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Planetary Liberation: the True Great Reset

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This recent update from Elena Danaan, on behalf of her Galactic Federation of Worlds contacts, again conveys the good news that the mainstream Earth NWO Hunger Games timeline – which developed to dangerously powerful and nearly inevitable proportions during the post-WWII era – has only recently been deconstructed, paving way for its replacement by a magnificent new Golden Age timeline yet to be constructed. The 5D ie: ascended planetary future coming into view includes galactic and Star Trek elements inter-mixed with creative, back to nature, decentralized and “organic high tech” living amid decentralized, cooperative, independent communities.



Ciakar, Ciakar Empire

Elena refers to Draco reptilians as the Ciakar. The Ciakar aka Draco Empire involves many planets in our galaxy with primarily human populations controlled by the Draco alongside Grey, insectoid and humanoid ET allies. The Draco are the real life prototypes for all legends and imagery regarding the Devil. IE: a being with horns, scales, vertical eye slits, sharp teeth and claws, a sulphur-like smell, living underground in steamy caves, who tortures and eats women and children. While not all Draco are predatory toward humans, the vast majority are. The Draco home world in our galaxy is Alpha Draconis but their Dark Alliance empire is based in Orion. The original exodus of human species in our galaxy to multiple new home worlds was precipitated by Draco attacks on Lyran planets over 50 million years ago. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and tales of Camelot and Avalon all invoke aspects of those ancient lost memories.

Nebu Orion Alliance

“The Nebu” is a term Elena uses to refer to the Orion based Dark Alliance between the Draco aka Ciakar and several Grey species – including Zeta Reticulan cyborgs, their “tall Grey” controllers and others – also involving several insectoid and humanoid species, mainly but not exclusively from Orion. The Nebu Orion Collective also includes the Earth based Dark Fleet (aka: Nachtwaffen) headquartered in ancient Draco strongholds set beneath the Antarctic ice sheets. Reports indicate that tens of millions of abducted humans gone have been routed to hellish off-planet existences via Antarctic Dark Fleet bases. Centered originally around post-WWII Nazi factions, the Dark Fleet’s human core involves both US and European aerospace, “defense” and military factions, glued together by satanic Jesuit and Draco elements. Dark Fleet forces are currently being defeated and evicted from their underground bases on Earth, the Moon and Mars via Galactic Federation and Earth Alliance military initiatives.


These are times of change and in times of change there is always fear, confusion, because change brings the unknown. Throughout the ordeal of transformation we do not know what world we are going to find once we are out of the chrysalis, once we spread our wings. But, we need to fly. We need to trust the winds but, also, our own wings.

More than 300 years from now an old timeline was active. 300 and something years in the future the galaxy was ransacked by an evil, regressive, destructive Dark Alliance. This Dark Alliance was the alliance of the Nebu from Orion, the Ciakar reptilians and the Dark Fleet originating on Earth. The galactics needed to do something about it because this empire was so big and so powerful that even the Galactic Federation couldn’t face it.

This nefarious timeline of tyranny in the future has been wiped out. It doesn’t exist anymore, because the seed is being neutralized. The Moon has been liberated from the Nebu Orion Greys. It belongs now to the people of Earth. Mars is in the process of being liberated. And, also, Earth is in the process of being liberated. So…this timeline doesn’t exist anymore, the bad one. We have changed timeline. We are going towards a bright, positive, constructive future. But…we still have to settle this one. This one is very promising. We can do so much with it. So much. We have all the possibilities. Everything is open. Everything is ours to decide for ourselves.

Earth is being still in the process of being liberated by the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation. The Earth Alliance is the alliance of forces from the Galactic Federation of worlds and the US Navy white hats. It’s…very effective. They just kicked out the Dark Fleet from Antarctica. Michael Salla had to check out all the sources to make sure everything was legit, and he did. Now you know.

Earth is in the process of being liberated. The martian rebellion – reptilians and insectoids and different other species – have been trained and empowered and armed by the Galactic Federation and they have also created a Mars Alliance. And, with the help of the Federation are fighting to kick out the Ciakars and liberate all the slaves. Imagine all these people who have been abducted from Earth who live in the facilities on Mars underground. They are in the process of being liberated.

All the technology that has been shared in secret with the US Navy and good space programs on Earth will be now shared in the open, soon. I don’t know when, but it will. That’s our future. What do we want to do with this future? We want, of course, to join membership with these benevolent highly evolved aliens, the federation and such. The Galactic Federation is a federation of peaceful evolved worlds. Everybody in there gets on in peace with each other, otherwise they not part of it anymore.

They maintain balance and peace and it’s a structure that gathers worlds – well, cultures – that are evolved enough that they do not fight anymore among themselves. Not such as we still do on Earth. And, once you you do not want to fight among yourselves you are welcome to the benefit of sharing of the technology of everyone in the Galactic Federation of Worlds. All knowledge is shared. All the archives are shared. Medical knowledge, scientific knowledge, biology, weaponry, ships engineering. Everything is shared.

So what do we need to do here is to get on with each other the future of Earth has been shown to me Earth has a peaceful federated world of different countries federated together. What is a federation? It is a gathering of individuals, individual cultures, cultures who keep their individuality – their character, their traditions – but are federated administratively and sharing everything they want to share. So, we need to do that in the future.

So people, you know, look at Star Trek. Star Trek is a disclosure about this future timeline. I recommend you to watch it because Gene Roddenberry was shown the same thing. It starts with…yourself. First heal your wounds. When were you wounded, what age? Go for a journey within to meet this person, this child, and give love to this you at that age. And, do that for all your traumas until you’ve hugged with love all parts of yourselves and you retrieve your soul. It’s a soul retrieval, in love. And you feel complete and in peace and nothing can disturb you, nothing can harm you anymore, not even words. Especially not words. Because, when you believe words are harming you, it is you harming yourself with these words. Peace within allows peace without and peace within also is meeting who we really are.

Just meditate five minutes. Just look within and breathe slowly. Relax. Who inhabits this body? Raising your frequency, you connect to anything that is of a higher frequency, your guides, your galactic family. The New Earth is not a separate planet. It’s the same planet. It’s just experienced in a new way. And, we will make it. We will make it.

It is up to you to make this thing happen faster. The dark ones, they don’t want us to do that. So, they try to get us to argue with each other, to separate us, divide and conquer. We all know this. Spread fear. It is time now we stop focusing on what separate us and instead focus on what we have in common, because it is with what we have in common that we will build this Star Trek future.

We are humans. We have emotions. We have feelings. We are learning that tomorrow is what we make of the present. How do you want this future to be? Make it happen in the present! If you don’t make it happen now, it will not happen. We must not wait for something external. When we are told something extraordinary is going to happen to save us, it’s psyop. It takes the power away from us. Let us take back the power, our power, and build our future by building it first inside. You’re doing well. Keep up the good work.

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