Global Village Institute

          the great awakening

Excellent and prolific site. Ties together the “COVID Great Reset” puzzle pieces re: its draconian surveillance, control and planetary resource capture goals.

Another spin-off by indy journalist and extraordinaire, Mike Adams of fame, dedicated to in-depth COVID Plandemic news coverage.

Superb, prolific, broad-spectrum, hard-hitting journalistic coverage of the Corona Crimes landscape and other key health & freedom topics. Founded by Mike Adams. has excellent broad-spectrum coverage of critical news stories shunned by the corporate media, with a US centric focus.

Home base for Dr. Michael Salla, our world’s most reliable and prolific source regarding post-WWII ET topic government coverups and current events.

Super Soldier testimonies form the leading edge for the growing “full disclosure” movement re: ET and esoteric topics and this site is the best resource for them.

The Peoples Government Services Department is command central for putting together a new planetary network of self-governance Peoples Assembly chapters. is home base for Lisa Renee, perhaps our world’s most profound seer and source of higher-d leading news. Also see

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