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A 3rd Conversation Between Dr. Michael Salla & Elena Danaan


This is a fascinating conversation between our world’s leading ET topic researcher and author – Dr. Michael Salla of fame – and life-long “ET experiencer,” Elena Danaan. This third conversation between Dr. Salla and Elena – a follow-on to this exchange last month – was published in early April, 2021. While not as prolific an author as Michael Salla, Elena is the author of the remarkable book, A Gift from the Stars. Her personal website is

Elena speaks of her Pleaidean fleet commander friend and information source, Thoran, and activities she claims his “Galactic Federation Alliance” (GFA) network is involved with right now, centering upon a pitched war against Earth Cabal factions, esp. their “negative ET associates” (primarily Draco and Greys) located on Mars and the Moon. She is reporting that, at long last, the GFA has stopped leaning on its increasingly thin “non-intervention” crutch. Thin because, by all credible accounts, powerful negative ET factions have been involved in controlling Earth affairs – via government, social and religious leaders and major institutions – forever and a day, often violating “Prime Directive” tenets via sophisticated deception, coercion and the use of extremely advanced technologies in pursuit of hard-bitten “service to self” priorities.

The Good News, is that, according to Elena – and, it seems Dr. Salla takes her seriously – while there remain many serious challenges ahead, the battle is going well.

Transcript excerpts

MS: So, really, the Galactic Federation is actually physically fighting not just against Reptilian and Orion extraterrestrials but also against the Germans that are part of the Dark Fleet?

ED: Yes, what Thoran said to me is that, well, afterwards that there is an alliance between this – he called it from the Antarctica Alliance, with Reptilians and Tall Whites from the Altair system he named Aldebaran…then there’s the Orion Greys – the Orion group. But, all of these people have outposts on Mars. So, Mars…belongs to, uh, the Reptilian collective which is a collective of…Ciakars [aka: Draco] from Alpha Draconis and Rigel and the Orion group. They call it a collective.

So…on Mars there are, I think, there are at least two…human facilities…like terrorized or half-enslaved by reptilians. And…in this human facility there are…military elites and people…who have high positions on Earth who can go there. There is a portal on Earth that allows them to just teleport there. It’s in United States.

After I saw the Dark Fleet, etc, a lady contacted me. She’s doing remote viewing. She said, “Oh, I just saw your video. And, a week ago I made a video and she…remote viewed a meeting on Mars with a reptilian officer who was meeting humans. And she said there was someone from NASA. There was Elon Musk and different people with militaries. And…they were very angry because were saying that they were about to get to be attacked, and they were they were scared and panicked because they were about to be attacked. That was a week ago that matches with what I saw.

MS: People who have been revealing the Secret Space Program information they talk about the Mars facilities. They talk about the Germans having established their headquarters there. They also talk about…an Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate [ICC] which basically produces a lot of high-tech equipment that is then sold or given over to the Dark Fleet. So, I would assume that this big base dominated by the reptilians…was built between corporations connected in some way with the US Military-Industrial Complex and so that brings in the Area 51 connection and Stephen Chua…the Singapore super-soldier and his involvement. It all makes sense.

ED: It is great that you are able to understand and make the links and confirm. It’s absolutely amazing and, wow, so this is really important. Because, this is only recently that the Galactic Federation has decided to start attacking these bases on Mars belonging to these extraterrestrial groups.

MS: And, I assume that’s related to something we discussed a couple of weeks ago, when we were talking about this galactic tyranny in the future that could be traced to the Earth the Moon and Mars; that the Galactic Federation is very concerned about this because they were told by the Andromeda Council that a galactic tyranny would come from those three planets. So, for the Galactic Federation to take action against Mars means…they’re in a very active role now of not just observing, not just interfering in subtle ways but actually military actions on Mars. So, when did that begin, Elena…where they would openly start attacking bases owned by the different extraterrestrial groups either on Earth or on Mars or on the Moon? When did that begin?

ED: I think just a few years ago. Maybe four, three, four years ago, they started they created this alliance that they call the Earth Alliance to work alongside the earth militaries. I would say the benevolent side, to start operations in the undergrounds. Because, in the underground, the DUMBS – as we call them, the deep underground military bases… – it is full of reptilian extraterrestrial Ciakars [aka: Draco] and Greys. Uh, there are uh astro-ports and it’s…I mean, our militaries, our armies, they’re not able to fight them. It’s suicide. So, that’s when the Galactic Federation decided to make this alliance and break a little bit of the law of non-intervention. Because, that was really necessary to help assist…these people underground, these beings. So, that was three or four years ago, I think. About two months ago…they were starting to…deactivate satellites in orbit of Earth, satellites that were meant to control people.

It’s like, the Germans, they cannot kill them, because that would be really breaking their law. But, what they can do is getting us rid of all the other…they removed all the Greys facilities that were on the Moon. So, they are liberating the Moon…he said that’s secured for the moment. They are going to try to retake it – the Greys – but for the moment it’s quite stable. Just last week, they have started raids on Mars and he said to me, that’s going to be a very, very long job, because – that can take months or years, I don’t know – that there is resistance…on Mars and these people are Reptilians.

MS: That’s fascinating…because I’ve also heard that there’s indigenous Reptilian and indigenous insectoid life forms on Mars that go back many hundreds of thousands of years. They’ve been there a long, long time, but they live underground. And the Ciakars [aka: Draco] came and other groups came to establish bases and dominate the surface of Mars. But, yeah that makes sense. So, as I understand it, then Elena so roughly four years ago you know the the Earth alliances formed and the Earth Alliance was giving permission for the Galactic Federation to come in and and clean up a lot of the extraterrestrial bases um Earth, like the deep underground bases where there were joint extraterrestrial…we call it the Deep State or the Cabal. You know, they had joint facilities. And that they had – I assume they were fairly successful in eliminating all of the extraterrestrial DUMBS or most of them – and then after that operation was complete then they began to do the same thing on the Moon. And then, just a couple of weeks ago, that operation was finished and now they’re starting on Mars. Is that kind of like the sequence?

ED: Yes, it’s exactly how I understood it.

ED: Everything that we’re seeing recently with the lock-downs and the reaction…that people are suffering from around the world, that actually was that was planned a long, long time ago. In fact, I have written a few stories about someone in the City of London talking about – in 2005 – that there were plans for a kind of disease that would come from China, that would go all around the world. That was back in 2005. I’ve talked about that.

And so, these satellites then presumably were built…so that when things started to happen, that these satellites could be activated to control people…and there’s a mother computer which is buried under USA somewhere. This “mother computer,” as he calls it, it’s supposed to be the brain…like a spider that’s the central core…it’s like a hive intelligence. But again, they – the Greys or the Orions – …they get the humans to build it. Again, the same way of circumventing this non-interference principle…getting the subject race to build the technology to suppress themselves. It is like their facilities on Mars. They get these facilities to be built by humans and get humans to live in them, so they cannot be destroyed.

MS: So, the question I have now is are the satellites that were destroyed or deactivated are they separate to Elon Musk’s Starlink network? I think he plans to put like 30,000 satellites up there. Is that a separate thing or is the Galactic Federation destroying older satellites that have been up there for five, ten years?

ED: The Elon Musk project is a part of it…but, there is a competition…and Elon Musk is competing with another corporation. I don’t know who it is, but they’re all competing to take over, and the one who will…have the control about – imagine – everyone on the whole planet. So, it’s a competition. Elon Musk is part of this…but there are…so many satellites from different people. This remote viewer who contacted me…so, he was attending a meeting on Mars in the human main facility…with reptilian officers, they were represent, there were representatives of NASA and she saw as well Elon Musk and there were others.

MS: The agenda of the negative or the draconian Reptilian Grey alliance with the Cabal – with the Deep State – is, you know, their plan is to control humanity through this kind of satellite system that is is put up there so that it can then monitor or influence people who have had their DNA altered by the “the Jab” and Plan B is an alien false flag event.

ED: Thoran had warned me about that. They said, they are going to…because humanity is awakening and opening in consciousness, and they realize that they’re a sovereign being and that they can rescind the agreements made with the Greys on their behalf, and they can stand up and request assistance to the Galactic Federation or the good galactic community. As in, as equals, humanity starts to realize that.

MS: Well, I just want to finish up with one more question. You did say that – in one of your recent updates – that you’ve seen the future and it’s a glorious future. So, what did you see? How did you see that?

ED: Thoran showed it to me. One day, the vision I had was everybody going down in the streets and laughing and hugging each other, dancing, hugging each other, saying “It’s over! It’s over! It’s over!” That gives me hope. But, more than this, Thoran showed to me that…timelines are not fixed. The future is not fixed. He said, “I am very confident this is stable timeline.” So, this timeline, although we are going to go through bad times again, in the meantime, this timeline is positive.

So, yeah, there’s going to be…more confusion…you don’t know what to think. Who is good or is bad? And ,that’s the most horrible thing, confusion. So, that’s the whole last attempt of the Deep State…to hold us down. So, beware if you feel confused, if all you believe is being rocked upside down. Do the meditation. Go inside. Be the rock in the storm and it will pass. So, that is going to happen. It is the last moves of the…the beast. The dying beast, it tries to bite at the last moment.

Yeah, so after that’s gonna pass and there is going to be free energy released. The whole century that we had stolen, technologically, will be given back. We have been given technology by the federation and the Andromedan Council that has been stolen from us by the Deep State that is going to be released…free energy…anti-gravity and other stuff. Food will be super cheap because of free energy.

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