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There are definitely crazy things going on in the US Presidential election. Although our corrupt US mainstream media has declared Joe Biden the winner, all credible sources report something very different, indeed. Namely, that both the voter turnout and the popular vote victory margin – favoring Pres. Donald Trump – likely set records for the past century. The best forensic estimates at present are that Pres. Trump won 75% or more of the popular vote, while vote fraud by “the other team” was almost certainly the most extreme ever for any US presidential election in history.

Cynthia McKinney was always my favorite congressional rep, Ron Paul a close runner-up. They were always the only two congressional reps that could be counted upon to live up to high “founding principles” and both always had the courage to “speak truth to power,” not easily done in the high-power US Capitol networks effectively run by criminal and industrial cartels. Cynthia McKinney served six terms in the US House of Representatives as a Democrat from Georgia and was the first black woman ever elected to represent Georgia in Congress. The interview from which the following video excerpts were taken involves her discussing, with Robert David Steele, her own Georgia congressional election finally being stolen by the same means used in the recent massive presidential election theft.

Cynthia McKinney was a consistent advocate for peace and justice and was always outspoken against war crimes and those involving human trafficking, the major embezzlement of funds. She is well-known and greatly admired for her grilling of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld over DoD contacting fraud and 9/11 “official report inconsistencies.” As a former six-term Democrat congressional rep with the track record mentioned, this presentation by her regarding election issues needs be taken seriously by all.

People are aware that a US Supreme Court case is in the works to challenge the claim to victory by the “Deep State” cartel behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. But, few are yet aware that, according to credible sources, all mail-in ballots carried a certified high-tech tracking technology intended to prevent vote fraud. Many whistle-blowers have come forward to testify regarding the switching of electronic ballots in swing states and at least 50 first-hand witnesses have stepped forward re: ballot tampering and vote destruction at polling places. Of key importance, none of the aforementioned credible reports of fraud have favored Pres. Trump. All, involving serious criminal activity, favored the Biden-Harris ticket.

Current reports indicate that the highest amount of vote fraud involved counterfeit mail-in ballots and the falsification and destruction of ballots at polling places, but “automated fraud” on the voting machines owned by Dominion Inc. has now also been proven.

On Sunday, Nov. 15th, Sidney Powell, the primary lawyer prosecuting the legal case per massive vote fraud against the international cartel backing the Biden-Harris ticket was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo on the Fox Business News channel. Powell said –

We’re fixing to overturn the results of the election in multiple states. And, President Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes but by millions of votes, that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose. We have sworn witness testimony of why the software was designed. It was designed to rig elections. He was fully briefed on it. He saw it happen in other countries. It was exported internationally for profit by the people that are behind Smartmatic and Dominion. They did this on purpose. It was calculated and they’ve done it before. We have evidence from 2016 in California. We have so much evidence I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose.

It gets better. Watch this recent interview of Sidney Powell, starting at 2:26 minutes. Stunning revelations, in line with the other items on this page. These are critically important issues because the (“Cabal”) element backing the Biden-Harris entry is the same international criminal cartel who’s hatched and is lock-stepping forward the most serious assaults on humanity and nature today, including the Corona Crimes as well as the 5G rollouts.

Here’s an example of the large body of testimony regarding “vote rigging by machine” that occurred, though an even far larger body of evidence exists regarding the destruction of physical ballots and the substitution of counterfeit ballots.

In video testimony, Detroit IT worker Melissa Carone, who was employed by Dominion Voting Systems as a contractor to keep an eye on ballot-counting machines, says she witnessed poll workers at the TCF Center repeatedly run the same batches of 50 ballots through counters sometimes up to eight, nine, 10 times. What’s more, she said that while she was not allowed to touch ballots or stand directly over machines, she said only saw ballots marked for Biden during her entire 24-hour shift – not a single ballot for President Trump. She also says she saw poll workers duplicating ballots while changing the votes on others, stealing results in the open.

Summary of key points being reported by credible sources, likely to play in the upcoming Supreme Court case –

  • All mail-in ballots sent out to districts were water-marked with a technology that cannot be counterfeited. They were legally certified then tracked by satellite in real-time once shipped. According to current best forensic estimates, Pres. Trump won approximately 75% of the popular vote . Both the voter turnout and the popular vote margin in favor of Pres. Trump may have broken all-time records for a US presidential election.
  • At midnight EST on election night, Pre. Trump led in all major “battleground” states by large margins. Vegas odds at the time were more than 75% in favor of a Trump win. Then, for unexplained reasons, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennslyvania, North Carolina and Nevada all stopped counting votes simultaneously, taking a “pause” at 1am. All five states having Democrat party Governors.
  • There was a complete blackout of vote count news from all five states during the next four hours. When reporting resumed at 5am, the midnight margins favoring Trump to a degree nearly impossible for Biden to have closed had all done so. In some cases, this would have required all the votes counted during shutdowns voting 100% for Biden. Several cases involve more votes than the number of registered voters for those districts.
  • No major media outlet questioned why this unprecedented coordinated “shutdown” of vote counting happened in those states in the dead of night nor noted these were Democrat controlled “swing” states in which Pres. Trump held commanding leads prior to the “counting pause.”
  • Dozens of first-person witness testimonies have since surfaced indicating that large-scale ballot destruction and falsification operations were being conducted during this wee hours “pause” cycle.
  • Roughly 50 million counterfeit mail-in ballots were seized at US ports and in warehouses prior to the election but other millions were used.
  • In addition to the use of counterfeit mail-in votes and the destruction of legitmate ballots, two vote-stealing software programs (named Hammer and Scorecard) were running on all electronic voting machines leased from Dominion Inc. switching votes to Biden.
  • Evidence exists that mainstream media corporations insisting Joe Biden won the election did so despite knowing the claims were based upon voter fraud, which is a felony crime constituting treason. Despite such efforts to “call the election,” election results are not determined by media conglomerates. The Electoral College will meet to determine the election outcome Dec. 14, subject also to the current Supreme Court case.
  • Some arrests related to the aforementioned matters are already quietly being made and are expected to increase and become more public between now and Feb. 1, along with substantial hard evidence, including what’s expected to be a Supreme Court ruling favoring Pres. Trump.
  • Joe Biden and tens of thousands of others within the global crime syndicate backing him will almost certainly be charged and prosecuted during the next 3-6 months for serious crimes including treason, war crimes, genocide, human trafficking and major financial crimes. Thousands of corrupt officials in the US, European and many other governments will be forced to resign or jailed.
  • The preceding prediction relates to the fact that there are currently over 150,000 Grand Jury sealed indictments in the US, roughly 100x the average number, all accumulated during the prior four years of the Trump administration. Once news of their unsealing becomes public, all said-to-be “rumors” of the Trump administration aligned with a global alliance draining the “Cabal” swamp will move into the realm of confirmed fact.
  • Pres. Trump and the aforementioned alliance are expected to continue the enactment of NESARA, already underway, transitioning to a grand new GESARA platform. IE: A “Heaven on Earth” versus the Hell on Earth planned by those behind Joe Biden all US presidential administrations from the Kennedy era to Pres. Trump.

Funny Things Clones Say

It may not matter much that Youtube censorship of the type the screenshot above indicates is happening because we’ve got alt video platforms like, where Sleepy Joe made this amazing “blooper confession,” evidently while the earpiece to his Deep State clone handlers was malfunctioning (likewise, per this clip of the absurd Deep State swamp creature, Nancy Pelosi).


Meanwhile, if true that a watermark was on every single mail-in ballot sent out, involving an isotope that cannot be falsified and can be tracked in real-time via satellite, that could be pivotal in documenting in detail fraud that would otherwise be difficult to reconstruct. The pre-election Biden “rallies” were all completely dead. Close to zero attendance but media staged to look otherwise. The rallies Pres. Trump gave, by comparison, were busting out. Falsification of surveys is standard fare where Deep State interests are involved, and cannot be trusted. A better indication of popularity might be the pre-election Twitter followings of Pres. Trump (88.8 million) versus Joe Biden (16.6 million) an 84% to 16% ratio.

In this clip, Pres. Trump summarizes an overwhelming win in progress on election night, just prior to major vote fraud affecting the swing states.

Election Reports

America Under Attack: Vote Fraud Alert – A really comprehensive set of videos and links documenting the enormous scale of vote fraud in the recent presidential election, off the scales vis a vis anything that’s ever happened in any major US election. The fact that every credible reported instance of such has favored Joe Biden and disadvantaged Pres. Trump – involving serious criminal activity – is a strong indicator who the main US and international criminal networks wants to see win and who they want to lose. Screenshot below shows Youtube blocking video replays on this page and site, a common AI-based censorship strategy deployed when such “inconvenient” information is in process of going viral. – Election Summary Report – Trump Wins Election: Democrats Working Overtime to Steal It – How Trump Beats Back the Biden Fraud. Embedded in this article is a 13 second clip showing Joe Biden (who some of my friends call “Sleepy Joe the Pedophile”) amazingly confessing, “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” IE: Clones do strange things (:

State of the Nation – ElectionGate: Ballot Fraud and Election Theft.

Judicial Watch – This study conducted in September of 2020 shows that a total of 353 US counties – in the states of Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont – had a total of 1.8 million more registered voters than their number of eligible voting-age citizens, indicating a vote-fraud setup.

Other Top Reasons the Cabal Wants You to Hate Donald Trump

Okay, and it doesn’t help that General Patton (my affectionate nickame for Donald Trump) regularly falls into the trap of traditional political polemics, bashing “liberals” and “Democrats” when he frankly knows better. The not-so-subtle aforementioned hint vis a vis his soul-level DNA aligns with the observation that he is not the suave “political type.” Yet, he must be doing something right because the exact same international criminal cartel that was aligned against the Kennedy brothers is now – for the first time since the 60s – uniformly determined to oust the Trump administration and its aligned international “Q Alliance white hats” project which is currently making progress on everything the Kennedy brothers attempted, with none of that progress being reported by our wonderful mainstream media outlets.

The video above features my long-term pen-pals and associates, Robert David Steele and Sacha Stone, outlining why the Deep State cabal axis hates Pres. Trump per countering their current primary NWO sheep-herding project. IE: the COVID (aka: “Certificate of Vaccination ID”) plan, their other main NWO prison planet dead-ender being the Big Al-Little Greta fraud. Meanwhile, the just-published video below – associated with the work of another of my regular pen-pals, Dr. Michael Salla (our world’s leading expert on ET coverup and related project topics) – provides another little understood angle as to why our world’s primary multi-d criminal Cabal element so hates Pres. Trump, his international Q Alliance project and the planetary liberation prospects all that represents.

Yes, and what about that nasty border wall? Well, first of all, know that George Soros – a serious closet satanist arch-criminal long posing as a champion of “liberal democracy” – paid Zeta gang members to bus loads of people up from Honduras (a country destroyed by Hillary Clinton when she deposed their only decent President of the past 50 years, Manuel Zelaya) along with camera crews to wreck mid-term elections processes. Then, if you have the stomach for it, read from or this article about “cross-border human trafficking” across the southern US border, the main reason the Q Alliance has been pushing for a border wall.

Also, realize that the Cabal has focused all their media firepower on getting US hispanics to totally hate Donald Trump because that’s been the single most promising swing vote to destroy re-election prospects (besides massive vote fraud). Note that the supposedly virulently “racist” Trump had never denigrated people of any race but only targeted criminal elements and demographic sets that will not abide by immigration policies. While there’s legitimate debate that can occur around the latter point, that hasn’t been the mainstream media approach which instead has involved slander and denigration designed to create hatred.

Here’s a related tip that ties into why the Cabal’s mainstream media properties have been full-tilt to demonize everything imaginable regarding what Pres. Trump and the Alliance has actually been up to these past four years. Our network has confirmed reports that an unbelievably large number of children have been rescued from “abhorrent slavery conditions” in underground bases (across the US and the world) and other facilities, past 18 months. Connected to that topic, “Pizzagate” did not even scratch the surface of what’s about to come out – oh, like what the Clinton Foundation was really up to in Haiti and much more – involving leading figures and major institutions across the globe. Excerpt from the article above –

We believe that the most pressing issue concerning the liberation of humanity is comprehending the massive scope and scale of Human Trafficking and child sex slavery that has been operating above the law throughout the globe. Until we can begin to educate ourselves and unravel this behemoth, humanity will never find freedom from their tyrannical oppressors. Humanity will need to come together…to disseminate, authenticate and observe factual evidence that has been hidden in the shadows through compartmentalization by the top corporate cabal members…by coordinating to bring these hidden subjects to the light of day…a colossal monstrosity embedded in a complex web of global organizations operating covertly on an international scale. We can support global awakening by seeing the truth of this matter and by intentionally praying and being willing to document evidence about Human Trafficking and…to educate others about it. The entire global socio-economic and political systems are being run by a small group of criminal psychopaths that hijacked global government and intelligence organizations long ago in order to compartmentalize layers of corporate hierarchy that perpetuate these crimes, utilizing massively profitable multinational business models for perpetrating Human Trafficking, Human Sexual Slavery and the Harvesting of Children.

Liberals & Progressives that Missed the Off Ramp

Again, while unfortunate that Donald Trump often himself engages in left-right polemics – certainly, his major following does – the reality is that he and the Alliance network have known all along that the real targets are at much deeper levels and that’s where they’ve been focused all along, facts soon to be revealed. Like, what about the roughly 200,000 Grand Jury sealed indictments accumulated by the Q network – enabled and led by Pres. Trump – during the past four years? There are credible ongoing reports that’s true, alongside a well-planned transition to a new NESARA and GESARA era for the US and planet Earth.

Meanwhile, the issue with nearly all my former close “progressive” and “liberal” friends – labels I always used to describe myself, from my 30s until Cabal “liberal hijack” factors became painfully obvious a decade ago – is that they missed the off-ramp when our former “Higher Values Highway” began showing “Dead-end Route” and “Detour Ahead” signs. From the Eisenhower through Reagan eras, “conservatives” were the main US Cabal hijack, used to stoke Cold War era fear, terrorism, wars and public looting. But, hobby horses eventually wear out. Given that our planet’s control freaks Cabal network has had millennia to perfect its sheep-herding tactics, no surprise they switch from “left” to “right” and from “capitalist” to “communist” tactics without skipping a beat. Thus, George Bush Sr. went to Arkansas to see if he couldn’t bring Bill & Hillary on board and was amazed how smoothly that went. They agreed to protect the CIA’s main cocaine and heroine smuggling operations into the US (landing flights on a military base in Arkansas) and share the proceeds. In return, Bush Sr. agreed to line up Bill’s presidential bid funding and connections and introduced him to his top international networks of corporate criminals and government parasites, and the rest is history.

The graphic above features pro-Trump comments made by two of our world’s most outstanding woo-woo “conspiracy theorist” activists and educators of the past decade, David Wilcock and Laura Eisenhower. It demonstrates that the truly awake-and-aware, whether “progressive” or “conservative” get it. Now that Donald Trump and the Q Alliance network are working at high levels while our grassroots activism and education networks remain alive, side-stepping censorship pressures, the Cabal networks are finding themselves trapped in a pincer movement busting apart their historic divide-and-conquer strategies.

Sacha & Robert Conversation

One of my regular contacts of the past five-plus years is a former CIA officer with a large international following, Robert David Steele. His main website is The video below is a conversation between Robert and another of my regular contacts, past 5-10 years, Sacha Stone. Both Robert and Sacha are signatories to my New Energy Declaration project. Sacha is a former UN Commissioner for Sustainable Energy, the founder of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, the founder of the project (sharing factual information regarding “the Corona Crimes”) and the founder of the New Earth Projects. His personal website is

In this conversation, held a day before the US presidential election, Sacha and Robert talk about the upcoming elections and the corona virus situation.

Across the World, Most Get It

Again, the true vote count looks to likely to be the largest landslide win for any US President in the past century, 75-80% of the popular vote having gone to Pres. Trump, current indications being that about 10 million votes were stolen. Meanwhile, if we turn our gaze abroad, international support for Pres. Trump is roughly at the same as the 3-to-1 to 4-to-1 ratio. The strongest such in coming from nations with long experience in the kind of criminal government hijacks now underway in the US, involving the same global Cabal operators.

At the top of that list is Serbia. This article, published by a major Serbian publication (in English) is a magnum opus on the current US election situation. Start reading at the section titled Election Fraud by Mail-in Ballots to get the gist of the overwhelming support in Serbia for US “election justice.” Here’s an excerpt.

Everything that the US is dealing with now, we the Serbs have been through, twice. We are familiar with Soros’s global criminal network better than anyone else due to the fact that we are victims of it for the last more than 30 years. The American people should look carefully at our experience because they are in great danger.

It is now crystal clear that the pandemic of coronavirus was manufactured purely because of the US Presidential election. The whole world went through this enforced chaos in order to prevent Trump’s certain victory in this election. Since the deep state wasn’t able to overthrow Trump through impeachment, they had no choice but to resort to the Covid-19 plan. The global state model and dictatorship which they plan to implement was already tested in China. China is full of facial recognition cameras, paper money is being eliminated and almost everyone is paying electronically, 5G network and robots are being installed, totalitarian control is being carried out over citizens and freedoms and rights are on a very low level.

Donald Trump has recognized the danger and his 2016 victory was the last chance to save the United States.The change in politics that Donald Trump has achieved, the fight against the deep state which used the US as its own private army, has brought Trump huge popularity across the world. Hundreds of millions of people, oppressed and enslaved by this financial oligarchy which was based in the administration in Washington, have recognized Trump as a man who could defeat that criminal network and bring freedom to the people around the world. Trump said it all in his UN speech. This has caused a great miracle. People all around the world are supporting Trump.

And one more important thing Trump has achieved concerns the coronavirus debunk. Right after the US elections, all dangers in connection to the coronavirus were gone. The same media and politicians that, up until the elections, hysterically whined about social distancing, group activities, wore masks in television studios and scared us on daily basis with certain numbers of supposedly infected, hospitalized and deceased people, suddenly forgot everything about that. Gatherings of Biden’s supporters were glorified, masks were no longer worn, there was no need for social distancing and there was no more news about infected, hospitalized and deceased people. The elections were a cure for coronavirus.

We were the first victims of the new world order. Serbia….was under the heaviest sanctions in history, we were targets of NATO aggression and bombing, we were occupied and a part of our territory was taken from us, we were victims of the first ‘coloured revolution’ and we have been a protectorate run by globalists from our corrupt treacherous government for 20 years. Our economy was destroyed and we were robbed of hundreds of billions of dollars. That is why the US was a personification of evil in the eyes of our people and the American President was the symbol of that evil. There was no difference between Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama, the US politics was always the same. And then a miracle happened. Trump came to the stage and completely wrecked their concept. It was the first time the elections actually mattered.

And now imagine a President of the US enjoying a huge popularity in a country which has a history of foreign relations with the US such as Serbia. The US elections went viral on social networks in Serbia. Serbs have recognized Trump as a man who wishes to defeat the global order which has been destroying all of us. While we await the official confirmation of Trump’s victory and the confirmation of the new term of Donald Trump as the President of the US, we have to mobilize and prepare ourselves to break the chains of globalism. The time for freedom is coming. To victory!