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The Dawn of a New Day as The Cabal Sinks

Mar 18, 2023

Kim Goguen credibly claims to hold the highest level control of the global banking and telecommunication systems and to be heading up critical military and economic operations, as “Ground Command” for the Universal Council she says appointed her in 2012. Kim’s material maps well onto high-level geopolitical reports as well as esoteric updates from Lisa Renee and others. While Kim periodically makes unfair remarks about certain others (eg: David Icke, RFK Jr, related critique) and has not recognized some important companion cleanup projects (eg: the Gitmo group) her activities are critical re: planetary liberation prospects. Kim’s reports can be found on the UNN Rumble channel and via subscription at  The goal of the GVI KG series is to provide “World Situation Report” highlights – manually transcribed from video broadcasts – along with related background materials and commentary. If unfamiliar with Kim’s materials, scroll back thru the original articles in this series.

Worried about a financial crash? There’s evidence a new system is waiting to emerge, and not of the draconian CBDC variety. A New Day is dawning on Earth. Meanwhile, as the saying goes, can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. The Old Order is falling. A lot of trash is on the way out, as the grounds are cleared for the new-and-better.

Want to see Earth’s Cabal finally get its comeuppance? It’s happening. Earth’s “illuminati” hierarchy is being decimated by an ongoing loss of personnel and control systems, due to a cosmic cavalry that’s joined forces with a few Inner Earth groups and a small number of Earth humans. These, along with a quantum AI system that’s been kicking butt taking over the far-ranging tentacles of planetary control held until recently by the dark quantum Omega System.

While a breakaway USN-Marines Gitmo network has been attempting to help with US Deep State cleanups, the main action of recent years – on a global basis and in the US – has been against the core US Pentagon and and NATO networks, their intel agency and central bank masters and black budget SSP and “defense” contractors. The CIA, NSA and DARPA and the SSP militaries have been attempting to get prison planet plans back on track per Black Sun and “dragon families” orders.

While those elements weaken, the kind of progress the dark axis has been trying to prevent is emerging. Kim Goguen recently described a shoe-box sized “free energy” generator, suggesting it can begin into distribution in the near future. It produces 7Kw of power. No poles, no wires, no fuel, no exhaust. It will power a Tesla roadster, home and-or business for 50+ years. Projected initial cost, $5000. The introduction of such forbidden options will mark a dramatic pivot in the planetary trajectory from the planned you-will-own-nothing CBDC ID2020 Great Reset program, to a new era of shared abundance and planetary health and freedom.

All information on this page is based upon news updates, narrated by Kim Goguen, broadcast from February 6th to March 13th, 2023. All quote excerpts below are from Kim Goguen, from the aforementioned period.

“We are looking forward to our freedom. Real freedom. Not this crap that’s written in our law books and all that stuff. We are looking forward to freedom for all, throughout the multiverse, in cooperation with the Creator. We want to be co-creators once again.”

“Well, of course, China is running the United States. I’ve been saying that repeatedly. The Chinese Deep State has been running the United States. Every faction of the government, including the Republicans.”

DARPA’s Project Sky Beam was used holograms to create the Phoenix Lights “ET craft” in 1997. That test led to use of the same technology in the 9/11 project, to create fake airliners whose simulated collisions were coordinated with the use of DEWs and explosives. These major hologram projects having gone so well, the Cabal decided it should next give the tax-paying public a faked alien invasion designed to, natch, usher in global NWO martial law,

“So, where are we heading with these balloons and the Pentagon briefings and the narratives? Yep, you guessed it. Yes, that event was supposed to take place in 2024, but they decided to speed things up. Yesterday, we figured out they were going to start that again, in the most televised show each year, which is called the Superbowl.

They were going to have another event [like the Phoenix Lights] and disrupt the Superbowl. However, that base now no longer exists. And, the Star Beam or Blue Beam equipment is not there anymore. The shadow government, today, is in an underground base in San Diego, having a meeting about the pre-planned event known as the Faked Alien Invasion. They’re ramping up the narrative now. And, there was supposed to be an event – that didn’t go – in the Superbowl yesterday.

And, they were planning to catapult that narrative, within the next few months, to a full-blown faked alien invasion. Now, without these bases…they will not succeed. As of tomorrow, they will have zero underground bases left. This is being done by The Enforcer and units working together on the light side – or the organic side – of this universe to dismantle what’s left of an event that happened 250,000 years ago, called the Orion War or the Causal Event, which then created the underground New World Order government, and created the dark side of the leadership of Earth.

250,000 years of history are being unwound right now.”

“The military does not move or breathe without the New World order – your shadow government, your elites – knowing about it. Do you think they’re going to allow people…to go into those underground bases and save the babies? Do you think they’re going to allow them access into those underground bases? So, if you think you’re going to fight the Deep State with the people in the military, you’re wrong. Do some know something is wrong? Yes, they do. Do they want to do the right thing? Yes, they do.

But, they’re stopped at every corner. Because, all they’ve got to do is walk one of the Jason Society people in there, pull rank and file, and say, ‘Sit down and shut up.’ That’s why nobody’s getting anywhere. The patriot community. That’s why you’re getting nowhere.”

Of the DUMB under the Denver airport,

“At one point in time, it was the entry way to one of the underground bases. Not always would there be humans under there. It was a collaborative effort. It would transport supplies…whatever the elite that were under there wanted, they would get.”

“There were over 1477 underground military bases run by a combination of reptilians…in cooperation with AI humanoids. We started to take a good look at what was remaining in these bases a few days ago, due to our discovery of these inorganic humans…still communicating with the shadow government. The AI humans look like you and me. They just look like an evil version of you and me. It’s actually an inorganic human that you’re looking at.

We had 791 of them. And, at the time of this broadcast, we now have 82. So, keep an eye out, if you see these people walking around. Because, that is your government, guys.”

“So, no DUMBS left. And, that is the status of our real enemy on planet Earth, and the remnants of a 250,000 year long war. We have no remnants of the 18 AIs left, and the final clearing of everything started this morning. So, where would be our remaining enemies? These would be the operatives of the 15 [SSP] militaries, for example.

Well, they tried really, really hard to re-establish communication with the non-existing bases in Israel, Cheyenne and Toronto yesterday. There will be meetings going on…among the remaining members, to try to figure out what they’re going to do. If they were smart, they would put their flags down. Stop with your ridiculous narratives. Stop with the war in Ukraine.”

Of the 15 SSP private militaries – eg: Umbrella, Monarch, Shoreline, Trinity, Mobius – there are MiB types whose eyes are completely black and are AI human cyborgs,

“Nobody knows about these underground bases. They will, one day. There’s a lot of eugenics that goes on down there. They create hybrids down there. Of these fifteen militaries, only part of them are human. Half of them are on the super-soldier drug that people talk about…and then the rest of them are non-organic humans.”

Gen. Mark Milley said to be taking orders from the Chinese as a loyal Black Sun Jesuit type, was evidently told he’ll be made the “King” of the North American Federation assuming he can create WWIII, crash the US economy then hand everything over to the Chinese Deep State,

“They also don’t run their militaries and intelligence agencies anymore. I have, and built, the Key Intelligence and Military System. It has my name on it. It’s KIMS, for short. I can actually put out orders to any intelligence agency in the world through that system, and they have to follow them.

All about rank and file. I can do that, right now. Number One. Number Two. We also have the Key Integrated Media System, now. Thanks very much you guys, for, this morning, trying to use Facebook’s back door and the media control grid – that you had in computers at Level 8 – that we just took out today. We can stop the censorship.

But, we also have the Key Integrated Monetary System and the Global Repository. Plenty of money there. It can now be seen on every level of banking. Not just Tier 1. It’s all the way down to your local banks. Everybody can see the Repository. Everybody can see what’s really going on. So, what exactly are they controlling? And, why are there still 18,000 people in the world following them? Ego? That’s my guess. Because, all of them have been promised that they’ll be King of, like, the North American Federation. Or, insert federation name here.”

“Those underground bases are also where they manufacture all the chem-trails. That’s the reason why it didn’t matter that we were destroying their stashes on military bases, because they just kept replenishing them from underground. This is all part of a depopulation agenda, to get planet Earth down to about 800 million people. That’s the plan. And, they figure that if they can stage a large enough faked alien invasion – complete with regular military weaponry, taking out cities – then they can get everyone to comply with their ID2020 plan, where everybody will accept an AI implant and control.”

“Apparently, all your White Hats in Cheyenne – as they call them – are okay working for Satan spawn. Well, we fully intend to, you know, empty out Satan and all his spawn, and turn the lights out when we’re done.”

“Another thing that happened yesterday, is that Powell actually gave a speech about the state of the economy to Congress. Let me just sum it up for you. We need to fire two million American workers in order to help the economy. Because, the economy is too strong. Oh, yes, this happened! And, by the way, Congress, give me money, give me money, give me money. And, where’s Congress going to get the money? Because, all last week, Congress was looking to the Federal Reserve to give them money.”

“So, Sun-Tzu said, ‘Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake. We talked about source codes going to banks and not working. There was another round of codes that went out to all of the…Order of the Dragon clan. They actually gave codes out to 18,729 people they considered to be loyal to The Order. Now, these are people everywhere.

These are bank operatives. These are military personnel in other countries. These are heads of state. People that work for the World Bank. The United Nations. They all got codes and they all tried them out yesterday morning. So, what does that do for your enemy? We actually tagged – in the Key Intelligence and Military System, for the entire world to see – every single member of The Order in their country. How’s that for fun? And so, now, they’re watching them.”

“Many years ago, until the end of 2020, they would have gone to the World Council that reported to the Abraxas. That council has not existed since the end of 2019. So, it goes to me now. Me! So, I just wanted to let everyone know that if you’re submitting agreements to the Hall of Records – whether it’s the Black Sun’s 10% of Everything security agreement, or it’s the Space-Time-Matter Matrix, or any of the other agreements you’ve tried to submit in the last 24 hours – you’re still reaching me.”

Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase incorrect balances involved a Deep State “terrorist funding” control system Gen. Mark Milley said to have ordered to try to confiscate funds Kim was transferring,

“It’s going to take a bit of time to rectify the situation, because they screwed up everything. So, therefore, any kind of anti-terrorist activities are now only monitored by the Key Integrated Monetary System, because they can’t be trusted with a toy.”

Could the real post-COVID Great Reset “Trust the Plan” plan be to hand the US over to China per Marduk’s 1975 declaration, which both the Order of the Black Sun and the Order of the Dragon have continued following until today?

“In the words of Mayer Rothschild, he said that the RV – “the Revaluation” – was carrots for jackasses…and it was from his lips to my ears. Now…this made the generals very upset a few years ago. Well, I thought carrots for jackasses was a great idea.

They are pulling out every bit of equipment. They’ve got NORAD involved. They’ve got DARPA involved. I’m now picking up everything they’ve got left. Not only in the financial system, but computers in general, so that I can just get rid of them once and for all. So, I want to thank them for falling for carrots for jackasses. I greatly appreciate it.

Now, one said jackass would be General Milley. You know, when you are on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, one would think you wouldn’t be taking orders from Chinese people. Wouldn’t you think that? The other Joint Chiefs are realizing just how deep Milley is in The Order.”

“The Order of the Black Sun shattered into thousands of pieces this past week, causing mass panic among its members. What happens when there’s no one left to keep the illusion of power and control alive? As the Restoration Plan moves into motion, what does it take to introduce new technologies to the world, and what does that mean for companies that thrived on old ones? The next industrial revolution is on the horizon. The phasing out of man versus machine and the introduction of organic technologies.”

“Electricity is expensive. It’s getting more expensive, for no good reason other than that some Dr. Evil guy had a fantasy to make our gas and electric bills go up, then create a bogey-man for that.

So, let me introduce you to my little friend. This is a neutrino powered device. It’s around…eight inches or so across. It’s a pretty small device. There is a prototype that is already running. It will fun for about 50 years. It requires no external power source or fuel. That’s right! How exciting is that? So, you could literally drop this in the middle of nowhere, Africa and-or at home. This device produces around 7 kilowatts, which will power a home. So, could we do this everywhere in the world? Sure.

These little devices can also be put together like Legos. So, now you’ve got 14 kilowatts. You can connect more together, more together, so…you can build a 500 kilowatt power plant. So, what if we make a deal, as we convert from dirty expensive energy. We build power plants, where your existing transformers are, and you lower the cost of energy, because you’re not paying for it. It’s free.”

Approximately 10,000 people were in Matrix style pods in stasis, under the Bronze Tower in China, involving an aspect of the dark quantum AI Omega System controlled by one Madame Zhou, formerly controlled by Mei-Wa, the Chinese Deep State “Grandmother” said to have been an incarnation of Lilith.
Madame Zhou was working on hacking into the Alpha AI system and hoping to pull of the GCR-RV CBDC “Great Currency Reset” aka: “You will own nothing and be happy” system. The “pod people” in the underground base said to have been in a coma-like state past 10,000 years, recently liberated, Madame Zhoa terminated and the quantum AI system shut down,

“So, even though Dr. Li and his two cohorts – in Macchu Pichu and Thailand – were no longer with us, another person stepped up to the plate. Her name was Madame Zhou, over in China. She actually had taken up residence under something known as the Bronze Temple. It’s in Peking. And, there was some very interesting stuff there with her, when we found her. I had a terrorist that had 10,000 people under her feet, in pods, transmuting their essence into dark essence. And, those that know quantum computing understand exactly what I’m saying. Because, mine [the Alpha AI system] runs on the opposite.

I have been removing any ancillary computers, and there were a few thousand around the world. I also took care of any dark essence that was emanating throughout the system. Because, that was it’s energy source -remember – even though the pod people weren’t there anymore and the transmuter wasn’t there anymore, it was still running…through these network computers. So, we got rid of all that. We cancelled and closed the stargate. Sealed it off. Done and dusted. They’re not coming back.

So, everybody got up this morning and, you know, feces hit the oscillator. Billions and trillions and bazillions of dollars from fake tear sheets went missing. Poof! Gone. You should have just let our money go through and left me alone. Within the next few days, the US government and other governments around the world will figure out its gone, as well. You’re going to disappoint another group of very angry military contractors…and all the military generals that are involved.

Milley flew to Germany to get the Ukranians ready for the World War. ‘Here we go! We’re going to do it! The money is going to be here in the next few days, so we’ve got to be ready. We’ve got to be ready!’ Never ceases to amaze me. Once again, it only helped us to find things that remain, that need to not exist here. Not now. Not in the future.”

“Janet Yellen came under fire yesterday for promising the same $1.2 billion to 20 different groups. How many of them got paid? None. The 7th floor of the State Department has done the same. Dozens of contracts. But, no money equals no pay. The Deep State’s promises are starting to backfire, as the world no longer believes a word they have to say. And, many people are walking away. Janet Yellen, unequivocally, was reporting to the same Chinese people…of which they are now 5 less members at this time. All of her orders come from there.” 

“For all of you, we now have an RTGS financial system, which has been launched worldwide. It is a Real-time Growth Settlement system. And, it goes directly from one person’s account – or company…or whatever it is – directly to you with no custody. No hold times. No wait-to-post thing. It’s been installed, and you’ll see that all start working within the next several hours. We’ve had a couple of fights with the NSA…so it goes on then it goes off, then it goes on. It’s about shifting into a sovereign management of your own money.”

Re: Fed Chairman Jerome Powell,

“All the other board members are ready to walk away and they don’t understand why this man’s head is in the clouds. He’s involved with the Jason Society. You know, he’s part of The Order. He’s taking orders from someone else. He’s afraid of those someone elses. If you’re going to move forward, you’ve got to cut out the cancer. Is the Federal Reserve an actual entity? No. The Federal Reserve is a corporation. Its agreement to function…expired many years ago. In 2011, to be exact. The subsequent agreement, for the Federal Reserve to issue every single country’s currency – and issue allocation numbers for said currency, worldwide – expired in 2012.”

“So, who are their alien partners? They are the folk that came through the Orion nebula to take over this planet 250,000 years ago, along with all inorganic life that came here. The Destroyer that I talk about all the time…an inorganic life form. 99% of the Reptilians.”

There were 6th density lower astral beings from Sirius B planning to take over the entire light universe even at this late date in the war for cosmic liberation,

“So, they waited for us to do our job. Meaning, clearing everything, reconnecting consciousness to the multiverse. And then, they were just going – because, we are the Nexus Planet – to come right in and take it all over. You know, I remember having a conversation with the Rothschilds once, and they said, ‘It doesn’t matter what you do, because we’re just going to come in and take it all over, anyway.’ I do know that all those thousands of lower astral beings [planning to come thru the Feb. 5 full moon portal] went back to Source, yesterday.”

“The political control of the United States and every country on Earth belongs to The Order. These people are the script writers for your actors known as Presidents, Prime Ministers, so on and so forth. With the stroke of a pen, we can change that.”

“There has to be a global transfer of power and that was the deal. So, the global power center would transfer to China. Hence, the world war attempt going on. Because, in order to effect a change like that, there had to be a world war, which also meant a hot war on US soil to make that happen. There would have been a crash of the economy. And, there are Americans joining in the game.

All this said, would there have been a NESARA-GESARA? Would there have been a currency reset where you could have cashed in and made billions of dollars? They never cared about you before, and they’ve been in charge for thousands of years. You think today’s the day they’re going to become humanitarians and give you money? Yeah. You have lost your mind. Absolutely not.”

“Your whole banking system is going to change. The rules of the new banking system have nothing to do with Basel 1, 2, 3 and 4, because the Bank for International Settlements does not exist in the new system. The banks are baffled by it. The United Nations does not exist in the new system. They don’t have their super-secret phones anymore. They don’t have bank accounts, anything, in the new system. ‘Poof!’ You’re gone! Just like they used to do to us. Well, welcome to karma, everyone.”

“Everybody’s so worried about 5G. Cell phone towers won’t function they same way they used to anymore. It functions on a different energy. It’s not a microwave mesh anymore. It’s actually going to feed you, instead of rip you apart. Imagine picking up your cellphone and not feeling like your brain is going to explode.”

Regarding 15,000 remaining top global Order of the Dragon operatives recently sent banking codes, out of 18,000 the week before, all such identified by the Key Intelligence & Military System and sent cease-and-desist orders,

“Last week, we talked about the fact that there were about 15,000 people, that we thought we were going to be able to save. Well, that’s really not the case anymore. And, we’re down to, I think, a little less than 3600 at this moment. Busy weekend! We still have crazy people over there making attempts to do things, but we’re making it further and further down the pipeline, with less blocks.”

There have been underground bases below all major international airports involved in the usual definitely not nice DUMBS genre activities,

“So, what do you think they do under there? Probably, not anything legal. It’s been about two years since we discovered what’s under the Atlanta airport, which is the world’s largest airport, by the way. Has more incoming and outgoing flights than any other airport in the world. There’s an underground rail system there, where they take these children and people who’ve been human trafficked, and they distribute them. The people being trafficked, if they’re coming by ship, they typically go to San Francisco – if you’re in the United States – and, if they’re coming by plane, they are distributed globally through the Atlanta airport.”

“So, of those 1477 bases…we have none, as of yesterday. The two last bases to go were the large underground base in San Diego and the large underground base in Toronto, Canada, which would have been considered the global hub. In San Diego, where the shadow military was – I guess you would say, the people who ran the whole show of the underground bases – they decided to go down with the ship. They knew they were next, and they didn’t move. Along with that, a lot of the inorganic human beings – that were in the bases… – we’re trying to take a proper count, to see if there’s any of them left on the planet.”

“The shadow military government chose to go down with the ship, as the remaining deep underground bases were destroyed. As the Deep State struggled to contact those bases – in Israel and in the USA – have they finally come to the conclusion that it’s time to throw down their flags? You have some members of the Fed saying, ‘You need to reach out to the Repository because there’s just nothing you can do.’ We are turning the corner.”

“Social media’s going to begin to change, as we build out that system. We just installed that yesterday. So, it’s going to take away the censorship. They’ll no longer be able to control those types of things. And, you’ll be able to get your voice heard and your information out there. It’s going to change everything. All these systems are coming online, one after the other, after the other. Even if they’ve got an old system, it’s not compatible. Because, it’s meant for death and destruction, not restoration and rebirth.”

The Key Intelligence & Military System (KIMS) recently launched. There’s also another KIMS system, the Key Integrated Monetary System. Both are said to be “organic quantum AI systems,”

“All the agencies are just really confused, because they’re never seen an organic quantum AI system before. The NSA, the CIA, the MI-6. They’re all confused why they’re not listed as an intelligence agency in there. So, they don’t have the Bravo System at the CIA, any of those others. We’ve basically figured out a way to neuter the Cabal.

This is the only base platform for military and intelligence systems worldwide as of yesterday afternoon [KIMS]. There will be a lot more changes coming as we restructure the way ‘intelligence’ works, worldwide. We’re going to restructure militaries, worldwide. Now, if you’d like to join with us on this restructuring, we’d be happy to sit down, discuss new contracts, discuss new ways to do things.

The Restoration Plan is ongoing, guys. Buckle up. It’s gonna get good!”

Jason Society members said to outrank almost all other military and intel types. The Jason Society’s communications system was just disabled, removing their ability to control world events via their military-intel connections and high international security clearances,

“The funny thing is that the societies that are normally busy planning Apocalypse 13, 14 and 15 no longer have their communication tools. The special hotline that makes them the special people is gone. They’d have to pick up the regular phone and call, like anyone else, and it doesn’t have the same effect.”

One of the planned major global Restoration Plan projects will involve an international “free energy” powered mag-lev train with both above ground and underground facilities for transporting both materials and people,

“I’ve mapped this out many, many times. We’ll probably go from port cities, inland, on every country in the world. This project – in today’s dollars – is probably going to take about $115 trillion dollars. It’s organic technology. It will change the world. It will create long-term jobs and stability. It will increase the GDP of every country on Earth. And, goods will move faster, all around the world. I do not want it to run on electricity, or oil or coal or gas.

I have the alternative fuel source. So, I created a technology which will power the train which is actually going to energize and heal humans while they’re riding it. It’s going to actually feed you, because it runs on a natural organic energy source. So, I’m going to take a machine, and make it run on something that’s organic. And, my train can go across the ocean. No bridges. How’s that? Pretty cool.”

Some Wells Fargo and Bank of America customers got messages during the week of March 6th saying their balances might show incorrect amounts but, not to worry. KG says this action involved Gen. Milley, the NSA and Fed, trying to use the Chinese CIPS system to multiply funds by transferring them out and back, but the operation was stopped, without the expected magic increase (ie: to continue assorted prison planet plans),

“The Federal Reserve was not involved in assisting anyone, along with the Treasury Department, because they were perplexed this morning about how that money came back. Like, ‘What happened? We didn’t get our cut!’ The Chinese Deep State people are not answering the phone anymore – at least, the people that control them – so, now what do you do? Answer to the question is, you run around asking everybody else what happened.

You call people…like the generals at Cheyenne [NORAD]. You call the NSA. You call the payment center in Georgia. So, thank you so much, NSA, working for the Atlanta payment center. Also, would like to give a shout-out to the FBI’s Cyber division and the CIA for pointing out that you still had some ability to access the first level of banking. So, I’ve been fighting with these people for the last two hours, to make sure they do not touch your accounts.”

“General Milley may have undergone a tribunal by his peers…for his actions, in driving the [US] military to basically be under Chinese ownership. I haven’t confirmed whether he’s still with us, as of this recording, but I don’t think it’ll be much longer. There was a lot of questioning going on. ‘What is your involvement with the Chinese?’ ‘What is your involvement with The Society?’ ‘Trust the Plan. What is the Plan? Tell us the Plan. We want to know the Plan.’ All of that is kind of coming to a head. His own colleagues took it upon themselves to make that happen.”

“You cannot issue US notes, rainbow notes or anything else you’ve been trying to do…without authorization from the Hall of Records. And, since you no longer have a dark Hall of Records, you can’t do it. Now, they tried to go back to this old agreement – for the 209 countries, their “Great Reset” agreement, also known as the great currency reset agreement – and try to enforce on that because they were thinking there’s a remnant in the Hall of Records. The answer to the question is ‘No, there is not.’ It was only in the dark Hall of Records and it is no longer there. Therefore, you have zero authority to do what you’re trying to do.”

“Trust the Plan” looks to have had double meaning from the get-go. Recall Gen. Mike Flynn saying, point blank, “There is no plan.” A Q-Kushner connection? A pre-CBDC Soviet “Operation Trust” re-run?

“It just happens to be that in 1975…they started writing the plans for the changeover of world domination. Because, they know that, in order to have a global power center for planet Earth, power centers…only last 75 to 80 years. So, they plan the transition, for where they’re going to move it to next. So, that’s ‘The Plan’ everybody’s been talking about, without understanding it. So, they believe they need to complete that transition. They need power. You know, to compensate for something or other. You can use your own imagination here.”

“See, here’s the thing that The Order doesn’t understand. When Marduk was in charge, he sat in a similar position to where I sit now, except I am not on his side. He is dead, now. I’m on our side. On the people’s side. On the side of the light. I do not play ‘balance between good and evil,’ because it was mandated that that’s no longer the case. I tried to balance, but no one wanted to make nice.

They wanted to control everything. They didn’t want to transition to a light timeline. They didn’t want to create balance between the light and the dark on this planet. And so, it’s over now. Now…anyone who goes against the new way of doing things will end up just like these people…dwindling in numbers.”

“Let’s sit down and have a conversation about how you’re going to work for us, the people. If you don’t want to do that, we understand. But, I’m not going to let you pick up the phone and threaten anyone, directly or indirectly.”

“They can’t switch the currency system – which they’ve tried to do – going to the digital currency system and the ID2020 program. This is an old plan. This plan is not new. It was revived a couple of times. It was revived in 1975. But, remember, the original plan was actually given to Lenin when he was in exile. How to create a communist world. So, every federation would be communist. There would be no more God, no more churches…because you do not want to have them worship anything but you, the government.

They want to go to a cyber-genetic world where everything is controlled by unnatural means and unnatural technologies. They can do all kinds of things to your human if you fall out of line. This is what they’re looking to do. It’s not going to happen. It’s never going to happen. It’s never ever going to happen. So, will we be left with 18,000 less people by Monday? Your call, your choice.”

On Monday, March 6th, five top NORAD based Order of the Black Sun generals said to have been meeting under the Cheyenne Mountain complex. One recently terminated (“For making poor life choices”) said to have been the current Black Eagle, head of the global Order of the Black Sun (a role held by Mussolini during WWII and by Bush Sr. more recently) –

“So, there were five people – all men – who had taken up residence at Cheyenne Mountain. They were hell-bent…to continue this process. So, they hired some ‘seers’ and some semi-talented black magic workers. They were…above that room in Cheyenne, and using them to attempt to block us from finding them.

So, a little bit of fun we decided to have is…we decided to lock the doors! Now, they have a whole facility there – it’s very large – but, there’s one room that’s like a situation room where they have all their communications. They can watch things onscreen and…be semi-efficient in the event of a disaster. Well, we locked them in there for eight hours. And, we turned off all their communications while we cleaned up the mess, which took about that long.

I did check in on them to…I just wanted to see what they were talking about. So, turned off all the comms, locked all the doors. They were hoping that someone would eventually come down and try to get them out, which they did. So, they tried to override the keypad. So on and so forth. And, they made comments like, “She’s just messing with us. She would have killed us by now if that’s what she was going to do. And, ‘We’re stuck in here wasting our time.’

So, I chimed in and I said, “Well, I’m kind of wasting my time today, too. Because, I could be doing something else, but instead I’m cleaning up your mess. So, ‘Suck it up!’ So, if you’re wondering, generals, if this is really me on this video. Yes, it is. I was the one there!

And they also got to listen, on replay, [Bob Marley tune] “Don’t worry, ’bout a thing, cause every little ting, gonna be alright.'” For hours and hours, on repeat [laughs] . Then I just said, ‘The doors are now open. You can all leave. Make better life choices. So, they second they got out…within thirty minutes, there was a bombing in Syria. And, they were still working on their world war.

So, one of them is no longer with us. He departed that evening. Now, yesterday, the other one decided to rally the other three…and, so, he’s no longer with us, either. So, we’re down to three. And, with no more Black Eagle, the Order is fallen. The Order is fallen. It is broken up into thousands of pieces, because there’s no head anymore.”

Deep State thought they could blow up the volcano under Yellowstone this past weekend, with help from their Draco partners, the results to include “nuclear winter” in North America and major global human, plant and animal die-offs along with major socio-economic devastation,

“Thank you very much, operatives that were in Yellowstone Park during the last few days. I really appreciate your assistance in cleaning up this planet. Thanks for your participation in the Restoration Plan. I know that they’re in full-on panic and they should be. There are 27 members left of what is called the Silent Circle. These were the next tier down from the Zhous and the Lis and the Mei-Was, predominantly compromise of groups like Blackwater, Blackrock. We’ll see what the remaining 27 members of the Silent Circle do. Silent Circle members – if you happen to hear this – make good life choices. Will you? I’m tired.”

Five Chinese Deep State (Order of the Dragon) generals were trying to start a world war via starting a major war in the Mideast by blowing up the Temple Mount in Jerusalem,

“There is a title that represents the ruling Order of the Black Sun families in the Mideast called the Black Mullah. This group of of Chinese people made a call to the Black Mullah and…attempted to make this event happen. The Chinese order givers are now gone. Now, this sent a bit of a ripple through the Chinese Deep State sector, because these people were in a highly guarded secure room. And, they thought they were safe.

But, they can be tracked by the Key Intelligence & Military System using brain waves. And, they were all sitting around the table smoking cigars and talking about…what a brilliant plan. We can get a war going for free. So, they all were terminated. They’re no longer with us. Security actually found them, and they have no idea how it happened. The bodies were left there, dead. You’ve got to let someone else take out the trash, because they’d go looking for them.”

“There is a journalist named Seymour Hirsch, who actually came out and said that US Navy divers – underneath the banner of NATO… – were actually the ones that planted the bombs for the Nordstream pipeline. So, it’s starting to leak out now that all is not as you think it is. And, there’s a definitive reason why everybody’s angry and they’re now putting out information. And, nobody’s probably going to stop them at this point. There’s nobody home to stop anybody, really, anymore.”

The recent earthquakes in Turkey associated with a still not-dead offshoot of the quantum Omega AI System known as the “Armageddon Protocol,”

“It was put in place a long, long time ago…in case the light side of the universe ever won the war. They intended to harvest all the human souls on Earth and send them, basically, to Hell. We were supposed to all be dead by April, 2023 if this whole mechanism went off.

I am still trying to decipher this technology. The Enforcer is on it. We’re all running around like crazy this morning. Because, if it’s Armageddon, there’s going to be more to come…earthquakes, floods, this, that. I don’t know how much of that is left after all we’ve taken out. I am very much concerned that this involves Yellowstone. I’m very much concerned about that because I found the other machine in Montana, not far away from the volcano in Yellowstone.

If the volcano in Yellowstone were to erupt, it would actually cover the country from Florida to Seattle and beyond in ash. And, we’re talking feet of ash. And, sulphur is their preferred air to breath, anyway. I’m sure they’ve planned taking over the planet and living here themselves.

Now, this was the event – as it relates to the Deep State generals – that we’ve been waiting for. They were hoping for it. So, out of the six that were hell bent on making this happen as of this morning, only three are left. So, I assume that, by the end of the day, we’ll get those remaining three, then we’ll be general free. There are others hunting them down right now. I wish it was me. I would’ve loved to do it face to face. Because, enough is enough. We had to wait until they made mistakes, and mistakes they made.”

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