you’ll see that his pupils are very dilated. That would indicate he’s on some kind of a medication. Obviously, he had a very traumatic evening, the evening before. And, he was also very angry. You know, he expects to be the King of the World and wanted to be that, in whichever of the three positions he could have gotten approved for.”

Assorted Military-Industrial Complex Soldier of Fortune rats and cartels are fleeing a sinking ship in growing number. Some said to be considering aligning with the Global Repository and Restoration Plan, seeing their “illuminati” masters tapped out on funds and control,

“Let’s call them the operatives. They are not only American. They are from all countries. They are kind of a group among themselves. These people are in banks. These people are in everything, and their contacts and networks are global. These are the people that control the aids [who control key politicians around the world]. These are the people that actually get stuff done…not only for the Order of the Black Sun, but also for the Order of the Dragon.

So, there’s a lot of international fact-finding that’s gone on over the past few days. These people have watched someone [ie: Kim] transfer legitimate new money into the system, and that’s what’s making everyone’s head turn. They know that I’ve been capable of funding governments in the past. They thought, originally, that it was Trump that did it. So, there are meetings going on all day today among these people. They were all given a lot of information. They can go back and verify different things. So, this is kind of a game-changer.

We could change the world at a rapid place. And, this was always my plan. I just didn’t know how long it was going to take. If you get these people on board with you, then all of those people and their crazy orders go away. And, once we’re having new orders to do new things, with money, with pay…then these people are gonna walk. Will these people turn the corner? I’m hoping so. If not now, it will happen in the future because there will be no other way to continue.”

Kim says the aforementioned network – the description of which roughly matches that of the Italian and Russian mafias – used to provide her with protection,

“They have very competent people. They are a force to be reckoned with, I promise you. If they were there to make sure no one shot me in the head, no one shot me in the head. I’ve had them on planes and trains and following me around…in the past. Now, I’m stuck in these 11 square miles because I was going against people that actually run this place.”

“The Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons act was introduced…with the intention of preventing the US President from launching a nuclear attack without prior authorization from Congress. But, there are three keys, not two, to nuclear weapons, world-wide. And a launch, even if agreed by both the White House and the Pentagon, they would certainly never gain the approval of Ground Command, who holds the final key.”

Notes re: creating UNN “field messengers” from around the world, reporting news. While regionally based grassroots reporting is helpful, there’s an even greater need for teams knowledgeable of key functional sectors – ie: news censored and shadow-banned to date – to report regularly,

“We’re at the ground level. You know, we’re building something huge. We’re going to change the way that we get the news. There’s no way they’re going to keep the narratives going if you have every person out there telling the story from their area. And, that’s the whole download I got on how to build this, and how to change the face of media, one step at a time.

And, now, we are getting ready – as you should be – as we go into the Restoration Plan. It will make our new show that we have coming out, Restoration Recap, just amazing. We’re really determined to build UNN as the world’s leading news channel. We’re looking forward to the future of media, and we’re going to be at the cutting edge of it.”

Lights were seen over Kiev recently and reported as possible ET or SSP craft,

“There are some pyramids just outside of Kiev, that were always an issue. That was the original site where The Destroyer came in, came to Earth and started to wreak havoc. I think it was about 18,000 years ago, when The Destroyer knocked out the Moon. Then, we finally got the fake one that we have now, a couple thousand years after that. So, connected to these inverted pyramids was a very large hyper-conductor that went to the center vortex of Earth.

So there’s been, in the last three or four days…probably at least 100 agreements that have expired, and one of those had to do with The Destroyer’s return. Or, the return of the Anti-Christ. Well, that large crystal and the hyper-conductor were dismantled – or, de-molecularized – by The Enforcer, as part of one of the operations that we’ve been running for the past few days. I didn’t expect anyone to see any bright lights, but I believe that was part of one of our operations.”

Another major uptick in planetary energies and yet more etheric parasites reported gone. Dark agreements said to have just expired included The Tablets of Thoth, Thoth’s Return and The Devil’s Breath,

“We were flooded with lower astral beings that essentially took over the planet. Prior to that, we did not have dark portals on the planet. We had light portals on the planet and we were very, very connected. The restoration of light portals is very important. They fully intended to create hell on Earth, probably even worse than they did 250,000 years ago. The darkest of the dark were in Israel and, also, in Joshua Tree in the desert.”

“Remember how I had put word out, several months back, to buy Blackrock? And they said, maybe we’ll consider selling part of that. And I said, ‘I’m not interested in that. I’m here for all or nothing.’ I said, ‘I’m either going to get you for nothing or I’m going to pay you money to walk away.’ Larry Fink actually admitted, right before the takeover yesterday, that they were bankrupt. Called his lawyers. Started setting everything up. Because, those ‘digital wallets’ are not good.

Now, we will agree to fund businesses with new asset based currencies. And then, we will provide production contracts for all of these companies that they’ve acquired. And, it’s a book. They will run them. But, we will change things. For example, one company we are going to change is Monsanto. We will be transitioning that company…into a company that only makes organic fertilizer. Seeds will be seeds, not this one year annual thing. So, will Blackrock survive? It will be restructured. At least we have new management now.”

Soldiers of Fortune rats fleeing a sinking ship continued,

“China’s broker than broke. They still owe $7 quad-trillion. And, I said, ‘There was a huge debt call that happened a little over a week ago and they are in serious trouble. So, if they actually had a sovereign wealth fund that had gold in it, don’t you think they would have fixed their own country before fixing the US and the dollar? They used to have a system. It was called the Omega System.’

And, I said, ‘They’re waiting for an astrological alignment of sorts, in order to get their system back. They wait ’til their special day. They eat the face off some babies. Do some evil things. Then, they think that some demon is going to come save them. And then, the whole economy of planet Earth is waiting for that to happen. Then, it doesn’t happen and they give you a new date, whether New Moon, Full Moon, solar eclipse, you name it.’

And, he goes, ‘You’re bleeping kidding me?’ ‘Nope. Not joking at all. That’s what they’re doing right now.’ They knew these people were evil and they’ve been doing a lot of evil things. They knew that they liked their little boys and little girls. But, I don’t think they knew it was related to the functioning of the global macro-economic picture.”

“We found a project which…predominantly CyberLife had been working on for awhile called Project Morpheus. The project was all about entering into your dreams and entering into your mind. They had several locations around the world that were to be connected to what they thought was going to be a new portal in Ukraine. But, it didn’t work out. There was no portal and their was no opening. So, if you experienced some really weird dreams in the last few days, that was the remnants of Project Morpheus, before its ultimate destruction, yesterday.

They really, really, really want their Lucifer, Destroyer, Demiurge folk back. And, they think that the perfect time to do that is during the octave of Easter. So, that finally ended at midnight last night, Israel time. And, thank God, because, I have to tell you…the number of times that they were at different locations, trying to see if they’d gotten Omega back, registering agreement after agreement after agreement. There was an attempted agreement registration from Ukraine for both the Order of the Red Dragon and the Order of the Black Sun, to be registered in the Hall of Records…’legally.’

Both agreements were rejected along with a plethora of other ones. Central Bank Digital Currency, Central Bank Digital Currency, over and over again this weekend. What they thought it might do, I guess, is bring back Lucifer, the Anti-Christ. They were still working on that over the octave of Easter. Something about the eight days during this time makes them think it’s possible, because it only happens every 2000 years. And, there were a lot of agreements that expired, that only happen every 2000 years.

So, my weekend was kind of exciting, in a different way. No Lucifer came. No Destroyer came. The Demiurge didn’t come. No digital bank currency was allowed to come to fruition. China is in a full-on panic. And, where do we go from here? They could always call me at the Global Repository and actually get something done. But, Nooooo.”

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Worried about a financial crash? There's evidence a new system is waiting to emerge, and not of the draconian CBDC variety. A New Day is dawning on...

Planetary Ascension Updates

In recent months, Kim Goguen has been giving video updates on important global affairs topics three times a week, published at All...

Acquiescence, Compliance & Techno-Fascism

What to say about David Icke, who, along with Alex Jones, was our world's preeminent "conspiracy theorist" of the modern era, they being the first...

Ground Command Planetary Liberation Updates

As per the roughly three dozen Kim Goguen summaries posted to this site, past two years, Kim's way-out updates during the past month continue to mention...

Global Restoration Plan Prep: Ending Duality on Earth

Noticed things getting lighter and fluffier in your neighborhood? Sun shining brighter? Colors clearer and more brilliant? What about the Spring-like...

Ground Command: Transition Updates

Reports from "Ground Command" and "Office of the Guardian?" Here's the interesting thing. The more you know about how our world really works, the more...

Telegram: Freedom of Speech & The Road Ahead

Tucker Carlson: "How do you get your users if you're spending zero money...not advertising? How do you get your billion for free?" Pavel Durov:...

Climate the Movie: The Climate Emergency Hoax

"Climate the Movie" is a DEFINITE HOME RUN! Finally, a quality film documenting just HOW RADICALLY ABSURD the whole "Climate Change Emergency" narrative...

Chem-Trails Documentary: The Dimming

Kudos to Dana Wigington who produced The Dimming, an excellent documentary about chem-trails. As the global chem-trails program winds down - its funding...

Disease X: Closet Satanists & Pandemic Scripts

And so, we know. The cosmic dark axis has had two primary end times plans for the population of our planet, meant to synergistically dovetail to create...

California vs. Texas (and the Gavin Newsom drone)

If you live in California, you know the benefit of living in a state run by a guy raised by closet satanists. IE: the Gettys. Do a little research into...

The Elon Musk Alex Jones Conversation

A few years ago, Elena Danaan said the Pleiadean ET group she associates with met with Elon Musk - in bases on Mars and the Moon - and convinced him to...

“Disclosure” vs. The Prime Directive

According to governments, the UN, mainstream media, academia, fact-checkers and authority figures across the board, Down means Up. "True" means False...

The CHD Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Bus Tour

Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Tour Interview ThemesMDs and hospitals either CLUELESS regarding the true COVID-n-Injections landscape or unwilling to face that reality...

Great Resets vs. Justice, the Rarest of all Earth Elements

We hear often of quiet US and NATO military assisted takeovers of rare Earth minerals found in spots across the globe. But, as ongoing socio-economic...

The Global Food Supply Destruction Project

"When you step back, you see a controlled destruction of food production, all according to plan."Earth: A Planet with Ambitious Closet Satanists On the...

Wising Up to the Waiting-for-Saviors Program

Q: What's the alternative to tuning in to Mr. Cowboy Boots droning on for hours saying nothing? A: Tuning him out. Likewise, all other Trust-the-Plan...

Teachers Unions & Education Sector Great Resets

Former Education International (EI) exec Sharan Burrow addressing the UN's ITUC, touting the WEF's 4th Industrial Revolution trans-humanist party line....

Dr. Bill Deagle: A Walk Down Conspiracy Theory Lane

2012: Dr. Deagle Presages COVID Conspiracy Theorists Arise! As the slow-to-get-going Great Awakening process proceeds, more and more are seeing that the...

Dr. Christina Rahm Talks to Tank

Dr. Christina Rahm, who has created the ROOT health boost products along with husband Clayton Thomas, is a fast-rising star on the alt health and...

Ricardo Bosi: Australia Declares Victory

"The case can already be made that many of these people are already guilty of treason. But, if any remain silent in an obvious attack on Australian...

Trump Warned by US Military About COVID Vax Promos

Breaking Good News The US Navy Command's COVID warning to Trump is already bearing fruit. Having sent back channel messages to Donald Trump over the...

MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World?

HELP MAKE THIS VIDEO GO VIRAL! Okay, relax, it's already gone viral, with over 1 million views on Rumble since being posted two months ago. So, all you...

Trump Still Our Hero in Waiting?

As Kim Goguen's recent updates suggest, it might be time to reevaluate the Trump as hero narrative given his recent bragging about his "Operation Warp...