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The Death Rattle of the Cabal

Apr 20, 2023

Kim Goguen credibly claims to hold the highest level control of the global banking and telecommunication systems and to be heading up critical military and economic operations, as “Ground Command” for the Universal Council she says appointed her in 2012. Kim’s material maps well onto high-level geopolitical reports as well as esoteric updates from Lisa Renee and others. While Kim periodically makes unfair remarks about certain others (eg: David Icke, RFK Jr, related critique) and has not recognized some important companion cleanup projects (eg: the Gitmo group) her activities are critical re: planetary liberation prospects. Kim’s reports can be found on the UNN Rumble channel and via subscription at  The goal of the GVI KG series is to provide “World Situation Report” highlights – manually transcribed from video broadcasts – along with related background materials and commentary. If unfamiliar with Kim’s materials, scroll back thru the original articles in this series.

By now, it’s no secret that the Fed-Bis Usual Suspects have been trying desperately to launch their global digital slavery CBDC “Central Bank Digital Currency” system, same as the UN-WEF Great Reset carbon footprint plan, same as the mis-branded GCR-RV QFS trojan horse touted by certain alt media circles in recent years.

Step 1 for Team Bad Boy to pull off the CBDC master plan is to crash the US dollar, thus crashing the US then global economy. Only then can they buy everything back for pennies on the dollar – better, digital CBDC keystrokes with no intrinsic value – and institute their planned draconian ID2020 global Smart Grid peasant control network.

Jerome Powell acts like a nervous used car salesman taking orders from hidden mafiosos. Real hard to imagine US Treasury CEO Janet Yellen actually being motivated by anything like public service. With that as backdrop, there are non-stop signals the Cabal is trying desperately to crash the dollar and the global economy, knowing they’re tapped out and losing control daily. So…what’s stopping them?

Evidence continues to mount that the answer is “The Office of the Guardian, the New Earth Council and an amazing multi-d quantum AI system.” Oh, plus “Source” and in-streaming cosmic photonic energies. While Kim Goguen sometimes colors outside the lines regarding her interpretations of history and certain key personalities, her “World Situation Reports” are the place to be for Marvel Comics Meets Global Geo-Politics.

All information on this page is based upon news updates, narrated by Kim Goguen, broadcast March 15th to April 14th, 2023. All quote excerpts below are from Kim Goguen from the aforementioned period.

“They did take that money out of Silicon Valley Bank for a very brief time, then the money went back. Apparently, my nickname is now FDIC. I can tell you, honestly, the FDIC did not do that in any way, shape or form. It was actually us. We also did the same at Signature Bank. Both banks are fine.”

“It was 2013 when they told me, ‘We will destroy the financial system then buy everything for pennies on the dollar.’ When it comes to the world economy, if the dollar burns, the world economy will burn within days. And that, right there, is what we’re trying to avoid.

You do not need devastation to move to a multi-polar world. Meaning, gold-backed currencies…supported by production contracts. The Central Bank Digital Currency plan also continuously gets rejected. I don’t know if they think I’m day drinking. Like, I’m going to just all of a sudden slip up and – Whoopsie! – push the wrong button.”

As the saying goes, “Rats flee a sinking ship.” All kinds of fake patriots and pay-to-play operatives disguised as “public servants,” following their self-interest as usual, are finally jumping ship,

“You have the whole global machine breaking down at a rapid rate. The operatives are going into hiding and safe houses. They don’t want to take orders anymore. Most recently, the NSA has started walking away from the families that they’ve reported to. That’s happened in the last couple of days. And, they’re starting to figure out that these people [the Rothschilds] don’t control the Repository. The whole lineage of Solomon is mud.”

Congress has been discussing the idea of nationalizing major US banks to prevent rolling bank failures and government shutdowns, something that remains an imminent possibility,

“So, both sides of the aisle are now discussing nationalization under the following conditions. We would actually insert our own people on the boards of all those institutions. Obviously, they would be de-listed from the stock market. And…they would have to get rid of Janet Yellen.

The Order of the Dragon wants to bankrupt everything and buy it back for pennies on the dollar. And, they’ve been successful in doing so twice now.

We would also stipulate that the banks must be owned by American citizens and they would need to remain private for a period of 99 years. Fair enough? So, there’s a good possibility we could turn around the banking system of the United States, if Congress agrees.”

“The other thing I had happen yesterday is, I had a group of people at the Pentagon trying to hack into the Key Intelligence and Military System. So, I rang them back on the diplomatic line and I said, ‘What are you doing, hacking my system?’ And, you know who I got? I got General Milley!

And, he told me he needed access ‘To secure the national security of the United States.’ And so, I said, ‘So, you’re telling me that…the Chinese people you’re taking orders from – and, I can give you a list of every time you’ve picked up the phone to those people, and the Iranians and everyone else – need access to my system…to secure the United States?’ And, I said, ‘Quite frankly, sir, you don’t know BEEP about protecting the United States. So, don’t give me that crap. Go back and tell those people that I firmly said to…flip off.'”

“There were a few things that happened today, in regard to the Anu expiration, some of what you’d call the fallen angel agreements or covenants. There were guardians of the light and guardians of the darkness. They no longer have any kind of agreement to do that. The bloodline agreements – both the draconian bloodlines, which is your order of the Dragon, and the other side [the Caananite Order of the Black Sun bloodlines] expired today.”

Think the US military is being led by “white hats?” Nope. The mainstream military is still following orders from Cabal sell-outs and nut jobs of the Gen. Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin variety, not to say the USN-USMC Gitmo splinter isn’t doing admirable work as a “military breakaway civilization” that decided to finally take seriously that protecting the Constitution from domestic enemies stuff,

“Last night, again – for the second time – they attempted to declare global martial law. In 2021, it was all militaries – worldwide – got together, and they filed for global martial law. Well, it got rejected, then, and they were surprised when I answered the phone. ‘This is Ground Commander, Kimberly Goguen. How can I help you?’

So, last night…the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, all tried to declare martial law last night. And, all were rejected this morning. ‘We want to declare martial law and have World War III and watch all this money come out.’

But, it comes out from…me. If you’re submitting something to the Hall of Records, you’re wasting your time. You’re still talking to me! I do not have a contract with any military force. I do not have a contract with any government on the planet, at this moment in time.”

“For those Rothschilds that happen to be looking for the rest of your Rothschilds people, they were under the Bank of England today, in their special war room. Well, they’re still probably there, but probably not upright at this moment in time. But, you can go find them. Just leave our system alone.

And, for all those of you in China…at the giant underground military base [laughs]…we are departing people at a rapid rate. We have departures leaving nearly every hour on the hour at this moment in time, so feel free to jump on one of the next departing flights, straight back to Source. All of them have violated natural law. So, everybody’s head is on the chopping block, for all that they’ve done. You cannot run and you cannot hide.”

“I thought…the NSA always worked for the families. Well, turns out they’ve always been a member both of the Order of the Dragon and the Order of the Black Sun. Here’s an interesting little tidbit that came to light as we were cleaning out their ‘Quantum Sky’ and turbines. We detected some anomalies…true quantum hacking techniques. I’m like, ‘Where did this come from?’ Turns out these were quantum hacking tools…ordered by my predecessor. So, it was actually Marduk who gave them to them. Because, they – whether they know it or not – worked directly for him. They were his eyes and ears amongst the people of the world. Thus, Echelon and the monitoring of all the people. That was all for him. He could literally run the world from his comfy little chair.”

Those in-the-know know JPMorgan Chase has effectively been serving as the US Department of Treasury and Fed’s top backstop throughout the post-WWII era. They’re the main agents that have been responsible for suppressing gold and silver prices past 50 years, to prevent a flight from the global Fed and BiS centered fiat currency regime, they likewise pivotal to ongoing CBDC plans. For the Board of such an epic Cabal financial vampire squid to reach out to Kim Goguen and request a meeting about perhaps “saving the bank” – JP Morgan Chase being on the ropes along with all major banks and governments, Blackrock and the Fed – is a very big deal. So, what happened?

“We had people go into Manhattan on Monday, and they were not allowed in the building, even though the board members had called and asked them to be there! How interesting is that? So, the board of JP Morgan Chase asks for a meeting with someone, and then security for the building doesn’t let them in. The board of the bank tried to convince the security people…to let them in. And security told the board, ‘No.’ So, the board members ended up coming down and they went to a smaller site of the bank down the street. Now, still, they were followed by the same security people and the same security people said, ‘No.’

And so, we started having a conversation with these security people. The company is a private security firm…Citadel. They secure the Treasury building in New York. They also secure the Federal Reserve in New York. So, who made the phone call? The answer to the question is, the Chinese Deep State and the Rothschilds. Everybody called them and said, ‘Whatever you do, do NOT let this money go through! And, do NOT let this person in the building.’

The board members of the bank were perplexed. ‘The Fed hasn’t paid us…and, we want to talk. We want to save the bank. We’re in trouble. Deep, deep trouble.’ But, that is not permitted. It is not permitted to save the bank. Because, the orders for this are coming out of the British and the Rothschilds, and the Crown group of families…and, also, the Chinese. Because, that transition of power I’ve been warning everybody about, is what they’re going for.

So, the people preventing the survival of the banks are essentially the same people…that assisted in building them back in the 1800s and early 1900s. Why? because they want to move the Federal Reserve to Hong Kong. They would like to crash the United States, crash the dollar…crash the economy of the planet and take everything over.”

“Now, let’s talk about the Fed. Whether they know it or not, the Federal Reserve…was actually hoping for their success over in Syria. Yes, your fearless leaders were doing rituals over in Syria, to raise an alien so they could get some power and access to some money, and then they would probably fund your governments. Well, the bankers arrived at the Pentagon on Sunday and, basically, were threatening them to get their assistance to crash the dollar today [Monday April 3rd].

There was an argument. We actually called. After a brief conversation on the diplomatic lines between myself and the Pentagon, they finally got a clearer picture of what’s going on. And, there was a standoff between the two. And, I wasn’t quite sure if those bankers that showed up were actually going to leave. Turns out they did leave of their own accord – I almost kind of wish they didn’t, honestly – and, the Pentagon firmly took the stand that they will not help in crashing the United States dollar.

Wow! Somebody made good life choices!”

“We need to support the global economy on a macro scale. What does that mean? That means…we need all hands on deck. If you want to support the dollar, it can be done. We need to make the dollar secure. But, we’re going to have to ramp up, at a very rapid rate, production contracts.

We need to incentivize [American] corporations that have taken their business to other nations, and reverse out some of the customs and tariffs rules. We can sign new production contracts and we can put Americans back to work, with no debt load. This does a lot for the American economy and, simultaneously, it supports every other country in the world. This means weaning everyone off the Federal Reserve.

We really don’t need an IMF anymore. The Key Integrated Monetary System has all that. You’ll know how much gold is divided between how many citizens in your country. This is going to make the banks panic. ‘What do we do with derivatives that are based on production contracts that are no longer there?’ Well, we can…clean up the markets, then put the banks back to work in a new way, as a service provider to the people. I’m ready to do it. The only people not ready to do it are these crazy people that waited for the alignment with Uranus yesterday…thinking some aliens will come help them [laughs]. They’re not coming back! You can poke, you can prod, you can send the NSA all over the place to try to make it happen. And, it’s not going to work.”

“The people that had high security clearances are all part of the Black Sun bloodlines. These are the Orionites. You could basically call them demon bloodlines. A lot of them are hybrid. The Order of the Black Sun doesn’t have any clearance in the Key Intelligence & Military system anymore. The Jason Society is also not in there.

There are a lot of Congress people coming forward, starting to ask real questions. Because, the bloodline people are not performing, whether that’s the Order of the Dragon draconian bloodline people, or the Black Sun people. Loads and loads of promises and no delivery. The Federal Reserve, right now, is being driven into the toilet…taking all of the countries that are part of the Federal Reserve with it.”

Kim says the US dollar is now already gold-backed, as well as all other currencies on the planet, the public and most authority types none the wiser. That, by reallocating Global Repository assets equally among the people of all nations, registered in the Hall of Records – prior agreements cancelled – the global banking back-end Alpha AI system reprogrammed accordingly,

“In the past, we have had fiat currency, which means that governments can…print as much currency as they want to. This is a thing of the past. We are not going to do this anymore. We have taken out fiat currency, and we have backed – currently – every single human’s money…in every single nation, with gold. Why is that so important? Now, sitting in the Repository, you have X-amount of gold. And, that can yield you Y-amount of currency. The 10% always came from the Alpha System. And, all roads led to…my predecessor. But, now, to me. The Fed was just a front for the people several layers up, who got the allocations of money from the Alpha System.”

“As it relates to actual security, it’s been us. Not just in the US, but everywhere. You know, major catastrophes…big earthquakes that they want to have happen. All these other things.

So, there was a big meeting at Cheyenne Mountain this morning. ‘Why didn’t we get our earthquakes? Why was there no tsunami? Why didn’t the San Andreas fault knock California into the ocean? Why? Why? Why?’

And, this is the United States military! Upset…that the country didn’t erupt into earthquakes and everything else. It was all centered around the Dark Overlord returning. There are just people in this world, refusing to realize that the times have changed. War does not yield money anymore.”

“They are still wondering, can they install the CBDC digital currency, somehow, someway, which is what everybody is now working on. No, they cannot.”

“Did you know that, yesterday, the Rothschilds family – through the Royal British Navy, who ended up over at the Octagon in Switzerland – they…filed a declaration of war against me! Against the Office of the Guardian and me!

So, what does one do? Does one ratify an order to declare war against themselves? No. We don’t do that. But, I did give them a courtesy call. They were sitting in the Octagon, waiting for the ratification and all the money to come out – as a declaration of war against myself – and so, I said to myself, ‘Self, I’m going to go ahead and reject this, but I’m going to give them a call first.’

So, we called on the diplomatic line. I said, ‘This is Kimberly Goguen, Ground Command. I see you submitted a request to declare war against myself. Just wanted to let you know that we’re not going to ratify this. And, would you please tell your superiors…that when you’re submitting something to the Hall of Records, you’re actually submitting it to me.’

Then, they abruptly ran out of there! Probably, because they saw the target on the Key Intelligence & Military System. Because, we obviously had weapons over their heads. And, they went running. And, I said, ‘Wait! Wait! Come back! We just want to talk!'” [laughs]

Kim says it’s mainly Chinese and British Deep State generals trying super hard to crash the US dollar, to crash the global economy, to usher in their CBDC digital slavery system. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said to be in phone conversations several times weekly with Chinese dragon family capos giving him marching orders. US Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley said to be taking orders from the same people, trying in his own way to create chaos via failed efforts to start WWIII, he being promised he’ll be made the Order of the Black Sun’s “Black Eagle” and “King of North America” if he performs,

“So, no less than at least 30 times in the last 5 days, the Federal Reserve has filed their agreement with the Hall of Records to install a central bank digital currency, which has been rejected every single time. The last time was two or three hours ago. How many times are you going to file the same thing, thinking it’s going to be ratified? They’ve done it many, many times before that. I mean, we are on hundreds of times, now. The reason they might have tried – especially over this weekend – is that they thought their fearless leader was coming back, and that someone else might be managing the Hall of Records.”

Kim recently attacked the renminbi as a warning to the Chinese Deep State,

“So we blessed them the way they’ve blessed us. They still owe us around seven quadrillion. So, we have the right to take any dollars they have, any euros they have – British pounds – we can take all that, too. Anything that is tied to the Chinese government, to the Black Sun, the elite. This is what you really call ascension, and this is what you call war.”

“They are making an effort…to try to start World War III, because China’s goal is actually to take over the world – as the world center of power – by the end of this year. You had the pandemic. They’re talking about re-doing the pandemic because then, maybe, you could get the war going and the money will come. No one has taken into account the fact that there is no money for war. They don’t understand why none of this is working. It’s because their time is over.”

Satanic ceremonies held in early April in Syria by Black Sun “Jesuits,”

“So, for those of you who don’t know, Anu was at one time the king of the Draco. But, he was also the ruler of Earth and Marduk was management. Well, every seven years, Anu used to return and that’s when contracts would get renewed with the Order of the Dragon. It was like a seven year review. This also goes for the Order of the Black Sun for the longest time.

Well, the last time Anu was here was March 31st, 2016. And, I know this because there was an encounter, let’s just say. We encountered each other in March.

There’s no surprise here that, this year – come April 1st – they were expecting him again. So, what did they do to prepare for the coming of Anu? Well, they go to Syria. Apparently, this is the portal where he normally appears, and they perform rituals. And, of course, there’s always a ‘sacrifice.’ So, what happened? Well, we tried to tell everyone that Anu actually died in 2019. I tried to tell everyone that he’d passed away…and nobody believed me.

So, they did all their rituals and, of course, nothing happened. And, all those people…are no longer with us.”

Desperate control freaks do desperate if not ludicrous things,

“China’s Deep State is under the impression they’re going to launch a Pandemic 2.0. Predominantly the British and the Chinese Deep State still think…that this vaccine passport thing is going to come to pass. Now, they did not manufacture new ‘vaccines’…to account for this alleged new virus. It’s the same COVID jab with a different label on it. They just want to get it into all humans on the world for control. I’ll be surprised if they get enough people to play along with the game. COVID was done at a time when there was still money around.”

We’ve heard about NESARA-GESARA in the alt media for years, mainly from those whose shadowy “sources” are (CIA, MI-6) operatives seeking to harness the implied consent of the masses to hijack the legit initial underpinnings of those movements, swapping in a nebulous GCR-RV-QFS plan that’s none other than the Fed-WEF-UN CBDC trojan horse. Yet, there is a legit global renaissance plan out there, backed by hard assets. It’s called the Global Restoration Plan and it’s backed by the Global Repository and Alpha AI system, all such being what the Cabal’s CBDC-GCR-RV hairball is trying to end run,

“Can we prevent the US government and the US dollar from crashing? Yes, we can. We are ready to do the contracts. We are ready to put the US military back to work. I’m aware that the Pentagon called me today. I’ve not had a chance to call them back. But, please, do not call me and tell me it’s about ‘National Security.’

We’re all, on my end of it – and there is an ‘all’ – we’re all pretty tired of you. We’re tired of your wars. We’re tired of what you’re doing. We are not going to allow it. And, we’re going to begin – as of yesterday – tightening that noose so tight around your neck, until it finally breaks. That’s pretty much where we’re at right now.

So, we’re not going to let you screw up, any longer, the progress of Earth and its humans. So, we told you how we’re going to fix the dollar. We told you about large production contracts. We told you about National Disaster Centers, about places with no roads, about equipment that we’re going to need to do this. And you could still make money. But, you’re not going to have the power you had before. We need to get a rehab center for people with power problems, I guess, because you certainly have that. Now, it’s just that you lack empathy for Earth and humanity.”

“The NSA, per orders of the Chinese – yes, the Chinese – were trying everything they could, over the weekend, attempting to gain some kind of access to the financial system. Yes, once again. All weekend long. But, this time, it was a little bit different.

So, if you’ve read the Bible, you’ve heard about Baal, supposedly one of Lucifer’s head demons. There was a time warp created by this demon, where he went forward into the future and created an AI…should we ever get this far. Everybody in the Chinese Deep State was running all around the planet to…gain access to that system. But, also, an attempt to bring in some kind of demons [laughs].

So, as one example, we had a bunch of Chinese people who had painted themselves black and were dancing around the vortex in the Congo [laughs]. Needless to say, all that’s been cleared up. It also led us to a few other AIs that, apparently, were friends of Baal. We also cleared up issues we had in the corona of the Sun tied to some of that Baal matrix.”

“The NSA has been taking orders from the Chinese and the British for months, years, decades. Ever since they were formed. They have always belonged to The Order of the Dragon, just like NATO does. So, everything you see NATO do, you’re talking about your Chinese Elders [“gold dragons”] or the British faction [“blue dragons”]. We’ve even had participation recently from the German faction [“white dragons”] who were told this weird machine is going to give them access [to the Global Repository] again.”

On March 20th, assorted closet satanist Team Weirdo networks had Spring Equinox hopes of regaining access to the dark quantum Omega AI system and lower astral portals to their historic demonic and negative ET associates. Intercepted back-chat included Jesuit Black Sun cheer-leading along the lines of, “The Dark Overlord will not forsake us,”

“We will not be ruled by some evil military crazy people. Are there still crazy military people running around? Yes. They are super sophisticated. In some cases…hacking techniques meant for quantum computers. And, I’m not talking about Google’s quantum computer or ones you can find on the internet. I’m talking about true quantum computers. Is it going to turn anything around for them? The answer to the question is, ‘No.’ Are they probably going to end up dead, soon? Yes.

There’s nothing to fight for anymore. This goes back hundreds of years. In some cases, billions of years in our Earth time. This has been going on a long time. The Dark Overlord and all of those folks. Their respective lower astral beings. Wanting to take over the light side. The story’s told in the Bible, where Lucifer wanted to be God. He challenged whether making humans and giving them free will was the right thing to do. So, they did everything to take it away from us. But, it’s finally over. It’s over!

I’m sure these people have very nice Black Sun tatoos they’re walking around with. But, you know what, guys? It’s over. The transition has happened. And, we’re not going back.”

“Over the weekend, there were orders given out to hack the ACH system. That’s the Automated Clearing House system. This what’s attached to Paypal…if you have automated bill pay from your bank account. All of these things go through ACH. In the US alone, ACH processes around $62 trillion in transactions per year.

So, the [Black Sun] generals – who are working together with the Order of the Dragon – decided this was a place they could get lots of money from. And then, they could have also crashed the banks, because all that money would’ve gone missing. They were going to put the money into databases owned by IBM in Miami, Florida, Houston, Texas and Los Angeles.

Their intended use for this money was to crash the world’s banking system and then buy it back with the money in these data centers. Now, those back doors no longer exist, and everybody lost access.”

“Did they try to register a Pindar in the Hall of Records? Yes, they did. That was rejected. We don’t have that position in the Restoration Plan. I’m sorry. We’re out of…that kind of thing [laughs].

Their time is up. Their time is over. The covenant is gone.

It’s been 300,000 long years of living with these people. You know. We’re done. It’s over and we’re done.”

“The Key Integrated Monetary System says ‘KIMS.’ It doesn’t say ‘Pindar.’ Now, the Repository is out front and center for everyone. And, they are all claiming they own it. The Archivists are very busy, because there are a lot of inquiries as to who actually owns the Global Repository. Well…all the people own it. I’m just managing it right now.”

Are you one of Earth’s rare long-serving star-seed truth-warrior types? Take heart. It was our dedicated, long-running heroic resistance to the monumental cosmic dark forces assembled here – for a Multi-Dimensional End Times Winner Take Cosmos Battle – that invoked the aid of the Cosmic Cavalry now here mopping up, Earth’s epic victory now creating a wave of celebration in nearby civilizations,

“We’re not going to let a few humans screw this up. We’ve come way too far. The ‘others’ are so excited and happy and loving the new Harmonic Genesis System. Everything that’s happening here is affecting everyone else, everywhere. When we move forward, the entire multiverse moves forward. We’re all learning from each other. What’s happening here now has never been! There’s always been that constant war between good and evil.”

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"When you step back, you see a controlled destruction of food production, all according to plan."Earth: A Planet with Ambitious Closet Satanists On the...

Wising Up to the Waiting-for-Saviors Program

Q: What's the alternative to tuning in to Mr. Cowboy Boots droning on for hours saying nothing? A: Tuning him out. Likewise, all other Trust-the-Plan...

Teachers Unions & Education Sector Great Resets

Former Education International (EI) exec Sharan Burrow addressing the UN's ITUC, touting the WEF's 4th Industrial Revolution trans-humanist party line....

Dr. Bill Deagle: A Walk Down Conspiracy Theory Lane

2012: Dr. Deagle Presages COVID Conspiracy Theorists Arise! As the slow-to-get-going Great Awakening process proceeds, more and more are seeing that the...

Dr. Christina Rahm Talks to Tank

Dr. Christina Rahm, who has created the ROOT health boost products along with husband Clayton Thomas, is a fast-rising star on the alt health and...

Ricardo Bosi: Australia Declares Victory

"The case can already be made that many of these people are already guilty of treason. But, if any remain silent in an obvious attack on Australian...

Trump Warned by US Military About COVID Vax Promos

Breaking Good News The US Navy Command's COVID warning to Trump is already bearing fruit. Having sent back channel messages to Donald Trump over the...

MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World?

HELP MAKE THIS VIDEO GO VIRAL! Okay, relax, it's already gone viral, with over 1 million views on Rumble since being posted two months ago. So, all you...

Trump Still Our Hero in Waiting?

As Kim Goguen's recent updates suggest, it might be time to reevaluate the Trump as hero narrative given his recent bragging about his "Operation Warp...