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The CHD Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Bus Tour

Sep 16, 2023

Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Tour Interview Themes

MDs and hospitals either CLUELESS regarding the true COVID-n-Injections landscape or unwilling to face that reality (with a few courageous and notable exceptions).

Many seriously vax injured report being handed over to…psychiatrists – who then attempted to convince them they were imagining their symptoms, maybe caused by anxiety, childhood abuse? – versus MDs and clinical staff being willing to face the obvious Big Pharma corona crimes landscape.

Many interviewed report “having COVID” or say someone they knew “died of COVID,” or their hospital had many “COVID cases.” News Flash! The PCR tests were…MEANINGLESS! PCR tests can involve any number of “cycles.” Field reports indicated that ALL PCR tests were being run at cycles above the maximum (30x) “meaningful results” threshold (backgrounder). They thus might mean you’d been exposed to the common cold in childhood. There were also reports of both “positive” and “negative” PCR test batches crypto-labelled as such. Finally, PCR test nasal swabs were shown to be infecting people with viral strains.

The well-known spike protein micro-clotting result of COVID injections resulted in thousands of reports of myocarditis related symptoms including fatigue, circulation and skin problems and “sudden heart attack syndrome,” vision and hearing impairment, strokes and cerebral hemorrhaging. Younger and fit people experiencing such obviously had greater survival chances than those middle aged or above, overweight or with prior health issues.

Field analysis showed that some COVID “vaccine” batches contained cancer cells, parasite eggs, hydras (microscopic parasites) and various viral or bacterial strains unrelated to claimed ingredients. Both for COVID and other “vaccines,” many reports of post-injection maladies must have come from the injections themselves, including rare cancers, leprosy, polio, shingles, Guillain-Barre, Epstein-Barr. Also, autism and assorted auto-immune conditions.

The CHD Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Bus Tour

Six weeks into the CHD Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Bus Tour, its main video interview page is worth bookmarking, visiting often and sharing with others. It already has a knock-out collection of interviews on “vaccine” damage topics.

Another spin-off of Bobby Kennedy Jr’s Children’s Health Defense (CHD) project, the success of the CHD Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Bus Tour – blowing past the wall-to-wall disinfo still surrounding COVID topics – you get a clear idea why the Cabal is dead set against allowing RFK Jr. any chance of becoming the next US President. Del Bigtree recently reported unprecedented moves Democrat party leadership is taking – they and Republican party leadership answer to the same “secret society” masters – to rearrange US voting laws, just in case freezing RFK Jr. out of MSM media coverage, accusing him of being a “conspiracy theorist” and massive vote theft mechanics aren’t enough to assure his exclusion.

Nearly 250 videos have been posted to the CHD Bus Tour website from August 1 to mid-September, 2023. Scroll past the video sampler section below to see a full list of interview titles to date, then search the tour interviews page to find any you’re particularly interested in. You’ll see that the collection involves both many injured by COVID non “vaccines” and many others who chose the route of sanity, health and higher principle by remaining vax free.

While our sympathies are with the many who were coerced into taking injections to keep their jobs, most “fully vaccinated” voluntarily submitted to the COVID intimidation, disinfo and “safe and responsible” pyschological warfare campaigns. All wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee per learning how our world really works, including the fact that “Science” and “Facts” from Big Government, Big Media and Big Pharma are Big Lies, while they refer to Truth as…“Misinformation,” “Disinformation” and “Conspiracy Theory.” Oh, and “Hate Speech.”

Yes, George Orwell warned us.

Video Interview Sampler


Three Unvaccinated Children

Mother of 3 unvaccinated kids, did natural child births and home-schooling, says –

“I personally feel vaccines are weapons of mass destruction. It’s heart-breaking what’s happening out there. I’m just grateful that I stood firm. Losing friends. Losing family. People calling me crazy. Parents really need to armor up and start protecting your children. It’s not just not vaccinating. It encompasses so much more. That doctor is not there to keep your kids healthy. You! It’s the parent’s job to keep your kids healthy. You need to feed them the right food. You need to support their immune systems.”

Big Pharma Trained MDs

JD Rockefeller took over the AMA in the 1930s, installing a new president, then directing him to shut down all the most promising health and wellness practices in the US – homeopathy, herbal medicine, electro-medicine, ozone therapy – while aligning the AMA and budding US pharmaceutical sector with the IG Farben Nazi Big Pharma death star model.

A clear result of what’s transpired since is that US medical schools and MDs simply became Big Pharma pimps. It’s not just that most MDs know nothing of health and wellness. They also accept Big Pharma sales literature at its word – deadly micro-print “side effect inserts” notwithstanding – despite mountains of evidence indicating no Big Pharma products can be trusted.

At last, a growing awake-and-aware MD phenomenon unfolding, as this pediatrician’s example demonstrates,

“Whatever the AAP says, that’s our standard of practice. The [medical school] training was pretty much how to use the schedule. Not about side effects, risk factors. It’s not that anything bad never happens, but ‘For the Greater Good,’ you know, we’re supposed to do this.”

Pfizer Took my Career Away

“Pfizer Took my Career Away” former helicopter pilot, Pfizer shots, had strokes on both the left and right side of his brain. Worked out 4 times per week. Doesn’t drink or smoke.

“Well, my employer mandated it. I decided to take the vaccine to protect my job. I took the 2nd Pfizer shot on November 7th, and then suffered huge strokes on November 28th.”

He ended up needing brain surgery and a tracheotomy. Typical MD reactions.

“I asked him, ‘Could this be from the vaccine?’ And he said, ‘Oh, absolutely not, and walked out.’ The nurse turned to me and said, ‘For political reasons, you’ll never get anyone in this hospital to admit that the vaccines had anything to do with it.'”

COVID Told Ya So Tales

This 70-something guy and his wife were awake-and-aware enough to know not to take COVID injections. Three of his personal friends did, however, and all three died within a month after getting 2 shots, two from heart attacks and one from a stroke. Subsequently, he warned others not to take the shots but says most didn’t listen, unwilling to believe that the media and government authorities didn’t have their interests uppermost in mind.

“And then…we started keeping a list. Over the next six months, we had 25 people that we knew personally – not knew about, not read about – who died of strokes, cancer, heart attacks, cerebral hemorrhages. Mostly, blood clot related stuff. Not only were all of them vaccinated, most of them got boosted. My brother is one of 25 people we knew who all got vaccinated and all got boosted, and all died. From January of 2020 to when the vaccines really took off in January of 2021, we didn’t know one single person who died. And then, after everybody starts getting shots, we know 25 dead within six months. And then, 35 dead within a year. But, people don’t want to hear it!”

Unvaccinated Mother Healthy & Sane

Another example of a happy and sane “un-vaccinated” mother and children. Various others like this are in the CHD Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Bus Tour collection.

Big contrast per the many tragedies among the “vaxxed” and the related combinations of anger, confusion and remorse re: the agendas, advice and actions involved.

"Fully Vaccinated" Moderna Regretee

This “Fully Vaccinated” woman got her “COVID information” from long-term US Boob Tube perp, NBC. Says she will now instead watch CHD TV and…never again get another  non “vaccine” injection.

“First one wasn’t bad. I got the second one, and within a couple of weeks, I go, ‘Oh no!’ And, I’ve lost my strength. It’s hard for me to pick up a gallon of milk. I can’t pick up my bowling ball anymore. I have difficulty walking. My stamina is gone. My energy is gone. It’s hard to stay positive but I use my faith. I have something to do in this world, and it’s help other people. So, that’s what I do.”

Pfizer Vax Damaged Nurse

This New York young woman and mother of two has been an RN for 17 years. Anyone suffering the serious injection damages she reports that was 20 years older would’ve died. She continues to have myocarditis and clotting symptoms. Partially recovered, she’s unlikely to live either as long or as well as if “un-vaccinated,” as per all the other “fully vaccinated” much less “boosted” folk interviewed,

“We were emailed daily to get the vaccine. ‘Do the right thing.’ Mandates were coming down the pike and if you didn’t have it, you’d be fired. I went for my second dose. And…within five or six minutes, I knew that something wasn’t right. I had hives on my arms. Then, my face went numb. Then, all of a sudden, my arms and legs went totally numb. Within minutes, my co-workers rushed me into the emergency room. I had a heart rate of 180. I have pages of symptoms. For a year and a half, my life was stolen from me. I couldn’t function.”

More Pfizer Vax Damages

This woman got two Pfizer shots. Being young and in excellent pre-injection physical condition, she survived. Someone older or less fit might not have scraped through. Still, how long will she live and what will her health be like for the rest of her life – progressive micro-clotting factors considered – vs. if un-vaxxed?

“The first shot didn’t bother me. It was the second one that did me in. I’m never getting another vaccine in my life.”

Vax Guillain-Bar Contagion

This is an extremely common phenomenon that, once again, Big Media, Big Government and Big Pharma have somehow failed to report. Vaccine batches have been clinically diagnosed time and again and found to contain parasite eggs, hydras (a freshwater parasite), cancerous cells, leprosy bacteria and other exotic viral or bacterial compounds. Oh, in addition to the usual heavy metals, mRNA spike proteins and self-assembing graphene oxide nano compounds. This woman was infected with a rare form of Guillain-Bar Syndrome by COVID “vaccines.”

“I got a rare variant of it…that goes to your eyes and your ears. And so, my eyesight was terribly affected and the ears. And then, it goes into your extremities. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t hold a fork or toothbrush. Just couldn’t do it. Loss of control, in every way. Everything tasted like I was chewing aluminum foil.”

CHD Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Bus Tour Video Titles

My Mother Died After 4 Moderna Shots
Lucian Was Hurt By Childhood Vaccines
DPT For Nursing School
My Sons Three Year Vaccines
My 3 Unvaccinated Children
Three Pfizer Shots
My Son, Dino, Died Following Vaccinations
Coons Family Vax/Unvax Study
I Will Never Take A COVID Shot Again
DTap Hurt My Daughter
The Stevens Vax/UnVax Home Study
2 Moderna Shots
Gardasil HPV Vaccine
My 2 Vaccinated Children Versus My 1 Unvaccinated Child
Chickenpox Vaccine Gave My Son Shingles
MMR Injuries
5 Vaccinated & 1 Unvaccinated
DTP and My Daughter
Dodging The Vaccine Bullet
One Pfizer Injured Me
I Got Ivermectin
No Informed Consent
Type 1 Diabetes After Vaccination
He Died After The COVID Shot
MS Diagnosis After COVID Shot
My Life Will Never Be the Same Again
Remdesivir Wrecked My Best Friends Life
MMR Caused My Daughters Type 1 Diabetes
DPT and My Son
My Children Are Court Ordered To Be Vaccinated
Bullied By Medical Professionals
I Used To Give The Shots
Minority Report
My Son Is Vaccine Injured
My 2 Boys With Autism
My Family And COVID Shots
My Son And I Are Vaccine Injured
Vaccines, Autism & Remdesivir
J&J COVID Shot Caused Me Heart Issues
They Poisoned My Daughter
Discharged From The Military
My Boys And I
2 Pfizer shots Were Life Changing
I am a Family Doctor
Science Backs The People
Vax/Unvax Study In The Campbell Home
I Ended Up In The ER 5 Times
ADHD & Eczema
My Unvaxxed Kids
I Survived COVID Hospital Protocol
Held Hostage By Hep B
CDC Schedule At 15 Months
My Kids Were Kicked Out Of School
Hearing Loss After Vaccines
Our Beautiful Son, Kyle
Depo Shot Made By Pfizer
Unvaccinated, Healthy & Joyful
Ulcerative Colitis From Childhood Vaccines
COVID Hospital Protocol Killed My Dad
COVID 19 Shots Took So Much From Me
We Must Collectively Say No
Fired For Not Complying
COVID Hospital Protocol Killed My Nelson
HPV Gardasil Vaccine
My Unvaccinated Children
My Father Had A Stroke After Pfizer
COVID Shots and TDap
Flu Vaccine While Pregnant
My Husband Tim Was Killed By Hospital Protocol
My Vaccine Injury Story
Dr Toni Barks’ Husband
I’m Glad I Didn’t Vaccinate
Family Nightmare
Pressure To Vaccinate
My Son Took 4 COVID Shots
Vitamin K Only
COVID Hospital Protocol Killed My John
Unvaccinated Healthy Children
Hubers Vax/UnVax Study
I Was A Nurse During COVID
Diabetes Type 1 After Childhood Vaccination
My Daughter Lost Half Her Brain After MMR
Unvaccinated And Alive
COVID Hospital Protocol Killed Our Mother
Don’t Miss The Signs
I Am A Holistic Pediatrician
We Were Told It Would Keep Her Safe
Nobody Connected The Dots
Pfizer Shot Took My Health And Career
Childhood Vaccine Injury
Cornea Damage From Vaccines
Ryan Was Killed By COVID Hospital Protocol
6 Shots At Once
COVID Hospital Protocol Killed My Jim
I Took One Pfizer Shot
Husband Died As A Result Of Not Being Vaccinated
MMR Vaccine Without Authorization
Down Syndrome and Autism
Anthony’s Vaccine Injury
Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children
Hospital Protocol Killed My Kyle
I Am A Family Doctor
Mom Injured By COVID Shot
My Brother Died From DTP/OPV
ADHD and Dyspraxia
Chicken Pox Vaccine
J&J Shot
She Should’ve Been Protected, Not Poisoned
I Am An Exposure Scientist
Standing Shoulder To Shoulder
Two Pfizer Shots
My Family and COVID Shots
A Parent’s Worst Nightmare
What About Polio?
Miguel Was Killed By Hospital COVID Protocol
Vax/ Unvax Mini Study In My Home
DTaP Vaccine Caused Spinal Meningitis
Vax/Unvax Home Study – Cash Family
Childhood Vaccines Injured Anthony
My Brother Died After 5 Pfizer Shots
J&J and Pfizer Booster
I Stopped Vaccinating After 15 Months
CDC Schedule Injured My Children
My Vax/Unvax 5 Kids
My Dad Died of COVID So I Took Moderna
Swine Flu Vaccine Injury
They Didn’t Believe My Down Syndrome Son Had Autism
Flu Vaccine Paralyzed Me From The Neck Down
2 Month Vaccines Destroyed Kelsey’s Life
2 Pfizer Shots Wrecked My Life
Ariel Died After 2 Month Vaccines
Thomas’ Journey With Autism
Chenault Family Vax/Unvax Study
I Stopped Vaccinating, My Children Got Better
Baby Remy’s Family
My Two Children Are Vaccine Injured
Ryker Has Polio From Vaccines
Hospital Protocol Killed Howard
Multiple Vaccines Gave Austin Autism
Military Vaccines Injured Me
Remdesivir, Hospital Protocols Killed Bob
Vaccines Are Destroying My Family
My Son Has Vaccine Induced Polio
Our Zavier Injured By Vaccines
Major Bullying From Medical Professionals
They Told Us Our Daughter Would Never Be Normal
We Are Told to Just Follow the Schedule
Why I Didn’t Vaccinate My Kids
COVID Protocols Killed My Mom
I’ve Stopped Vaccinating Now
Opening My Eyes To Vaccines
Permanently Disabled From Remdesivir and Intubation
My Two Unvaccinated Children’
Military COVID Shots Gave Me A Heart Attack’
I Am a Critical Care Nurse’
I Just Buried My Friend’
My Two Vaccine Injured Children’
Children Vax/UnVax Study
Taking COVID Shots Changed My Views on Vaccination’
3 Generations of Unvaccinated
My Best Friend Died After 2nd Pfizer Shot’
They Didn’t Feed My Husband For 5 Days Before He Died’
Research Scientist Refuses COVID Shot, Loses Job
Medical Abuse of Unvaccinated’
Pfizer COVID Shot Destroyed My Life’
My Nerves Feel Like Frayed Wires following Pfizer COVID Vaccination
Mandate Killed My Husband’
Mason Died After His 4 Month Vaccines’
COVID Shot Killed My Friend’
My 7 Year Old Grandchild’s Injury
Vaccinated, Boosted and Now Dead
My Brother’s Smallpox Vax Injury
Multiple Vaccine Injuries In My Family
Rise In Dead Babies
My Three Unvaccinated Children
We Are Now Ex-Vaxxers
Hospital Protocols Murdered My Husband
Murdered For Profit
Vax-Unvax Study in Kansas
Rise In Miscarriages Says Delivery Nurse
Hospital Killed My American Hero’
My Two Daughters Were Injured By Vaccines
Moderna Gave Me a Heart Condition
They Told Me She Would Die
COVID Shots are Hurting My Family
My Baby Never Saw My Face Before Her Death’
Anthrax Vaccine Destroyed My Life
Pfizer Took My Career Away
My Son’s Injury After Mandatory ‘Catch-Up’
Inhumane COVID Protocols
Hospital Murder and COVID Shot Death
I Lost My Job Fighting the System
Baby Vaccines Injured Paisley
Pfizer Took My Career
Pfizer Shot Ruined My Life
Pfizer & Moderna Shots Hurt Us
Fired For Not Taking COVID Shot
Remdesivir Injured My Kidneys
One Year Shots Injured My Son
Hospital Protocols Killed My Husband
My Daughter and My Husband
My Vax Unvax Home Study
My Family Is Vaccine Injured
Caught-Up, Injured + Discriminated Against
Pfizer Took My Life Away’
Anaphylaxis + Death Hours After 2-Month Vaccines
Cardiac Arrest + Death Following Vaccination
Our Baby Was Killed By 4 Month Vaccines
Baby Dies After Flu Shot
HPV Vaccine Destroyed Colton’s Life
My Son Was Killed By Vaccines

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