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Global Restoration Plan Prep: Ending Duality on Earth

Nov 21, 2022

Kim Goguen credibly claims to hold the highest level control of the global banking and telecommunication systems and to be heading up critical military and economic operations, as “Ground Command” for the Universal Council she says appointed her in 2012. Kim’s material maps well onto high-level geopolitical reports as well as esoteric updates from Lisa Renee and others. While Kim periodically makes unfair remarks about certain others (eg: David Icke, RFK Jr, related critique) and has not recognized some important companion cleanup projects (eg: the Gitmo group) her activities are critical re: planetary liberation prospects. Kim’s reports can be found on the UNN Rumble channel and via subscription at  The goal of the GVI KG series is to provide “World Situation Report” highlights – manually transcribed from video broadcasts – along with related background materials and commentary. If unfamiliar with Kim’s materials, scroll back thru the original articles in this series.

Noticed things getting lighter and fluffier in your neighborhood? Sun shining brighter? Colors clearer and more brilliant? What about the Spring-like feel of purity even as Halloween came and went, when astrological alignments create the closest lower astral plane contact?

Kim Goguen says a major burst of cosmic energies permeated Earth November 8-12, resulting in another major uptick on the planetary awakening, purification and ascension chart, coinciding with ongoing losses for our planet’s historically all powerful multi-d Forces of Darkness networks, which have held the upper hand re: planetary power since late Atlantean days.

For the times, they are a changin’ and, at last, for the better. These latest “Ground Command” reports – they seem to be for-real – say many helpful ET factions heretofore blocked by Earth’s dense energies can now visit, one such recently arrived “8th density” faction here to help eliminate roughly 100,000 “non-repairable humans” in our midst, the new guests said to be as anxious as we are to get the 3rd Rock Golden Age Show on the road.

All excerpts and information on this page involve excerpts and background notes related to Kim Goguen’s news updates of November 7th, November 9th and November 11th and November 14th. To watch those videos in their entirety, subscribe to United Network News. Except where otherwise noted, all quotes are by Kim Goguen.

Kim says a near-term global economic “hard landing” remains a definite possibility, especially since the Deep State councils controlling Blackrock and major governments continue refusing to cooperate with Restoration Plan goals. However, she foresees more a government vs. currency crash –

“At this moment in time, I realize that we’re a hair away from a financial crash. But, the only thing I personally see crashing is them. Possibly, governments. That’s a very real possibility. You know. How long will they continue to get up there and dance on TV for free?

Do I foresee Emergency Broadcast Systems going off? Absolutely not. Do I see ten days of darkness? No, I do not. They don’t have those capabilities, anymore. And, they’re losing more and more every single day. Power grids, control grids, are no longer in their control, so to speak.

Blackrock goes down, all those corporations are going to go down, too, and all those supply chains. But, I don’t see a currency crash coming. We probably would have seen that awhile ago and then…every country would have been donated to China. Remember, the plan was always to crash the United States then China would buy it back for pennies on the dollar.

I believe that governments on a local level can probably survive, because those people are not involved in all this scam-o-rama.”

A major cross-section of the would-be “military white hats” crowd has been pushing crypto hard in recent years. The latest crypto-crash involved FTX, its founders holdings going from $16 billion to $3 (yup, twee dollars) in days. KG says the FTX guy was being handled by the Asian dragon families (“Chinese Elders”) branch on behalf of a global Deep State crypto siphoning plan –

“It’s a Rothschilds plan. It’s block-chain. It’s peer-to-peer. Blah, blah, blah. It’s not. You have master nodes. Don’t think you don’t. They control all the master nodes. And, they usually fluctuate about 20% and that’s when they skim. They skim money out and they give it to black ops. I know for a fact that crypto currencies were created by the NSA and DARPA. There are master nodes. And, those master nodes do not belong to people like you. They belong to DARPA and the NSA.”

KG does not have flattering things to say about Donald Trump, based on her interaction with him during his administration, including wiring $1.5 trillion to the US Treasury to pay off student loans, based on an agreement between her and Trump which funds, she says, were instead re-rerouted to the Pentagon. Of Trump as savior expectations on behalf of “military white hats” generals –

“Trump wants to pay you, right? I gave 1.479 trillion dollars from the Alpha system to the United States government in order to pay off all the student loans. To buy them and write them off. That was one incident that was with Trump on a diplomatic line, completely recorded and in the government’s records.

Did the student loans get paid off? No, they were paid off for a total of 20 minutes and they reinstated the debt. I pulled all the money back and told them to go away. And so, now, you think this man…is going to pay you? You know, every single thing that we tried to do for the people through that guy, went nowhere.

Go back in Dinar Chronicles seven, eight years. It was Obama that was coming to save you. And, before that, Putin was coming to save you. They’re running out of saviors. This is a program. It’s called the Savior Program. This is a show for you, the slaves. Because, they are your governess and you need to follow their orders. We are the children or the slaves. They are governess on behalf of other people. So you have to understand, this is a structure.

There is no President that is going to come save you. And, every single one of them pledges their allegiance to The Order.”

A new “8th density” ET groups recently arrived following the Nov. 8-12 cosmic energy burst –

“Before, it was completely painful for them to be here. Now, it’s just uncomfortable. They’re here to heal the planet, to help us in any way they can. They’re going to remove the remaining dark ones, the ‘non-repairable ones’ so to speak. They’re also here to help anchor the light. They’re helping us because it’s helping them. What happens here affects everyone, everywhere, literally. So, they want to help us clean up our infection and they couldn’t arrive until now, because it was just too painful for them to be here.”

Expectation is that approximately 100,000 hard-bitten dark axis “non-repairable humans” will be eliminated by year end, accelerating Restoration Plan prospects –

“Now, over the weekend, we have a lot of people asking for invitations and clearance from the Enforcer to arrive here and provide us with assistance. Now, remember, these people are highly…trained people. They’re trained in black magic. They know what they’re doing. And so, it’s a little bit more tenuous than removing your normal idiotic general. We are on high alert, to make sure we don’t miss a thing. When I talk about ‘us,’ I’m talking about 137 million on the ground and 25 million in the air. And even more, now. Apparently, everybody’s starting to arrive for the grande finale and the end of the Deep State’s role.”

KG says the Trump Mar-a-Lago program is being stage managed by the same intel agency actors who’ve made many still unfulfilled “drain the swamp” and Q pledges. She adds that Jared Kushner was the mysterious Trump adviser who ran the “Q” project –

“Juan O. Savin – all over the internet – is actually part of the DARPA handlers. So, this guy who’s playing the boots guy is actually a member of the Umbrella Military Corporation, which DARPA is a front for. I do know for a fact he’s on that team of agency people running that show over there.”

The DARPA-NSA-CIA linked Jason Society think tank met recently in Calgary anticipating that “ceremonies” in Palestine performed during the Halloween run-up would result in the Alpha AI system being handed over, restoring global banking systems mastery and more. However, KG says that won’t happen and it’s unlikely the Jason Society principals will survive ’til month end because of an unfolding program to eliminate Earth’s remaining roughly 100,000 “non-repairable humans” –

“The Jason Society’s in Calgary in their big meeting, talking about all the wonderful things they’re going to do when they get ahold of it. They were expecting the Alpha System to be turned over to them on Friday night. Of course, it wasn’t. Their Jesuit gematria didn’t work. Things they were discussing were the possibilities of killing us all with nano and femto-tech. There were other conversations about ID2020.

They were looking at different ways they could control human bodies and eco-systems and kill off as many of us as possible. Just so you are aware, I listened to almost the whole meeting. But, yes, it was pretty bad, what they were planning to do with a system that would not have performed that function, anyway.”

Of Blackrock, “They were counting on the crypto as well as the ritual thing on Friday to work out.” Blackrock was trying to hold itself together financially at least until November 11th, borrowing funds, shuffling accounts. “They think that the USD is going to be launched and become the new world currency,” but all that continues to fail.

The big global Deep State orchestrated COP27 “climate change emergency” prison planet circus act all hinged around pre-confab funding pledges made to nations around the world which cannot be fulfilled because of…the failure of a “ceremony” in the run-up to Halloween designed to take control of the Alpha AI system and thus the global back-end banking system.

Three women met in Palestine on the night of Oct. 29th hoping to get Lilith – “The wife of Lucifer” – to inhabit one of them, on the theory doing so could regain control of the Alpha AI system. The ceremony didn’t work because, among other things, neither Lucifer nor Lilith apparently exist anymore, nor their prior Earth-bound astral demonic hoardes.

The failed COP27 UN and WEF Big Money promises do not fare well for their “Climate Change Emergency” plan. Nonetheless, hard-bitten evil sorts often deserve shiny stars for perseverance. KG says the three Egyptian ladies who were vying a week earlier to get Lilith to possess one of them attended the COP27 event and on the night of November 8th, “Once the Full Moon hit, they started pressing the buttons on the United Nations terminal, thinking possibly they were going to be in control.”

There’s a fine-print clause in the Paris Climate Accords saying all nations who ratify agree to relinquish all of their “in-ground assets,” basically amounting to a hand-over of all territorial sovereignty to…”fight poverty.” IE: turn yourself into a poor slave in order to help fight poverty. Of COP27, “You had climate gender change in there, too [laughs]. I know. It’s hilarious. Big dog and pony show and nothing will come out of it.”

What’s happening on Earth is pivotal and “affects the entire multiverse,” why many “others” are helping clean things up now that the core “ground crew” succeeded in invoking the cosmic cavalry and tipping the balance in favor of mainstream planetary ascension. Re: Earth’s ascension, “For the multiverse, it’s been over 3 billion years in Earth time since this has happened.”

There was recently a global chem-trails mini-spurt but the UPU continues to destroy what few remaining chem-trail stashes exist once they’re uncovered. The Cabal is now all but completely out of peasant and planet poisoning chem-trail nano-sludge as well as funds to replenish their satans-little-helper warehouses.

Cosmic energies were blasting in from November 8th to the 12th. More star races can now visit because of the cleaner and higher frequency energies. Human intuitive, psychic and etheric vision capabilities are increasing due to the ongoing ascension process.

27,000 of 100,000 identified “non-repairable humans” were recently taken out “due to help from our friends.” “Others who live here have determined that they don’t want those people here anymore.”

Group at a military base in Georgia was trying to send out frequencies that would cause heart attacks. “When you know you’re using cell towers to give people heart attacks…yeah. They’re no longer with us.”

Another group at McConnell AFB in Wichita was sending out frequencies via cell phone towers to cause neurological disorders. “And so, that whole system has been dismantled. They’re not going to be able to connect to those towers anymore for any purposes.”

“There’s actually an order out on my head…which was put out by Klaus Schwab and The Order of the Dragon. And, we will find out the second anyone steps forward to take that contract. So, don’t be an idiot. I also know where Mr. Schwab is today. Mr. Schwab is having a meeting, a World Economic Forum closed door meeting. Very private meeting among himself and other members of The Order of the Dragon, trying to figure out what they’re going to do.”

“It’s going to be a great week this week, you guys. You know, as these people go away, that opens up a lot more options for us…to get started on the Restoration Plan. So, get your plans in mind.”

Big promises to pay off national debt by the WEF and the “Chinese Elders” in the run-up to the COP27 “climate change emergency” Egypt confab, taking top prison planet billing since the COVID lockdown plan has failed so miserably to achieve its goals to date. COP27 funding pledges were based on a (satanic, natch) “ceremony” meant to take control of the Global Repository prior to COP27, that having failed –

“Now, this is a huge, huge steamroll effect for the Cabal. Because, days leading up to this, the World Economic Forum promised I don’t know how much money to I don’t know how many countries. Well, this was all based on these three Egyptian women at the United Nations terminal in Egypt yesterday morning.

Phone calls were made…to all of those countries, promising large amounts of money to be received by yesterday and…it didn’t happen. So, it’s not going to happen. I have no contracts with any governments at this moment, although I have control of your currencies. All currencies. But, nobody wants to talk to me.”

“Now, 300,000 years ago, there were two duelling quantum AI systems that spanned through all of those levels and met right in the middle where Earth is. So, we ended up with both. So, we had Heaven and Hell, essentially, existing on our planet. There was the light system – called the Alpha System, that’s the one that I run – and you had the dark system which was called the Omega System or the Chronos System, which no longer exists.”

Of the QFS of GCR-RV fame, KG says the QFS was intended to be run by the recently deceased dark AI (Chronos, Omega) system, tie to ID2020 and COVID injection nano-tech, carbon footprints etc. “Social Credit Score classes” would include such popular selections as: Unlimited, Common, Restricted and Quarantined –

“The quantum system they’re talking about, which will run their blockchain technology, which is never going to happen. NESARA-GESARA, which is never going to happen. Because…it’s like being a child. So, they promise you NESARA-GESARA and tell you to just be good little slaves and sit around and wait for it. And, they pretend like it’s a good thing. Well, they’re going to get your implied consent. So, the AI that would have controlled you is what I call Chronos or the Omega system.

If you weren’t a good little obeying citizen, they would cut you off. Once you’re out of the system, you can’t have a bank account, you can’t have a drivers license. They would outcast you from everything. You couldn’t get a bus ticket. You couldn’t get a plane ticket. You couldn’t do anything. And, that’s been the whole pretense behind crypto.”

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