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Climate the Movie: The Climate Emergency Hoax

Mar 28, 2024

“Climate the Movie” is a DEFINITE HOME RUN! Finally, a quality film documenting just HOW RADICALLY ABSURD the whole “Climate Change Emergency” narrative is – from the standpoint of science – and always has been. Not news to those among us who’ve been onto the true game-plan behind that MASSIVELY FUNDED DISINFO NARRATIVE all along, but for the sleeping masses finally beginning to connect dots and smell the coffee, “Climate the Movie” is a huge boost.

But, before getting into movie links and excerpts, let’s pay homage to that hard-working teenage climate troll, Greta Thunberg. Daughter of a stylish Swedish “satanic celebrity couple,” Greta clearly went through unknown years of MK-Ultra conditioning, resulting in her ability to channel demonic entities on cue and begin foaming at the mouth while spouting COMPLETE NONSENSE. Click the image below for a walk down memory lane. Note that Greta reads every carefully practiced word from a script, leaving only the question whether her handlers for the Rothschild’s big Climate Change Emergency hoax hole up more at MI-6 or CIA HQ.

(click image below to watch)

Movie Screenshots

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Climate the Movie URLs

This is 80 minutes worth of video viewing worth tuning into and sharing with others far and wide! The production team has been really smart about the film’s release, making it freely available on all the following platforms, and encouraging sharing of its script, annotated bibliography, etc.

You can watch the film via any of the following links –

Blog & FAQ Links from Producer Tom Nelson

The Twitter blog of producer Tom Nelson and the FAQ page he put together are excellent background resources to accompany the film (esp. the Twitter blog).

Film Bullet Points

  • Average global temperatures today are far cooler than during prior periods, past 1-500 million of years, also cooler than during the 1930s.
  • CO2 levels are also near all-time record lows past 1-500 million years.
  • This said, CO2 has NOTHING to do with “climate change.” All climate change instead hinges upon greatly increased solar activity – past decade plus – and a topic the film really did not treat, the ongoing unacknowledged use of advanced weather warfare technology (eg: chem-trails and HAARP to create designer droughts and temperature inversions, space-based DEW platforms to start designer “global warming wildfires”).
  • The entire Global Warming -> “Climate Change Emergency” FRAUD has been driven by the combo of Big Money and Big Lies from on high, complimented by dummy intellectuals, nincompoops and spineless sell-outs all too willing to follow the money, regardless how destructive, insane or dishonest the agenda.

Suggested Improvements

As great and needed a contribution as Climate the Movie is, it could be improved by adding in coverage of the weather warfare topic – hundreds of witnesses, articles, research papers and videos are available – and by exploring the fact that dramatically increased solar activity noted in the film, is caused by our solar system crossing the Galactic Equator at this time. Another major improvement would be to include reference to the systematic suppression of revolutionary “free energy” technologies – eg: rotary and solid-state ZPE (Zero Point Energy) devices and LENR (aka: Cold Fusion) generators – which have been ready for mass production for decades, yet continually kept secret and off-market under abused national security regulations (esp. Title 35, Section 181 of the 1951 Invention Secrecy Act) and Cabal mafia dynamics.

The Natural Cause of Climate Change

There have been “designer droughts and wildfires” throughout the past 15 years, due to the massively funded use of “classified” weather warfare technology, including chem-trails, ground and space-based HAARP and maser platforms. The chem-trails angle is covered in the excellent documentary, The Dimming. But, the more universal cause of climate change – like the jet stream swooping south, causing unusually cold winters in some places and unusually warm ones in others – involves the 25,800 year Precession of the Equinox cycle, whereby our solar system crosses the Galactic Equator every 12,900 years, involving one orbit of our Sun around Alcyone.

There’s a reason the public has not been informed of that, nor the fact that EVERY PLANET in our solar system is experiencing “climate change” similar to that on Earth, something every “planetary scientist” knows. Because, as with so many other “Inconvenient Truths,” it would wreck the absurd Greta-Al-n-Rothschilds Climate Emergency prison planet game plan.

Movie Bibliography

There’s also this annotated bibliography – with online links to many film topics – and this site, from which movie video excerpts are available.

Film Excerpts

Patrick Moore, Co-Founder of Greenpeace,

“There is no truth to the idea that Earth is warmer now than it has been in the past. It’s a lie. There is no truth that CO2 is higher than it should be. That is a lie. There’s no climate emergency happening on this planet. There’s no evidence of one.”

“The IPCC has a self-interested reason to show that climate is a threat, otherwise there’s no reason for them to exist. All the jobs, all the money, is dependent upon there being a climate crisis.”

“There are not just billions but trillions of dollars at stake. Since I am no longer worried about funding or jobs or whatever, I call myself a climate change denier.”

Dr. William Happer, Planetary Scientist,

“The climate’s always been changing. Who’d deny climate change? You know, when I hear people talking about the end of civilization over one or two degrees, I think, ‘What have they been smoking?’ It’s a wonderful way to increase government power. If there’s an existential threat out there that’s worldwide, well you need a powerful world wide government to cope with it.”

Dr. Roy Spencer, NASA,

“Science in the US tends to be overwhelmingly funded by government grants. So, whatever government grants are offered, determines much of the science.” “Congress is willing to pay you to go find evidence of global warming. As a scientist, by golly, we’re going to go find evidence of it. Because, that’s what we’re being paid to do. And guess what? If you don’t find evidence and suggest it’s a problem, you’re funding ends.”

Dr. Roy Spencer, NASA,

“It’s gotten to where it has nothing to do with the science. It doesn’t matter if your alarmist prediction doesn’t come true. You’re still going to retain you standing as an expert, and the media’s still going to come and ask opinion, even though you were crazy wrong.

Ross McKitrick, Professor of Economics,

“The policy agenda has sprawled into micromanaging everybody’s lives on the most minute detail. What kind of stove you can use, what kind of heater you can have, how much you can set the thermostat at, where you can drive, what kind of car. There’s a comical list of academic climate studies. Just put into Google ‘climate change and’ and everything comes up.”

Dr. William Happer, Planetary Scientist,

“During the last glacial maximum, there’s good evidence that, in many parts of the world, there was plant starvation from not enough CO2. So, we should be very grateful that CO2 levels are beginning to fill back up. We’re still far from the historical norms, which would be several thousand parts per million. There’s not enough fossil fuel to get there, but at least we’re making a start.”

Dr. Matt Wielicki, Geologist,

“Current global CO2 estimates are 420 parts per million. If we look through the last 550 million years, we would see CO2 on the order of 7000 parts per million. Periods of elevated CO2 tend to be periods of huge biodiversity on the planet. In fact, we’re in a CO2 famine, if you look over the record of the past 550 million years. There is a low point, where photosynthesis becomes so inefficient, that plant life would die. Then, everything else starts to perish after that.”

“Paying lip service to the climate alarm has become almost universal among those who depend on government for their livelihoods. This includes those in the publicly-funded education, arts and science establishments. Among the largely publicly-funded Western intelligentsia…to question the climate alarm is socially unacceptable. The so-called consensus on climate has itself become a weapon, a form of bullying, intimidation and censorship, used against those who refuse to conform.”

Ross McKitrick, Prof. of Economics,

“Suppose 20 years ago, somebody hatched the idea, ‘I’d really like to ban cheap energy, I’d really like to control everyone’s appliance purchases. I’d really like to tell everyone where they can go. Basically, I’d really like dictatorial control over everything. Well, it’s not gonna fly. Everyone would think you’re a nut and ignore you. But fast forward 20 years and that’s what’s happening.”

Dick Lindzen, Professor of Meteorology,

“Anytime within the past 65 million years was essentially warmer than it is today. Yet, anything that says global warming is not a problem, is not going to get funding. If a young person is questioning this, they can’t put it in a proposal. The proposal will be denied. And they can’t effectively publish because the gatekeeper will keep them out. It would end their career. It’s clear that it’s now a cult, completely divorced from science.”

Dr. Matt Wielicki, Geologist,

“To speak up about climate change in any type of sceptical way was essentially career suicide. There was no way that I would get published in any of the mainstream journals that I was required to publish in. I essentially isolated myself from many of the funding institutions. This is one of the reasons you can build a consensus in a community, because anyone who is sceptical of the consensus essentially gets kicked out of the community.”

Dr. Willie Soon, Astrophysicist,

“It is obvious that the Sun is driving climate change, not CO2. As of 2023, IPCC says the Sun has zero chances to explain the changes of the climate system on a broad scale! We say, ‘No!’ ‘We can easily explain all of it. There is zero for the CO2, 100% for the Sun. How’s that?’ Immediately, they attack us, because it’s not following the narrative. They need the CO2 to be the only dominant player.”

Patrick Moore, Founder of Co-Greenpeace,

“20,000 years ago, CO2 was at the lowest level it’s ever been in the history of the Earth, 180 parts per million. If it’d gone down another 30 parts per million, we’d have all been dead.”

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