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Higher-D Planetary Developments, Plandemic Attacks & Bifuracating Timelines

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Excerpts from Solar Synthesis, the April, 2021 feature article by Lisa Renee

During the end of 2015, the planetary lightbody began another bifurcation stage in the grid network which initiated an emancipation cycle which accelerated the timeline wars and the use of artificial intelligence cube technology for gaining territorial control on the planet.

What is happening in the globalscape is an astral mirror of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution combined with the Spanish Flu outbreak that was orchestrated by the same satanic cabal families that are attempting to repeat this timeline now, but with more advanced technocracy to bring on the One World Order of Satan. As an ideology in the 20th century, only atheistic Communism with its murder and mass killings is responsible for more deaths and violence than any religion or political system. This is why it is the preferred ideology of the human and non-human satanists to promote…as this past timeline resulted in over 100 million dead, which makes it appealing for eugenicists wanting another round of global depopulation. At the same time, the NAA entities desire to reap the mass loosh generated from those who are killed through soft kill injection, man-made starvation and climate wars and authoritarian-communist style executions.

The NAA along with the Controllers are constantly involved in destroying and re-writing humanity’s historical accounts by misrepresenting and hiding important archeological evidence in ways that attempt to erase our accurate history so they can continue to manipulate timelines. If we cannot remember important events in history which resulted in mass murder of millions of human beings through staged wars and ethnic persecution for the financial benefit of the satanic cabal rule, this tragic history keeps repeating over again as the collective consciousness is led to play out the same trigger events that merge yet again with the past timeline. Thus, during this phase of the timeline wars the NAA and the Controllers are fully exploiting that vulnerability in the earth population through inciting mass fear and psycho-emotional terrorism through the current psychological operation of the pandemic.

Whether asleep or awake, our self-mastery is measured through how we personally deal with the stress and chaos of the environment and knowing when to exercise discernment by limiting our daily exposure to a host of mind control-based deceptions. No person on this earth is exempt from sensing the massive fields of fear, chaos and confusion that exist in the collective mind of humanity and the spiritual warfare that is being transmitted from the darkest non-human fields of Anti-Christ.

The current agenda is painful to witness as it comes with consequences to those we love and care for. We can observe the terrorization of humanity to become complicit and compliant to a massively orchestrated global genocidal campaign, along with the roll out of experimental toxic injections and testing swabs filled with nanotechnology, faulty proteins, prions and Morgellons fibers. Sadly, many people have fallen prey to the predator’s propaganda, who desire to destroy as much as they can as they rapidly lose power in the world. On a positive note, there are many doctors, microbiologists, pharmaceutical professionals and concerned citizens that are warning the public and providing hard evidence of the genocidal agenda which is being reported through alternative media.

Whatever areas in the controller pillars of society that they cannot maintain their control over for anti-Christ purposes and global consciousness enslavement, they seek to completely destroy through multiple methods of targeted psychological warfare and by carrying out genocidal bio-spiritual warfare. We need to be aware of these dark tactics being used for spiritual warfare, yet at the same time develop the spirit of patience and diligence to not give our power or consent away to these deceptive controller agendas.

Many of us are aware and observing the accumulative effects of the bifurcation in which a point of divergence has occurred in the perception of reality and the chasm between the 3D controlled narrative and those on the ascending path is growing rapidly. This is the time to take stock of how well we are coping with the bifurcation madness on the earth, as the collective mind of humanity travels the path of the Dark Night of the Soul. There are groups of humans that are connected to a third dimensional morphogenetic blueprint, and there are groups of humans connected to a fifth dimensional and higher morphogenetic blueprint. This energetic chasm generates difficulty in connecting or communicating with those on the descending timeline, as they simply cannot see or perceive what those on the higher timeline are seeing and perceiving.

If we can see the current soft kill measures in the environment that have been methodically put in place through the well thought out long-term planning of the Controllers, we can easily see the hidden purpose of these genocidal methods, including the eugenicist policies and censorship put in place by the Global Health Mafia. An example of active soft kill agendas is the enforcement of legal poisoning in the general public through vaccinations, water fluoridation, GMO, Chemtrails, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, aborted fetal tissues, nanotech and other pathogenic biological weapons. All of these examples change the electromagnetic frequency and chemistry of the human body, radically impairing the functioning of the brain, central nervous system, immunity and RNA-DNA communication signals. To ascend and embody our Inner Christ, we need a relatively functioning bio-neurology that connects the soul and monadic layers into our physical body via our brain, nervous system and bodily fluids.

The latest mRNA vaccine abomination is targeting the human brain and bio-neurology in such way that the spiritual layers of the consciousness body are shown to disintegrate at cellular levels and then disconnect from the physical matrix entirely. This is the retaliation tactic to counter the impacts of the current planetary plasma activations in which Solar Synthesis is occurring, but is being blocked by those who are terrorized in fear while running AI mind control algorithms in their limbic system, which is referred to as GOAT mind.

We will have some casualties at this time, with those who are not awake and are suffering from trauma-based mind control and the uncontrollable impulses of GOAT mind (addressed below). However, it is important to know that the planetary ascension is accelerating now with the return of the Solar Consciousness of Christos to the Earth, and nothing can or will stop the organic timeline of disclosure. Many incredible things to support humanity are happening from behind the scenes and within the planetary architecture which confirm that the current dark reign of terror and genocidal campaigns are temporary.

Moving forward, we need to seek inner truth and divine purpose to neutralize the external forces of chaos as the energetic content that we send out into the field will return back to us with increasing immediacy, and even instantaneously. Whatever the quality of energy that we broadcast out into the Universe, it sets into motion the accumulative frequency of the energetic content that will be directly returned back to us. This is why it’s crucial to be able to connect to our heart and find our inner stillness in prayer and meditation, and broadcast as much unconditional love, forgiveness, peace and gratitude to the Universe as possible. Some of us will be placed in a very uncomfortable position where we will have to take a stand for what is right and truthful in a situation. The only barometer will be the instantaneously powerful sensation of what your heart guides you to do in that exact moment, which is the right action to take even if it is unpopular. These are times in which we must choose to listen to our inner spirit and God above all things.

The most empowering step we can take now is to refuse to be terrorized in fear and complicit with this human genocidal campaign by compassionately educating others, finding others that know the truth behind this agenda and commit to developing our heart-based relationship to our higher self. We must find within our heart the direct connection to God, our highest power, and to seek inner guidance and higher truth to help direct us forward. When we are spiritually connected, we gain the inner strength, courage and higher intelligence that lends itself to the coping skills we need to overcome this phase of the dark night of the soul and the aggressive effects of spiritual and biological warfare. We came to this earth to hold the light in the darkness, and this is the time we have been called to show up for God, Christ and all Children of the Sun.

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