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COVID (aka: Certificate of Vaccination ID)

The COVID Phenomenon

While frightening COVID statistics became the sole fixation of major media outlets and governments in the US and Europe during 2020, common ailments like the flu and generic respiratory ailments quietly disappeared. Reported deaths from heart attacks and old age fell off even as “COVID deaths” made up the difference. As sources on this page indicate, total US and global deaths in 2020 were less than in 2019, despite a supposedly horrific global pandemic. Hmmm. Might these anomalies relate to $10k – $40k Medicaid “COVID reimbursements” to hospitals and clinics for checking a COVID diagnosis box per a discredited PCR-based “COVID test?” To staggering $100k – $300k per case federal->state budget payouts instituted by the April 2020 “CARE Act?” Might there be a global economic disaster coverup motive behind this grand international COVID project, a decade in the planning – alongside matched “Great Reset,” “ID 2020” and “New Normal” socio-economic transformation plans – the WEF and the CFR serving as their planning and implementation hubs? Read on and find out.

The Big Picture

This is a fantastic interview of Catherine Austin Fitts, detailing the true motives behind the vast “Corona Project,” in planning for a decade before breaking on the world scene in early 2020. Catherine is an amazingly articulate, intelligent and courageous individual who’s also a former HUD Assistant Secretary (Dept. of Housing and Urban Development). Widely considered our world’s foremost authority on US Treasury, Fed and black budget “missing trillions,” she currently heads up the amazing Solari project.

Click the image below to watch her superb “COVID Big Picture” summary, titled Planetary Lockdown. Now that many people are realizing that Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab (WEF “Great Reset” spokesman), “Prince Charles” and the other Corona kingpins – counseling the common folk re: what they must and must not do (aka: “the Official Narrative”) – they’re staggered by the scope of this operation and left with major “How?” and “Why?” questions which Catherine answers.

Prefer to instead read the interview transcript?

Catherine Austin Fitts – Planetary Lockdown transcript COVID Game Plan Analysis

Most of my friends and acquaintances agree that this “COVERT-19” article by my friend and colleague, Foster Gamble – co-founder and director of the and projects – is perhaps the best single COVID Big Picture article. Alongside the Catherine Austin Fitts interview above, they make a powerful 1-2 punch re: helping others “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” (before it’s too late).

Excerpt –

Mainstream media tells us to resist conspiracy theories and that good people obey, while the number of supposed cases, our economy, our relations and our options just keep getting worse. But what if the media is itself an arm of a very real and dangerous conspiracy they are telling us to avoid? Whether or not we trust these mainstream sources is at the heart of the great divide we are experiencing.

The new lockdowns are based on “cases.” More COVID tests leads to more “cases,” because the PCR tests used are not only unreliable, but can be easily rigged. Most so-called “infected” persons have no symptoms at all. COVID Containment Camps are now being created in many countries, starting with Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US (FEMA). In Thrive I we pointed out that, a decade ago, these were already being refurbished “in case of pandemic or social unrest.” Prior to the declaration of a pandemic, Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum (WEF) had already prepared their “Great Reset,” a detailed agenda for seizing control of the global economy, establishing medical tyranny and a one world government, along with vaccinations and chipping and tracking everyone, everywhere. “Global problems require global solutions,” says Schwab. And he assures us, “By 2025, you’ll own nothing…and be happy.”

Plandemic 1 and 2

When “Plandemic 1” aired on Youtube in early 2020 – featuring a 30-minute heart-to-heart talk with Dr. Judy Mitovitz, the most credentialed virologist and bio-chemist on Tony Fauci’s lab team at the US Army’s Ft. Dietrich bio-weapons lab and NIH for many years, and someone directly familiar with his track record re: both the HIV-AIDS saga and his current COVID project – it was on track to breaking all-time Youtube viewing records during its first week. Then, amazingly – a pattern of censorship repeated since many times since – Youtube management deleted both the video and the channel for…“violating community standards.” IE: for telling the truth about critically important topics (while promoting proven disinformation from the likes of CDC, WHO and the Gates Foundation).

Undaunted, the Plandemic producer moved the video to an independent platform and created a Plandemic 2 sequel, which since went hugely viral. What’s interesting for sleepy-heads out there who think “fact checkers” are doing something other than lying their asses off, is to see how the hatchet jobs done against Dr. Mitovitz by the usual suspects – major media firms, the CDC and NIH, Wikipedia et al – compare with the fact that’s she’s perhaps the most highly-qualified honest professional you’ll hear from with first-hand knowledge of Dr. Fauci’s track record. Plandemic 2 feature Dr. David Martin, a courageous and inspiring figure fighting the…Corona Crimes agenda.

The Gates Foundation, WHO’s Largest Donor and COVID Prime Mover

The Corbett Report produced this superb four-part video series documenting how Bill Gates became interested in “largely vaccinating the whole world” – tied into the 2009 billionaires for population control meeting organized on his behalf by David Rockefeller at which over $40 billion in “vaccines R&D” funding was pledged, as well as his On Fido and ID 2020 digital ID tagging-tracking projects and his Moderna investments involving permanent RNA-DNA modification via patents held by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust. Did you know the Gates Foundation is WHO’s largest donor while also being the financial backer of GAVI, currently rolling out mandatory “vaccines” tied to a China style phone-based digital payments system in poor nations across the globe? Yup. Did you know the parliament in India kicked the Gates Foundation out after over 500,000 cases of paralysis and death were attributed to their “vaccination plus digital IDs” project? Did you know that, at a WEF gathering in Davos, Bill is on record saying his vaccine investments have had a 20-to-1 financial payback? All that and more is documented in this four-part video series.

Ventilators to Die For

I know someone who believes his aunt was nearly killed by COVID. Inquiring, I learned that his aunt, per a routine checkup – not complaining of any health symptoms was (wait for it) – diagnosed as having COVID (per the now widely discredited “PCR test”) then placed on a ventilator, after which she has barely been able to speak or walk. So, summing up, she went in for a routine physical feeling fine, was on death’s doorstep a day later after receiving “COVID treatments.” Related to this, recall that checking the COVID diagnostic box earns the clinic from $8,000 to $40,000 dollars per the CARE Act in the US, similar high payouts in nations around the world via WHO (funded by by the Gates Foundation, pharmaceutical firms and governments), major US federal->state “COVID reimbursements” in addition to that.

While Medicaid reimburses hospitals and clinics an average of $9,000 for “COVID positives,” the bonanza climbs to $36,000 averages if such individuals are placed on ventilators, an option most experts say is tantamount to a death sentence. And, yes, most who’ve been placed on “COVID ventilators” – like my friend’s aunt – have either suffered permanent damage or died. Here’s a nurse giving first-hand testimony about these issues.

5G was the Cause of Deaths in Wuhan, Italy & the Cruise Ship

Watch just the first minute of this video to see clearly not just that “Corona Crimes” and “Plandemic” are fitting titles, but that 5G is the true culprit behind plans to create near-term “Wuhan COVID everywhere.” Yup. 5G transmitters are military-grade Electronics Warfare Technology (EWT) and Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW), used against civilians and “enemy combatants” in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. And the F-35 fighter jet, for example, is bristling with 5G electronics warfare technology.

“Faster Netflix” is a ruse, cover for a relatively vast planetary crime intimately linked to the equally bold “Corona Crimes” agenda. Looking for the reason for species die-offs? Think 4G->5G rollouts (plus glyphosate and GMOs). 4G will run over 100x faster than usually deployed (up to 1Gbps) doing so far more safely than 5G because; a) its antennas do not focus at individuals like a laser cannon (aka: “maser”); b) it does not cover the 60Ghz frequency range used in Wuhan to kill people via oxygen starvation. At 60Ghz, oxygen molecules in the human body cannot bind to hemoglobin resulting in acute shortness of breath, dry cough and possible death (plus cancers, cataracts, etc). Watch the first 15 minutes of this clip.

Tony Fauci, Big Pharma & Population Reduction Goals

Articles & Other Resources

US COVID Check-box Payoffs – Huge sums are being given to cash-starved states by the US federal government per the 2020 “CARE Act” amounting to outrageous levels of institutional bribery resulting in hospitals and clinics diagnosing virtually everything as COVID (with the known to be meaningless “COVID PCR test”). Note that total annual deaths in the US and globally for 2020 are actually slightly less than per 2019, indicating the just mentioned sleight of hand.

Renowned Microbiology Specialist On Why He Believes Coronavirus Measures Are Draconian

“The Level of Stupidity Going On Here Is Amazing” – Nobel Laureate For Science On Covid-19 Lockdown

Physicians For Informed Consent Say Infection Fatality Rate of COVID-19 Is 0.26 Percent

COVID-19: “For People Younger Than 45, The Infection Fatality Rate is Almost 0%” – Stanford Professor

State Payouts by the US Federal Government for Checking the COVID box – Want to know HOW the vastly falsified “COVID positive” and fake “COVID deaths” stats happened? This article lists payouts from the US federal government to cash-starved states for each “COVID positive” reported. Like, $100k to $300k per case! That, on top of Medicaid “reimbursements” of $9k to $39k to every US hospital, clinic and doctor who’s checks completely meaningless “COVID positive” boxes on diagnostic forms or death certificates. IE: the old bribery pay-to-play trick. Same story per vastly falsified stats across the international landscape via money routed from WHO and the World Bank (much of it from the Gates Foundation) to national health ministries. That’s the HOW of our world’s hugely falsified Corona Crimes stats (its true risk factors no different than any other season flu + “Get your free vaccines here” project). As for WHY, check out the other links on this page.

Comprehensive article – Written by a group of Swiss doctors and researchers proves that factual information and statistics re: “COVID-19” risks are not any higher than for any other seasonal flu of the past two decades, the difference being the huge outrageous falsification of statistics by the mainstream media, governments and Big Pharma connected health agencies.

As the above articles and videos show, you don’t need no stinkin’ vaccine, much less DNA-altering, permanent electronic ID cattle-tagging, immune system disabling injections mis-labeled “vaccines.” But, lest you be tempted, visit It founded by a former Merck executive who, as a housewife, could no longer remain silent about the serious and permanent damages – esp. to children – she saw caused by vaccines. Someone with her experience and expertise speaking out on these topics carries weight. But, because the Corona Crimes syndicate is intent on “vaccinating largely everyone” (in the words of Bill Gates), doing what Brandy Vaughn did in creating her project is also potentially dangerous. Perhaps that’s why she “died suddenly” at a young age in December of 2020, as reported by Robert Kennedy Jr’s Childrens Health Defense Fund.

From the website –

About 106,000 people die every year from drugs prescribed to them. Vaccines do not create immunity, they create customers. It’s the best business model in the world. It keeps people coming back for more, forever. There are multiple toxic ingredients in vaccines, some known to cause cancer and autoimmune disorders. These toxins create health issues that in turn create customers. The best defense against disease is a healthy, strong immune system, not overloaded with toxins from food, water, air, and pharmaceutical products.

But wait, there’s more! We’re not even getting warmed up re: the Truly Special Sauce that Bill, Tony and friends have planned for all the anxious peasants who line up to earn their right to walk around without a dust mask on, return to work and-or qualify for the spiffy subsistence-level “UI” and “debt forgiveness” bait-and-switch plans. To learn more about just what they have in mind, read these two articles –

The NIH and CDC Are Not Public Institutions – Just in case you were wondering.

Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned to Usher in the New World Order

We the People Can End the Plandemic

Halting Our Descent into Tyranny: Defeating the Global Elite’s Covid-19 Coup

Corona lockdown insanity article – Published by the Ron Paul Institute. Ron Paul has been the most honorable long-serving US congressional rep of the past 20 years – Cynthia McKinney also worthy of mention – and he also happens to be an MD.

Trump’s Diagnosis came from a Research Tool – Inventor of the PCR test being used to “test for COVID” by sticking a probe up people’s noses (which breaches a blood-brain barrier which will create vulnerability to brain infections, typical Big Pharma bait-and-switch criminality) is on record saying that under no circumstances can the PCR test be used as per COVID, wherein it’s being “cycled” up to and over 30x meaning the whole thing is a criminal fraud and scam. Why? Think George Orwell and “global fascist police state conversion plans for the gullible sheeple.”

excerpt from article above –

“Possibly the greatest trade deal ever inked was between the flu virus and #coronavirus. So glad nobody is dying of the flu anymore, and therefore the CDC has abruptly decided to stop calculating flu deaths altogether. Agreements between viruses are the way of the future!” One Facebook user wrote: “Not just lowest flu death, but also cancer deaths, diabetes deaths, heart disease deaths, and many other known diseases. When hospitals are guaranteed payment from the federal government if it is classified as covid19 hospitalization, it becomes a business plan.”

COVID-19: Lies & More Damnable Lies

They Are Rolling Out The Architecture Of Oppression Now Because They Fear The PeopleCorrect!

Huge Corona Virus Class Action Lawsuit

Excerpt –

The year 2020 has been one of the craziest, strangest, and most bizarre years in recent history, with the virus frenzy, lockdowns, quarantines, forced face diapers, election fraud, “warp speed” vaccines, and murmurings of a “Great Reset.” Are all these topics and events related? Are they part of a bigger plan? And what exactly is the Great Reset? Great questions! We’re going to try to “connect the dots” in this article, so put on your seatbelts and get ready to learn.

In June, at a virtual meeting hosted by the World Economic Forum (WEF), many of the “globalists” met and proposed to “reset” the global economy. We’ve seen the same group of government agents, powerful business leaders, and activists using climate change to justify their policy changes for decades, but the Great Reset is the most radical and ruthless plan we’ve seen in our lifetime. In a nutshell, the Great Reset refers to an Orwellian globalist agenda to redistribute wealth, monitor and control the entire world through digital surveillance, and require everyone to have an electronic ID linked to bank accounts and health records.The purpose of a lockdown is not to save you from COVID-19. It is a huge step towards reclassifying people as prisoners under martial law and complete destruction of our freedom and liberty.

Nearly 50,000 scientists and medical practitioners from around the world have signed a petition against the COVID-19 lockdowns, saying that they are causing “irreparable damage” and citing “grave concerns” about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies. Make no mistake. It’s not about any sort of disease or virus, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Why Do We Call This A “Plandemic”? Because this COVID-19 is just one piece of the puzzle that represents the plan that’s been in existence for decades. It’s a scam, a false flag, a hoax that’s being used to stoke fear and hysteria while concurrently exerting more and more control over the populace.

More Videos

Claire Edwards on “5G, COVID & the Great Reset”

Note: This video interview was knocked off the air by Youtube-Google management in the middle of live-streaming with a large audience tuned in! It happened toward the end of their conversation when Claire – whose career was as UN staff – suggested that to stop the 5G and economic destruction projects connected to the Corona Crimes, that citizens need to demand the effective dissolution of thoroughly corrupt overly-centralized national and international governance structures. IE: more truth on key topics than Youtube’s “community standards” would allow (video below on Bitchute).

The Great Reset, COVID & “Sustainable Development” Techno-fascism

Lots of indy journalists are now jumping on the “COVID Fun Facts” band-wagon because the Corona Crimes Big Lies make it like shooting fish in a barrel. Here’s but one of several hundred examples out there, this one courtesy of

COVID fun facts

While COVID lockdowns and planned global economic demolition are as draconian as it gets – setting up the intended high level of job loss, fear, financial dependence and supply chain and food shortages – here’s another research document showing that “COVID” itself is just another seasonal designer flu, the real risks all being in the “other” category. Note that the common cold is a…corona virus. Your grandparents and pets all had…corona viruses. Every seasonal Big Pharma designer flu is a “SARS corona virus.” The difference this time around is that BIG MONEY buys big-time fictionalized stats and “partner cooperation” across the for-profit, NGO and government landscape. IE: Time to wake up and smell the coffee.