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Jan 11, 2024

Kim Goguen credibly claims to hold the highest level control of the global banking and telecommunication systems and to be heading up critical military and economic operations, as “Ground Command” for the Universal Council she says appointed her in 2012. Kim’s material maps well onto high-level geopolitical reports as well as esoteric updates from Lisa Renee and others. While Kim periodically makes unfair remarks about certain others (eg: David Icke, RFK Jr, related critique) and has not recognized some important companion cleanup projects (eg: the Gitmo group) her activities are critical re: planetary liberation prospects. Kim’s reports can be found on the UNN Rumble channel and via subscription at  The goal of the GVI KG series is to provide “World Situation Report” highlights – manually transcribed from video broadcasts – along with related background materials and commentary. If unfamiliar with Kim’s materials, scroll back thru the original articles in this series.

Kim Goguen continues to be our world’s top information source, via her weekly “World Situation Reports.” Also, our world’s most powerful political, financial and military-intel operator, fortunately – for once – working on behalf of sanity and a better future for all.

The conventional message – pushed by religions, down the ages – is that “God” aka: “Source” has always been flawless, humanity beings worms-of-the-dust born-in-sin, needing redemption. Reality has perhaps been closer the opposite. “Source” was always the unpolished rock from which splintered off billions of pebbles, some of which – tumbled in the tumbler of boot camp duality over long ages – developed extraordinary lustre, strength and hue, known as…”character development.” And, character – and beauty – are the ultimate fruit of the ages-long cosmic descension process, a process from which we have only very recently recovered, as a grand Cosmic Ascension process gets underway.

As related revelation and realignment processes unfold over the coming years and decades, yes, virtually everything humanity has been told to date – at least, per important topics – has been a lie. That includes the Big Lie that the US military (and NATO) have been all about defending freedom and democracy, versus being bagmen for the Cabal, throughout the post-WWII era. All of the missions have come down the chains of command from the Dark Forces that have been at the apex of planetary affairs – past many centuries, past many millennia – up until today, with few exceptions.

But now, the jig’s up. The ancient dark forces intending to take Earth and our entire galaxy into a new major cycle of dark control – the “COVID Great Reset” their primary war horse – have been defeated and decimated, here on Earth, in recent years. The vastly powerful multi-layered and high-tech draconian control they’ve historically had is now all but entirely gone. Thus, whistle-blowers and small-scale revolutionaries are popping up across the international landscape faster than flowers after a Spring rain. Sit back and watch, and be prepared to learn new things. “Conspiracy Theory” is finally going mainstream.

All excerpts below, except otherwise noted, are from Kim Goguen’s updates, broadcast on from November 24, 2023 to January 8, 2024.

“This has been a world-wide wipeout in seven hours or less. Millions have departed. We’ll just say they’re scared straight. The Legion is everywhere. So is the Coalition. The time for redemption is almost over. The window is short. And, we are not too far off from declaring International Freedom Day.

“In Colorado Springs – Peterson Air Force Base, Space Force – in cooperation with the same operatives, actually dropped the United States down to DefCon 1 over the weekend! Yes, they did. And, the Pentagon was told about it by…me! I wasn’t sure why we were at DefCon 1 so I tracked it all the way back to NORAD and the Trump operatives. They did this because they were under the impression that, if we were at DefCon 1, all systems – including the financial system – would revert over to a backup database at Peterson AFB. And, it failed miserably.

Now, everyone at the Pentagon is arguing with everyone at Space Force. Same thing when they filed [a bill through the Hall of Records] to appoint a new Black Dragon, more war funding for Israel, control of the financial system… All coming straight to this blond lady in Durango! Isn’t that weird? It’s not going to the lower astral. It’s not going to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalype. It’s coming straight to my desk.”

“You’re hearing a lot of reports on the internet about banking crash by Friday…which also is the last day of Hanukkah, isn’t it? It’s all about creating fear. They are wanting their ten days of darkness to start by then. The catastrophic event they need to have artificial humans, or what they call “humans of the future.” That’s why they’ve told all the operatives they’ll have to wait until Christmas [for overdue pay], because the 15th [of December] is when it all allegedly starts.

You know, the burning of America. Transfer of world power over to China. And then, of course, Ten Days of Darkness and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Whatever the Q website says now. So…nothing is going to happen. They will not be allowed to crash the banks. We’re not all going to die. They don’t even have access to take out the internet if they wanted to.”

“So, there are some operatives out there. I call them the Bush-wackers – that were associated with Bush Sr – now behind Trump, who believe that America needs a ‘Near-Death Experience.’ That is completely unnecessary.

They thought it would be a good idea to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge. The detonator for the bridge used to be located on the island of Alcatraz. It was not a human thing. They arrived there on Saturday. Number one, they’re no longer with us. Number two, they did not find the detonator, because it’s been gone for over a year. Next, we have had operatives over in Kona, Hawaii, trying to…do something else horrible. That particular underground facility…used to connect to all the underwater volcanoes in the world…and the tectonic plates. The operatives were trying to get this facility up and running, so they could blow the Ring of Fire. They would also like to blow the San Andreas fault because…America needs a Near-Death Experience!

The operatives were happy with themselves and arrogant as all get-out, thinking they could make this happen. Well, you can’t and you didn’t and now all of them are dead, except one person who escaped because he was too scared to be down there. You know who you are, if you’re watching this. So, this takes me to a question everyone’s been asking about the ‘Q Clock.’ They just reset it to add another day, which takes us to tomorrow.

And, it…says, ‘Behold a pale horse, and his name is Death.’ Are you serious, people? And, you’re still following this like it’s a patriotic movement? It is not a patriotic movement! It is some crackpot plan that came, probably four or five decades ago, to some coven that’s dead now. And, you dumb operatives…blow up the Golden Gate Bridge? The markets crash? Then what? There is no more payment for death!”

“All crypto-currencies were originally created by the NSA as a program to convert the public to a digital ID system. The ups and downs in the crypto-currency markets allows the agencies to siphon off funds for black operation projects, essentially stealing from the public to fund projects meant for their harm. The Deep State is trying now to plan a crash of the crypto markets. That’s the reason Binance is coming into the news right now. About 72% of crypto belongs to agency folk, who were promised they could cash it at some date in the future. Sound familiar? The advent of this program happened after the dinar revaluation failed, and none of the agency folks – worldwide – wanted to get paid in dinar anymore. So, they gave them crypto-currency. But, their wallets are locked.”

“During the Trump administration, I paid the full budget, twice. For those of you who don’t know, the NSA is a worldwide organization. You have Pine Gap in Australia. You have a lot of different places around the world. Menwith Hill in England. Obviously, Maryland. The NSA is a unique organization that never worked for the government. Sure, they present themselves as a United States government agency, but that is not true. The NSA actually worked directly for Marduk.

The organization was formed by Marduk. He also created the ACIO. Now, the ACIO is a division of the NSA. Their job was to assure that balance was being maintained in the cyberworld, essentially. That is why they know who the 15 [SSP] militaries are, and actually post them like they’re good people on their website. I can tell you, unequivocally, those militaries are not good people. The ACIO had higher access than any humans – except maybe a few SSP operatives – because they dealt directly with both sides.” [the highest human level Forces of Evil as well as sane networks]

“What’s the relationship between a pandemic and the rising cost of food? It’s because they were running out of collateral. They wanted a ‘harvest’ [massive global die-off] so that everything would reset itself, and the debt system would continue.

So, if you are waiting for a pay-off based on a clock that is counting down right now [the “Q Clock”], nothing is going to happen. If you are the SSP and you’re waiting for your big payout on the 12th [January 12th] that’s not going to happen. And, I know that because I’m the one that would have to release that from the Alpha System. And, I don’t like you very much. No, I don’t. And, since you don’t work for me, I don’t have to pay you. Now, the Alpha System is generating 100% energy and we’re in full control of the gold.”

Speaking of the ACIO, who Kim says was authorized by the Council of Nine –

“We are now in a light age or a Golden Age forevermore. And, we’re not going back. There’s a different fabric of the universe now. But, there was a time, during the Dark Age [the nearly endless Dark Ages ended only in recent years] when our gateway was utilized predominantly by dark forces. These were beings that come up through the gateway in zero-point Earth – or, the center of Earth – and…walk among us.

This is the original origin of the people you call the Khazarian Mafia. This is the original origin of the Order of the Dragon families. This is the original origin of the Order of the Black Sun, the Jesuits, and all kinds of people on this planet. So, to keep peace with the negative ETs – negative beings – they had to feed humans to these lower astral beings. They would make sure they were appeased, so they didn’t attack the rest of humanity. So, there was a certain allocated quota of humans to feed to these beings. So, this would in part be the origin of human trafficking. This also has to do with the reason for all wars on this planet.”

Tom Melville,

“I had access, pretty much, to all of the central bank governors and their liaisons. And, they all told me the same thing. Their countries are being manipulated. Their central banks are all being manipulated. So, how is it possible that we were ever going to get a dime through to any of them?

The agencies listen to us and they listen to us heavily, because of the information we give that nobody else gives. They learn information they did not know because of compartmentalization, from us. And I know this first hand, from speaking with them. The information we have – that we give to everyone – is second to none. We have first-hand information and we stick to that.

We are going to become the leaders of the coming new world, because of our relationship to money and power. At some point, we are going to give that power to the planet, because we don’t want it. I don’t want it. Kim doesn’t want it. We want to turn it over to everybody on the planet, to live in abundance, and to create a world for every living soul…on this world and beyond.”

“It’s going to take time for these people [global operatives and military-industrial complex hairball] to understand that war isn’t necessary. Political coups aren’t necessary. You can come to Durango, Colorado and have a meeting. I can tell you things that have changed, and you can tell me the way that it used to be. And then, we can figure out how to get from here to there.”

“So, he [latest head of the global Order of the Black Sun, from the Italian Pallavicini family] proceeded to go right back to Montenegro – where the five that came before him passed away – and proceeded to attempt a ritual to contact the Abraxas. You would have thought that he knew better. So, he also died.

He had a command post in Milan that was barking out all these orders [to keep the Israeli-Gaza attacks going]. They also passed away. And, this sent a shock wave of epic proportions throughout The Order [the combined global Order of the Dragon and Black Sun networks]. I mean, absolutely huge! And now, they are petrified of me. Because, I can do something like that without consequence.

It didn’t take long for word to pass through all the circles – the Jesuit order, all the way down the food chain – that this had happened. And…no bad aliens came to take me out. The Watchers didn’t answer the phone. Monday afternoon was total chaos in The Order. And, pretty much, by the end of the day yesterday, we had 100% cooperation, of all operatives worldwide. Now, this is huge!

The operatives run the governments, worldwide. Political operatives worldwide work for…big money. The politicians, worldwide, have been selected…by The Order. The governments…all have an executive branch that reports to The Order. But, now, they won’t. It’ll be CARE.”

Of the latest ‘Black Eagle’ or head of the global Order of the Black Sun – a position formerly held by Bush Sr. and by Mussolini – recently killed via the “Key Intelligence & Military System” Kim controls –

“He has all these corporations at his disposal – Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street – however, he’s fighting the Order of the Dragon, the Khazarian Mafia, to dominate the world. The [market] crash, the 10 days of darkness story, the Q Clock, all can be traced back to this guy.

So, yesterday, the operatives who run the ‘White Hats’ discovered that they’ve been working for the dark side the whole time! You’re talking about a big pyramid [of global operatives] that all trace back to this guy. Then, you’re talking next tier down, next tier down, next tier down. And, before you know it, you’re talking about thousands if not hundreds of thousands of operatives, worldwide.

[US] Congress is trying to put forth a $4.2 trillion budget. I’m not interested in that in any way. And now, I know where it comes from [the Italian black nobility recent Black Eagle]. This is the guy, behind the scenes, telling everyone they are ‘white hats.’ Now, you know why the Trump operatives are doing what they’re doing. So, now, either he will go along with our program…or no longer be with us.

Now that we have pin-pointed his location…we’re waiting to see what this person will do. And, he’s a little sick right now. He looks green. I can see him in the Key Intelligence and Military System. He looks very pale. You know that look someone has when they’re about to throw up? He’s got two options now. You either call me to get you out of your mess, or you leave this planet, just like all the other Mr. Blacks…that came before you.” [nickname for the head of the global Order of the Black Sun]

Kim says the beings known as MarDuk, EnKi (aka: Sam) and EnLil (aka: Jehovah, Yahveh) are originally Draco “gods,” presenting themselves often in the past as egg-headed humanoid Anu-na-Ki or, more recently, regular looking humans –

“Well, that particular race – the original organic race – was from the Alpha Draconis star system. Throughout the years, it was MarDuk, EnKi and EnLil that were predominantly based here on Earth, although they would travel…to other locations. Marduk also created an entire lower astral race modelled after himself. It’s a more sophisticated version of why the Cabal has clones and cloning operations. And, that’s where they got the information from. From him.

He was often in the lower astral. He travelled a lot. Sometimes there would be meetings in the first or second density of Earth. Then, it would go to the covens and the coven masters. If you have eyes to see, you can see beyond the mimic, beyond what they’re projecting to you. I’ve seen him [Marduk] in his actual form in this plane, the third density. I have seen him walking around like a human. Since we were moving toward China domination – that was his plan – I’ve seen him as…an old Chinese man.

I’ve seen EnKi and EnLil the same…more like Filipino asian. I’ve seen the one everybody used to call ‘Grandfather’ – the one supposedly running the currency revaluation – and that was Marduk’s father, EnLil. For a long time, I know that he [Marduk] frequented various DUMBS on their lower levels. I know that he also had lived, for months at a time, on a submarine. He lived in Russia for awhile…about four or five years. That was during the time that I knew him.”

“The Chinese – Li family, order of the Dragon – thought that if they blow up…various locations…where people gather on New Years Eve, that they could declare global martial law. But, there is already global martial law, and we are the administrators.

The detonations locations – which correspond to the ‘Q Clock’ – planned were London, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow, Caracas, Toronto, Johannesburg, Jerusalem, Seoul. And in the United States, Yellowstone National Park, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the United Nations building in New York.

The original three family members that placed those orders have departed this planet. So, they won’t be making any more orders. It’s taken a lot of work to undo all that in the last 48 hours. But, we did it and we’re all still here.”

“In the Treasury and Federal Reserve, they have expressed their concern over trillions of dollars coming due on the 17th [December 17th]. In the mainstream, there’s talk of $5 trillion in options expiring, which would then lead us to a potential market crash on Monday.

Attempting possible media and internet blackouts? Yes, they have. To the point where – and, this is a big one – the NSA Director said, “No more blocking of the Global Repository.’ ‘We have nothing left.’ ‘We have no way to succeed.’ [in bringing about the Cabal’s Hunger Games plan, which the NSA has been pursuing non-stop in recent years]

That is a good thing. Now, remember, the NSA is not a United States agency, unlike how it’s portrayed. They [the NSA] have informed the Rothschilds, who give them instructions. They have notified the Space Force. All of them are going crazy over here at Cheyenne [NORAD] and in Colorado Springs at Peterson Air Force Base. They’ve let them know there’s nothing left to block us with, and that’s true.”

Militaries and protection rackets are natural twins. Read Gen. Smedley Butler’s classic on the topic. Nothing’s changed since then,

“The main party that appears to be controlling this war in the Middle East right now [Israel -> Gaza] would be your SSP remnants and the [US] Space Force. Lots and lots of activity out of Peterson Air Force Base and somewhat out of Cheyenne [NORAD]. And, some of those are your ‘Iranian terrorists.’ They are also posing as potential terrorists here in the United States.”

“So, the Israelis submitted a bill for war funding to the Hall of Records, which came to…me, again. So, I said, ‘No, I don’t think so.’ Then, Treasury called me and asked if we are going to move forward with funding and we said, ‘No.” Then, I had calls from agents. Some were threats from Langley [the CIA]. Some of them were threats from the Pentagon. Trying to tell me that I HAVE to do this! I don’t have to do anything. That’s the confusion part.”

“Thank you for your service” has always been a phrase appropriate for those high up in our world’s primary dark axis “illuminati” networks – the Pindar, the Black Pope – but rather bizarre that they successfully entrained the wee folk to also repeat it on cue,

“On January 1st every year, the US military would declare martial law for 20 minutes, therefore putting them in charge – bypassing Congress – and receiving funding directly from the Order of the Dragon. They have been to the Octagon in the last 24 to 48 hours. It was a hub – not run by humans – that would have been a communication post to the lower astral. Or, demon-ville or Hell. And, that is where they would have gotten orders and instructions…in the past.”

“The XN System in Belgium is the ultimate authority on taxes, worldwide. Every country pays 80% of their taxes back to the XN System, on through to the ANNA System, then eventually to the Omega System. The way they’ve structured income taxes, the countries only receive 20%. 80% goes to the families [“dragon families”]. 60% to the Chinese, 40% to the Rothschilds. How you became human collateral was bad. The fact that you only received maybe 15% of your own energy was bad.”

Kim speaking to Tom Melville,

“So, you came here in March of 2021, to visit me. And, we spent two weeks together…something like that. And, during your time here, you met with General Beasley, Admiral Foggo and a few other people. You had several meetings with them, in fact. Tom is being groomed by the archivists to be an archivist. He’s been an archivist before. He just doesn’t remember that. They’ve put you on a special diet. And, there have been a few…upgrades. So, let’s talk about some of our adventures. Adventures of Tom and Kim. So, in 2018, you went to the UN General Assembly on my behalf…on the Repository’s behalf, to discuss different types of funding available.”

“As far as planets that are being liberated…you’re talking about all star systems and planets that are from the 5th density on down to the 3rd. That’s a lot of planets, dimensions and densities and planes where life exists.”

“Our dead gentleman [recent Black Sun head] also ordered – about a week ago – and paid for, 45 days worth of chem-trails. Which is why we’re seeing an uptick in chem-trails. That came to light this morning. We actually were able to make a phone call to the agency that handles it [the CIA] and tell them, ‘Keep the money. Stop spraying. The guy’s dead.’ And, they actually started putting out the orders today, to stop it. And, that was an order across the whole planet. It all comes out of the same agency. These are the positive things that can happen, when everyone’s afraid of you.”

“So, the families are standing down. The Rothschilds – what’s left of them – and the Order of the Dragon. And, the Black Nobility. That’s pretty much a worldwide decision. They don’t have the money to fund it. The natives are restless. Governments are going broke. Then, that this most powerful person could get taken out [Pallavicini family Black Eagle, head of the global Order of the Black Sun] and there was no revenge. And, no aliens came. That was huge. We’ve still had some Chinese, some Js [Jesuits] trying to give it a go. They’re all gone now.”

“The line of Solomon is basically the Order of the Dragon. Solomon had an agreement with Source, that he and his bloodlines would be Guardian of Earth for 3000 years. Then he left God, after four years. And, four years after that, the Order of the Dragon was formed.” 

Then you have Space Force. A while back, the Space Force was trying to run the White House. When the SSP – this is your Monarch, your Kruger – stopped receiving black ops funding through black systems, they actually created the Space Force so they could siphon money out of the US budget to fund both the Space Force and the unseen SSPs. Now, you remember that, under the Trump administration, the budget for Space Force was ridiculously large, and it was an entity unto itself. What does that tell you? DARPA and Space Force are both a front [for the SSPs and Dark Fleet]. Space Force refuses to give up on the idea that they’re in control. There has been an uptick in chem-trails. Those orders are coming from the Space Force.”

“In the past, it was Umbrella that was kind of in charge of all the rest of the militaries. Hence, the name Umbrella. But now, it’s Monarch. Monarch has kind of taken the position that Umbrella used to hold. I see them running around everywhere trying to create a natural disaster…like the one in Japan. About every five minutes, I get an alert about a meeting they’re having.

We talked about how the family meetings usually begin in July. Then, they go down the food chain, rank and file, until you get to the secret space program [SSP] operatives. Then, you get to the higher military level. Some of the higher level operatives would receive their contracts the day after the harvest moon, every year. Whereas others will try to create as much death and destruction – hence, the earthquake in Japan, the targeted cities for a New Years ‘event’ – then, after the first of the new year, this is when the death payments would come. So, the higher the death toll, the more they would get paid. Per head. “

“So, in the event that the Omega-verse was completely dismantled – in the event there were minimal to no parasites on this side of the universe, to feed them – this program was due to kick in. This program extended through the space between the 5th and 6th density, and then all the way down below to the 5th and 6th density [in the lower astral aka: Omega-verse]. It had tubes that connected lower astral to upper light universe densities. It had remained dormant for over 250,000 years. So, we didn’t pick up on the frequencies until Thursday.

In Phase 1, it was designed to insert a consciousness – called the Leviathan consciousness – into Source-based energy particles, also known…as the “God particle,” to create something…unnatural. This is where your spike proteins come in, as well. So, remember, I told you that these creature things looked almost like how spike proteins look, when they show those to you on the television set? These creatures were growing…in the center of Earth. How’s that for bizarre?

This program was being administered by the remaining members of Cyberlife military and two other groups. Evidently, the crazy lower astral folk were in contact with Cyberlife…guiding them on what to do. By Sunday afternoon, we were able to see them, because they wanted to come through to the physical plane. So, I would see wormholes, and it would set off an alarm in the [Alpha quantum AI] system. It allowed us to see the Leviathan Program…and disable it.”

“There are a lot of missing Trump operatives now. The remaining ones are starting to question what they’re doing. There are some in there that are Jesuits. In the alt media, you’ll see them preaching about God. Do they believe that? Do they believe, when they’re trying to blow up the entire west coast of the United States that this is a good thing for people?”

“The Rothschilds know that they are lying. They have told the operatives that they have reached out and contacted the aliens. And…that they would come in through a portal, like the one they’ve been trying to open in Israel past two months [by creating massive trauma and death to innocents in Palestine]. That it’s going to be a giant ship that is going to arrive here on Earth, and give their side help [ie: help the planetary forces of evil axis to revive prison planet plans].”

About Kim’s home town, Durango, Colorado –

“Now, what happened back in the 70s – when this town became a zone, and the reason it became a zone – is because they took a nuclear boring machine, and bored tunnels all the way from Dulce base to Silverton and back. Big tunnels. And, Durango is right in between.

So, they put all these Retired Extremely Dangerous people – known as REDS, there’s a move about these guys – into this location, in case there was another war underground with “the Others”…who also reside in Silverton.

So, there are some videos you can still find about this guy – I think his name was Phil – and he talked about the war in Dulce [the Phil Schneider Dulce DUMBS battle history]. So, if you google, you can probably find out about that war in Dulce. But, it was not in Dulce. That war took place in the tunnels under Durango.”

“In the late 1500s, the first paper currency was issued…in Spain. There was an agreement…between the Order of the Dragon Rothschilds family and the Order of the Dragon Li family [the “Chinese Elders” network] to own currency control. In 1666, they created the ‘soul ownership’ thing…using human beings as the energy source, pledged to the Omega System. That’s when you started hearing about things like ‘Cestui qui Vie.’

The Order of the Black Sun was then given the security contract to ‘watch over the collateral.’ You. The Jesuits, the Black Pope, was a creation of the Vatican. The Black Nobility families…are Order of the Black Sun P2 Lodge people. The Order of the Black Sun provided security, for 10% of everything the financial system created. That means they then funded the Pentagon and all militaries worldwide. The CIA and every agency in the world. The Order of the Dragon was a little bit different. 90% of the financial control was in their hands.”

“As of this morning, all of the bonds, worldwide, that have been issued against you – as the collateral – are just disappearing. They’re deleting at a rapid rate from the financial system. To include government and treasury bonds.

Now, these are assets of your banks, central banks, treasuries and governments. If they were the ones in control, they should be able to stop this collateral from disappearing. And, they cannot. The algorithms have been running all night, to switch us over from a debt-based to an asset-backed system.”

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If you live in California, you know the benefit of living in a state run by a guy raised by closet satanists. IE: the Gettys. Do a little research into...

The Elon Musk Alex Jones Conversation

A few years ago, Elena Danaan said the Pleiadean ET group she associates with met with Elon Musk - in bases on Mars and the Moon - and convinced him to...

“Disclosure” vs. The Prime Directive

According to governments, the UN, mainstream media, academia, fact-checkers and authority figures across the board, Down means Up. "True" means False...

The CHD Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Bus Tour

Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Tour Interview ThemesMDs and hospitals either CLUELESS regarding the true COVID-n-Injections landscape or unwilling to face that reality...

Great Resets vs. Justice, the Rarest of all Earth Elements

We hear often of quiet US and NATO military assisted takeovers of rare Earth minerals found in spots across the globe. But, as ongoing socio-economic...

The Global Food Supply Destruction Project

"When you step back, you see a controlled destruction of food production, all according to plan."Earth: A Planet with Ambitious Closet Satanists On the...

Wising Up to the Waiting-for-Saviors Program

Q: What's the alternative to tuning in to Mr. Cowboy Boots droning on for hours saying nothing? A: Tuning him out. Likewise, all other Trust-the-Plan...

Teachers Unions & Education Sector Great Resets

Former Education International (EI) exec Sharan Burrow addressing the UN's ITUC, touting the WEF's 4th Industrial Revolution trans-humanist party line....

Dr. Bill Deagle: A Walk Down Conspiracy Theory Lane

2012: Dr. Deagle Presages COVID Conspiracy Theorists Arise! As the slow-to-get-going Great Awakening process proceeds, more and more are seeing that the...

Dr. Christina Rahm Talks to Tank

Dr. Christina Rahm, who has created the ROOT health boost products along with husband Clayton Thomas, is a fast-rising star on the alt health and...

Ricardo Bosi: Australia Declares Victory

"The case can already be made that many of these people are already guilty of treason. But, if any remain silent in an obvious attack on Australian...

Trump Warned by US Military About COVID Vax Promos

Breaking Good News The US Navy Command's COVID warning to Trump is already bearing fruit. Having sent back channel messages to Donald Trump over the...

MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World?

HELP MAKE THIS VIDEO GO VIRAL! Okay, relax, it's already gone viral, with over 1 million views on Rumble since being posted two months ago. So, all you...

Trump Still Our Hero in Waiting?

As Kim Goguen's recent updates suggest, it might be time to reevaluate the Trump as hero narrative given his recent bragging about his "Operation Warp...