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Max Igan COVID Craziness Update

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This is a relaxed, relatively low-intensity yet insightful update from Max on the global COVID theatrical production currently playing in cities in towns around the world. While certain top Corona Crimes actors – eg: Bill Gates, Tony Fauci and Klaus Schwab – deserve recognition for convincingly enunciating more down-is-up whoppers on camera than can be counted, in the first half-hour of this clip, Max lists some of the more egregious flaws in their script for the benefit of those awakening and ready for greater truth. Notes below the video.

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Video notes

  • “As soon as this plandemic was announced and they said, ’14 days to flatten the curve,’ I said, ‘Here it is. It’s not going to go away. Start stocking up on food. Start getting ready.'”
  • “More and more people are waking up.” “A lot of medical doctors are willing to give up their medical licenses and forego their practices in order to just speak the truth about this.” “The media just ignore the science. They don’t want a debate because they can’t face the science and they can’t face a debate.”
  • 4-6 min. segment shows a beautiful teenage girl’s phone video recording from her hospital bed, hooked up to an EEG machine and IVs, saying she got a Johnson & Johnson “COVID vaccine” the day before, had a seizure and now is told she has a brain anuerism.
  • Indicates the Gates & Rockefeller Foundations funded usual suspects at John Hopkins University – the university team that organized the Event 201 COVID plandemic rehearsal – recently published a paper outlining the next big epidemic sheeple herding program (ie: to justify AI Merge immunity passport “vaccine boosters” next 5-10 years) which they’re calling the “SPARS Pandemic: 2025-2028.”
  • Max refers to the jab as a “vaccine,” but recognizes it’s more like a “DNA altering black-goo infested nano-bot tracking AI serum.” Says “COVID vax” stats already show 5-fold increases in death and miscarriage rates, but under-reporting and media blackouts mean those are probably 10x higher.
  • Mentions weather warfare and “toxic spill” (Cabal) attacks against Texas and Florida per their Governors rejecting “vaccine passports” (some Texas towns also reporting “morgollons chem-trails”). “They’re not going to like these Governors of Texas and Florida not complying with the agenda. I mean, look what they did to the President of Tanzania. Maybe they’ll have heart attacks.” Mentions that initial World Bank plandemic funding – in April, 2020 – runs through 2025 (so much for “14 days to flatten the curve”).
  • “This has been going on for fourteen months now, folks. And, people are still buying into it. They’re still locking down. They’re still scanning QR codes. They’re still keeping their businesses closed. And, they want to shut down all small businesses, because they want you shopping…in these big shopping centers, then they can control you.” Independent reports indicate the WEF has issued hundreds of billions in payouts to its Fortune 1000 members to compensate for “pandemic” business losses and compliance, part of the master plan to kill off small businesses and independent livelihoods around the globe.
  • Max emphasizes the importance of “common law” knowledge and solutions. Says that even in Australia, fines for non-compliance vis a vis masks and shutdowns such cannot stand up in court. Concludes with, “Good always prevails in the end.”