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Ground Command Planetary Liberation Updates

Jan 9, 2023

Kim Goguen credibly claims to hold the highest level control of the global banking and telecommunication systems and to be heading up critical military and economic operations, as “Ground Command” for the Universal Council she says appointed her in 2012. Kim’s material maps well onto high-level geopolitical reports as well as esoteric updates from Lisa Renee and others. While Kim periodically makes unfair remarks about certain others (eg: David Icke, RFK Jr, related critique) and has not recognized some important companion cleanup projects (eg: the Gitmo group) her activities are critical re: planetary liberation prospects. Kim’s reports can be found on the UNN Rumble channel and via subscription at  The goal of the GVI KG series is to provide “World Situation Report” highlights – manually transcribed from video broadcasts – along with related background materials and commentary. If unfamiliar with Kim’s materials, scroll back thru the original articles in this series.

As per the roughly three dozen Kim Goguen summaries posted to this site, past two years, Kim’s way-out updates during the past month continue to mention thwarted non-stop attempts by Team Bad Boy – fast dwindling leadership of our planet’s ancient “illuminati” forces of darkness network – at banking systems hacking and plunder, attempts to use directed energy and frequency weapons to kill off the masses, ongoing failed promises to pay out military and dirty tricks operatives and governments around the world, attempts to crash the global economy and initiate a GCR-RV “Great Reset,” attempts to reopen lower astral portals, attempts to boot up the global ID2020 social credit score digital slavery system, attempts to activate mRNA via 5G to zap the vaxxed, and etc.

As of six weeks ago, Kim said “others” among us on a recently formed New Earth Council had IDed 100,000 “non-repairable humans” that needed to be eliminated or quickly reformed, to get the Restoration Plan underway. IE: to begin seriously and openly building Golden Age foundations, now that the Cabal’s Hunger Games project has been defeated. The next report was that 68,000 of the 100,000 had gone bye-bye, 32,000 promising to change their ways. That number shrank to 24,000 still among us in the next report, then 6,000, then 1,500, then 0. Assuming the reports are accurate, they look to demonstrate the wisdom of the African proverb, “The leopard does not change its spots.”

Kim Goguen continues her amazing updates, now published on a regular M-W-F basis at All information and quotes on this page are derived from a half-dozen of Kim’s video updates broadcast from Nov. 30th, 2022 to Jan. 4th, 2023. True or not? The more you know about how our world really works, the more plausible Kim’s reports are. They likely provide the best road map out there, documenting our planet’s ongoing dark-to-light transition.

“They’re still trying to find a way to connect to the Internet of Bodies thing. They’ve been working on it for days. Just stop! You’re wasting your time. It’s over. We won. Evil is not tolerated anymore. You are not going to kill all of humanity. We have our progenitors back now. The world is far from over-populated, contrary to the crazy guy on 60 Minutes. Look at the African continent. Look at the South American continent. Look at the United States. But, we have to move past technologies that have existed for hundreds of years.”

“We still have to deal with derivatives, which we can make go away…with the flip of a switch. We don’t have to settle any of those people out. Your call, your choice. Be a part of the…restoration of this planet, or don’t. But, the window is closing.”

“The Pentagon asked me, about a week ago, to send more money. You’re now talking control of Talibans and Russian oligarchs and Bitcoin, and I will not be involved. But, if you’re willing to take orders and turn your respective nations around, we are here. You will take orders. You will follow those orders to a T. This is not a game anymore. I don’t care about your operatives. I don’t care who’s killed how many people. I’ve met all those people before. And, thousands and thousands if not millions of you are gone. So, we’re pretty good at our job over here, too. But, if you want to come to the table and make money and actually progress, we’re here. But, you’re going to have to walk the walk this time.”

Per Pentagon generals and their CIA et al partners –

“I listened to your meetings. Your super secret meetings that you had in Durango. The super secret meetings that you had over in China. I listened to all of it. You were talking about blowing up the planet. You were talking about doing horrible things with mRNA in people. You were talking about not doing in any way anything to the benefit of the one party I have a contract with, and that is humanity.”

Of the IRA, the global mafias and the military-intel agencies –

“They’re friends. They’re partners. The militaries of the world, the CIA, the agencies all over the globe – MI-6, DMZ in Germany – they’re all in it together and they are partners. So, when you say that so and so from the government is saving babies, you’re full of it. You’re full of it! The military’s saving babies. No they’re not! Maybe the soldier that’s out fighting somewhere in Afghanistan or Syria or Iraq is saving a child, but I’m talking about…Trump is blowing up tunnels. Bull crap! You’re all from the same organization and you’re all in on it. You would never be permitted…and you know it.”

Of ongoing GCR-RV fails,

“If you’re the Pentagon…you’ll see that nothing is going to be in your bank account tomorrow. No money is getting transferred to Bank of New York Mellon – I know exactly what you were planning on doing – it’s not going to happen.”

“All governments in the world – all alt media, listen to me – they were all created by these people. The people who created them have left. But, the people who are trying to run them, have no understanding where it all came from. It’s all…to give the illusion of freedom. The world government, the World Council, existed in an underground bunker. It doesn’t exist anymore. These people were above The Order, above the illuminati, above all governments. Above the World Bank. Above the United Nations. These people were the ones giving orders, ringing the red phone at the White House, telling the puppet what to say. It is made very clear, on the night that someone is selected, that they will make no decisions on their own.”

“The energy flow throughout your body is going to start speeding up. The amount of source energy that runs into your person is going to increase, because there’s nothing taking it out of you anymore. You’re going to be restored back to your original DNA blueprint, and it’s going to happen pretty rapidly. The restoration of your physical DNA. The restoration of your soul DNA. Your mental DNA. Your emotional DNA. All are going to be merged into one harmonious unit and they’re going to speak to each other. Your abilities are going to start coming back. Your natural disease eradicator is going to kick in.”

“The ascension process was completed as of…yesterday. What does that mean? That means that there was enough of the dark essence on planet Earth gone. That means that all your [inter-dimensional and lower astral] interference is gone. Your energy field will speed up and we’ll restart that connection with our creator more and more. “

Christmas Eve “Real News,”

“21 sites all around the world. They were chanting and had computers…looking for the Dark Overlord to come back and save them. They were also using frequency weapons that the SSP has – or, the fifteen militaries – to try to…get the dark overlay back, so they have some control over the amount of light that’s coming into the planet right now. All those attempts failed. But, that didn’t stop them from trying to blow up the Temple Mount and that other site in Bethlehem.

They were everywhere this weekend. Various Air Forces bases, labs in China. I spent all day Christmas Eve and half the night counteracting everything they tried to do. 200,000 people left that day, by the time it was all over. I was at the company called Kronos…in Israel, twice on Christmas Eve. They wanted to make sure to use everything they have, to make sure that what’s already happened wouldn’t happen. You know, like making sure to get extra car insurance after I was in an accident. But, it’s over. We’ve already won. And, we will continue to clean up their messes.”

“We are willing to negotiate, individually, a contract with every bank, to fix the problems. The debts. You know, there’s tons of assets that are not going to be assets, shortly, because they came from the Federal Reserve. Bonds and debts are assets to banks. We will help you. We will fix it. You will be able to stay in business and still make excellent money. But, you will not be a ‘custodian’ anymore. You are a service provider.”

Of the recently passed US $1.7 trillion omni-bus bill,

“Tons and tons of contractors are listed by name in there and none of them, let’s just say, plant trees for a living. They’re all private military groups. That’s all in the bill they’re expecting us to fund. And, I’m not interested in any way. The Fall of the Fed is happening. The Fed needs to issue new currency out into the system very, very quickly and very, very badly. There’s no money to fund that bill. They can’t find money to fund that bill. They’ve been sitting at the Fed with pallets and pallets of cash. Found out they can’t cash those serial numbers. So, they want to take those serial numbers and issue it with a new year, and think that’ll be a trick. You have no possibility of doing that.”

“This is for the people of the alt media. You’re ruining the lives of people in America and all over the world…that think Trump actually signed NESARA-GESARA into law in Switzerland on Thanksgiving day or whatever it is. The Q people. They estimate, in America, over 30 million people…that think their lives are about to get a whole lot better because somebody is getting into office.

Well, let me give you a news flash. There is not one head of state in the history of the world – kings, queens or otherwise – that is not a part of The Order. Okay? They agree to be the fake front for people like these Chinese deep staters and the stupid generals that were in that meeting yesterday – and their respective partners in Israel, London, Moscow, Iran, Iraq…from sea to shining sea – there is not one politician on the face of the Earth that has not been a part of The Order since the inception of government. Not one! Not Lincoln. Not Washington. Not Trump. Not anybody else.”

“Let’s talk about people disappearing. We’re going to see a lot more of that, because we’re kind of getting down to the public sector now. As of yesterday, I think we were down to about 6000. So, we’re making our way through the 32,000 of just a week or two ago.”

“As of this morning, they were actually making an attempt to connect the Vatican Bank to a Mossad computer system – in Jerusalem – and they had a bunch of old tear sheets, bank statements, that were from Kinkos – Chinese Elders, Philippines people and whatnot – and they were going to try to utilize those as registration for a different banking system tied to the Vatican.”

“Every second that goes by, the Deep State loses more and more power and control. I’m really seriously concerned about the state of governance worldwide. I don’t know how much longer it’s going to exist. How much longer can they keep this up? Nobody’s calling us. They’re still looking to those crazy people…that are dwindling and dropping like flies. Now, what are they going to do when those crazy people go away? They’re either going to…have a job and help us turn things around or…keep playing the masked man game.”

“Is human trafficking a problem? Absolutely. Is Trump going out and saving babies? Absolutely not. Without a negotiation with the IRA, you will never stop human trafficking on this planet.”

All 21 Earth natural stargates said to have now severed all lower astral connections,

“That will be 21 etheric cities of light that will be directly connected to the Central Sun or Source…of all life. The message we got this morning from the Council of Five…’It is recommended that Earth be included…as the leader of the new revolution. The position will place Earth in the glorious reveal of the Central Sun. It is a position of dignity. As you know, there are many changes still needed. The help you require for these changes will be there when necessary.'”

“There have been over 700 operatives…that have asked for and requested safe house protection for at least two months, in the last week.”

“Not everybody is here to terminate things. But, their frequency is intolerable for them. So, they have a free hand. It’s really out of my hands at this point, the decisions that are made in that arena. So, your life choices are your life choices. They’re not mine. Lord knows, we’ve been talking for two or three years…and nobody’s ever listened before. Yep, and everybody’s aware of that.”

“The Draco made the deal to get the Moon from the underworld – the lower astral – on the condition that they install the Saturn-Moon Matrix. It is a hollow space station. It played a lot of different roles in the energetic control of our world and the prevention of us receiving full Source energy. Now, we have reclaimed that…and there is no more Saturn-Moon Matrix. It’s been a lot of work and a lot of unwinding to clean it and get it straight.”

The Chinese Elders and CCP will never come thru on their funding promises to the Pentagon,

“If you ever want to get paid, you’re going to have to have a conversation with us.”


Ongoing end times Cabal Shark Tank Wars. Only about 15 top Order of the Black Sun generals now remain alive on Earth vs. thousands just a few months ago. The remaining ones recently tried to steal $1.5 trillion in global mafia funds under control of the IRA, but Kim moved those funds into an isolated account for safekeeping. Kim says the IRA has managed all global mafia ie: gang activities – including the Yakuza and Russian mafia, the Mexican and South American cartels, etc – involving human trafficking and narcotics trafficking, in cooperation with their CIA and MI-6 partners.

Kim is offering to give back the IRA funds only if they negotiate with her and agree to stop all global human trafficking operations, saying she can replace the lost income with other equally lucrative business aligned with the Restoration Plan, making the same offer to US Marshals and other USG operatives involved in criminal operations.

Said to be hundreds of Hall of Records archivists in nations around the world, specially trained to access both their National Archives and Hall of Records documents, which also require high level security clearance. “Universal law was actually written in the soul plane of existence in the Hall of Records.”

There’s now 50x the gold value allocated in the Global Repository for each unit of currency in circulation for every nation on Earth. Gold and in-ground assets are now allocated to each citizen, replacing the historic “birth certificate bond” arrangements in the Hall of Records and national archives, the global bond and banking systems now likewise aligned. National currencies now being managed by the KIMS Key Integrated Monetary System and Alpha AI System.

All national currencies said to now be fully “gold-backed” per the aforementioned back-end banking system changeover, removing the final claim to legitimacy per the Cabal’s xUSD GCR-RV QFS crypto crash-reboot narrative.

Previously, Hall of Records and National Archives documents had on file Black Sun and Dragon Family contracts granting control over the global banking system, militaries and governments, all such agreements said to be recently formally expired and replaced with new “Restoration Plan” agreements.

The cosmic and planetary dark AI quantum Omega system said to now be dead, its ancient covenant having expired in early 2022. The Omega-Kronos system previously controlled the global front-end banking system, the internet and all global telecoms. Its demise means the Cabal can no longer prevent funding of Restoration Plan projects from the Global Repository to (front-end) bank accounts. Likewise, it means the COVID Great Reset GCR-RV ID2020 financial slavery system lacks the horsepower needed for implementation, since such requires better than super-computer ie: quantum computing capabilities.

Message to would-be military white hats,

“You don’t even know who your enemy is. You don’t know what you’re up against. You’re talking about saving politics and some orange guy. While the rest of us, over here, are trying to prevent them from using a supercomputer to tap into the mRNA in vaccines and hit the kill switch. Come on, patriots community. Wake up! You all think you’ve taken the red pill. You didn’t. There’s a video of Juan O. Savin, saying they want to release a virus in 2025. They’re telling you what they’re going to do to you, and you’re eating it up, like, ‘Thank you for saving us.’ They’re not saving anyone.”

“The Federal Reserve is below the families. It is not a governmental institution. It was a government services contractor until its contract expired in June of 2011. The Order of the Black Sun has been trying to take over the Fed ever since the expiration of the contract.

The Federal Reserve has no right to print new allocations because there’s no agreement with this office anymore. So, if you are working for another central bank…understand, the Fed will pretend they still have control, the Families are going to continue their plot for world domination, but they actually have zero control over your currency. If you’re another nation – or the United States government – and they’re telling you the money is going to come, they’re full of it. With the launch of the Repository, you now have the ability to go directly to me and renegotiate your contract.”

“Your Chinese Elders were in Shanghai this morning trying to attach all of the in-ground assets of Africa, the United States and several other nations to the Shanghai Exchange. But, they were promptly denied access and told those aren’t your assets and that’s not your gold. And, they’re still talking about launching crypto.”

The planned WEF ID2020 social credit crypto slavery system can’t work now that the Omega-Kronos quantum AI system is dead –

“Never mind having a global world domination social crediting system in which you’re going to turn us all into cyborgs, and shut us out of the system if we don’t comply. It’s never going to work. You can never create a centralized control system like you had, because Omega and Kronos are gone. Let me repeat myself – World Economic Forum people, to the Dragon Families, to the Order of the Black Sun – Omega, Kronos, Dominion…are gone. The Swarm – the archons, which is Kronos – is gone. They’re not coming back. You don’t have any legs to stand on. It is over! No alien race – no matter how many times you call – is going to come save you.”

So, then what happened? They called a meeting…which was at the Pentagon. So, these were generals and admirals. There was a closed door meeting that took place before the main meeting at 2pm Eastern Standard Time. So, they all started talking about the events of yesterday. Where did everybody go? All the missing people…and they came to the conclusion that it couldn’t have been me.

They talked about me. They talked about the fact that they know I’m behind all of this stuff. But, that’s not what they told people in the 2pm meeting. They can’t acknowledge that it’s me, because I’m a girl. Couldn’t be beat by a girl. So, it had to have been a force from elsewhere that did all of this.”

“People are going, ‘The white hats are going to save us. The military’s going to save us. Well, the military all sat around in this meeting – the people who run the Pentagon – these people…were having discussions about blowing up Times Square during the ball dropping. They were having discussions about blowing up Iraq, Syria. You know, how long can we keep the war in Ukraine going. How do we get out of paying all those heads of state we paid with suitcases [of worthless SuperNotes] to start wars, conflicts, participate in the lockdowns and all that?”

“We are going to launch Life Force Assurance this year. Everything they’re doing is bouncing off our system. There is no more access. We have figured it out. We are clean and clear. We will launch that this year, for sure.”

“The Fed was the front for the people you call the Khazarian Mafia, or the Order of the Dragon. Now, people refer to the Khazarian Mafia as fake Jewish people when they’re really satanists – the line of Solomon – but, that also goes for the Asian people, the Indonesians, the Austrians, the Russians, the Middle Eastern people, the Germans. Everyone participating in the Order of the Dragon would have been the board above the board of the Federal Reserve. So, Mr. Li could call and say what’s going to happen with the dollar at any given time, and Powell would pick up the phone and listen.”

“What they came up with to pitch to these people – there were probably a few hundred people, they were people like maybe the CEO of JPMorgan Chase Bank, people that normally would not be in such a meeting – …was the promise of a title. No promises of money…everybody is going broke. It was a recruiting session, essentially.

They went to the next tier down of people that normally would get a phone call. Central bankers. Some of the Tier 1 banks…being invited to be a member of the elite! But, it doesn’t look they’re are many people buying into their recruiting process. Pretty much, after watching that meeting happen…I’ve completely given up all hope of ever having a conversation or working relationship or anything with any general, any of those people.”

“We will not have a liquidity crisis, a run on the banks. That will not happen. Now, mainstream media can create mass hysteria, but we will not let that happen. The money is there. They can’t make it go away anymore. The line of Solomon agreements are expired. They no longer have control. Go see your archivists. All currencies in the world – and they’re hundreds of them – they are currently gold backed. That means we are returning to an asset based trading system.”

“The cleanup process is going very well. The ascension process is going very well. Your soul memories are going to start coming back. As natural, original universal law comes back into play, we can stop having conversations about guns and wars and governments and all of these things, because it doesn’t look like they’re going to exist much longer.”

“We have already begun the initiation process into the full spirit of light, so to speak. There is another group I don’t talk about that much, called the Council of Nine, and they are what you would consider angels. They work directly for Source, under the will of Source. Now that we have predominantly transitioned to the side of the light and as the remnants of darkness clear, Source has given them the order…to fully…transition to the side of the light, which they are very happy about. And, they will, in turn, initiate us as the final ‘nexus planet’ to go through this transition.”

“We’re not looking for an ID2020 program. We’re looking for a freedom program. A sovereign program. And, with sovereignty comes responsibility, you know. Everybody’s going to hold you accountable now. There’s no more playing games and reassess blame games, and create the problem be the solution games. You can’t be that way when everybody is firing on all cylinders.”

“For those of you who don’t know, the NSA is predominantly married to The Order of the Dragon. So…since it’s been decided among The Order of the Dragon that the Chinese will be at the helm going forward, you could pretty much say that the NSA is a Chinese organization acting on behalf of…The Order and the wishes of The Order and the takeover of the United States.”

The “Orion Protocols,” in place during the past 30,000 years, recently expired –

“So, that’s good for us, because we don’t have to deal with those reptilians anymore and their offspring and off-shoots and they’re officially…out of power and out of time and out of money.”

Of the recently passed US 2023 $900 billion “defense” bill,

“Bills eventually land in the Hall of Records for ratification and for payment. But, I don’t have any contract with those people anymore, and I run the Hall of Records. And, also, where the money comes from. So, I’m not really interested in seeing that. It’ll just be rejected like all the rest of them.”

“All militaries in the world and all [“intelligence”] agencies are corporations. They fall under the Order of the Black Sun, who managed them on behalf of the Order of the Dragon, until that commitment expired in 2018. That’s when they started their plan to dominate the world, under the Artemis Accords, which they signed with the Abraxas.”

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