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World Situation Reports (August 2023)

Sep 5, 2023

Kim Goguen credibly claims to hold the highest level control of the global banking and telecommunication systems and to be heading up critical military and economic operations, as “Ground Command” for the Universal Council she says appointed her in 2012. Kim’s material maps well onto high-level geopolitical reports as well as esoteric updates from Lisa Renee and others. While Kim periodically makes unfair remarks about certain others (eg: David Icke, RFK Jr, related critique) and has not recognized some important companion cleanup projects (eg: the Gitmo group) her activities are critical re: planetary liberation prospects. Kim’s reports can be found on the UNN Rumble channel and via subscription at  The goal of the GVI KG series is to provide “World Situation Report” highlights – manually transcribed from video broadcasts – along with related background materials and commentary. If unfamiliar with Kim’s materials, scroll back thru the original articles in this series.

Most among us have periodically experienced duress, if not depression, re: the pervasive nature of needless suffering and injustice in our world. Likewise, non-stop Big Lies from on high and endemic organized corruption, wanton destruction. Some such has always been the result of self-centered dog-eat-dog social conditioning. Other such has been both intentional and cruel.

Researching any such topics, not long before you hit things like PizzaGate and child hunting parties for the rich and famous. The Clinton missing persons list. The tales of those who’ve survived SRA (satanic ritual abuse) at the hands of extremely powerful individuals – incl. recent Presidents and Prime Ministers, cabinet secretaries, top international bankers – all obviously immune from prosecution. Likewise, military-intel MK-Ultra and SSP (secret space programs) horror project accounts. So many high-up networks and individuals whose assets and capabilities could be used constructively, directed instead toward destructive ends.

The ruling layer of Earth society for millennia have been dominated by high levels of clandestine, organized evil. For example, elite secret society leaders that commune with powerful “negative ETs” eg: the Draco, they being the original inspiration for all popular imagery of Satan ie: the Devil. Horns, scales, vertical eye slits, lives underground, tortures and eats children. Yup. But, add to the list…directs Earth’s governments and leaders at the highest level via the global “illuminati” aka: Cabal organigram.

That relates to the Order of the Dragon – the Royals-Rothschilds-Vatican-CCP “dragon families” network, the “Pindar” its leader – and its Order of the Black Sun enforcement arm, its symbol being the swastika. Note: Hitler and Mussolini shared Black Sun leadership during the WWII era, that role subsequently assumed by Bush Sr. That the Black Pope has often been the Black Sun head associates with tales of Jesuits in real-world high-level Cabal plots.

While such hint as to why organized evil has had such a long run on Earth, an unsettling related conclusion is that “God” – “Source” on high, the original architect and support for all – must have created and sustained the entire evil axis of duality throughout its existence. Or, at minimum, tolerated it.

In an interview several years ago, Kim Goguen said the laws of karma did not work on Earth during recent millions of years. Yes. As in, “No good deed goes unpunished.” She said the intended 50%-50% dualism balance between Light and Dark was more like 25%-75% over long ages. According to her, “The Council of 9” was supposed to maintain the Light-Dark balance…but didn’t. And, no one else ever intervened, neither Source nor the Galactic Federation. And…so. Would-be referees that became addicted to 3rd Rock horror flicks? Or, maybe, incarnating through Evil Overlords, becoming habituated to such roles? Would-be referees and helpers munching popcorn and-or clinging to the hem of their skirt? Some such back only recently, anxious to claim victory?

All water under the bridge, at this point. The Good News is that the combined efforts of Earth’s long-serving Ground Crew and a returned Universal Council have finally turned the corner, and our world is now heading toward a very long overdue Golden Age, even as the remaining strongholds of organized evil in our world are being swept away.

All quotes below are excerpted from Kim Goguen’s World Situation Reports, aired from August 3rd to August 28th, 2023.

“Gold-backed currency of BRICS? They do not have the gold. I did not approve any BRICS currency. No matter how many times you try to hack an old portal in Guam – China – you will not launch a BRICS currency. The AAIB is a corporation formed under the Rothschilds Order of the Dragon. We’re ignoring everything they say. We’re not letting them crash currencies. They’re not going to crash the US dollar. We’re going to move seamlessly into a gold-backed inter-dependent world. There is no debt ceiling in an asset-based trading system. The only reason anyone would want otherwise, is because they’re trying to re-create a control system.”

Recent DEW “wildfires” on the US-Canada border said to relate to a plan to build Chinese military bases on Canadian soil –

“I do want to give a shout out to members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are also members of the Jesuit order, giving instructions and aiding the people planning to surround the United States with [Chinese] military bases. You guys are awesome.”

“If you attempt to scorch the Earth, you will no longer be with us. If you attempt to set another island on fire, you will no longer be with us, just like all the people under Maui right now. If you attempt to block or take money from the people from Maui, you will no longer be with us. If you’re one of the generals who decides your going to come into Durango, Colorado and cause us harm, you will no longer be with us.”

“So the US Treasury has called us again and told us that they really need to move forward. There’s nothing else they can do. They have no hope of launching a digital currency. They’re starting to come to that conclusion. Now, is somebody going to step forward – insert Jesuit here – and try to stop them? We really don’t know. So, congratulations Jesuits and military people, you can have your broke 209 governments.”

“So, the ones in the UK said, can they make a deal with us? And, I’m like, ‘We don’t want to make a deal.’ So, it’s making people angry…including their business partners in China. The Chinese decided to put out a lot of orders to…the Jesuits and a Chinese assassination group. They’re very highly trained in black magic. Their current orders are to burn the country to the ground [the United States] and regain control, ‘We’re going to show her we’re in control.’ And, one of the things they achieved overnight was the fire in Lahaina [Hawaii “wildfires”].

That was caused by these people, set on purpose. We also had an incident here, locally, at about 1am last night…that was averted. We also found…the Jesuits at Mt. Rushmore and in San Francisco, at a facility under Wells Fargo. We are also hunting down like dogs anyone who gave these orders…both the Black Dragon and the Golden Dragon cooperating in this effort to burn the country to the ground. But, let’s see who wins. It’s either going to be us or them.

I’m already running identity pictures both on the Js and the Jesuits side. If you’re a member of either of these groups, you better watch your back right now because I’m coming. You got your one claim to fame [the Hawaii fires] and that’s all you’re ever going to get. And, the Order of the Dragon…we’re done. If we have to go down to the last generation that can stand up and walk, we’re going to do it, if you know what I mean.”

“They are expecting big payouts on the dinar, based on all these behind-the-scenes ceremonies by the Chinese. The craziness that goes on behind the scenes is very real, and it’s important to understand that. Due to all these failures, they actually told everybody – at the BRICS meeting today – that they were not going to be implementing a global gold-backed currency. It kind of looked like a bar fight, at the BRICS meeting. Nobody got paid. There were 41 countries there, and all those leaders, and they were expecting to have a gold-backed currency by now. Their countries are broke. Everyone’s in full-on panic.

For those of you concerned about a crash of the dollar based on this [BRICS currency] implementation, that’s not happening.”

“The person who sat in my chair [Marduk] made a lot of promises to a lot of people – and other beings – to get what he wanted, and never followed through on any of it. He was the ultimate liar. I had long conversations with him. He created all of these theatrics to get his ultimate goal, and the ultimate goal has to do with the off-world trading we’re going to talk about.

An entire parasitic grid that existed over all the planes of existence…like a floating…plasma beltway. All throughout the multiverse. This overlay runs on dark matter. It was created with the creation of the lower astral about three billion years ago. It was created to…feed the whole parasitic [dark, demonic] universe. A lot of that stuff was anchored here and in our solar system.

All this trickles down to death programming and why these crazy people [the Cabal] think they’re going to get money for being what my predecessor referred to as slave masters. Creating a fictitious death cycle was really important to them. Initiating disease protocols. Creating wars kills a lot of people. Things like that. And, this is where your Umbrella military corporation come in, Monarch military corporation. They’re considered to be slave masters. This was their part in the off-world trading, to keep the parasitic universe alive.”

“The Rothschilds tried to install another Pindar in the last 48 hours. It was a woman, which is unusual. And, that woman then tried to sit down with one of those suitcases and operate this machine that the Pindar used to use. Now, unbeknownst to these people, that machine used to connect to the Pindar AI system, which had an infrastructure behind it that…was built by my predecessor [Marduk]. And, it was built in 12 different universes, each containing…hundreds of timelines. And so, it’s ability to have an effect – on financial systems, telecommunications, disease and death programming – was limited by its…Wizard of Oz, who was my predecessor.

So, now, if you have access to such a terminal [the Pindar suitcase], the messages go to me, because I now sit in that chair. So, you’re having a conversation with me, asking me if this person is the new Pindar. That’s what you did. And, I firmly rejected that agreement…and this person. Because, we don’t have that position anymore.”

“I also got a second call from the Vatican. That was a bunch of Jesuits, over there. They, for sure, were expecting someone different to answer the phone. So, I answered with my normal, ‘Hello, this is Kimberly Ann Goguen, Ground Command. How can I assist you today?’ All I got from the Vatican was, ‘Kimberly?’ And I answered, ‘Yep.’ I left the line open for a little bit. No one ever…said anything else, so I hung up. The Jesuits put one big voucher on top of them all…to get funding to…control all of the militaries. That was the plan. That didn’t work out.”

“You have operatives that have worked for some of these 15 militaries [SSP military corporations, eg: Umbrella, Monarch, Kruger, Mobius, Trinity] that have been watching the writing on the wall. They’re watching everything they’re doing fall apart. They’re watching the operatives still on the program die. They’re watching attempted financial transactions not happen.”

“During Hurricane Michael, there was a specific area of Florida that was hit very hard. The Chinese Deep State had planned on taking over and building all kinds of resorts and casinos in that area. So, it’s not uncommon for them to orchestrate an event, and then use it as a way to get free prime properties. In Hawaii, a similar process is going on, involving the Jesuits…and the Chinese Deep State. The Chinese did deploy Blackwater to the island. They arrived about 6pm, local time. They have the intention of…trying to take a bunch of the Hawaiian properties for free. That is being resisted, because the Governor has been informed by some good people.”

“They’ve got this BRICS meeting set up. They’re lying to the entire world. The ‘Chinese Elders.’ They have no capacity to do this. Zero. They cannot pull off any gold-backed currency.”

“Once you get to Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, you see the United Nations completely different than we do. They literally act, in many ways, like a terrorist organization. They push poisons on their people. The people know it. The tainted UN food that goes out. The salting of lands that were once fertile, in places like Ethiopia. There have been issues with agriculture in several other countries. They walk in and do whatever they’ve got to do, to basically control the world.”

On Monday – which was the 31st – I threw my hat in the ring, and I called a friend at the Treasury [US Treasury Department] and I said, ‘Okay, look. I’m seeing rumors going around about Social Security payments not being paid. What can I do?’ And, they came back to me in a few hours with a number, which was a little bit inflated. $400 million or so dollars off the actual number. I was also aware they were to have a meeting – 8am or 10am my time, Monday – amongst all of the Opus Dei members, in their special little lodge. And, we sent our people to every single one of their people, before they got on the call…like a Zoom call, 50 or 60 of them.

And, all the operatives heard was not ‘Hello’ but ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom’ while watching it live on the Key Intelligence and Military System [taking out call participants]. Then, we replicated the whole Social Security system – and put it into the Global Repository, essentially – and disabled their system. So, what do you think the remaining members of the 15 militaries – Umbrella, Mobius, Kruger – did after this event on Monday? They kept running around, looking for machines to make their ‘Reset’ happen. Every government in the world knows what happened. And yet, they’re still following along with the bouncing ball. Incredible. In-freaking-credible!”

“I have Alpha – which is a super samurai sword with all the bells and whistles – and they have a butter knife. You still have the Order of the Dragon and the Rothschilds still trying to get money. Because, it’s all about the money for them. They don’t know anything else. They don’t realize that they were held in a financial compartment of the Parent and Draco plan, above their heads. They keep running around, doing their thing, dying along the way, which is totally fine. You’re not going to change these peoples minds.”

“Government crashes are immanent. In the USA, I’m questioning whether we’re even going to have a government or not, in the next 30 days or so. You need $100 trillion to save the governments, at this point. Are governments going to want to come onboard with the Restoration Plan, or are they going to go down with the Rothtillian’s [Rothschild’s] ship?”

“The crash of the elite is coming soon. With about 98% certainty, as of the 6th of August, the elite will no longer be able to function. They’re personally broke. Their companies are broke. Their banks are broke. They have broken their word. Hardly anyone is listening to these people anymore. There are unable to support their Great Reset.

In their mind, they have until 3 days after the full moon – that would be Friday – to hit their Great Reset. It has become abundantly clear that any generals that are left, any Jesuits that are left, any 15 militaries that are left – the governments that exist at this point – are going to have to make a decision. If we’re going to have a US government past the end of August, there have to be people that will…turn their back on the cra-cras [crazy people]. There’s no one left now between me and them. So now, I’m coming after them.

There will be no Great Reset. There will be no One World Government.”

“So, the CIA claimed that they owned all of the in-ground assets in the United States. And, they were willing to donate them to the Chinese trading platform. And, they were going to leverage those assets. And, hopefully, issue crypto-currency. Governments clearly are not interested in working with us. Remember, BRICS is going to launch their gold-backed currency any day now! So, there’s how it would really work.

Well, their platform just miraculously disappeared. We blew up the whole thing. Then, a phone call was received from the World Economic Forum, telling us that they owned all the in-ground assets. Apparently they hadn’t gotten the memo. I yelled a lot and…explained that we’re not interested in working with people who want to kill us all. I think all of you can agree that we do not want our in-ground assets going to a bunch of people who would like to see us all dead and see us as…cattle.”

“They do not want to live in a world where they do not have the power of evil. So, today’s another in which they’ve promised the military money. And, of course, they will not come through with anything. Their hacking is a waste of time. They don’t understand…how quantum systems work. We are behind their failure. And, that’s how we know they will continue to fail.”

“The Alpha quantum AI system is encoded to living DNA. ‘If we can just get that key, we can take that system from her.’ And, they’ve been trying for a long, long time. If I’m under duress, it doesn’t let me in. There are many safety factors in place.”

The structure of the world government. At the top, you would have had the Draco and the Abraxas. In part, the Mantids, kind of the security section. And, that would have made up the leadership. Where I sit now, is where they used to sit. If you were in the Order, you would probably never have met anyone in this position, let alone being able to pick up the phone and call them.

Next down was the “Parents” – 21 Parents – and each of them would have run one or more Coven Masters, also known as family masters. Now, you’re talking about the 13 illuminati bloodlines and the Pindar position. Next, you would have had coven members. And these, of course, are your Order of the Black Sun and Order of the Dragon members. The Jesuits. The bankers. All the flow charts you see out there are based on this level, on down. Everything was run by covens of dark masters.

Then, underneath all them, you’re talking about governments. You’re talking about operatives and agencies. So, the situation we have now is that there are no more Draco. No more Abraxas. No more demons coming up through the portals. No more Coven Masters. We’re now down to Opus Dei. So, as people disappear, you have people – in their minds – moving up through the ranks. Then, we get to my chair, way up high at the top, and there’s nobody in between. The governments of the world are all broke.”

“The 15 militaries have provided the Jesuits, as of this morning, with some equipment that they shouldn’t have access to. There was one machine that they were trying to use at Mt. Rushmore, based on a portal that doesn’t exist anymore. They thought they were trying to hack computers [to regain high-level access to the global banking system] but, in reality, they could have caused a coronal hole in the Sun. They should not have toys. So, I’ve got identity pictures running right now, to see who’s who. Then, the removal process will begin.”

“I don’t talk on the news about everything I do in my day. Curse after curse after curse…on the planet, on you. Energetic grids. Siphoning energy from you…being peddled all over the multiverse. Connections and implants and parasites…all of that affects your person. Those are very sophisticated quantum structures that need to be dismantled like a bomb. Like, don’t cut this wire until you cut that wire. You have to wait until that dissipates before you go to the next step. And, I could tell you about all those things on the news. We would be here for around 8 or 9 hours. Or, just give you a generalized overview of what’s happening on the government Cabal level and the restoration.”

“On the flip side, I did have a conversation with the Pentagon. The [US] military is broke. I explained there were no orders that came through me and, therefore, I am not paying their bill. We have no agreements. No nothing. 

The big BRICS meeting starts tomorrow. On behalf of the Chinese Deep State and the Rothschilds – they’re one and the same thing – they said, ‘Give us 24 hours and we’ll fix it.’ Nothing was fixed, obviously. They’re still trying to use the same collateral in different ways. The [US] military used to be a private entity. Only recently, under martial law, were they nationalized.

There were Jesuits present at the DoD when I was having this conversation…in which I explained I would be happy to pay them if they…help the Restoration Plan and take orders from me. If you don’t want to do that, that’s fine. You can go around in circles with these other people ’til the end of days. They’re not going anywhere.”

“The Council of Nine was the neutral party that was supposed to maintain balance. They were supposed to be neutral. We’ve talked about the four yugas. They were considered the lords of the yugas. They were reassigned in February of this year. In the story of the yugas, there’s a man who’s name is Kalki. So, about 200 years ago, they put a time accelerator in place to bring back this being, which in biblical terms you would know as Baal. In the mythology, he comes back after Armageddon and he re-installs time. Time comes from dark matter. Anu put a few things in place to make sure this being would come back at this time. Baal is no longer in the multiverse. But, that doesn’t stop Umbrella military corporation from trying to raise the anti-christ today, at Mt. Shasta.”

“South Africa is still buying what China’s selling. That their gold-backed currency is going to be there in approximately four days. That’s never going to happen. They don’t have those assets. And, anytime anybody hands you a letter of credit, you should probably check in the financial system to see if it’s real.”

“There was a plasma energy weapon in an underground base on the island. This time, we have no indication of anything in the sky – like a Lockheed jet with a DEW – but what we do see, is that the personnel in there [a DUMB under Maui] actually shot it from the ground up. The purpose of the Chinese Deep State ordering the fires was to own the island of Maui and eventually build a Chinese military base. The Governor [of Hawaii] has been warned about their plans, and is acting accordingly.”

“We had a little incident two days ago…with the generals who were yelling and screaming – saying that they’re in charge – …and the Rothschilds. And, they…went into underground bunkers under Langley and GCHQ. About 14 in the UK and 4 or 5 in the US. Can you imagine what might happen when you get all those kind, loving people all in the same room in a bunker?

I don’t know what happened, but the doors locked and now the keypads don’t work. I did have a call with them – live – on the Key Intelligence & Military System, and everybody got to witness that. Based on how it went, I was like, ‘Well, you need to stay there overnight and think about what to do.’ And, I was listening to the internal conversations between them – the next morning – …about taking over the world and causing further pandemics and killing us all. ‘Maybe Marduk will come back.’

Unfortunately, these people have special badges and special decorated uniforms, and people listen to them. As far as I know, they’re still in there, and it’s been a couple of days now. I think the Federal Reserve’s finally figured out that they’re done. The Federal Reserve has stopped answering the phone. They are waiting for a phone call from those that are sitting in the bunker – with no communication systems – in England. So, everything is coming to a head. The dying animal is not happy. Countries are going broke. Lies don’t pay the bills. We have to move on.”

“There is progress in the US…conversations between the GIA and the CIA…and the Pentagon. There will probably be zero progress with China at this moment. There will probably be zero progress in the UK at this moment, due to the crazy people that live there. They will probably be the last to come forward, regardless of who lives or dies. Just in their nature. Germany is also not happy. Russia is kind of neutral at this point. As far as other countries, whatever happens in America happens everywhere, whether that’s good or bad. At this point, let’s hope it’s really good.”

“The Rothschilds had gone to all these people – the generals – and told them they were going to get percentages. Personal pocket money of somewhere around $15 million a month. ‘You’re all going to be extremely wealthy.’ Wow! Welcome to the elite group, for burning your country to the ground and doing a good job of it. Congratulations.

I asked for a budget. Treasury called me back. So, I checked all the numbers. I saw the hyper-inflation in there. I listened to the phone call they had with the Rothschild Bank people…and the chatter behind the scenes about, ‘What happens when Kim gives $21 billion to the United States government in emergency funding?’ But, I didn’t expect for the director of Defense National Intelligence [see:] to be upset that I made sure the veterans had their retirement pay. So, you’re the head of ‘National Intelligence’ – this lady’s a real pill [Avril Haines] – and you’re telling me that you are upset that I’m stopping a financial crash of the country?”

“Now, we’re past trying to work with the rotten children. Within days, they will be obsolete. We are going to seamlessly transition out the Federal Reserve, globally, because they are serving no purpose. I’m no longer begging them to do things anymore. I’m eliminating them from my world. You no longer sit between myself and the governments anymore. The Treasury departments have been nationalized. Therefore, they are part of the government and part of my property, part of my company.”

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