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A New “Interim” Planetary Head of State

Jan 9, 2022

Kim Goguen credibly claims to hold the highest level control of the global banking and telecommunication systems and to be heading up critical military operations, as “Ground Command” for the Universal Council she says appointed her in 2012. Kim’s material maps well onto many high-level geopolitical reports as well as esoteric updates from Lisa Renee and others. While Kim periodically makes unfair remarks about certain others (eg: David Icke, RFK Jr, related critique) and has not recognized some important companion cleanup projects (eg: the Gitmo group) her activities are of critical importance re: planetary liberation. was Kim’s media hub thru end 2023. Since then, her reports can be found on the UNN Rumble channel. The goal of this GVI series is to provide “World Situation Report” highlights – manually transcribed from video broadcasts – with related background. If unfamiliar with Kim’s materials, scroll back to the original articles in this series.

Ready to tune out all the disinformation, mainstream and alt media – including endless idiotic “Trust the Plan” cheerleading for a guy advising all to get their COVID “vaccines” and still bragging about his role forcing the FDA to circumvent normal testing protocols (“Operation Warp Speed”) that would otherwise have delayed the US COVID Great Reset rollout – and tune into the Real News instead?

Question: What would it be like to get regular updates directly from the person with the highest level security clearance on the planet?
Question: What if that person was also honest, compassionate, intelligent, articulate, charming, funny and…absolutely gorgeous?

Interested? Great. Her name is Kim Goguen and here’s her latest (she comes on at 16 minutes).

(click the image below to watch)

Transcript Notes and Excerpts

This two hour update begins with an inspiring music video and a few field reports before Kim comes on at 16 minutes. She remains upbeat throughout the presentation, likely a good sign regarding the near-term and longer range fate of our world, given her current role. As Kim gets into the latest intrigues regarding the Rothschilds-Royals USS (usual suspects satanists) desperate attempts to launch a new GCR-RV financial system which plan, unfortunately, Donald Trump is also on board with – and, with that, crash the global economy and invigorate their Hunger Games plans – she reports that the Bank of England recent sent military forces around the world messages with the false claim to have access to a huge new fund,

“Telling everybody that, if you want a piece of this – here’s the ultimatum, especially to the Americans – you need to get me [Kim Goguen, head of the Global Repository] to concede.”

“I wish you guys the best of luck because it is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. And – please excuse me guys, because I am so irritated – I will never report to you FUCKING IDIOTS! And, neither will anybody else listening to this call right now. Okay? It’s NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.”

Kim Goguen

Head of the Global Repository

We know that several different ET groups have been helping clean up our solar system of major negative ET infestations. Elena Danaan and Dr. Michael Salla have reported on a “Galactic Federation” network involved with such. Kim mentions a “Universal Council” – it may be the same as the Inter-Galactic Federation mentioned by others – and related groups called The Colony and Life Force Enforcement.

The global free energy inventors community has known of a mysterious system whereby, whenever a Zero Point energy device is activated anywhere on the planet – in an “unauthorized” location – Men in Black types show up within days. Dr. Steven Greer began talking about that system decades ago. Well, turns out it’s called the Quantum Mapping System (QMS) and is now “Under New Management,” with Kim Goguen at the controls versus Earth’s ancient now dead Dark Prince.

Kim describes her role managing the QMS,

“There is a very large quantum system…it actually maps both organic and inorganic life. It reads consciousness. In that system is the base system for telecommunications, military intelligence systems. The base system for the financial system. Stargate. Starnet. The VR system that allows you to pretty much look at anything, anywhere. It’s very effective.”


Background Notes

Ever wonder how things got so effed up on Earth and stayed that way so long? A not incidental piece of the puzzle involves Earth’s “Dark Prince” – he having several other well-known names – perched at the top of Earth’s multi-dimensional Cabal, aka: Illuminati, aka: “Spiritual Hierarchy” past 13,000 years, he having been a leader among the latter-day Atlantean nut jobs and dark lords that caused the final fall of Atlantis.

He and his core network – both ET and human, the former centered on the Orion Draco-Greys cosmic axis of evil – being of STS (“service to self”) and satanic orientation, long hostile to divine feminine principles and personalities and determined to keep Earth humanity captive and enslaved while preventing the planned post-2012 ascension process, are front-and-center per understanding why karmic processes on Earth have long been sideways. That and the sad fact that, century after century and millennia after millennia, psychopaths and closet satanists have ended up in the top positions of planetary power.

As sad and perverted as that is – and the tremendous needless suffering and injustice that came with it and left a heavy residue – the Good News is that those ancient perverted dynamics are now being permanently rectified, even as the ancient illuminati Cabal control freaks and closet satanists continue their “COVID Great Reset” planetary lockdown project.

Front and center in the aforementioned End of Ages Dark-to-Light transition is a woman named Kim Goguen who, in 2012, was handed the uniquely powerful position formerly held by Earth’s Dark Prince – by a “Universal Council,” according to her, a group Dr. Michael Salla refers to as the Inter-Galactic Council – including control of a planetary Quantum Mapping System (QMS), formerly in the hands of Marduk. The QMS, according to Kim, provides the highest level access possible to all planetary communications and computer systems and sole control of the Global Repository funds underlying the global banking system, plus control of all planetary inter-dimensional stargates.

Kim and team are now raising up a new global grassroots Peoples Assemblies network, soon to become ground zero for taking forward a new Global Restoration Plan, which will fulfill the role of the long-promised GESARA program – currently being mis-steered by Donald Trump and his Euro associates – while being administered by self-governance grassroots networks versus the next funky leader maximo or UN NWO hairball.

What could be more fitting for kicking off a grand Planetary Ascension and Golden Age cycle – following long ages of patriarchal warlords and satanic psychopaths in the role of kings, queens, lords, pontiffs and oligarchs – than putting a beautiful, charming and intelligent divine femine prototype in the catbird’s seat? It’s worthy of being Earth’s Christmas gift for millennia to come.

“Let’s just say I can…find a little tiny elevator that takes you wherever you need to go, whenever you need to have a meeting. Also, they do come here.”

Kim Goguen

The Vatican Gold Story

Kim confirms the basic outlines of the Charlie Ward story that plane loads of gold were seized from the Vatican and moved to the US during the Trump administration, but says that was not done to give the wee folk a NESARA-GESARA genre jubilee, but rather to seize control of the global financial machinery and move it from the hands of the ancient Dragon Families (Rothschilds-Royals-Vatican) into the hands of their primary ancient Cabal rivals, the Black Suns, which group includes such the Rockefellers, Bushes, Clintons, Bill Gates and…Donald Trump.

“The gold from the Vatican hasn’t been there since 2014ish, beginning of 2015. There is no gold at the Vatican. Everything that they’ve stolen is gone, done. It’s just a guy with a funky hat and a bunch of angry Jesuits.”

“In March of 2020…they tried to declare global martial law. So, they sent a message through the system that used to go to somebody else [the 5D-level planetary “Dark Prince” aka: “King of Kings” aka: Marduk] which now goes to me. “I answered the phone and I said, “This is Ground Command reporting for duty.” So, like, “How can I help you?” And, at that point, they realized that actually puts me in charge.

So, I never ratified in the Hall of Records global martial law at that. Then, fast forward to March of 2021, that’s when we actually ratified it. Technically, under global martial law, the Commander in Chief is the Head of State. So, by global martial law, that makes me the interim Head of State, everywhere.

I am also an ambassador to the Universal Council. I am Ground Command. I got that role on March 31st, 2016, after a battle was handled appropriately [in which she says Earth’s historic apex “Dark Prince” controller was killed]. And, at that time, I met The Enforcer. I liaise with The Enforcer as well.”

Kim Goguen

Kim re: Pindar-for-the-Week

Kim also outlines a recent change-over regarding the highest level 3D Cabal organigram role, known as the Pindar. Having mentioned that the one serving in that role (“Mr. Black”) was recently removed by Life Force Enforcement, Kim says the new Pindar, who is Chinese-Italian, was behind the global Omicron hype ramp-up but last month. But, due to that not meeting expectations re: resulting chaos and civilian damages, was fired from his new job within weeks.

“So, we talked a few weeks ago about Mr. Black passing away, right? So, they decided to appoint a new Mr. Black, based in China. They think he’s going to get the job done. So, he comes in at the end of the 9th inning – if you’re a baseball fan – and he decides that he’s going to go crazy. The new Mr. Black has a ranch in Australia. They all hang out over there all the time. And this guy cares ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about human life, anywhere. I mean, at all.”

Kim Goguen

Kim has repeatedly said non-flattering things about “The Space Force” – evidently referring to the US Space Force, currently under the command of Gen. John Raymond – saying they remain aligned with and pushing the Cabal’s global “COVID Great Reset” lockdown plan, despite all the positive “patriots” PR circulating about them among Trust the Plan networks,

“So, their latest and greatest plan in Antarctica, as of the 14th, was to launch flying machines over 24 cities all around the world and use frequency weapons against us.” “You read all these blogs. Everybody’s talking about the EBS going off, ten days of darkness is going to start this week. And, y’all think it’s a good thing. It’s not a good thing, in any way, for anyone! And, this is how they prepare to do these things. Okay? So, that was stopped.”

Kim says an inter-dimensional ET communications device based in the US military’s Area 52 (in Utah) was active during the run-up to the December full Moon,

“Everybody is trying to make a deal with everybody who is not from here. Nobody answered the phone, for fear of severe penalties. Okay? No one is playing games with these people anymore. Nobody is supporting them.”

Kim says Elon Musk’s SpaceX satellites incorporate technology from Northrup-Grumman designed to interface both with COVID “vaccines” secret sauce and the Neuralink technology Elon Musk was given (by DARPA) “to control humans,” was recently disabled by Life Force Enforcement, before describing recent failure of the Space Force’ CRS satellite system, which she calls “Can’t Remember Shit,” referring to its covert mind control objectives,

“The Can’t Remember Shit satellite system was supposed to be launched on the 17th. That didn’t work out. Then, they started pinging for alien help on the 18th [laughs]. I’m sorry. Yeah.”

“All these [high-level military] generals are looking for money. Hey, here’s the money! That’s where the money is! But, before you sign over the United States military, the Russian military, every African country, all 52 Commonwealth nations…over to the Bank of England…check to see if that money is actually there. So, the Pentagon and the agencies have been notified that the US is under an economic assassination attempt by the Bank of England, by the Rothschilds, okay? Do what you’ve got to do! This is a geo-political play for world domination, 100%.”

Kim Goguen

The high level Cabal network was evidently trying to pull off something big for December 21st because the 22nd was a known make-or-break date regarding the war over planetary control. Through the 21st, Kim reports that the Cabal was trying desperately to hack into the Global Repository funds.

“Even the agencies said, ‘Either we will win on the 21st or we will release you.”

That leads into a story about the Bank of England sending militaries around the world the false claim to have control of a quadrillion dollar fund,

“They are telling everybody that, if you want a piece of this – here’s the ultimatum, especially to the Americans – you need to get me [Kim Goguen, head of the Global Repository] to concede.”

She adds,

“I wish you guys the best of luck because it is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. And – please excuse me guys because I am so irritated – I will never report to you FUCKING IDIOTS! And, neither will anybody else listening to this call right now, okay? It’s never going to happen.”

Kim reports that her team sent followups to every military and intel agency on the planet telling them the Bank of England story was another Big Lie, the BoE’s supposed funding documentation “…probably done at Kinkos” with Rothschilds support. She describes this overall maneuver as an effort to,

“Crash the global economy then buy it back for pennies on the dollar with fake notes.”

Sounds familiar, given that was the 1929 Euro-trash Cabal strategy, repeated in smaller measure many times since. Meanwhile, Pentagon and CIA “leadership” – defense sectors et al, in Europe and Israel – as always, remain hookers for the highest closet satanist bidders, constantly searching for new sources of illicit cash and deep pocket funders.

Momentum against the Cabal and their Hunger Games plan is continuing to build toward an unprecedented ascension process on an absolutely critical planet in our Universe, Mother Earth. Regarding her ability to begin funding the Global Restoration Plan directly into individual and group bank accounts,

“As far as the financial system, we’re pretty much 100% clear. There’s a few connections that I’m just waiting to initiate. I don’t think we’re going to go into the New Year without it.”

Asked about the current Trump-led martial law situation in the US,

“We have no intention of giving the current Space Force administration a dime.”

“We have over 35 million ‘others’ that live here, full time that are ‘Us,’ also. We have The Enforcer and the Enforcement Unit that are ‘Us,’ also. We have the Council [“The Universal Council”] that makes decisions, right? And, they’re made up of billions among billions among billions – they have representatives that come there – but, you know, you’re talking, I don’t know, deca-tillions of folks that are dependent, in some way, shape or form on what happens here. It’s never happened before, what’s happening right now.”

Kim Goguen

Kim reports the activity of a cross-galaxy ET group now assisting in decapitating the Cabal organigram, which she calls “The Colony,”

“They are a think tank as well as an enforcement group. And, this is for all planets. They are called the ‘Transitory Arbitrators.’ So, they are assisting here and elsewhere with transitions.”

Kim says The Colony recently eliminated top “Space Force” commanders based in Antarctica, who were supporting the COVID Great Reset lockdown plan,

“So, it started with the five top generals of the Space Force, that had made a decision not to in any way deviate from their plans and programs. So, now, they’re no longer with us. Then it came down to 21 in the branches below them. So, we’re down to 15 of those right now. This is an automatic process between The Colony, The Enforcer and Life Force Enforcement. So, kind of out of my hands at this point. Nothing I can do at this point to save anybody. So, they gave these people an opportunity to turn to the other side…but, they’re being watched very carefully. And, they will disappear.”

She adds,

“The Colony reads intentions. So, their words mean nothing at this point. Their words means absolutely nothing. So, when The Colony asks for a commitment to the Restoration Plan and restoring Earth, it is on a consciousness level.”

Building a New World

“If we all just got along, we wouldn’t need money. We’d be exchanging value for value, time for time. Right? We can do lots of different things in the future, if we all just got together. How did they control us all these years?

So, Financially, Military, Intelligence, Media. Right? And then, Government, of course, the last one. So, Life Force figured that out – that these are the things we need to not be under their system anymore – and once we can get all five and get the world united, then their system doesn’t matter anymore.

Stop trying to take their things and make them ours. Because, I have more faith in the people watching this right now, that you can do it better! Life Force is a group of people that’s ready to change the way the rest of the world lives.”

Asked about an urgently needed clean-up of the mainstream media,

“Mainstream media. It was always a psy-op, the CIA in conjunction with the major media firms. Do you really think you’ll ever got those people to report real truth? Do you want to take over a pys-op or do you want to create something new?”

Asked about food shortages, Kim says the CIA is behind the insane USDA “food shortage bribes” being offered to farmers to destroy crops, but notes that neither they nor the US government have the funds to pay the bribes and no intention to. Thus, farmers destroying their crops are doing so for nothing…which kinda serves them right.

The Global Restoration Plan intends to provide upgraded equivalents of Social Security, health insurance and a basic UI via “Life Force Essentials” which, more broadly, will be a UI system without the orwellian fascist WEF “COVID Great Reset” requirements.

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