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Hunger Games Producer on Hollywood Child Trafficking

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice opened an inquiry into “Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse” in 2018. Three years later, there’s fast-growing awareness of the pervasive and serious nature of international child trafficking crimes.

John Paul Rice had a successful Hollywood directing career, including producing “The Hunger Games.” He also produced a film about child trafficking, “A Child’s Voice,” subsequently de-platformed by Amazon. Last year, he gave gave this presentation on on Hollywood pedophilia and child trafficking topics, encouraging efforts to expose and end the practices –

Video excerpts –

“I’ve done a lot of deep dives and research into this and there is a very satanic element to it, which we incorporated into our movie. This is a child abuse system that we’ve been living in for a very long time. The people on television who smile at you, who give you stories, who give you news, are the ones who hide all of this from us. They are not talking about the real issues. They are distracting you with division issues. This is a unification issue. This is not a political issue, it’s a human issue. It’s a heart-led movement. That’s what gives us the courage to stand up and face such horrors.

What we’re going to find out very soon is that there aren’t ‘Democrats’ and ‘Republicans’ in the United States. There’s a unified Cabal of controlled people that serve these powers, and they keep the theatre going for you and I to run back and forth. The media corporations, the most powerful six corporations in the world, are all implicated in the human trafficking of kids. And I would point anyone who wants to know more about that to Project Veritas.”

JPR refers to the role of the Clinton Foundation trafficking children from Haiti and the hardcore satanism at the heart of the Vatican and Catholic church –

“They have a pipeline of kids going all the way from Haiti to the Vatican. This system that preys on children…is the number one achille’s heel of this entire time. These people don’t want you to know that. That want you to think that we’re the problem, instead of the one-tenth of one percent who control everything. They then have the gall to turn around and message all of us and tell us that we’re the problem. White people are the problem or black people are the problem or brown people are the problem.

We cannot be caught in this division anymore. The people that are creating the division know very well how to make you angry. And, you have to say, ‘That’s about enough.’ And when you do, and when this world comes together against these monsters, they will have no more power, because the only weapon that they have is fear. And they do exactly that with you through the television, through the media, through your politicians, through all the institutions that cause you despair and anger so you’ll argue against each other.

What we need to do in this world is to unify to protect all life on this planet and the sacredness of children. This is the unifying movement that the establishment will not give you a movement for. They will give you the Me Too movement, because they can make it about hatred of men, and weaponize it, and make it political. They will give you Black Lives Matter because they can weaponize it and make it political. We have to stop fighting each other and unite for this country and this world and our children.”