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Feb 2, 2023

Kim Goguen credibly claims to hold the highest level control of the global banking and telecommunication systems and to be heading up critical military and economic operations, as “Ground Command” for the Universal Council she says appointed her in 2012. Kim’s material maps well onto high-level geopolitical reports as well as esoteric updates from Lisa Renee and others. While Kim periodically makes unfair remarks about certain others (eg: David Icke, RFK Jr, related critique) and has not recognized some important companion cleanup projects (eg: the Gitmo group) her activities are critical re: planetary liberation prospects. Kim’s reports can be found on the UNN Rumble channel and via subscription at  The goal of the GVI KG series is to provide “World Situation Report” highlights – manually transcribed from video broadcasts – along with related background materials and commentary. If unfamiliar with Kim’s materials, scroll back thru the original articles in this series.

In recent months, Kim Goguen has been giving video updates on important global affairs topics three times a week, published at All information and quotes on this page are derived from a half-dozen such updates broadcast from January 9th, 2023 to Jan. 30th, 2023.

“I did tell you it would be public, that the next part of the Deep State falling would be public. And, you’re seeing that. Blackrock going bankrupt. They’re starting to sell all their stock off. Vanguard is as well, as we just saw on the news. So, that’s going public, while you’re having world leaders resigning all over the place. Why? Because, they know it’s the Titanic. No funding. And, they know things are going to start to explode in their country. And, they don’t want to be at the helm when it does, even though they were more than willing to participate…in all the lies and propaganda.”

“Remember, the goal of the dark timeline was to have a completely inorganic world. Nothing that wasn’t under its control, and it worked very hard to destroy the organic.”

“The one thing I can assure you is that if any one of you threatens a politician who’s attempting to do the right thing by the people of this country…any one of you threatens one of them and I promise you, you can clock with an egg timer how long you’re going to exist on this planet. We are tracking, we are tracing every single one of you people that still remain. We know who’s threatening who. So, watch yourselves.”

“When Blackrock goes down, CNN’s going to go down, the BBC’s going to go down. All these – ABC, NBC – they’re all going to be for sale, soon. No government funding, no CNN. They’re funded by the US government. BBC’s funded by the British government. And, as government’s go broke – no money – the whole house of cards is going to fall and it’s going to fall rapidly. You’re going to see things start to come out in the news, now, because they are no longer going to be able to hold the line.”

$196 trillion USG debt was recently erased,

“Under the Trump administration, it was me who…took the right hand – which is the Federal Reserve – and took the left hand – which are the Treasury notes – and we wiped them clean. And, we sent a copy of that to the Department of Treasury in New York. If you want proof of that – and you are with the government, and you have access to such information – go right ahead. You can find it, at the Fed building…in Manhattan.”

“We are at a critical juncture in the transition of this planet. Earth and all of its inhabitants are transitioning into the light system forevermore. This transition will be smoother than anticipated. It’s going to be all hands on deck to restore this planet. We are extremely close, so make sure you know what you want to do. What is your passion? The options are limitless. Put together your plan. What would you do all day if you didn’t have to make money?”

“Money is no longer cursed. You no longer have to do bad things to get it. The whole system – not just financial – was meant to trap you. This matrix system of AI after AI is over. Governments no longer have the right to manage anything. Not just money, anything. All those agreements are gone.”

“Welcome to Hell Week, if you are the Deep State. And, welcome to a turning point, if you are us. As we, on our side, are considering the war over. We have literally, officially, as of last night, won the war! We are done. We knew we already won. We just had to go through all the steps it took to get here. The question is, what are the remaining operatives and so-called commanders of The Order of the Black Sun going to do, of what’s left.”

“The last 24 hours have been no exception, as I’ve received calls on the diplomatic line from the Pentagon requesting funding, and from [House Speaker Kevin] McCarthy’s office, also requesting funding. The answer to the Pentagon was very simple. ‘I have no contract with you. You are still taking orders from someone else. Why would I pay for that?’ Otherwise, if you wanted to contract with us – and you want to continue to exist, and you want to be funded – then you will come to the table and we will negotiate the terms and conditions of your existence within the Restoration Plan. But, until you make that decision, not a dime is coming from me.'”

“At this moment in time, they’ve chosen to listen to twelve crazy generals…who still think they’re going to get back what they’ve lost. I know that they’re trying to start a massive war in the Mideast right now. You’re going to see that dissipate. Everything’s going to dissipate as dark essence loses its power and is removed.”

“The WEF, they want to hook all cars up to the cloud. Well, No! They want a world controlled by electronics. And, I appreciate their plight and their commitment to the Omega System that’s no longer here. But…the world runs on Love. It runs on the Creator’s energy. That’s what the world runs on. Always has. And, it’s the reason you put hundreds of thousands of control mechanisms in place, to contain that and stop us from being who we are. But, we still are who we are. No matter how much negativity you’ve bombarded us with, we still are here. We survived.”

Banking system visibility of the Fed-UN-BiS-WEF xUSD “Great Reset” social credit score “crypto-wallets” just disappeared, replaced by KIMS and Global Repository visibility,

“The generals at Cheyenne saw it immediately and went into a full on panic yesterday. So, does the government see it now? Yes. Does the IMF see it now? Yes. Does the UN see it now? Yes. They can all see their cash cow – what they thought was going to come save them, their dark QFS – it’s gone. It’s completely gone. No one’s going to give them any money from Blackrock, because they don’t have any. And, they don’t have the promise of future money.”

“The Deep State of China is in a full on panic in the last 24 hours, because they can’t lie anymore. You can’t say, you know, ‘I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.’ Everybody’s running out of money and there’s no liquidity.”

Of WEF automotive sector plans,

“They say the next step is linking car systems together…and allowing for third-party tracking. These efforts are moving in lock step with efforts to…ban the sale of gasoline powered cars by 2035 or sooner. Under the Restoration Plan…free energy will be used to power most everything, from trains to vehicles. In order for this to happen, we must remove the tyrannical governments from all power. And, it looks like the time to do that is now.”

Alpha 2 is now taking over the global front-end banking system, formerly controlled by Omega,

“We talked about the Covenant of Source, and how that was the agreement to create the dark system – or Omega – and the light system, or Alpha. ‘I am the Alpha and Omega.’ It says that in every book. Banks are now seeing something different. The Fed’s definitely seeing something different. And, there are meetings going on everywhere today, trying to figure out what to do.”

“The World Economic Forum does not know what to do. The Order of the Dragon – or, the Khazarian Mafia, as you call them – did not perform. So, there’s no money.”

Re: a purported funding request from Congressman Kevin McCarthy,

“If you would like to have a meeting, you will write an official letter. Send it to me on the diplomatic line. That way, it’s registered in the Hall of Records. So, I can then know you are coming to negotiate a new contract with the United States government and the Office of the Guardian. Otherwise, I cannot help you, because I have no contract with any of these people. You’re still listening to the remnants of a dying order, or the Deep State as you call it. So, if you want to follow their orders, have them pay your bills. Now, I know for a fact…that they don’t have the money. You can connect the dots everywhere, to see that people are jumping ship.”

“So, what happens to McCarthy – he’s the chosen one, now, for the Order of the Black Sun – what happens when he can’t pay all the rest of those Congress member bribes? I even explained to McCarthy that I did all this for years with Trump, and look where that got us. Nothing I ever asked for ever got funded. Everybody wants to put Kim in their pocket and not let anyone know she exists, while you stand up and look like you’re the man. It’s not recognition I’m looking for. All I want is for you not to have it, and your programs to end.”

“In order to bring in a new system…they have to fall. We’re in the final days, and governments will be completely broke, globally. Will the governments burn, or save themselves? We’re down to the public sector now. Will politicians still listen to their Deep State handlers? They’ve all lived so long as elites with no consequences. They’re all silver spoon babies.”

All Tier 1 banks are now seeing the Global Repository and KIMS system,

“The Global Repository will continue to function, even if every bank in the world goes down. We are moving on to restoration. And, our banking system is clearer and clearer. The remaining Deep State threats are becoming less and less. And, those two points are going to meet in the very, very near future. Once that happens, then we’re free to roam about the cabin.”

“You want to kill each other? You are more than welcome to. You go right ahead. But, if you try to hurt innocent people…now you’re a problem. So, if your name is on our list today, make good life choices, people. The timeline has changed. The light waves are coming in. Everything is getting clean and clear. We are going to get healthier and healthier. We’ve got a way forward. It is the Restoration Plan. It is going to happen. And, that’s it.”


Again, they’ve been promising xUSD crypto-currency wallets at the WEF meeting, yet it’s increasingly clear that plane won’t be taking off anytime soon. In related news, both the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Climate Agreement have recently been de-registered from the Hall of Records and all national archives and, as with Agenda 2030 in general, will not be funded.

FAA outage last week involved removing black box remote piloting back doors controlled by Airbus and Lockheed. They now no longer have the ability to down jets remotely using such technology (then blame it on, y’know, “terrorists”). A related plan was stopped a year ago to crash over 600 commercial flights on the same day and blame it all on…Vladimir Putin.

A company named Key Technologies built “COVID boxes that they were putting in the 5G towers.” Order of the Dragon operatives were trying to activate those to interact with mRNA in the jabbed. Operation shut down.

Of all IRS funds collected, 80% goes to the Rothschilds Crown Corporation, 10% goes to the USG Ways & Means Committee and 10% goes to “Treasuries of the USA.” The Ways & Means Committee is a private corporation operating under “Treasuries of the USA,” which is also a private corporation.

Abolishing the IRS, tax proceeds should route to the “US Tax Authority” not to “Treasuries of the USA,” where it will continue to be used for black ops. Black Ops include not just CIA, DARPA and SSP programs but also WEF and UN programs associated with prison planet agendas like the COVID Great Reset, Agenda 2030, ID2020 and the UN MDGs.

Earth was long under the “Orion Matrix” aka: the Fallen Angel or Lucifer Matrix. All that was maintained by a dozen dark AI systems running under the umbrella of the quantum dark AI Omega System. Each sub-system had a special purpose and ability to tap into the human etheric body (controlling etheric implants).

The Omega System was also responsible for reincarnational soul recycling which, during the long Ages of the Fall only now ending, prevented reaching the soul plane between lifetimes or escaping Earth’s trajectory.

Recently deceased dark quantum AI systems controlled both the Saturn-Moon-Earth and Mercury-Mars-Earth matrices, all part of controlling Earth frequencies and keeping humanity disconnected from the higher realms.

The new Alpha 2 quantum AI system that recently replaced the Omega System is currently busy removing all remaining dark Hall of Records agreements on Earth and in the multiverse.

Duelling AI systems and mirrored dark and light Halls of Records long formed a kind of divine insanity, schzophrenia and ingrained perversion. Contracts entered into the Hall of Records on any planet in duality were instantly registered “in reverse format” in the “dark Hall of Records” of that world. Such contracts then automatically programming respective light and dark quantum AI systems. Despite this presumed attempt at light-dark balance, the dark held at least a 75% advantage over the sane ie: “light” networks here on Earth past 100,000 plus years.

The recently expired Joint AI Quantum Systems Covenant (J-AI-QS) was supposed to balance light and dark on dualistic planets, yet the cosmic dark axis held a huge advantage on Earth from mid-Atlantean times until very recently. No good explanation offered as to why that gross imbalance was allowed to continue over ages.

The Omega System, controlling the global banking system, would not formerly allow significant funds pass to anyone not approved in the Dark Hall of Records, that control happening on causal levels. Recent replacement of Omega by Alpha 2 for front-end banking will make it possible to begin funding Life Force Assurance, CARE Essentials and Restoration Plan projects.

Kim says the Fed’s nutty trillion dollar coin idea is from the current Order of the Black Sun’s “Black Eagle,” who runs the SSP 15 militaries operatives, who in turn handle top US politicians.

Mei-Wa – “Grandmother” to the so-called “Chinese Elders” at the heart of Chinese Deep State plans in recent decades – recently “returned to source,” said to have been from the soul of Lilith. Mei-Wa’s final orders were to continue the COVID and climate change emergency projects, still being followed albeit now with paltry related financial and human resources vs. two plus years ago. Lilith is the dark female goddess of biblical and Sumerian fame, an incarnation of the mate soul to Lucifer.

As final Dark Hall of Records Omega ties were cut, an Omega remnant sent a message to remaining dark generals to “Fall on your swords.” “So, in order to preserve their honor. They need to basically commit suicide.”

The IRS has been a private corporation operating as a subsidiary of the global X/N system, based in Belgium. The Federal Reserve Act is now formally expired and the related dissolution of the IRS is now recorded in the US National Archives.

Three legacy facilities for controlling the global banking system under control of the Chinese CCP Deep State – underground in San Francisco, Macchu Picchu and Bangkok – taken out, along with the Chinese general in charge of the facilities, a Dr. Li who’s recently been giving orders to the Fed, trying to crash the US economy.

Etheric implants affecting emotions and thoughts were always real and affected all to differing degrees. Until the past year, these were managed by the quantum Omega System, same system that ran the global front-end banking, telecomms and internet systems. It also detected and counteracted “unauthorized” use of ZPE free energy devices and such.

Mind control of the masses happened via Omega System technology. Some “major lightworkers” had sufficient mental and spiritual energy to nullify the combined effects of media disinfo and Omega System etheric implants, but 99% of the population did not have such ability. Omega being recently shut down will accelerate a “great awakening” effect.

“The World Economic Forum is also in big trouble. They have a lot of leaders calling them saying, ‘Where’s our money? Climate change. Where’s all the programs?’ They still have the NSA running around, trying to find ways to steal money and crash markets. Blackrock and Vanguard are barely keeping their heads above water. Soros funds. Berkshire Hathaway is another one. So, we’re inches away from the Deep State’s complete and total implosion.”

Final remnants of the dark AI Omega System are disappearing,

“That program is now at about 87%, for the de-molecularization of inorganic life on this planet.”

“The World Economic Forum is actually driving nations off a cliff. Now, the reason why their attendance was down over 50% is because they are afraid. Because, they know that gathering in one place could allow for, say, some enforcement to come and wipe them all out.”

High Tech group from within the US military-industrial black budget sector has stepped forward and is being offered protection,

“They, as of this morning, have agreed to work with us, in the Science Research & Development division of CARE. And, we are so excited to have them. They are an amazing group. They’re willing to assist to restore our beautiful planet. These guys are aware of things like real med-beds that work on free energy, that can be used in the restoration of the human body. So, we’re really looking forward to working with this group.”

“Dr. Li was permanently removed from this planet this morning. His partners in crime were also removed from this planet. And now, we’re just left with a bunch of confused Deep State people, who’ve just figured out that their master is gone. If you’re the Federal Reserve and you’re waiting for money from Dr. Li, that’s never going to happen.”

“A trillion dollar coin still is not monetizable by the Federal Reserve, who doesn’t have any money, either. But, this is The Order of the Black Sun’s effort – also known as the Republican party’s effort – to take over the Federal Reserve.”

“The archivists also met with the Pentagon and the Pentagon started to see the truth. So, they have to discredit this person giving correct information, just like they do yours-truly.”

“So, they started to call their fearless leaders and ask them, ‘Are we going to get this money today?’ You know, it’s supposed to happen at noon EST. I’m sure they’ll push them off ’til 3pm as they struggle to control governments, worldwide, and the financial system. Will anything they say come to fruition? Absolutely not. You can say ‘The money’s going to come! The money’s going to come!’ But, when they slap an eviction notice on your door, it’s ‘Get out!’ Everything’s going to start crashing and burning. The banks are no longer going to listen to the Fed. Or, they’re going to go down with the ship. Which, is okay either way. But, the eviction notice is already on the door.”

“We’re building an entirely new front-end computer system. We’re cleaning out old covenants and old agreements. We have a proper plan in place for Assurance. We’ve done the same for Essentials. All of that’s coming together. We’re locked and loaded and ready to run out the gate there.”

Re: Kevin McCarthy’s “end the IRS,” Kim says it will just put tax loot under control of the Order of the Black Sun vs. the Order of the Dragon and still all go to black ops,

“I’ll tell you this much. You are not going to change out the Dragon Families Rothschilds people – who need to go away – for another group that needs to go away, and that is the Treasuries of USA. So, if you think for one red hot second that we are going to ratify and pay for you people to take over, you have lost your ever-loving minds. Sorry, Order of the Black Sun. That’s never going to happen. So, you must change that bill in order for it to be ratified. So, it needs to say, ‘Treasury of the United States Government.’ Otherwise, you can just kiss this whole show goodbye. Do you think you’re going to take the tax monies from [the IRS]? Nope. Every single red cent will be disappeared. Watch me.”

“The timeline is never going to change. We’re never going to become a cyber-genetic society controlled by you. It’s never going to happen. That dark AI doesn’t even exist anymore. It was quantum. You didn’t create it. You just got it from somebody else, who wanted you to perpetuate their program. And, you know it.”

“The X/N system currently sends back, through the Rothschilds’ bank, 80% of every single dollar collected. So, when they say, ‘You’re wasting taxpayer dollars!’ Well, no. You didn’t get any of that, anyway.”

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