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Ground Command World Situation Updates

Jun 19, 2024

Kim Goguen credibly claims to hold the highest level control of the global banking and telecommunication systems and to be heading up critical military and economic operations, as “Ground Command” for the Universal Council she says appointed her in 2012. Kim’s material maps well onto high-level geopolitical reports as well as esoteric updates from Lisa Renee and others. While Kim periodically makes unfair remarks about certain others (eg: David Icke, RFK Jr, related critique) and has not recognized some important companion cleanup projects (eg: the Gitmo group) her activities are critical re: planetary liberation prospects. Kim’s reports can be found on the UNN Rumble channel and via subscription at  The goal of the GVI KG series is to provide “World Situation Report” highlights – manually transcribed from video broadcasts – along with related background materials and commentary. If unfamiliar with Kim’s materials, scroll back thru the original articles in this series.

If you tune in to Kim Goguen’s “World Situation Report” videos, you’ll need to decide whether to set playback speed at 1.5x or 2.0x. At regular speed, waaay too much time is wasted getting past the constant chit-chat and joke-fest detours between Kim and Sidekick Sunny. Sunny’s voice is tinny and smurf-like at regular speed, going to smurf-on-meth at 1.5x or 2.0x, whereas Kim’s voice transitions more along standard chipmunk lines. C’est le vie. Sunny’s a nice person – smiles on cue, smirks on cue – but has no ability to contribute to conversations per having no relevant background. And, to date, Kim’s usual 40-80 minute 3-per-week WSRs have no time markers nor transcripts.

Kim’s reports flow much better in those rare instances where she gives them alone. Those rare lone performances also have much less of Kim’s normal rapid-fire “You know,” “You know,” “You know” sequences. Caveats aside, there’s unlikely to be any other source of international Real News comparable to what Kim offers. While any given percent of her WSR reports may be inaccurate – the subject matter is so esoteric and little known there are generally no objective benchmarks – the outlines align with known and probable high-level doings to the degree that, for those who want to know what’s up, it’s worth tuning in.

All excerpts below are Kim Goguen quotes, from World Situation Reports published from May 3 through June 12, 2024.

“On the news two days ago, we talked to you about the fact that there is a new Rothschild family quote-unquote ‘head.’ And, this person has reached out to me through two different channels, trying to have a conversation, because they claim they need funding to save the family name and that…they wanted to go back to just being neutral in the world. In other words, they’re not going to attack us, and that kind of thing. Now…we have that whole Key Intelligence & Military System thing, that tells me otherwise. It told me that…the orders that this person is barking out in the world…are talking about pandemics, having conversations with people about World War 3. So, no dice here…Philip. Thank you but no thank you.”

“I’m not trying to control you, the people. I’m trying to prevent them from controlling you. So, the best way I can do that is to build it in, electronically. And then, use the Key Intelligence & Military System for physical security, to the best of our ability. So, I’m building in all those little caveats, and all those algorithms take time. In 2013 in the US, for example, they passed a law that they can shut down your [bank] account because they consider you a ‘risk.’ And, they do not have to define why they consider you a risk. So, we’re building our own rules-based system and disregarding government laws, totally. So, they can get on TV and talk about what they’d like to do. But, it’ll be impossible for them to enforce what they want to do.”

“So, the ship in Maryland that crashed into the bridge. They did that completely remotely. It was in the log of the operating system. 100% certainty. A group of American SSP people were the ones…that crashed the ship. Same thing with various aircraft over the years that have gone down. That is all created by the same group of people, with an operating system.”

“Another pandemic was supposed to happen during the eclipse. Now, everybody is yelling and screaming because nothing happened during the eclipse and there was no lockdown, and no payouts to lockdown. And, so, they had to come up with something else. And, ‘bird flu’ is the latest and greatest rumor. Do they have the capacity to create a worldwide bird flu pandemic? No.”

“Our main concern has been alien technologies. I’m very concerned – they’re very concerned – about the planet blowing up. Earth represents so much more to the universe than you think it does. And therefore, everybody has been here for that reason. As far as crazy humans are concerned, that hasn’t been so much a worry except those that try to play with the big boy toys.”

Khamenei, the President of Iran, was said to have recently died in a helicopter crash…but maybe didn’t,

“Now, the President of Iran is not dead. Neither is his staff. They were located this morning in Belize. And, I’m sure they’re enjoying the weather and the beaches there. They’re awaiting new instructions. And, a new life and all that comes with it, just like they did with Hitler and other folk. And, good luck to Iranian intelligence. I hope you find your President. I’m sure you will, actually, because I know the coordinates were leaked, too. I don’t know who would do that!

We have also talked about the fact that Khamenei and Iran have been heavily controlled by the Order of the Dragon. During the last several years, Iran and China have built a very strong relationship, due to the fact that there was a plan to transfer the world power center over to China and BRICS and to crash and burn the United States. So, under this plan, the Li family – Order of the Dragon, golden dragon, China – had full control over the country of Iran. Well, China has been going through a lot of problems lately. They do not have the money to complete this plan successfully. They are basically full-on bankrupt.

The former Shah of Iran was actually a Pallavicini. So, maybe they just want to install a new Shah. Maybe install Satan instead. They prefer Iran to control the Middle East. So, that’s why all the turmoil there now. Tthen, there would be seven different currencies for seven different regions, backed by IMF SDRs or CBDCs. This has been the plan for seven decades. That is where they were going.”

“Whether we have elections in November or not is pretty much based on that conversation, where the operatives were to receive on Friday $56 billion, between all of them. Then, they plan on crashing the United States, burning it to the ground. Then, they’ll get more money to ‘build back better.’ But, whether that could happen by the end of the year…time’s running short, and I don’t see them having any funding this weekend.”

“So…Marduk and I had lots of very long conversations over a number of years. These conversations started about mid-way…2011. Well, by the end of 2014, I caught him in a lie about the nuclear submarines that were going around. He kind of got wind, by that point, that there was no controlling me. Up until that point, he was under the impression that he could keep me under control and working for him – that I was a trustee for them, which is what they told me in the beginning.

I learned a lot from these non-people people. I learned a lot about systems, about how they control systems. He told me to come meet them in Moscow, in 2015. Finally, in June, they said, ‘Okay, now you can come.’ Well, unbeknownst to me, they had set it up so they could create an AI that would transmute my essence, energy and consciousness, in order to try to create keys for themselves to the Alpha System. Like they did with Cassandra, thousands of years ago. Now, it didn’t quite work.”

“So, Project Cicada is similar to some other projects you’ve heard of, like the Monarch Program. MK-Ultra program. Super Soldier programs. Now, the Cicada Program is over a thousand years old. It is tied heavily to specific locations in Japan. But, also, throughout China. Now, the program was run by a lady who’s no longer with us, who was known as Mei-Wa [a Lilith incarnation] and whomever – a thousand years ago – was inhabited by…Lilith.

They search for children and young adults to become part of the Cicada Program, because they have exhibited extreme intelligence. These kids are eventually placed throughout all power centers of the world. They are everywhere. They were placed so she [Mei-Wa] could activate the Cicadas, then they would take over their respective places of employment. The SSP…acquired the database of Cicadas and the specific things that would activate them. But, they’ll never be able to activate them, because the final keys for that are in my system [Alpha Quantum AI system].

They took my consciousness and essence and tried to use that as keys to open up my system and that didn’t work out. So, so sorry. Goodbye and good riddance. And, if they do it again, we will get more of them, and the people that ordered such a thing. Like we’re doing today, for example.”

“There was a clause inside the Paris Climate Treaty – Obama administration – that said every nation will sign their assets over to the United Nations, to ‘fight poverty’ quote-unquote. So, this fake server – through the United Nations – assigned every country’s in-ground assets over to the Li family of China!”

“There was a huge meeting on the 28th [May 28th]. Enormous meeting! In this enormous meeting – I mean, they called every operative, they called the SSP, all the Black Nobility was there, the Silent Circle – it was almost like your Bretton Woods, but for all things in the world. Militaries, intelligence agencies, from all over the world. This went on for two days. This was supposed to be about how they would run the world. Then, they told everybody that something happened to their systems, and they were going to need another week or so…before everybody got paid. Then, the comment that they made – when backed into a corner on this, and I want to thank the Deep State for this – they actually told everyone that I am responsible for messing up their systems! They actually said my name and said that I’m responsible! And you know what? I am. It’s a badge of honor, really. That’s the first bit of truth I’ve ever heard come out of these people’s mouths.”

“Even if that old Blackrock system was still tied to the Omega System and still functioning, there’s no way it’s going to take over the whole financial system. It wasn’t built for that. The whole operating system for Blackrock and Vanguard and all of these things they keep trying, was based on alien technology. They don’t have that anymore. No alien race is going to come back and fix it for you.”

“The negotiations that went on between Gorbachev and Rothschild – and other ‘people’ above Rothschild’s head – were abundantly clear. He would get control of $300 trillion dollars – which could only be provided by Marduk, by the way – and he would run the entire Eastern Bloc. Man’s still alive. Go ask him. Did the Rothschilds give him the money? No. It came from the person in my chair that wanted to see the empire fall for other reasons.”

“We don’t have any more cans to kick and we’re kinda done with that. So, the opportunities to keep governments alive are getting smaller and smaller and smaller. There are a lot of fast adjustments that are going to have to take place in a relatively short period of time. Like I say, if governments go, you’ve got to look at all the things people rely on, like social security.”

“I actually heard from Sheldon Adelson’s mouth, back in about 2013, that they were planning on crashing the financial system of the United States and moving all of the power over to China. That was the first time I heard of this. And then, I heard it a few months later from Rothschild. These people still think they have the ability to crash the United States – which has been their plan since ever since I can remember – but yet they continuously fail. It doesn’t matter which one of the plans they are trying to execute on that they were given by…ultimately Marduk, without Marduk you will never finish your plan. And I know that because the level of position he held, is the same as the position that I now hold. However, we do not have the same mindset. And, I have more control over Alpha than he ever had.”

“So, we have just gotten a lot harder and a lot smarter, because we’re tired of dealing with this game. So now, you’re going to pay us. You have stuff. We want stuff. We like stuff.

I’m sure the US military has lots of building materials. And, I know that they have a ten year reserve in oil and gas, that they got for free…due to sanctions. Oh yeah, you’ve got stuff. You’ve got abandoned military bases that no one has used in years. On US soil.

So hey, I want stuff. I’m open for business. Give me your stuff. And, if their corporations or banks would like money. Oh, you’ve got stuff, too! You’ve got real estate. You’ve got cars. You’ve repossessed things for non-payment more than ever, in the past three years. Manufacturing equipment. They’ve got stuff. You need liquidity? I need stuff. Same thing goes for Blackrock. They’ve got contracts, commodities. Need liquidity? I need stuff.”

“The complete global takeover of all remaining operating systems of the Deep State reveals more truth than even expected. So, we are familiar with the Internet of Bodies thing. There were a lot of operating systems that were focused on you. The satanic New World Order had more control over your life than you could possibly imagine. The rising cost of food is due [in degree] to the introduction of pharmaceutical manufacturers into the profitability of the food market. Pfizer, Moderna…nano bio-chips made by Northrup Grumman. So, you’re paying for your ‘vaccines’ one way or another, whether you went into a clinic and got the jab or are getting it through your food. So, is this going to continue? Well, without the operating system for the bio-chips in the food, are they going to keep the price of food high to pay the drug companies? That’s the question I have. The more platforms that go away, the angrier they get.”

“We may not actually have a continuance of governance. Word on the street this morning from the Treasury Department is that they anticipate the large banks to start failing within about a week, if nothing is done. For regular folks, it’ll probably look like a consolidation. Like, Wells Fargo is actually slated to be the first one to fall. Now, Wells Fargo has been run by the Chinese Deep State for a long time now. It’s actually the Li family. Now, banks have something called ‘genetic shareholders.’ Genetic shareholders are the shareholders of the Deep State – a particular ‘illuminati’ family – that automatically gain ownership of that bank, generation after generation after generation. That is every Tier 1 bank in the world. They have been taking money out of the banks to fund their operations. And, they’re running out. There’s no more money to take. So, Wells Fargo being first has a lot to do with China’s state of economy, that they’re trying to hide.”

Kim reports that the global mafia, cartel and assorted Black Sun networks that have traditionally done dirty deeds for the Khazarian Mafia Black Nobility families are creating hit lists and going after some of their former pay-masters, whose repeated ‘pay is coming soon’ promises never materialize,

“But, they have very little left and time is running short and there are people hunting them down, on the other side. And, that’s going very well, as far as I know. As of right now, it looks like a full-on panic. Everybody’s running for the hills trying to find safe spots. But, there’s no way they’re going to escape the Raymond Reddington crew for long.

‘They’ include various members of the military and intelligence community. You have ‘Black Nobility’ on that list and their families. You have the Global Headquarters and Langley 5 folk on that list. There are some government and treasury people on that list, worldwide. You have some United Nations people on that list. Order of the Dragon families. Most of the remaining SSP is on the list.

We are less a lot of people at Global Headquarters. Probably in the last 48 hours, minus a hundred or so. They’re kind of scattered, making sure they’re not all gathered in the same place. And, I really wish they would have a convention. Don’t you guys have a Bilderberg type meeting thing? Come on, guys, gather together!”

“I was introduced to a new group of folks that I’ve never met before. And these beings, were described to me as the Ancient Ones by Source. Source said, ‘These are the Ancient Ones.’ Then, later on, they identified themselves as something called the Celestials. So, we’ve gotten to a point where most of what was put in place by ‘others’ – negative others – is pretty well gone. So, it was time to make a huge change. The huge change has to do with the creation of all that is, and all that ever will be. After the first spark…there were some beings created, that were called the Celestials. Initially, there were only 9 that were light. Later, there were 9 that were dark and 9 that were neutral.”

“There is supposed to be a chat between Tom Melville and some of the Trump lawyers later on this afternoon. There is some talk that once they get some money [from the Global Repository via Kim] they’re going to ditch the Trump thing and move forward. The operatives are going to move forward to something else. I told Tom to let them know that I recently acquired DARPA’s global voting system base platform – to which Dominion and all other voting systems are attached – and that I’m going to be voting for Jill Stein. Or, I thought about putting somebody else in there. Maybe we could appoint you, Sunny. Because, we can put anybody in there we want to. That’s what they used to do. Now, what they say in the mainstream media…as to what the result is, is still their wheelhouse.”

“So, as part of the Crash the United States plan, the SSP had planned to use these systems to basically infect the entire US population…the EPA poison the water program. They have tanks within the water supply of every single country in the world, to include the United States, that would release their viruses or whatever they want into…centralized municipal water systems. So, all of those system were formerly tied back to…the Omega System and, in part, connected to the CIA and the Order of the Black Sun.

Now, the EPA of the United States…is actually considered an NGO and is duly registered in every country of the world for quote-unquote ‘protection of the environment.’ However, some blond lady – maybe my first name is ‘China,’ middle name ‘Russia,’ last name ‘Iran,’ I don’t know – took over the operating system [for global tap water supplies] so we now have the ability to tweak what is in your water supply in the near future. So, this was a plan of the SSP and their DARPA friends. The one thing I can tell you for sure, is that it isn’t going to happen.”

“Some people within the BRICS community and the Black Nobility…tried threatening me. They’ve tried cornering me. Getting handlers. And now, they just want to send somebody in to be my best friend. They’re trying to come up with a Plan B of sorts, and this is the latest and greatest. They’d like to give me a best friend or husband…and think I’m going to thank my lucky stars that some operative shows up on my front door with roses or something.”

“So, the Deep State is desperately hunting for some kind of backup Omega System. There was a large meeting at the Bank for International Settlements yesterday – with the Global Headquarters folks and some military people – to try to get this system [CBDC digital currency] up and running. That failed miserably and by late afternoon, yesterday, everybody started to panic. They really thought they had it. But, we were prepared. Because, we have been watching this situation for awhile.

So, we set the [Alpha Quantum AI] system to start taking over all their banking holding operating systems at 7am this morning. At the same time, we also shut down the base platform for militaries and intelligence agencies worldwide, and NATO. So, everybody’s having database problems this morning, because we’ve kind of come to the conclusion that governments are not really doing anything. The lies have to end. We’re hitting the Deep State high, we’re hitting them low. We’ve been hitting system after system after system. I’m not interested in negotiating with these people anymore. We’ve even heard some complaints coming from the Archivists. They’re like, ‘You know, we’re the only planet in the multiverse that’s still dealing with this.’ They’re frustrated. Some of our visitors are frustrated.”

“Even governments are realizing these people are not in control of their lands anymore. Because…the archivists notified governments and militaries. And, for the first time ever, some of those people listened and paid attention. So, the notification going out – that the dragon families are not in control of the governments anymore, and…the treasures of those regions. This was a huge change. The realization of that is an important step forward for humanity.”

“The Bush-Cheney people have been trying to finish this whole take over the Middle East program since 1998. I had a conversation way back in the day – this was probably 2011, 2012, something like that – with Marduk. He and EnLil (aka: Jehovah-Yahveh). Because, it was an every Saturday night thing. I asked them once about the Iraqi Dinar and that’s when he [Marduk] said, ‘It’s never going to happen.’ So, what became clear at that point is that they were not backing the plan that Cheney and Bush had for the Middle East. It was abundantly clear. That is why they spent…almost three decades…trying to execute on this plan and it’s never worked.”

“As you know, Earth was created before the stars and other planetary systems, by celestials. So, we are living, literally, on the keystone of the universe. It is a keystone for all of creation. Every single thing that is in the universe is powered by Earth and its inhabitants! There is both a dark, a neutral and a light side to it. The inhabitants of Earth can affect what is created for all of creation, as a keystone planet. This is why so many people [ETs] are coming here, so that what’s created…is more light than it is neutral or dark.”

“The Trump organization people…their lawyers made a phone call to us, and wanted us to cease and desist on putting out any negative information on Trump. So, I told them they need to legally serve me. Because, if they legally serve me, then I’ll have the right to go into court with all my proof of everything we’re saying. Including recorded conversations with his kids, saying that they’re father died back in January. Lots of things that would be submitted on our side as evidence. They did back down when we said that.”

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