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As WWII drew to a close, Operation Paperclip was instigated by the Dulles brothers and an aligned faction within the OSS and nascent CIA to clandestinely import thousands of top Nazi officers, scientists and engineers into the highest levels of the US Military-Industrial complex while allowing other Nazi elements safe passage to South America. In this sense, the Nuremberg trials – as a result of which less than two dozen Nazis were executed – were largely window dressing. The real action involved a massive unacknowledged importing of Nazi genius – and, unfortunately, “Nazi ethics” – into the top ranks of the US M-I Complex.

Operation Paperclip went into warp drive following the disastrous failure of Operation Highjump, which involved a US naval fleet under the command of Admiral Richard Byrd visiting Antarctica in 1947, to investigate the fact that it had become the primary hub for the post-war regrouping of Nazi forces. According to surviving witnesses, Byrd’s fleet was met by UFO anti-gravity craft that emerged from beneath the ocean waters and began sinking ships and shooting down aircraft left and right, using advanced directed energy weaponry. Byrd’s fleet turned tail and ran.

Now on notice that it had a very delicate situation on its hands – the Nazis “down there” evidently in league with an advanced and hostile ET species – the promoted goal of Operation Paperclip was to allow the US M-I Complex to “catch up.”

Fast forward to 1954. As the US Pentagon was preparing to test a hydrogen bomb at Bikini atoll in the Pacific, a “Galactic Federation” based group of humanoid ETs made arrangements to meet with Pres. Dwight Eisenhower. The meeting took place in Feb. of that year at Edwards AFB in California. According to sources within Pres. Eisenhower’s entourage, the ETs offered to provide technologies capable of ending human poverty and disease and most causes of environmental pollution if the US government would lead a campaign of global disarmament. Pres. Eisenhower evidently wanted to accept this offer and also wanted to share this news with the American people and global public, but both moves were vetoed by his Pentagon and CIA advisors.

According to “Prime Directive” equations, this set up what happened next. Pres. Eisenhower was next invited to a meeting with a different group – this one involving “Nazis and bad ETs” (no pun intended) – with a different kind of proposal. That meeting was set up and took place in February of 1955 at Holloman AFB in New Mexico. There, according to eye-witnesses – including multiple individuals who attended briefings Pres. Eisenhower gave afterward – a UFO type anti-gravity disk waited on the tarmac as Air Force One landed and taxied over to it, whereupon Pres. Eisenhower de-boarded and entered the UFO craft.

An agreement resulted that, to this day, has never been openly confessed to by the CIA, Pentagon or US government authorities – who’ve known of its veracity since 1955 – nor of the hundreds of “defense contractors” who’ve worked on related programs over the decades. The general terms of the 1955 agreement were that the Draco and Grey ET factions in league with the Antarctic “Dark Fleet” Nazis also involved would contribute high technology to the US M-I Complex partners, in return receiving permission to abduct humans on a “limited basis,” “for genetic sampling” purposes.

For the Pentagon and CIA, the happy thing was that no concessions on their part were involved. No braking of their natural Dr. Strangelove tendencies. Not only would their budgets and baliwicks not be threatened – unlike the 1954 “good ET” proposal – but they were virtually guaranteed to continue to gain tremendous new powers via high technology. As for conceding to human abductions, neither Pres. Eisenhower nor the MJ-12 (“Majestic 12”) and CIA groups pressuring him to sign had any constitutional authority to make such deals. Thus, while unlawful and therefore technically invalid, all this became yet another “inconvenient truth” which official circles were always subsequently busy lying about and working to distract attention from.