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If you’re using Telegram, you probably adopted it after getting fed up with shadow-banning and de-platforming risks per Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and were seeking a free speech alternative. Upon arriving in Telegram land, you’ll probably heave a huge sigh of relief knowing you’re on a platform where both channel moderators and subscribers are free to share truthful information on key topics (generally mis-labelled “conspiracy theory”) without risk of censorship.

At the same time, when, browsing a Telegram channel, you find a post you want to share, clicking the “Share” option in your browser may reveal that while all the other popular social media options appear – including Facebook and Twitter – Telegram may be strangely absent. But, given that the browsers are made and-or funded by the top Big Tech firms, no surprise they are somewhat hostile to indy platforms like Telegram that are outside their circles of influence.

Here are some tips per Telegram content sharing and channel growth to help fill in the gaps –

  • Right-click or hold-press any Telegram post you want to share then select the “Copy link location” option. Now, you can paste that into a Facebook or Twitter message or post or an email or Whatsapp message. Another great place to share links and channel awareness is in “comments” threads on other Telegram channels or Facebook pages.
  • Want to likewise help the New Earth Project channel following grow? Great! Posting or passing along a link to allows anyone to read New Earth Project channel posts from a browser without Telegram installed. If you know those you’re sharing with would like to install Telegram, you can instead send the slightly different link, link. Finally, if they’re already using Telegram, you could tell them to simply use its search window to find and subscribe to the New Earth Project channel.

How to sell the benefits of Telegram to others?

You can tell them that Telegram combines the best functionality of Twitter and Whatsapp – including channel subscriptions cross-device (ie: both phone and desktop based) text, graphics, voice and video calls and chats – and all of that free, internationally! Telegram also has powerful chat and collaboration functionality for “groups” of unlimited size plus admin role options. So, what’s not to like?

Both Twitter and Whatsapp require phone-based login every time you want to access their functionality. Not so with Telegram. While Telegram works wonderfully well from your phone and requires initial phone-based activation (for ID verification purposes) once done, you can use all Telegram features from your computer without firing up your phone, if you prefer. If you haven’t tried Telegram’s desktop app yet, you can download it at

So, help build “Telegram awareness” and the New Earth Project Telegram following because…we’re busy building the Golden Age here!


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