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Ground Command Updates

Jan 23, 2024

Kim Goguen credibly claims to hold the highest level control of the global banking and telecommunication systems and to be heading up critical military and economic operations, as “Ground Command” for the Universal Council she says appointed her in 2012. Kim’s material maps well onto high-level geopolitical reports as well as esoteric updates from Lisa Renee and others. While Kim periodically makes unfair remarks about certain others (eg: David Icke, RFK Jr, related critique) and has not recognized some important companion cleanup projects (eg: the Gitmo group) her activities are critical re: planetary liberation prospects. Kim’s reports can be found on the UNN Rumble channel and via subscription at  The goal of the GVI KG series is to provide “World Situation Report” highlights – manually transcribed from video broadcasts – along with related background materials and commentary. If unfamiliar with Kim’s materials, scroll back thru the original articles in this series.

There’s no real contender out there to Kim Goguen, per being the most important information source in our world today. In the history of our world, there has never been a comparable phenomenon, whereby the general public is being given direct access to the very highest level intel possible, covering both 3D doings and key events in the dimensions directly above and below our own.

This said, bear in mind that “Source” created the entire ancient universe of darkness – ie: Alpha and Omega – not just that which is good and beautiful. All life has always been a prismatic reflection of all the potentials and energies within Source. This said, do not expect either Kim nor yourself nor anyone else to be “perfect” at all times, a guideline made easy to follow given that no universal nor enduring definition of such exists.

That caveat in place, all on Earth – at least, of the relatively sane variety – should feel truly fortunate that we have finally turned the corner into a Golden Age, leaving behind endless ages of darkness, suffering and injustice. Appropriate, then, that there is now a highly visible “Under New Management” sign around Earth. And, there is.

As tangible proof, we have Kim Goguen in the former “Ground Command” seat of the Draco overlord known as Marduk – same one who fought Isis and Osiris in late Atlantean times, son of EnKi, brother of Thoth, Earth’s historic eye-of-the-capstone Dark Prince. It’s likewise important to offer thanks to Earth’s long-serving starseed revolutionaries who, over recent centuries and decades – leveraging “Prime Directive” dynamics – invoked and made possible the great Golden Age changeovers now occurring.

Transcript Excerpts

Unless otherwise noted, all quotes below are from Kim Goguen, from her World Situation Reports broadcast January 10-19, 2024.

“Late last night, the Chinese Deep State declared war on all of humanity and Ground Command. The Legion, the Coalition, the Enforcer and Ground Command retaliated. The Deep State was hoping for a windfall after the declaration of war, but the opposite happened.”

“I am aware of the talks today about Disease-X at the World Economic Forum. This was a very real situation that presented itself yesterday.

The Chinese Deep State has been sending out ships with…canisters of Disease-X. And, they intended on spreading this around the world. Why no one – not the US military, not anybody else’s military – questioned why there were so many ships from China…right offshore.

Let me give you the locations of all these ships, that are no longer there. 171 off the west coast of the USA. 68 off the east coast of the United States. 14 in the Gulf. 14 on the west side of Mexico. 18 on the east side of Mexico. The southern tip of Brazil, 21 ships. Off the coast of Peru, 49. Off the coast of Nova Scotia, 24. Off the coast of Iran, 6. In the English Channel, 5. East coast of South Africa, 29. The Black Sea, 18.

In China, in the area around the Three Gorges Dam, there are several mountains. In those mountains is the source of everything that was in those canisters. The Enforcer took care of that – the large facility around Three Gorges Dam. And, we took care of all the ships.”

“GIA is the one that will handle the war on our side. That means we are responsible for all weapons and all commerce related to war.

So, what China’s Deep State – and Langley Five, and all the agencies and the Treasury Department – thought would happen last night when China declared war, is that they thought they were all getting paid! But, what happened is just the opposite. The Global Intelligence Agency got paid…with myself, as Director of the GIA.

Enormous amounts of cash came flooding into an account in the front office [of the global banking system] and everybody saw it. For me! Not you! Now, what happened after that, is they tried calling every contact they thought could reach out to me. Tried to get me to turn it over to them.”

Tom Melville, GIA agent,

“The only reason the leaders show up at Davos is to get paid, and find out what the narrative is going to be. Blinken is one of the ones that was targeted either for execution or for questioning. That’s why he didn’t get on that plane. A lot of them are scared now. He and others have been running for ‘safe houses,’ but they’re not really safe anymore.”

“As of Monday, the financial system has changed forever. A debt based system, using humans as collateral is gone. Welcome to a gold and asset backed system. As the system integrated more this week into using gold versus people as assets, you really have next to no central banks anymore. And, as of this morning, next to no treasury systems anymore. This is the next layer falling apart.”

“The Chinese Deep State is the worst of any deep state in the world, and I must have said that ten or fifteen times on an open telephone line. As of this morning, there was a very large suicide rate among the Deep State members in China. I’ve probably seen – between China, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia – one to two hundred people that already, by the time we’re broadcasting this, have committed suicide. The Deep State, starting with Asia, began to fall on their swords, rather than live in the world they’ve created. It started in Singapore, Japan, China and Malaysia, and is spreading rapidly.”

One of Saddam Hussein’s sons, Saif, has been living in Canada. Kim recently killed him at his location in an underground base in Canada, from which he was directing Mideast war projects and attempting to take over global Black Sun operations,

“Saddam Hussein was good friends with Bush Sr. They planned the first Iraqi war and all that, together. Umbrella are the top operatives of the SSP. And, when Umbrella became no more, this guy [Saif Hussein] kind of jumped up and said he’s in charge. He thought that declaring global martial law, he would be the highest ranking officer on the planet, which is not the case – I have a higher clearance than he does – and that would give him the right to control the entire world. So, they [“Pentagon leadership”] went to DefCon 1, claiming that there was a potential nuclear strike. Nothing happened. The financial system didn’t change. We’ve done all this before. This gentleman [Saif Hussein] is no longer with us.”

“They had to maintain the illusion that the Order of the Black Sun was the one that was funding everybody, because they were preparing themselves for a full takeover of the world. And, to take things away from the Khazarian Mafia. Now, they liked me, from the standpoint that I was taking out the Khazarian Mafia. And, the Rothschilds and a bunch of other people, and their control systems and the Fed systems. And, I had the power to do those things because I had the power to create new…internet protocols, intelligence systems, monetary systems and all that. Hillary Clinton put out a $10 million contract on my head, trying to send people here.”

“Agent M,” GIA agent in Iraq,

“When I was talking to Mayer Rothschild, I knew that he was running out of time and out of money. I didn’t know why. I just knew. And then, he said, ‘She didn’t get the Destroyer’ [refuting Kim’s claims that the Destroyer aka: Satan was no more]. So, I just stayed silent. Then, he said, ‘I am Lucifer, morning star.’ And his voice, although it was the same, it became eerie. And so, my gut feeling was that, yes, Lucifer was channelling through him. And, I had a roller coaster of emotions for 5 to 10 seconds because, I was like, ‘Okay, he’s on to me. He’s talking to me, personally.’ I was tempted to say, ‘F you, Lucifer,’ but I was like…’Oh, really? So, what’s your problem with Source?'”

Kim says her claim that 80% of all US IRS collections – and 80% of all income taxes collected internationally – are sent to the “XN System” in Brussels, it serving as collection agent for the Rothschilds Crown Corporation, are finally being taken seriously by cash-starved federal agencies, no longer being properly fed by their historic deep pocket Deep State masters,

“There is an investigation into tax authorities, worldwide – being spearheaded by Interpol and, also, in the United States by the FBI – for the fraudulent transference of 80% of federal taxes to a third party interest. They’re now finally looking to find out who’s the real authority here. Number One. It is not the SSP. Number Two. It is not the Order of the Black Sun. It is not the Black Pope. It is not the Vatican. Number Three. It is not the Rothschilds family. It is not the Li family in China.”

Tom Melville, GIA agent,

“So, what they were saying to me is that the execution of The 100 Year Plan in China’s eyes – where China is going to take over and the US is going to allow it.. – was flawless. Meaning that they’ve executed their whole part of this takeover. Because, now, they’ve infiltrated the US through the borders. They’ve infiltrated the US military as well. They started buying up all the real estate in the United States.

However, he said to me that even though the execution was flawless, the outcome has been a complete disaster. And, I explained to him, that they could never fulfill this 100 Year Plan without the person that sits in Kim’s chair…pushing the buttons to shift everything over. And, he admitted that, yes, this was true. Kim is not going to allow it. The last piece of the puzzle, was always the person sitting in Kim’s chair.”

“In the process of declaring war against all of humanity and the Office of the Guardian – myself – they decided to issue two contracts against me, last night. They were offering $10 million for capture and containment of me. Additionally, if they managed to deliver me to China to them – which is what they preferred – the price for that would be $100 million.

They filed for several different types of ‘declaration of war’ last night, all of which was rejected. Do I want to declare war against myself? Probably not. Do I want there to be a war against all of humanity? Probably not. But, as of about 2:30 this morning – my time – we actually declared war, officially, against the Deep State.

We are talking about the Merovingian bloodline. We are talking about the Cain bloodline. So, what does that mean? If you…participated in giving orders to spread Disease-X throughout the world, you are now dead. There are other people that happen to be part of these bloodlines, that are not part of this. It’s all about the intent.

By 4am this morning – my time – there was a meeting between myself, the Legion, the Coalition and the Enforcer, where we discussed…how we were going to do this. And then, everybody began to disperse into their respective locations to perform their tasks in this war. I have sent out a message to every military and every agency in the world. It was a warning shot over the bow. I have explained that there is a war and…if you participate…against humanity and-or myself, you will no longer breathe.

There is no trial for treason. There is no cease and desist. The order is to immediately stand down. You don’t stand down, and there will be consequences. And I’ve used the term repeatedly, ‘extreme prejudice.’ I gave them orders about what’s happening in Russia and Ukraine. Orders regarding…Israel and the Gaza strip. And, every single one of them got it. It was on a diplomatic line, recorded in the Hall of Records.

By the time that this war is done, there will be no more infiltration by the Deep State in any organization, worldwide.”

Tom Melville, GIA agent,

“Just before we got on the air, I confirmed all the ships disappearing, from the SatCom guys who monitor all that. And they were not only shocked, but didn’t understand what had happened, so I had to explain it to them.”

“Governments are run by operatives, and those operatives report to mostly Deep State actors. Right now, it’s got to stop at the operatives level. Because, the operatives are the ones that provide them with all the children.

The operatives are the ones that arrange the deals being made. Davos is no exception. So, three to four weeks before everyone arrives, your operatives arrive. And, these are the ones that make all the deals. So, by the time people start getting on stage and politicians arrive, what you’re really looking at is the end result of about three to four weeks of work.

They came up with the theme “Rebuilding Trust.” Well, I don’t think anyone is going to trust the World Economic Forum. In the same message, they said we’re going to encounter a Disease-X situation. A lot of people did not make it out of there alive [from the most recent WEF meeting]. Coming after them, it’s a combination of people. You have the Coalition. You have the Legion. And, joining in with them, you have the REDs. That is, Retired Extremely Dangerous people. Now, they are fed up, too.”

“The Dinar thing was ‘Carrots for Jackasses.’ And that was a phone conversation that I personally had with Mayer Rothschild and…Agent M. On my level, it was always a scam. And, that was from Rothschild, who created the narrative. When Marduk was alive, I also heard the same from him.

I know that all of the new Dinar printing press machines were owned by Bush Sr. That’s a fact. They printed about $7 quadrillion worth of Dinar. Bush Sr’s goal was to get everybody to work for free. Bush also printed $27 trillion in what we call ‘super-notes’ [US $100 bills lacking valid allocation numbers] And, they’re all over the world. The Iranian National Guard has been trying to cash those notes since 1979. The Iraqis. The Russians, from during the Cold War. Nobody has successfully ever done it.

The Dinar thing is just Scam #2. After the super-notes failed, they started moving to the Iraqi Dinar. And, they started paying everyone – from Isis to Blackwater, to all the operatives, to countries – in Dinar. When that’s started to fail, then it’s the US Treasury [CBDC]…digital currency. Then, everybody worked and worked for these [post-COVID CBDC] ‘digital wallets’ that never will come to fruition.”

Tom Melville, GIA agent,

“I got a call from a colonel in the financial division at the Pentagon. And, he says, ‘Has GIA or Kim issued any codes or authorized payment to the DoD and Pentagon?’ And, I said, ‘No. Why?’ And he says, ‘Well, I was asked to validate some codes. They’re claiming access to GIA funds.’ And, so it went viral. ‘GIA made a contract and money is coming!'”

“Agent M,” GIA agent in Iraq, speaking to Kim,

“People need to understand that it takes a lot of tenacity and sacrifices to do what you’ve done. So, coming from me – someone who’s in a very similar situation, but less than what you have actually done for humanity – I’ll always take a bullet for you. So, my message to the people listening is the same as your message to me. Don’t underestimate yourself. You, alone, can change the course of history. All you have to do is stand up for what’s right.”

The GCR-RV Fakeout

Recall Charlie Ward’s accounts of gold moved by the US military from the Vatican to Nevada in 2018, during the Trump administration. Those accounts are true. However, what was left unsaid is that this involved the end of a 3000 year old contract between the line of Solomon – the Order of the Dragon, Rothschilds, Pindar, Khazarian Mafia global “dragon families” banking network – and the Cain lineages, centered around the global Order of the Black Sun.

So, DARPA 107 – aka: “Juan O. Savin” – is correct in saying it’s about a feud between the Cain and Abel bloodlines. What’s left unsaid is that both are Draco hybrid Deep State lineages, the Black Sun nominally reporting to the Order of the Dragon factions, the Black Sun running intel agencies and militaries on a global basis. Both networks have historically been satanic at their core and aligned with cosmic dark powers, perhaps expected given the Dark Age Earth has been in since at least mid-Atlantean times.

Thus, the CIA-DIA-SSP “grey hats” faction Juan O. Savin aligns with are mainly Black Sun reformists, attempting to wrest global financial and political control from the Euro-China Khazarian Mafia. While it’s definitely a click less rotten, it’s not the happy-fizzy NESARA-GESARA GCR-RV QFS goo Charlie Ward was fed by his MI6 sources. The Reno gold stash was never meant for global do-gooder projects, related hints involving the fact that it was put under the control of the US Treasury Department, it then put under the control of…Blackrock, the global Order of the Black Sun’s primary financial vehicle.

“So, when they ran out of gold, they started pledging people as collateral. Soul ownership went to the Omega-verse. So, who maintained these birth certificate bonds? Well, initially, it was AB Corp, established in 1795. And, still to this day – in certain countries – they issue birth certificates. You would then be pledged to the Omega System. And, by the age of 7, you were quote-unquote ‘Dead’ and ‘Lost at sea.’ Does that kind of explain why people are running around – going to the Treasury Department – looking to cash in their birth certificate bonds?”

“We’re in a Light Age now, which means that the only gateway that ever opens is to Source. We don’t go ‘down’ anymore.”

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