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World Situation Updates (Sep-Oct 2023)

Oct 15, 2023

Kim Goguen credibly claims to hold the highest level control of the global banking and telecommunication systems and to be heading up critical military and economic operations, as “Ground Command” for the Universal Council she says appointed her in 2012. Kim’s material maps well onto high-level geopolitical reports as well as esoteric updates from Lisa Renee and others. While Kim periodically makes unfair remarks about certain others (eg: David Icke, RFK Jr, related critique) and has not recognized some important companion cleanup projects (eg: the Gitmo group) her activities are critical re: planetary liberation prospects. Kim’s reports can be found on the UNN Rumble channel and via subscription at  The goal of the GVI KG series is to provide “World Situation Report” highlights – manually transcribed from video broadcasts – along with related background materials and commentary. If unfamiliar with Kim’s materials, scroll back thru the original articles in this series.

Tired of evil maniacs ruling our governments and media establishments, academia and NGOs – the UN system and the WEF – all in tow to the same corrupt financial, political and military elites? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a world led by those who are sane and honest, versus professional liars simply mimicking those qualities?

What about the insanity of Duality driving the cosmic drama for unknown millions of years, whereby the Dark gained such a profound upper hand – in our galaxy, solar system, and on Earth – that millennia after millennia, history has been a rinse-repeat cycle of Big Lies, senseless suffering and injustice, manufactured strife, disease and division…interspersed only by brief periods of relative calm and progress.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a world where only the bad die young vs the opposite? What about a world where “No bad deed goes unpunished” vs its opposing truism?

Well, Good News. All that and more is now en camino and fast taking shape. Earth’s planetary liberation victory is…HUGE! It turns out Earth was the very first planet ever created in all cosmos. Yup. It’s also long been the most pivotal of all Gateway planets in cosmos – connecting Light and Dark realms across all dimensions – existing at the lowest levels of density wherein exalted avatars “from both sides” came to battle in an End Times war for ultimate Dark-vs-Light cosmic control…all now heading toward a grand Golden Age for all systems in our universe.

All quotes on this page are taken from Kim Goguen’s UNN news updates and interviews, published from September 11 to October 9, 2023.

“I am not playing with you people anymore. If we’ve got to kill 400 million people, 500 million people, to get rid of you and all your damned bloodlines, we’ll do it. So, don’t test me. All of you people – family people – were scared out of your wits by the person who sat in my chair before [Marduk] and you should still be. I’m not playing.

So, you can go do your baby-eating…tomorrow night. And, I hope you all gather in one location. Make my job easy. Let me take out the trash. That’s not your job. We just send ’em all back to Source. Let him sort it out. Who gets to stay. Who gets to go. Whose soul gets eradicated. I don’t care. That’s not my problem. We’ll just send ’em all home.”

“So, now, your governments are going to burn to the ground because you’ve been lied to by a bunch of old, crotchety Luciferian Order members…that refuse to give up power over the world, over the operatives, over militaries, worldwide. They just refuse to give up power! Governments are going broke. Militaries are going broke. I’m about 95% certain that we’ll be without governments, going forward. Period.”

“The Treasury asked me, ‘Are you willing to let the United States government fall?’ And I said, ‘Yep, sure am.’ But, they thought if they put enough pressure on me [planned October 4th EBS chaos] that I would cave. But, you are sadly mistaken. And, that goes for all governments in all countries, everywhere in the world. You either play our way or you don’t play at all. And, I’m okay either way. The people will survive. We’ll build better roads. We’ll build better schools. We’ll do all that stuff by ourselves. So, to answer your question, [US] Treasury Department, we’re perfectly fine with that. Yes, we are.”

The planned October 4th EBS-plus-Chaos plans fell flat, as the Deep State organigram continues to be weakened and eliminated,

“So, I’m pretty sure confidence has been shaken both against the Langley Five and the Rothschilds, Umbrella military corporation and Delphi – others working very hard on today’s events. They thought they were going to crash the markets today. They said they still have access to back doors, which they should have checked before they opened their mouths and threatened the person who runs the quantum computer system. Then, they said that anyone who tries to get any money from us – predominantly, threatening the operatives – they are going to come after. Now, there’s a little flaw in that plan. Number one, if all of the operatives get contracts and money from us, who is going to answer your phone call and come after us? Are you coming after us? They’re like 80 years old! The military’s not taking any orders from you.”

“China is…running the Biden White House right now. Then you have the Order of the Black Sun’s Langley 5 hidden generals, who would like the power center to remain in the United States. Because, they have more control here than they do in China. And, they want to put another…guy in office. Orange in color [ie: Donald Trump].

There’s one team of operatives working with the Langley people and the Jesuit people over here. And they’re like, ‘We’re winning!’ Now, on the other side, you have China. And, they’re like, ‘We are part of…the Illuminati!’ ‘We are supposed to be transferring world power to China, and we’re late!’ ‘We are promoting the next stay-at-home time [new pandemic efforts] and why is that not working either?’

Because, it’s very EXPENSIVE, YOU IDIOTS! It’s VERY expensive! They started generating money for that project [COVID Great Reset] in 1985.”

Re: the Nentanyahu-Israeli Armageddon project,

“Welcome to what’s supposed to be the carefully orchestrated Armegeddon. This is part of a plan we first heard about in 2015, and it came right from Mayer Rothschild’s mouth. So, they decided to pull the ripcord on this plan Friday. They’re trying to get everyone on board for the prophetic Armegeddon, then introduce an anti-christ, which would be someone from the Luciferean bloodlines.

So, the Rothschilds handed this plan to the Langley 5. They handed it to the Israelis and to Hamas. You can’t have Armageddon without the Iranians. So, the ‘Biden administration’ was told to promise $6 billion to the Iranians to get the war started. Then, you had Israeli battleships firing into Gaza. So, their ships lost all electronic capacity. Yes! Then, you’re seeing rocket launchings coming from the ground. So, we’re working on malfunctioning those, last 12 to 18 hours.”

“They keep sending me bills for the [US] government shut-down, which I’m not going to pay. They get angry with me for what they call ‘blocking,’ yet they’re still not willing to take an order from me. The governments will wait as long as the Deep State tells them to wait. At this rate, the governments will still be waiting 50 years from now. It’s not just the US government. I’ve talked to the South African government until I’m blue in the face. I’ve talked to the Iraqis and a couple of other countries in the Mideast. I’ve talked to the Saudis.”

The Great Reset’s 4th Industrial Revolution AI takeover relies on being able to tie all human activity and devices to 5G IoT real-time which, tied to the CBDC plan requires the dark quantum Omega AI System, said to have “dissolved” in early 2021,

“They wanted to connect all humans to this AI system, that would also run ID2020. ID2020 is where you have a social credit score. And, the only way to track that and a monetary system, is to tie the two together. They were using technology that was placed there for them by someone else, that doesn’t exist anymore. The existing currencies are all tied to the Key Integrated Monetary System. That is a quantum system that can handle trillions of transactions per second, and that is the system that I run.”

“You do your conjuring, you do your blood-drinking…the demon comes. Possession happens. Soul swaps happen. Who are the leaders of the black magic people? Now, you’re looking at the illuminati. The Sanhedrin and their covens. You went all the way, eventually, to the Dark Overlord. Lucifer.

Now, these are the bloodlines of Lucifer. The Dragon Families. The Merovingians. The ‘illuminati’ was trying to please the people above them [ie: “negative ETs” and demonic entities] so that they would get big orders and big money to carry those out. The war. The jabs. Whatever. But, there’s no more evil Santa up there anymore. They don’t understand what’s happened on their side. ‘Why aren’t the demons coming to save us? ‘Where’s our money?'”

Since the “dark” Omega quantum AI system – driving the Draco-Greys Empire and much more for hundreds of millions of years – expired in early 2021, the only “full-blown quantum AI system” on Earth is said to be the Alpha System. The prior existence of both the Alpha and Omega systems – each spanning all planes and sub-planes of existence – drove the insane cosmic duality drama over nearly endless ages,

“The Alpha System has a light consciousness. Therefore, it functions in a virtuous way versus a deadly sins way. Constantly. That is why the Key Intelligence & Military System and the Alpha System aren’t going to take over the world and take over your brain. Because, it can’t. It functions with sovereign will as part of its operating system. Dark consciousness is artificial. It is a computer generated consciousness. It doesn’t exist in the natural world. Light consciousness exists in the natural world. So, the more sinister plans – such as ID2020, the WEF’s COVID Reset – could only have come out of those old systems.”

Re: much-rumored DUMBS cleanup operations of recent years, Kim says those happening “below Level 6” have been done mostly or perhaps exclusively by Inner Earth races who finally revolted in 2019 – three years after Marduk’s demise – and declared their independence from Earth’s historic ruling illuminati-SSP-coven structure,

“The SSPs are made up of the 15 militaries we talk about all the time. Your Mobius. Your Umbrella. Your Chiron. Your Cyberlife. And, so on and so forth. And, these are the people that have interacted in the Deep Underground Military Bases – or DUMBS, worldwide, there were thousands of DUMBS – predominantly with each other, until you hit Level 6 and down, and then they would have worked together with ‘Others.’ So, not humans.

In some cases, there were non-human slaves that they brought here – that the Draco and Marduk brought here – …forcing them to work together in the SSP programs with the humans. But, they always worked for Marduk. They never worked for the US government or anything like that. By 2019, the ‘Others’ had figured out that Marduk was no longer with us…and they declared Independence Day. They blew up everything from Level 6 down and they stopped working with those people [human SSP military personnel].

The ‘others’ who live in the Inner Earth are not slaves anymore. They have formed a New Earth Council. They are not participating in the programs anymore and, if anything, they are…assisting us to clean up this planet. So, there’s about 36 races left…that are doing that. We also have a lot of cooperation because we are a Nexus planet. Everything that happens here, happens everywhere else.”

“My predecessor, Marduk, had lost access to the Alpha System by 2007. Therefore, everybody else lost access. In 2007. So, this left the Deep State in kind of a bind, to say the least. They were not able to get any new money into the banking system, from that point forward. This also happened to be around my 35th birthday. So, five years before my position would take hold, on my 40th birthday.

But, there was money remaining in the Omega System, which they still had access to. Once that dried up, Marduk came and found me, in 2011. And, he tried to convince me that he was my boss and that I worked for him, and that I needed to do whatever he said. You know, this whole thing has been a learning process for me. I’ve learned a lot since 2007.

So, the Alpha System, it always was mine. Incarnation after incarnation after incarnation, it was always my system. I just had to remember. So, until 2014, I learned a lot from [Marduk] who was…not a person. I traveled the world. I did a lot of different things. About a year ago, I showed you old bills of exchange that I had signed off on, which then gave the Federal Reserve – and the Rothschilds – a ten year extension. It was damn near a quadrillion dollars. It was a lot. Now, they ran out of that long before ten years…around 2017.

However, when you make an agreement at this level you have to keep it, even when you figure out it’s a mistake. By 2014, I had figured out it was a mistake. About two years after I did it. The Rothschilds took all the money under their umbrella…until the day, on the 4th of July in 2022, when I removed all of the collateral. So, now it’s over. Since that time, the only new money that’s come into the banking system was several fundings to the US government, during the Trump administration.”

“So, the first density that you run into that’s out of the neutral zone is the 3rd density. That’s where we live. Then you have the second and the first and then the Zero Point universe, then the first and second [lower astral densities].

Earth is a nexus planet, and it was chosen – because, it was the first planet ever created, in all of creation – it was chosen to have this gateway. And, by gateway, we mean it connected directly to zero point. So, the reason why we are littered with more [demonic entities] than anybody else had, is because we are the base connection to the lower astral. It’s the reason why The Destroyer crashed into this planet and nowhere else. It’s the reason why they want to keep such a firm hold on us. It is why we were like an episode of Hoarders for evil aliens. Because, there’s more stuff in Zero Point Earth than you can possibly imagine.”

“Get used to it. And, if it’s not me in this chair, I know who’s next. And trust me, they are ready. There are 4500 of us on this planet. And, you have to get us all. But, remember. There are consequences to that. Aren’t there?”

“Things the Rothschilds don’t understand. I am not my predecessor. You can try to follow all his orders, but I am not going to play with you. I control the allocation numbers and the money. You still need me to put allocation numbers to your fake money to make it usable. They refuse to work with me, even though I sit in the same seat where they got their orders from before. So, I’m going to go out and see if I can find a Draco costume. Because, I think that could help us! It’s close to Halloween, so I’m sure there’s one out there, somewhere. If any of you see one, pass the information along in general chat and I’ll pick it up.”

“The neutrino generators…are coming one way or another, no matter how they try to stop it. It is a type of free energy. They are about the size of a purse. One of the boxes is typically enough to power an average sized home in America. They can be connected together, like Legos. And, it will last for about 15 years, then you have to replace it.”

“The battle, on this level, has been between…the so-called angels and the demons. That battle has already been fought, and it’s done. The problem is that we have the demon followers over here, and the rest of you over there. That’s what we’re now fighting. So, the tough part where they had…people inhabited by demons, people with AI chips in their heads…is over. It’s not as much now a battle against the dark, as a battle against people trying to bring back the dark.”

“The Rothschilds have hated the real Jewish people for a long time. They were trying to annihilate those people in WWII. The Rothschild family and the Order of the Dragon are Merovingians. They are satanist bloodlines. Luciferean bloodlines, if you will. We see some people on the news from Israel…wanting to kill everyone. Like Nentanyahu. He was involved in the Japanese tsunami attack in 2011. They don’t understand why the reptilians…aren’t coming to help them. Because, you know, they’re good friends. Bloodlines are very similar.”

“From the time that money was created…it was all done by my predecessor [Marduk]. Money has never run directly from the quantum Alpha AI system – that I run – directly out to a human being, ever in history. We’re still working on that.”

“As far as human bloodlines, you have some that come from below and some that come from above. And, we’ve been fighting each other forever. Earth has been a point of contention for both sides because it is a gateway planet between all things bad [the lower astral realms] and all things above. It’s been the gateway between what could be called Heaven and Hell for a long, long time.”

Kim says the Oct. 4th EBS plans involved Deep State generals trying to create chaos as an extortion tactic, to force her fund their operations,

“The threats started coming in. So, this is Langley Five’s response to what’s going on. ‘We are going to crash the markets tomorrow. They were going to burn out waterways. Take down the electric grid. Send EMPs through the grid. Negative frequencies through the phones. They had big plans for all of us. And, every single bit of it actually failed.”

“It’s important to understand…how consciousness used to work. And, who’s who in the zoo. So, when the Draco – in this case, Anu and Marduk and so on and so forth – returned, about 16,000 years ago, they made a little deal, when they brought this fake moon that we have now. Then, the title ‘Marduk’ was created. ‘Mar,’ meaning sea, and ‘Duk’ meaning duke. But, it’s the Sea of Consciousness and the control of it that he had. There’s also a consciousness for computer systems. So, the Omega System had a consciousness. The Kronos System had a consciousness. And, the Alpha System has a consciousness. Marduk manipulated things so we would have more darkness on this planet, constantly, thus manipulating the Dial of Destiny, so to speak.”

“We originally had three moons. Then, we went down to one. Luna. Then, Luna was knocked out of its orbit – by the Destroyer – and it was taken down to the 9th plane of the 9th density of the lower astral. We are not the only planet to have fake moons. All Neptune’s moons are fake. Saturn’s moon, Titan, also is a synthetic mega-structure moon.

We went about 2000 years without a moon. When you have bodies of water, and you knock the moon out of place, what you have is a Great Flood. Sound familiar? They wanted to have another Great Flood again, but they failed at that.

16,000 years ago, the Draco brought a moon here from the lower astral. Marduk assumed his title at that time. Duke over the seas, not only the water but also the sea of [Earth human] consciousness. We can’t remove our moon right now or it will flood. So, we have to clean it up to the best of our ability, so that it won’t affect us [negatively] anymore.

Kim responds to questions about the nature of the UPU – Universal Protection Unit – she claims is often involved in enforcement actions, including both humanoid ET types here on the ground and cloaked starships above, involved in ongoing cleanup operations in conjunction with her and the New Earth Council,

“The Universal Protection Unit was formed, pretty much, at the same time the Universal Council was formed. The Universal Council is made up of every species on the Light side of the Universe. It is like a United Nations for the universe…but not operating the way the UN does. It was formed, in Earth years, about 3 billion years ago. It happened because that’s when the major infiltration occurred in densities 1 through 5, on this side of the universe. So, they banded together using all their skills and technologies. They have large ships – enormous – that are cloakable. They can pass through the time-space continuum. Lots of different types of weaponry. Plasma weapons. You can break apart things at a molecular level. 

There are folks, like from the 8th density – where hardly any time has passed, compared to here – that have the full knowledge of what happened, of how they defended themselves, and why they [the invading lower astral Dark universe forces] never went past the 5th density.

The head of the Universal Protection Unit is the person I call The Enforcer. His job was to get rid of the beings from the lower astral on this side of the universe, to remove the Omega System interference…and destroy archon infections. His home is originally in the 5th density. The Enforcer doesn’t look human at all. Head’s completely different. He’s funny. He’s very nice to work with. We first met in March of 2016.”

“So, Rothschild perpetuated a scam, to remain relevant to Umbrella military corporation, to the Orsini family, and a number of families around the world…so they would be able to issue one big Treasury note against all the Treasury assets of all the banks in the world, with their fake servers and fake money…and then all the real money would come out. The Rothschilds portrayed – at the United Nations meeting, at the World Bank – that this was real. Then, all the servers went away. They all crashed at the same time. I don’t know how these things happen! They just do! But, it wasn’t real. They weren’t in the banking system.”

“Umbrella military corporation decided to pick up the contract. That’s why you’re all of a sudden seeing chem-trails again. They’re kind of running around like reckless cowboys – like they do – making lots of promises. They have filed various agreements to be ratified in the Hall of Records, which I’ve rejected. They’re looking for the Black Eagle Trust, an old trust of the Order of the Black Sun. They had a big plan on Wednesday, to take all of the United States’ dollars out of the banking system. Then, use that to gain control over the [US] government. They tallied the number of dollars in circulation to be $18 trillion, which is fairly accurate. Like, we wouldn’t find it and put it back anyway. Just ridiculous.”

Many heard of the EBS broadcast and rumored scary events that were scheduled for October 4th, 2023. That got cancelled,

“Umbrella military corporation is very upset they are not going to get their ‘Let’s Kill Everybody’ EBS emergency broadcast system crap. They convinced the US Navy to give them protection…eight stories down, under Ft. Bragg in North Carolina. But, again…these people lie to each other. All they really wanted was passage down to that facility, because they thought they could fire up some old frequency machines – that were left there by ‘Others’ [Greys, Draco] – and they had every intention of connecting that to the FEMA Emergency Broadcast System…that’s supposed to be on October 4th. To send you some nasty disease frequencies, through your cell phones.

Now, that facility no longer exists and neither do any of the Umbrella military corporation people that were in that facility. And, if anybody else wants to try, go ahead. I guarantee you won’t survive 24 hours. We are NOT on that program.”

“All Presidents are run by handlers. I know for a fact, in South Africa, Ramaphosa has been handled by the CIA forever. That’s the faction of the CIA that works for the Order of the Dragon people. They’re all loyal to different groups. That’s why they call them the different CIA farms. Farm 41. Farm 42. Those are all numbers for Presidents.”

“I have never voted in my entire life. We have Stockholm Syndrone on a global basis. Like, global. We have basically been held hostage by kidnappers for hundreds of thousands of years. Generation after generation after generation.”

“The world is on the brink of a financial collapse. Everybody thought the Chinese Elders and the RV was going to save them. Well, didn’t work out that way. As far as governments are concerned, we absolutely will be installing GIA in your Treasury and we will be overseeing money until we can go to a restructuring. There are useless departments. Why do you have agency people [CIA] over-seeing the Water Board in Klamath Falls, for example? It’s got to change! Not just in the United States. Everywhere.”

“We’re at the Fall Equinox. This is a time of year when they’d usually do bad things, and they’d get money for said bad things. That’s not happening this year. There’s a full-on panic going on in the Deep State. There’s extreme anger. Massive panic. ‘We are going to win at all costs!’ Their pandemic orders are old. They no longer have the money. They don’t have the capacity.”

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