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Fall of the Cabal Chronicles

Aug 13, 2023

Kim Goguen credibly claims to hold the highest level control of the global banking and telecommunication systems and to be heading up critical military and economic operations, as “Ground Command” for the Universal Council she says appointed her in 2012. Kim’s material maps well onto high-level geopolitical reports as well as esoteric updates from Lisa Renee and others. While Kim periodically makes unfair remarks about certain others (eg: David Icke, RFK Jr, related critique) and has not recognized some important companion cleanup projects (eg: the Gitmo group) her activities are critical re: planetary liberation prospects. Kim’s reports can be found on the UNN Rumble channel and via subscription at  The goal of the GVI KG series is to provide “World Situation Report” highlights – manually transcribed from video broadcasts – along with related background materials and commentary. If unfamiliar with Kim’s materials, scroll back thru the original articles in this series.

In the informal competition to put in place a New and Better World vs. the global Hunger Games plan that our beloved governments – and UN and EU bureaucrats, banksters, military-intel leaders, etc. – have been pushing for, Kim Goguen’s support looks to be critical. Anna von Reitz and Russell Jay Gould being notable also-rans, neither they nor anyone else matches Kim’s claims nor apparent operational prowess. While any part of Kim’s info may be incorrect, it’s relative certain that the broad outlines are on target.

Reading summaries of Kim’s updates sidesteps significant “You know?” and “Right?” phraseology in the video originals, and ties together various loose-end detours. Kim continues to insist that Donald Trump died in early 2022 and has since been played by an “agency actor.” She derogatorily refers to Trump as the “orange man” or, at times, the “dead guy.” While human clones definitely exist, it stretches imagination to think that Donald Trump of the past year is an agency guy in a rubber mask. Yet, babies and bathwater, it’s possible 95% of Kim’s info is accurate but not 5%. Her narratives continue to track better than any others out there, per tying together many otherwise disparate puzzle pieces – political, financial, economic, military, energetic and esoteric.

A separate question is whether anyone should have the powers Kim evidently has – per control of what she calls the quantum Alpha AI system and its control of…just about everything – when her critiques are sometimes biased, and when she admits to periodically making major errors. Like, giving the worst and most powerful of bad institutional actors in our world somewhere upwards of $50 trillion in 2012 because, per her own account, she didn’t realize that she…shouldn’t have.

This said, thank God – whether you prefer “God the Mother,” “God the Father” or “Source” flavors – Earth finally looks to have someone as honest, compassionate and responsible as Kim in a “Planetary Guardian” role. IE: versus Marduk, the Dracos and Satanists…constituting the upper levels of Earth’s management structure throughout the post-Atlantean era until recently.

All excerpts on this page are from Kim Goguen’s UNN “World Situation” reports, aired between July 3rd to July 26th, 2023.

“We’re no stranger to getting rid of the Deep State. We’re now down to the Order of the Dragon and names that you know. Opus Dei. Popes. Banksters.”

“The creation of the RV by the Rothschilds and the Order of the Dragon…was so that patriots would have a distraction and be constantly waiting for something to happen and pushing around pallets of cash. And, you think you’re going to be funding the United States…and saving the US economy. But, you are doing nothing of the sort. Under this plan – the World Domination Plan of 1975 – the Federal Reserve would have moved to Hong Kong after decimation of the United States. And, of course, it would have been run by China. The RV is all a distraction to burn the United States to the ground…in every aspect. Then, they would have control with Central Bank Digital Currencies [CBDCs] when the Federal Reserve moved to Hong Kong.”

“Another agreement…expired last night. That was the Abraxas agreement with the Dark Overlord [Lucifer] for ownership of the planet and all the souls on it. It’s like, ‘Batteries included.’ Earth and all the batteries on it. The Abraxas ruled the planet, then they assigned the Draco their position – you know, Marduk and Anu, and so on and so forth – as management. As ‘Lords of the Land,’ so to speak. So, a few billion years later, that agreement finally expired. It was based on stipulations – between Source and Dark Source – that were definitely skewed over the years. But, it wasn’t any of those things, once we got to about a billion and a half years ago. This gave them the right to loosh us and a lot of things in the grey zone, that weren’t technically breaking the agreement. But, they definitely were.”

The FedNow system reportedly launched but Kim says it’s been repeatedly blocked and will not be allowed to function. Meanwhile, top US military generals are said to realize that $2.3 trillion Kim put in the GIA account – the Global Intelligence Agency – is real,

“There have been a lot of meetings happening on various military bases. The operatives and agency people and military generals…are starting to finally realize what’s really going on. Because, you know, it’s like rank and file among these folks. You say, ‘Run through the streets naked singing Christmas songs in the middle of July,’ they’ll do it. So, the fence-walkers have now seen the amount of money that’s there. They also know that the 10% for GIA security is there, and that’s a lot of money. $2.3 trillion dollars. And, we’ve sent money out of that account, as well. They know that the money’s real. It’s not fake servers. It’s not ‘Chinese Elders.’ Not any of that. So, we are definitely moving forward.”

On behalf of the Order of the Dragon, top UN generals were recently trying to get North Korea to launch nuclear missiles against the United States,

“Like I said, this is a real war. You can’t anticipate what your enemy is going to do. Because of all the havoc that the United Nation has caused…we had to declare, yesterday, the United Nations a global terrorist organization. And, I listed all the reasons why. Burning the Koran. Sending out nuclear submarines. The potential terrorist attack on the United States. Global financial system attacks. All things that warrant them to be declared an international terrorist organization and an enemy of state. We also declared NATO a terrorist organization and enemy of state. Once this was done, that gave us the right to start hunting these [UN and Jesuit] generals and their cohorts down like dogs. And, as of this morning, they do not exist. All 86 of them. Now, these were the ones that were predominantly at the head [of the UN system].”

“We are past our date of the 30th [June 30th] and it’s my understanding that the Federal Reserve had a very difficult time getting in the door this morning. I don’t know if they posted an eviction notice or not. Maybe the locks were changed. So, the asset seizing is on. Also, any remaining bonds or treasury notes or anything else the Federal Reserve was hanging onto are also now ours. We have taken all of those. We have also taken the remainder of the UN’s bonds. World Bank bonds. COVID bonds. You-name-it bonds that were coming out of the World Bank and the IMF…we now have them all, for every country in the world. So, we have seized all of their financial assets as of this moment in time. So, this is definitely a positive. I can think of many things the United Nations does, around the world, to consider them a terrorist organization on US soil.”

“The US Treasury was nationalized this weekend. The US Mint was also nationalized this weekend. All these steps are being taken to secure the funding for the Treasury department and for the country and government. To get things moving in the right direction, all these steps had to be taken. The Federal Reserve no longer issues allocation numbers for every currency in the world. That is done by the Curator of Currency, which is me. So now, if people need new allocation numbers to print new currency – not only physical cash but, also, digital currency – they have to come to this office. So, everybody now knows this is what is going to happen. Do you think that caused confusion before the recent BRICS meeting? All these people are now coming to the conclusion that it’s just a dream.”

“So, on Tuesday night, the elders of the Order of the Dragon – the blue dragon, specifically, so your Rothschild families – …went to Balmoral Castle. Remember, that’s where Chuckie’s ‘second oath’ happened [“King Charles”]. So, the ‘Chosen Ones,’ as they call themselves, went there. And, there’s a little pyramid on the grounds there at Balmoral. They all tried to ‘jump down’ to the ‘new Earth’ [on the lower astral planes] to prepare for their ‘Kingship of the Damned.’ That would be us, the damned.

All in preparation for what they thought was going to happen last night. Nothing happened, except that they are all no longer with us. Everything you’re seeing in the news right now about Russia’s doing this and Korea’s doing that, all tie into the orders they were giving – to the United Nations and NATO – before they entered conclave.

So, by yesterday at 4pm GMT time, somebody entered the conclave facility…and realized everybody was dead. Probably about 40 or so at Balmoral Castle.  Given that they had given orders to cause an Islamic uprising, send nuclear submarines here and there, under natural law, it’s pretty much considered self-defence.”

“The UN propaganda machine was in full force last week. They had picked all their special people in the alt media and, here we go, ‘Kim’s an AI’ again. And, Kim’s this and Kim’s that. All these people were just firing at me for about four days. Not just in social media. We had people that tried to show up here. They won’t take me out because I’m a battery, but a different kind of battery, as are the other few thousand people we have still fighting this fight. We’re a different kind of battery for them. And, you know, there are some rules you just don’t break.”

“The orders would come down through the Dark Mirrors. And, that is where the Coven Masters would go, to get the orders and instructions. They would go to one of those seven locations in the world. The Coven Masters would then pass them down through their operatives. So, these would be your higher level operatives like Umbrella military corporation. Delphi. So on and so forth. And, this would happen every year like clockwork. Well, the last time this happened was…2019. And, there came the orders for COVID, for wars. And, money and contracts came and everybody set out to do what they were supposed to be doing.”

“I have no idea what the 15 [SSP] militaries are going to do. Are they going to finally say, ‘Well, we lost.’ Of course, the Fed continued to try to install the FedNow system all weekend. That didn’t work out.”

Earth’s apex ‘illuminati’ structure said to have held a “Day of Destiny” meeting every seven years in which high-level plans for the next seven years were made, Anu attending, Marduk serving as his eye-of–the-capstone regent on Earth past 10,000 plus years,

“The meeting, many, many years ago, used to be a meeting between the angels and the demons, for lack of better terms. And, they would talk about how they were going to accommodate each other’s wishes, under the guise of balance. Because, we were supposed to have balance. But, things haven’t been balanced here for over 250,000 years, as you know. Those meetings morphed to being meetings between…the Draco, and the Mantids and the Abraxas. And, the demons. And, nobody from the Light side included in thousands of years. For thousands of years…the one thing The Order knew, was that Anu would come back every seven years. The last time he came back was in 2016, at the first meeting that year.

So, these people determined the fate of the world, along with their master…the Dark Overlord. For aeons. The Order was expecting a machine to fire up…in Mt. Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. This is also the main place where the Omega System used to connect to Earth. And, they were all there on Friday. All of them thought that this mechanism was designed to have Anu come back and inhabit one of their bodies.

SoCom – Pentagon Southern Command – was actually watching by satellite what was happening…at Mt. Kilimanjaro. Because, they had a vested interest. They got word back that everybody is now gone and nothing in there worked. And, they got very angry. They contacted the UN and NATO, and let them know that this didn’t work. Turns out, we now know who is crazy in our military. Isn’t that wonderful?

“The next location where they were doing what they do with goats and babies, was at Mt. Denali in Alaska. The next was Mt. Chimborazo in Ecuador. These demons…the ‘Seven Sleepers,’ were in stasis in Mecca underneath the Black Cube. Now, the Islamic community has always been told that these are angels, that will some day be raised up. Now, that day was supposed to be Saturday. And, it didn’t work out. The secret meeting that happened last night was among the Rothschilds. And, they don’t know what happened. Why did this not work? Why didn’t he [Anu] come back? Why didn’t the demons inhabit Mecca? Why did nothing work out?”

“It’s important to understand, the Federal Reserve used to be the issuing party for all currencies, worldwide. Because, they were formed under The Omega Project and supported by my predecessor [Marduk]. Bush Sr. created the Non-Compete Plan, to further the transition of power to China. We all know he was evil. We all know he was the Black Dragon [head of the global Order of the Black Sun]. The Non-Compete Plan was about control of every industry in the world.”

“For the 41 nations who’ve already accepted to go to Central Bank Digital Currency…they’ve been told you need to put up all your in-ground assets. They’ve been trying to register BLM land here for years to the Shanghai Exchange, which I’ve prevented a bazillion times. In-ground assets in Africa and everywhere else would’ve been included, and we would all have been communists in the very near future.”

“Every country in the world was promised that their central bank digital currency [CBDC] would be live by today, July 1st. They tried to file the agreement three or four times, again, over the weekend. And then, they began hacking again. Some of it is kind of comical, actually. These 15 SSP militaries are not wanting the planet to change. They are on the side of the Order, wanting to maintain their quote-unquote ‘way of life.’ They have a lot of people in tow. Agency people. Scientists. Technologies far more advanced than what we have seen in our world. And, they do know how to use them.”

“In the US government, there are people that have decided to work together with us. They have gotten the list – that I sent – of people who eat babies and also, for example, work at the Treasury Department. People who eat babies that may be in other government positions, seen and unseen. It’s not that you couldn’t find them, if you looked up the BLM website, for example. But, they’re not necessarily people that are in the news all the time. And so, they have actually ordered the arrest of these people by the US Marshals.”

“Since that machine was disassembled…we have had submissions [to the Hall of Records] for several different things. Number one. From the Order of the Black Dragon. ‘Can we please get a 30 year extension on the Holy Wars?’ The answer to the question was, ‘Absolutely not.’ Next, this morning, the UN has submitted a request to be the administrator of Global Martial Law.

Additional cleanup that’s been going on has involved the ‘Humans of the Future’ – what they were called – and the ‘World Government.’ I talked about this three years ago. By Humans of the Future, they really mean humans of the past. Humans Version 1.0. Which was, actually, the Abraxas.”

The charters for the UN system and all its agencies said to have been revoked – in the “Hall of Records” and all national archives – and now are in the process of being replaced by new organizations in development,

“Every nation, under the UN Charter – that was rewritten in 1975 – that you are a sub-sovereign of the United Nations. So, they did try to send the generals from the UN and from NATO to town here, to sit me down and tell me what I’m going to do. And, they obviously didn’t get permission to land or to come, so that never happened. But, it wouldn’t have been the fruitful conversation that they hoped for. Maybe it’s something that should have happened, so they understand their current unemployment situation.”

Kim says the UN building in NYC will soon be demolished to make way for something else, a move related to de-funding the UN and declaring them a terrorist organization,

“The land has already been reassigned to CARE, technically, already. So, now, I just need to tear down the ugliest building in all of New York. There’s also a black site underneath there. It is a god-awful building that just needs to go. It cannot be fixed. It needs to be imploded and it needs to go away. They wanted to stay on their plan – ‘We are in charge of the United States’ – so, we waited for everybody to leave the New York building on Sunday. We cut the power to the building. We basically changed all the access keypads. And, destroyed every database in the place. Because…you’re refusing to leave the building, and you’re trying to tell everybody you’re in charge.”

CIA, Pentagon and central bank execs said to have recently arrived in Durango to talk to Kim,

“So, Yellen goes over there [to China]. And, all this money’s going to come to the US Treasury and everything’s going to be fine. And, that didn’t happen. So, when that didn’t happen, this place is like on fire right now. There are planes everywhere. Helicopters everywhere. People are now showing up here left and right. They’ve got think tanks working overtime right now, finally figuring out, ‘Oh, my God! This is real!’ The people here no longer believe they’re going to be saved by the Chinese Elders or the RV. Big progress for us and for the world, because whatever happens here will happen everywhere. I do look forward to having some fruitful conversations with government officials in the near future.”

“The satanists are the rulers of your country, is basically what the hidden constitutions said, in a nutshell. Political control is going away. Media control is going away. They’re definitely losing control. All of their precious treasures are going away. Because, treasures – to them – is not necessarily money and gold…that’s just a tool for power, the only addiction you can never cure.”

“So, on Wednesday, the United Nations decided to try to create a mirrored banking system. They were really trying to crash the banking system so they could implement something else. All nations controlled by Central Bank Digital Currencies. They had fake deposits showing at a fake World Bank. Let’s all take our fake money and fake wallets and start a war! The FedNow system was up and running, in part. This is the server system where all of the fake wallets are for the digital currencies everybody keeps talking about. It allegedly went live, which got people exciting in a few different countries…the UK, the US. They also gave some digital wallets to the Taliban. ‘I will gladly pay you Tuesday for some opium today.’ The FedNow system was to be controlled by those people who were in the Kings of the Damned ceremony [laughs].”

“The other thing they thought was coming back today was a surveillance system provided to groups like the NSA…that was created by EnKi and Marduk many, many years ago, in the lower astral. And, they had lost connection to it. The Federal Reserve also had a system that they have lost in the lower astral. It was the Money Management AI created about 500 years ago, upon the issuance of the first [modern banking] currencies ever. They thought it was all coming back. That’s the reason that they announced the [FedNow] digital currency yesterday. They thought they would have their AIs back by this morning.”

“This is where your Georgia Guidestones come in. They knew they needed at least 500 million people to power their [Omega AI] machine. Because, it is a quantum machine. But, they wouldn’t let an organic human survive unless you were chipped. This also ties into ID2020. The “Global Currency Reset.” The ability to affect your health remotely. Remember ‘The Chinese Elders’ are visiting Reno? They also brought implant stations over to Reno…so that everybody who participated in the RV [GCR re-valuation] would have had to accept the chip. And this is what our entire planet would’ve become, had The Omega Project completed.”

“Had this been successful today, there would have been payment attached to your death certificate – versus the birth certificate thing everybody knows about – to run the world and depopulate. $50,000 a head. Then, of course, for one of us on the Light side, that would earn big money. No longer does death pay. No longer does war pay.

But, they don’t know. They’re in the military, they’re in the agencies. It’s like, ‘Go get this person. They’re evil.” Remember, they think they’re white hats. ‘We’re doing the right thing!’ Some of them know [the truth re: their orders] to some degree. So, anyway, they’re all sitting around – down the street – until probably about half an hour ago, when the dial dropped and that’s the end. You know, failure to return to balance gives you this.

They’ve been notified that…it’s their end. There will be no more contracts, there will be no more money, should they continue to try to play on that side.”

“Until recently, the CIA’s Project Mockingbird – which operates out of their media center on K Street in Washington DC – has been running most of the worldwide media. The news, movie scripts and series scripts all come out of K Street, to promote an agenda. There have been a lot of interesting developments happening at this media office. This is the same office that placed a call on the eve of 9/11, saying what was going to happen the next day. Yep. So, very interesting little office over there.

Langley has been divided into several different departments. You have those loyal to the Order of the Dragon. Those that are loyal to the Order of the Black Sun. Those that are loyal to Bush. Those that are loyal to Reagan. To Obama. Many different layers, all compartmentalized. All working toward different agendas and often fighting against each other. This is the same for MI-6, MI-5, in China, in Russia.

Now, everybody’s kind of waking up and…really confused. But, The Order is still going. It’s like you wind them up, then they just keep walking and walking. They don’t care if they go off a cliff. Then, they try to get back up, walk again and go off another cliff.”

“Now, NATO and the UN told our US military that, under martial law, they are in charge. So, they have been giving orders to the government here, based on what Rothschilds and the Order of the Dragon – including in China and Russia – want to happen. Because, they’re all on the UN Security Council…as representatives for the Order of the Dragon in each respective country. These are the permanent UN members I’m referring to.”

“The Omega Project was probably the largest project of the lower astral. It encompassed thousands of agreements…one of them being Global Martial Law. Under Global Martial Law…the plan was to transfer power to China. All coincides with the Armageddon plan and the annihilation of all organic life on this planet. And there was a lot in the works, obviously…to make that happen. All this now exists in another timeline. Once we started branching off, things are changing. So, we’re kind of over here and there still over there, trying to make something happen, to complete The Omega Project.

Under The Omega Project, there were…many programs against organic life…so that only inorganic life would exist. And, a select few – only 500 million to a billion humans – would exist as batteries for their equipment. All the people allowed to stay here would be chipped, implanted, controlled to the Nth degree. This is a program the Chinese Deep State has been working on for a long time now.”

“He and his family are going to be rich. They’ve all got digital wallets. The President’s got a wallet. All the militaries have wallets. Langley’s got wallets. Everybody’s got digital wallets. And, that’s how they got everyone to work for free, when they couldn’t sell them dinar anymore. What they are actually doing, is burning the world economy to the ground. Because, remember, you’re all going to die anyway. And, the few hundred million of you that are left, you’ll take your digital dollars and you’ll like it. And, if you start to think for yourself, we’ll shut off your digital currency. We’ll terminate you.”

Iranian supreme leader Khoemeni said to be a top Order of the Dragon (Solomon bloodlines) Mideast capo, giving orders to US Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley in recent years,

“All the religions have been infiltrated with the other side. Same thing with Judaism. They have the Black Sanhedrin problem. We also have the Khoemeni tapes, where he sold his soul to Lucifer. 40th birthday. And, the whole same thing…the children, the blood drinking and the pledging your soul to Lucifer. And, he’s supposedly the head of the church…telling people to fight for Islam.

So, those videos have gone out, about an hour ago, to the entire Mideast. And now, everybody can see what that man is really made of. For their viewing pleasure, the entire Shia Muslim world will be watching the tapes of Khoemeni’s induction. And then, they can make their own decisions, whether this is your leader.”

“They had planned on blowing up the Golden Age bridge either today or tomorrow. I was told it would be on the 4th of July. So, the bridge had been pre-rigged by the 15 alternative militaries. They intended on torching the entire planet today. But, right now, they are figuring out that their network is no longer.”

“The White House being evacuated is directly tied to this, as they put a sensor in the bunkers underneath the White House waiting for their own reptilian friends to come visit for the 4th of July. Maybe they like hot dogs and hamburgers. I don’t know. But, that is what the White House ‘unknown device’ was, that they spoke about in the media.”

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