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Sacha Stone, Charlie Ward, Robert David Steele, Mel K and Simon Parkes in Conversation

Apr 30, 2021

Arise USA Resurrection Tour, COVID craziness & Great Resets

April 28, 2021 conversation

If you haven’t yet tuned into this dynamite hour-long conversation on all things happening-now-and-important – including the Arise USA Resurrection Tour and Arise World plans – do yourself a favor and hit the Play button. This said, as busy as we all are, scanning transcripts is the fastest way to get the gist of any video conversation. The transcript below has all the juicy highlights of this enlightened conversation between a handful of our world’s most important sources of factual inside information and global grassroots leadership.

Visit for Arise USA Resurrection Tour news and to donate to that worthy initiative. The tour will involve 84 rallies across America from mid-May until early September, 2021. All tour donors receive a “2nd American Revolution” founding citizens certificate or, for non-US residents, a “1st Global Revolution” certificate. By spreading the word, volunteering, attending upcoming rallies and-or donating, you’ll be helping one of the most worthwhile and pivotal projects on the planet at this time.

Arise USA Resurrection Tour Plans, Schedule & Speaker Bios

Video Transcript

Transcript key
SS: Sacha Stone
CW: Charlie Ward
RDS: Robert David Steele
MK: Mel K.
SP: Simon Parkes

SS: Just to let you guys know we’ve hit over 10,000 live viewers already and we’re seven minutes in to this broadcast. There are a hell of a lot of people. I think it’s going to go up to closer to 40,000. We got 30,000 the other day. People want to hear stuff. They want to hear real stuff. They’re certainly not hearing it anywhere else. Charlie, at some point, you’re going to have to ask us about the tour.

CW: This is very, very, very important, because, obviously, Sacha and Robert are going on a tour of the United States of America. And this is going to be very, very, very important. An important part of the process of what of the awakening is, because America has been in the dark. And the the two of you, with the army of people that are going on the Resurrection Tour around America – go with every single one of our blessings, because this is a very necessary thing.

SS: I want to make this point…I am plugged in 24/7. It’s why I’m going on the tour as an observer. I’m literally just traveling across the country, jumping up and having a chat here and there, saying a few words and aiming cameras and doing capture, getting the pulse. I want to learn what that conversation is coast to coast, and I want to do it as an outsider just plugged into the pulse of middle America. Because…it’s the most important country on the face of the Earth, because it is humankind. It is humanity.

And right now, if we can tap into that middle American pulse and listen to that song and get that, we are going to be able to create a resurrection not just of North America but of 240-plus nations compacted to the United Nations. And, please God, that resurrection sees the end of all multilateral governance. All those godless god-damned diabolical multilateral agencies. I’m talking the World Trade Organization, the World Food Program, World Health Organization, UNESCO, the whole goddamn lot.

And I could do a three-hour lecture on every single agency at the UN. You know, I’m a former Director General in the NGO sector there. I know a fair bit about it. Point is, this tour is intended to be the can opener, because we have got to – We the People, not ‘them,’ not not some cavalry coming to rescue us – we have to be the ones to open this can of worms. We have to look squarely at what it is because we’re the ones who ceded it. We permissioned it. Our tax dollars paid for it. Yes, we were asleep at the wheel. Not any longer. That’s why we’re doing this tour and that’s why I’m coming to document this tour and show it back to America and show it back to the world.

RDS: We are now in a whole new level of public discourse. Civics is coming back. Conversation is coming back. As Mel K. Said, we’ve all turned off the TV. Nobody cares about the Oscars. Hollywood is in a complete nose dive. The newspapers are in a complete nosedive. The broadcast media is being ignored. America is having a conversation and – I don’t want to call it a war caravan, but, it is in fact – there are some big summits going on. Our approach is unconventional. Not only are we not charging $500 for a ticket – which is a disgraceful amount of money to charge for a patriotic event – we’re free because we’re paid for by the donors.

Face to face in hotel conferences, we’re holding town halls and staged events with open mics for local musicians. This is the resurrection of America, and I bless all of you because I’ll tell you something. I did not organize this although I am the sole legal and financial authority for this tour. This is God’s hand I am a servant here. And all of you have made it possible. It’s already successful. Michael Jaco is going to give us a love bubble training seminar is going to be surrounded by a love bubble, and Simon has assured me that all of his off-planet contacts are going to be protecting us, and Charlie has his network, and Mel K. And I, yeah, the mafia is on our side.

SS: We’re also beaming these Tesla frequencies from our buses we’ve got all sorts of magic juju that we’re playing with here, and it’s all good.

MK: Oh, this is so exciting! Again, I agree with you having a free event is a big difference because then the real people can come. I’ve talked to both Charlie and Robert about my drive cross country and how I could not believe how much decimated land there was. There’s so much land in America that should be thriving with farms and industry and it’s it’s unbelievable. And, as we go cross-country – and it’s great Sacha will see it, it’s…you can’t believe how much we’ve been robbed of, so much of America.

And, you know, we’re going to get to the real people that just want to go down the street and hang out with like-minded individuals. Like, they’ve all been robbed of this whole year. They’ve destroyed the ability for people to have fellowship or community or go to church, whatever. And we’re saying, come on down and meet people that are like-minded, you know, give back to the community. You don’t need money. You don’t need to be gay, straight, black, white, whatever. All this nonsense that they’ve divided us with.

We’re giving a forum for everyone to come and I think that that’s the key, because when we start looking at ourselves – all of our countries – as I’m an American first and I’m a lot of other things…but I’m proud of America. I think there’s more of us than them and every country should be that way. And that’s why Sacha was talking about their ‘Great Reset.’ I’ve been saying since we start, we think the ‘Great Reset’ will be the opposite. It’s going to be every country reinvesting back in their people, in their culture, in their borders, in their language, in what makes that country special and great.

And then, from there, it’s like…once every country has the money, the resources, the freedom and good leadership then we come together as a world humanity that all basically want just the fundamental rights that are given to all of us by God. And that day is coming and that’s why I’m so excited about where we are.

SS: Beautiful. As you quite rightly say, this is all about people – unless you’re one of those middle-aged bankers hanging out at Davos wearing deer antlers and ladies underwear on your days off. You are not welcome. We do not represent you. We do not want your little boys who wear dresses. Not interested, okay? What does it say when you’ve got a Harley Davidson followed by ‘Faith, Family & Freedom?’ Not very progressive. Not many rainbow colored unicorns there. But, you know what? That’s the shit we’ve got to get back to right here and right now. Robert?

RDS: Well, I’m pretty pleased. I’m encouraging others to to raise money and do hats and all this stuff. We do need donations. So I hope people will go to and donate anything from $100 to $110. You have a chance with your donation to vote for Sacha, or me, or the American patriots and others.

Michael Jaco supporters are $101. Juan O. Savin supporters are $107. Sacha supporters are $103. But the bottom line here is, we never ask you for more than your first donation, and any amount gets you a founding citizen certificate for the 2nd American Revolution. Or, if you’re international, the 1st Global Revolution. And will be coming out soon as a website. It’s going to be very interesting. America first but followed quickly by Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and so forth. So, as God is my witness, we are taking this tour on the road not just for ‘America first’ but for the whole Earth.

SS: Yeah, great stuff. As Robert says, we’re launching, I believe, on the 5th. That is going to be the portal through which the world can watch and follow this tour. Right now we’re making provision for an aerial drone to be literally tethered to the cavalcade coast to coast, so people will be able to come in live streaming anytime provided we’re on the road. They’ll be able to literally see the tour criss-crossing across the country and even maybe see the scud missiles coming in. No, that’s a joke. No scud missiles. I love that Robert Steele’s ‘love bubble’ is going to protect us from that. But…I’m going to use this forum to pledge that Charlie ward and Simon Parkes and Mel K. are going to be doing weekly anchor reports with the tour for the duration, as long as they have breath in their bodies.

MK: Yeah, I mean, the other thing that’s really become more and more clear is that ‘Dark to Light’ is being reflected in people. People are really starting to show their true colors. And I think more than anything else, people are starting to see the true colors of the manufactured race war that is part of the whole bigger picture of dividing us in every way. And, I think their race war is running its course.

I know that we’ve talked a lot about how this was set up over time all the way back to Obama and and Eric Holder, the attack on our cops, the race war and everything. But, more I’m seeing – especially being in New York City – it’s bringing people together from all walks of life. People are starting to be like – especially black people – are like, I don’t agree with no cops. I don’t agree with violence. So the whole Black Lives Matter, Antifa…and, of course, they let out all the criminals to add to it, flooding our country with cartel members disguising as unaccompanied minors. But, the truth is they’re trying to assemble an army, because they know that the end is near for them.

And I believe that our military and our cops and the sheriffs, especially, are are not going to allow this to happen again. I think America’s has had it. I think the whole racism thing backfired like everything else they’ve done. They didn’t just cheat. They cheated so big that it’s laughable. They didn’t just try to start a race war, they went so full Marxist over the top that they alienated everyone. It’s not working and I’m seeing the backlash, finally, thank God.

SS: And in a sense it’s almost as though that that was factored into it. You know, we’ve been allowing like silly kids, right along, this two-party tyranny for too long. You need to live with it and see it to recognize the completely false paradigm that we’ve been living in.

RDS: People are going to weep 10 years down the road who are not part of this tour.

CW: I totally agree with you and this is very, very important. But, you know, an ounce of foresight is worth a ton of hindsight. You know, in a year’s time you can’t look back and say, ‘I wish I was there.’ You’ve now got the opportunity to be there and be a part of this movement. There’s a lot of people that have become part of this movement and I’m certainly very grateful for Sacha, for Robert, for Mel, for Simon, for the whole team.

SS: Thanks, Charlie. I just want to bring into this broadcast the elephant in the room…which is this lethal synthetic cocktail of molecules masquerading as a vaccine, courtesy of your local public health administration, paid for by your coin. So, we’re in pretty dire straits when it comes to the kind of biological paradigm…it is an existential threat.

I’ve certainly spent the best part of a year not only doing judicial hearings but multiple – and I mean hundreds, literally hundreds of interviews with epidemiologists and virologists, retrovirologists and naturopaths, scientists, analysts and so on. It is crystal clear what this is. This is a full frontal end-of-days assault against the planetary biome, not just the human biome. By that, I mean the microbial flora and fauna which is in a sense the most vulnerable aspect of the biosphere, because it’s the invisible element.

These sons of bitches in the in the Deep State basement and the sabbatean Luciferic blood-drinking echelon have long known for thousands of years, not just recently, they’ve long known that stealth is the way of the Devil. Always was so, where the proverbial serpent in the Garden of Eden is able to trick the adamite into surrendering conscience, abnegating soul sovereignty. That is permission based. That’s universal law 101.

So, we are led to believe that this is a public health crisis. And, we’re led to believe that the government is protecting us. And, we’re led to believe that the vaccine is a vaccine. So, that is the stealth we’re talking about. It’s so in your face. It’s like…are you amongst the living or are you amongst the dead? And we are about to see a planetary bifurcation later this year, almost certainly. I spoke to more doctors today who said the same thing. They are expecting…to see mass death occurring before Christmas. Simon, what are your thoughts on this synthetic cocktail masquerading as a vaccine?

SP: Well, first of all, this isn’t obviously just about America. What you’re doing is to wake the world up. And, we took some very interesting reports from our coordinators in Denmark. Denmark seems to be leading the way with these vaccine passports. It’s now illegal to visit your dentist or your hairdresser unless you have a vaccine passport in Denmark. And they’re about to make it so that your children can’t even go to school unless they’ve been vaccinated.

And they have this passport – this is incredibly dangerous and you’d think a country like Denmark would be, you know, really quite awake and aware – and it’s very, very concerning to me. Those people who are new to this might be surprised, but those of us who’ve been studying and watching for many years knew that this was the ace card. It wasn’t an alien invasion. It was always going to be, ‘Let’s have a pandemic. Let’s have a method to protect people, but really we’ll kill them all under the guise that we’re protecting them.’

So, this isn’t something new. It’s been advertised by these insane criminals for years and years. And I urge people uh to educate themselves. I’m not taking the vaccine and the members in my organization are not taking it. And, you know, thousands and thousands of awake and aware people are refusing it. There must be a good reason for that.

RDS: I want to say two things. First off, I’m extremely concerned about the threat that vaccinated people represent to everyone else. Mothers are having miscarriages in relation to this stuff and Dr. Tenpenny and Pam Popper and others that I pay very careful attention to…they’re being attacked by their licensing boards because their licensing boards have been bribed, blackmailed or brainwashed to serve the Deep State and turn against the public interest. You and I, Sacha, when I wrote my first article on Wuhan in February we talked about the nazification of medicine.

SS: We’re always looking for the cavalry, you know, at these at these turbulent times civilizationally, historically. Whenever we’re going through the shit we look out and we’re waiting to be rescued. And there is no rescue mission in that sense coming, unless we become the actualized party. We’ve got to get rid of third-party interventionism.

Third-party interventionism, friends, is a pathogen. So watch out for the third-party intervention. That’s the gift of the thing called government, which is a technology. Again a government doesn’t have a pulse. It doesn’t have feelings. So why are you – and I’m speaking to the 15 to 20,000 people watching – why are we generally so afraid of speaking against the status quo? You’ve got to learn to break that cult programming. Once you do it, dear God, that is when the light enters. That is when the light enters and the power…the super nature emerges. I surround myself with friends in this world who’ve managed that piece. But that must now become a collective. That’s why Simon set up his movement to create a collective, without which, frankly, we are at the at the behest and mercy of these third parties.

CW: There’s a massive problem with Denmark because Denmark is pushing with this mandatory vaccine, and yet the Astrazeneca one…it’s killed too many people. So, they’re now trying another one. The one that’s killing all the Danish people, they’ve decided to sell it for half price to third world countries! It shows that the people that are running Denmark right now…it shows exactly what side they’re on.

MK: You know, I wanted to say that one thing that Robert brought up…it’s this outside money from the same cabal, the same people, that have kept us all of us as debt slaves all this time, to control us and feed us…all this stuff just to keep us distracted. I agree with Robert, almost everyone in DC in any position of power is either blackmailed is compromised by taking bribes or way worse than that. And that’s why they’re there.

They don’t allow people to pass a certain point in DC or, sadly, in our DoJ…that they can’t control. One of the biggest things I think Sacha brought up is about these NGOs and the CDC and the World Health Organization. These luciferian-based one world government things. They always turn it around. They always say it’s good for us or, you know, they make it a humanitarian thing or a philanthropy. And you scratch the surface it’s always the same people. They’re involved in Davos. They’re involved in the Wellcome Trust, the Lucis Trust. They’re involved in the CFR -the Council on Foreign Relations – and it’s all the same people.

We’re talking about maybe 3000 people on this planet that want to just be God and decide for nine billion people how we should live on on God’s planet. And their time is up. But, the big, big problem – and I think Charlie knows this as well as anyone – is that the financial resources that have been manipulating our governments have to be stopped. I noticed that when I look into New York City and I scratch under the surface of who the heck is on these horrible boards of education or the city council, or the even the community boards.

You’re going to find…these fellowships or grants or whatever from the Open Society Foundation or it’s always the same…socialist groups, billionaires, that are pumping money into the local communities and taking local community um power away by the dollar. And, that’s really got to stop as well. We’ve got to get this billionaire money out of the voting system. Out of the local elections and, really, stand strong and say, ‘Well, elections shouldn’t be about money. They should be about platform and integrity.’

SS: One of the things I just want to briefly speak to is the…high echelon…loosely describing the black nobility. And this is the echelon that gave rise through the jesuitical tradition, through the hegemony of the crowns of Europe…and then led on to District of Columbia to weaponize the United States. But those people…there is also…a paradigmatic shift going on at that echelon. I personally met with…maybe seven or eight of the scions of those dynastic lineages…and they’ve said, ‘No, I’ve had it.’ And it was connected to the fact that they recognized that the blood cult stuff and the ritualistic stuff in the basement. I don’t know what the percentile is but I know there is a sea change underway within what you would call the black nobility and the only reason why I’m saying this is because I think we’ve got to be careful that we don’t castigate and demonize wholesale people, because that kind of polarization is just as dangerous.

SP: I do think that there has to be some understanding that a lot of the middle rankers are forced to do things that they don’t like and I wouldn’t want to put everyone up against the wall and shoot them, Sacha. But, I would actually want to be able to have a look and see how much reconciliation can be done and I think that Nelson Mandela actually led the way with that.

RDS: Well, I took my whole truth the reconciliation thing from Nelson Mandela, in fact. The South African intelligence community paid me handsomely to come out there in 1997 and they had just won the revolution. And, the South African intelligence community…all the white bosses had dropped down to deputies and they were now training black bosses who turned out to be the absolute cream of the crop from the revolutionary movement. I was hugely impressed by that. But Simon, truth and reconciliation is precisely what I took from Nelson Mandela that I put into this tour, and into my life’s work.

The other comment that I want to make is there’s no lack of money for rebuilding America. I’m working with a team of lawyers that has documented that Wall Street has stolen 100 trillion dollars from widows and orphans, pension funds and others through counterfeit stock shares called naked short selling. They’ve also laundered 100 trillion dollars from trade in children and drugs and other contraband. What that means – and I wrote the memo for President Trump and it was delivered – President Trump knows that he can confiscate anywhere from 100 to 200 trillion dollars from Wall Street tomorrow without a trial through civil and criminal forfeiture.

When I got Bill Binny to say on Michelle Holliday that we have it all and that with 10 people in 30 days he can nail every single partner in Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, UBS Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Citadel among others, we mean that we have every banking transaction going back 15 years. There is no lack of evidence and there is no lack of money. What we lack right now is a conversation among citizens and that’s what this tour is about.

SS: Well, you’re right about that Robert. And, let’s take it to the next paradigm which is a world beyond currency. Because, at the end of the day – Charlie could speak to this but…everything that we’ve done here in the realm of economics has been pegged to scarcity. Ultimately, the currency of the human adamite is love. The capacity to love and be loved. It is our capacity to dream and to imagine. It is our capacity to ideate and to project plasma into the field, and thereby embody, enact and manifest. That’s why we steered the plasma of our souls into this quadrant of time-space. We didn’t do it in order to be hustling trying to survive at the edicts of a sock puppet in Capitol Hill or some fettered old man with red shoes at the Vatican. Seriously, people, we need to really transcend the paradigm entirely. Mel, you’re nodding feverishly.

MK: Yeah, I mean, this is the bottom line, good versus evil. It’s very obvious. I don’t know if all of you saw that the Pope, he’s having a big event where it’s starring Dr. Fauci and the CEOs of Moderna and Pfizer and upside-down-cross Chelsea Clinton and a whole bunch of people coming in May. And it couldn’t be more in your face what is going on there. And, that’s why I just at a place where I feel like everything is being exposed. You have to be blind not to see it and that’s why this tour’s so important and the fact that it’s open to everyone. And, we’re not dividing people because as humanity we’re watching, literally, the destruction of the old guard.

SS: Let me just have a quick word to my favorite trolls out there you know there’s not many tonight because we’ve got a huge audience, and I’ve been monitoring as many of the comments that I can. Let me just tell the good audience out there that what you guys are saying, ‘Oh, there’s a troll. There’s a troll. There’s a troll.’ I’ve seen three or four of them. They’re not trolls. I don’t even have the chance to delete or block them because those are bots. Those are algorithms, and they’re just saying things like ‘He’s lying. She’s lying. Liars, liars.’ Those are not trolls. There are almost no trolls left out there in real terms. They’re not real people. Don’t believe it. We are almost all aligned in truth and disclosure as the peoples of the world. I’m certain of this in my own mind.

RDS: I’m not worried about attacks. The checks are now outpacing the online donations and I want to mention that, because I publish pictures of the checks and pictures of what I call Americana every day. I have been personally processing the checks and it has been a heartfelt experience. People are pouring their hearts out. ‘We want our country back. We want to live in peace. We are not racist. We are not white supremacists. We are not anti-homophobic.’ That’s all crap from people that work for the Anti-defamation League, the “Center for Countering Digital Hate” – which is itself a a neo-nazi Deep State organization – and they are going to be facing multiple lawsuits this summer.

SS: Oh, yeah.

RDS: Bottom line – I will end with this – we are walking in righteous truth. We are serving God and country and the public. And if you want to be a part of this – if you want to join the fight – go to and please contribute any amount. And you will get a founding citizen certificate and it will never be that you stayed behind when others were in the fight.

SS: Absolutely. Well, beautifully stated. And folks, when you do – because you’re my people on this network – be sure to put my name there on the roll call. You know why? Because he seems to think that I’m not even known in America because I’m not a patriot. I don’t wear a flag. I dress like my grandmother. All of these reasons, right? He’s marginalized me and he doesn’t know how much I’m loved in middle America and how much I love middle America. So put my name there, not his, and we’ll we’ll have a little tourney.

RDS: Charlie – I want to say something about Charlie – Charlie, you are an icon and there is no better network than the Charlie Ward network. I’m one of your subscribers and I think you are a giant. And, as long as you keep having Mel come back I think you’ll be perfectly balanced.

MK: The reason that I’ve connected so much with Charlie and the entire group…is really, it’s spiritual, and it’s about God. And that’s what brought us together. And, it’s about love. No matter how much I’ve been attacked – because I wasn’t prepared for it – Charlie has really helped me so much through this, his heart and his support. And, you know, he’s been such a good friend. I never ever would be able to do this without his support.

SS: God bless you for that, Mel, and Charlie, agreed, you’re a remarkable man and a kind man and a good man. And kindness and goodness, dear God, is the premise of why we’re doing what we’re doing on this Resurrection Tour, “Faith, Family and Freedom.” I’m not a man of faith in the accepted sense. I’m about as radical and fringe as it comes because I believe in alignment to consciousness. I don’t believe in scriptures and dogma and doctrine much as I…believe the christed aspect or light is something which now must become the collective upwelling. We’re going to wind this broadcast down. Just going to invite last words from you, Simon.

SP: The last 10 years, I’ve said to a predominantly British audience, ‘Don’t expect the Seventh Cavalry to come, right?’ We have to do it ourselves and maybe that is something now that people recognize, because they can’t trust the institutions, they can’t trust the organizations. They have to look within themselves and I hope that, actually, people will realize that they’re a damn-side more powerful than they ever realized. That they are actually capable of much more than the official state would ever allow us to think we are. So, listen guys, I’m really honored to to be part of this because it’s not just about America, it’s about the whole world. So, thank you for inviting me.

SS: Thank you. Mel, your last words?

MK: I do feel very grateful. I also believe that we’re all being led by our own beliefs and what we value and, you know, ‘God, country, freedom, justice, law and order.’ And, basically, for every human on this planet to become their best self. The one world government wants us all to be automatons and just controlled. Now we’ve all kind of gone out our way to tell people, ‘No, you you can be whatever you want to be, and your unique gifts are important, as important as anyone else.’

I tell everyone get out there…be courageous. Every voice matters and everyone has something special to bring to the table. I’m just really grateful to be here and I can’t wait for, you know, what’s next. Because, everything’s coming to fruition and I feel really positive about it. And, it’s all about love at the end of the day. I really love all of you. It’s been such a gift.

SS: Thank you, Mel, beautiful words. Robert, last words?

RDS: Well, Mel K. is on the tour. Simon, we’ll get you on the tour and Charlie, if they’ll release you from Spain. But, the bottom line here is I’m a public servant in every possible sense of the word. This is not me. This is some magical cosmic swirling thing that’s happening. I just happen to be the guy that’s signing the checks and I can only sign the checks if all of you give.

SS: Very good. Okay, guys, that brings us to the end. One hour and nine minutes longer than planned but thank you all for joining me, and Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Mel K. And – oh hang on, it’s at the end of my mouth – Robert, Robert David Steele. I will see you again next week when I’m in the States if they let me in. God bless.

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"Climate the Movie" is a DEFINITE HOME RUN! Finally, a quality film documenting just HOW RADICALLY ABSURD the whole "Climate Change Emergency" narrative...

Chem-Trails Documentary: The Dimming

Kudos to Dana Wigington who produced The Dimming, an excellent documentary about chem-trails. As the global chem-trails program winds down - its funding...

Disease X: Closet Satanists & Pandemic Scripts

And so, we know. The cosmic dark axis has had two primary end times plans for the population of our planet, meant to synergistically dovetail to create...

California vs. Texas (and the Gavin Newsom drone)

If you live in California, you know the benefit of living in a state run by a guy raised by closet satanists. IE: the Gettys. Do a little research into...

The Elon Musk Alex Jones Conversation

A few years ago, Elena Danaan said the Pleiadean ET group she associates with met with Elon Musk - in bases on Mars and the Moon - and convinced him to...

“Disclosure” vs. The Prime Directive

According to governments, the UN, mainstream media, academia, fact-checkers and authority figures across the board, Down means Up. "True" means False...

The CHD Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Bus Tour

Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Tour Interview ThemesMDs and hospitals either CLUELESS regarding the true COVID-n-Injections landscape or unwilling to face that reality...

Great Resets vs. Justice, the Rarest of all Earth Elements

We hear often of quiet US and NATO military assisted takeovers of rare Earth minerals found in spots across the globe. But, as ongoing socio-economic...

The Global Food Supply Destruction Project

"When you step back, you see a controlled destruction of food production, all according to plan."Earth: A Planet with Ambitious Closet Satanists On the...

Wising Up to the Waiting-for-Saviors Program

Q: What's the alternative to tuning in to Mr. Cowboy Boots droning on for hours saying nothing? A: Tuning him out. Likewise, all other Trust-the-Plan...

Teachers Unions & Education Sector Great Resets

Former Education International (EI) exec Sharan Burrow addressing the UN's ITUC, touting the WEF's 4th Industrial Revolution trans-humanist party line....

Dr. Bill Deagle: A Walk Down Conspiracy Theory Lane

2012: Dr. Deagle Presages COVID Conspiracy Theorists Arise! As the slow-to-get-going Great Awakening process proceeds, more and more are seeing that the...

Dr. Christina Rahm Talks to Tank

Dr. Christina Rahm, who has created the ROOT health boost products along with husband Clayton Thomas, is a fast-rising star on the alt health and...

Ricardo Bosi: Australia Declares Victory

"The case can already be made that many of these people are already guilty of treason. But, if any remain silent in an obvious attack on Australian...

Trump Warned by US Military About COVID Vax Promos

Breaking Good News The US Navy Command's COVID warning to Trump is already bearing fruit. Having sent back channel messages to Donald Trump over the...

MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World?

HELP MAKE THIS VIDEO GO VIRAL! Okay, relax, it's already gone viral, with over 1 million views on Rumble since being posted two months ago. So, all you...

Trump Still Our Hero in Waiting?

As Kim Goguen's recent updates suggest, it might be time to reevaluate the Trump as hero narrative given his recent bragging about his "Operation Warp...