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Felipe –

Yesterday, I mentioned Charlie Ward as a source of inside info about what the Trump administration is actually up to. But, I just found out that his Youtube channel was deleted two weeks ago by Google because he was posting “Q Alliance” updates. You probably know that the US mainstream media is saying everything about Q is “conspiracy theory,” “racist,” etc. Not true! That movement began in the 90s and is based around cleaning up Deep State US government corruption and returning our government and courts to constitutional law (vs. admiralty, contract and UCC law), abolishing the Fed and IRS and greatly reducing the theft of public funds and needless and destructive war and defense spending.

Another guy I recommended yesterday is Dr. Michael Salla who, as I mentioned, is considered by just about everybody to be the world’s top expert on ET topics, including the history and current events related US and NATO secrecy, underground bases and off-planet “secret space program” activities. Michael has been an expert in these areas for 20 years. I’ve been in regular contact with him during the past 15 years. His website is I have a few of his books here. If you’d like to read one, let me know.

This morning, I found this interview Michael did a few days ago titled “The Q’s Objective.” If you watch from 12-20 minutes, he pretty much summarizes how he and I see things regarding “Trump vs. the Deep State.” Yes, Trump gets involved in a lot of Democrat bashing and stupid ideas like the border wall that we do not support. He is definitely not a perfect guy and he tends to polarize people. However, basically, we ignore those factors because if the international “white hats” military-intel network behind Trump – known as “Q” in the US, they’re the ones who asked him to run in 2015 – wins the current undeclared war for planetary control (the COVID plotters and the “Great Reset” people are the threat) and instead make NESARA and GESARA happen, none of the other stuff will matter or even be remembered.

Something Michael mentions in the interview above is an “open letter” that was sent this week to Pres. Trump by a cardinal high up in the Vatican structure. That letter echoes what I’ve been saying all along about COVID (which I call the Corona Crimes) and the WEF’s deceptive “Great Reset” plan (which will hit TV screens big starting also). Also, this cardinal is confirming what I’ve said about the international “Alliance” affiliated with the current US administration. I mentioned that the Q Alliance busted top criminals in the Vatican earlier this year. They have done likewise to the British royal family and Buckingham palace is now full of private investigators vs. “royals,” yet, as usual, none of that in mainstream news. Anyway, here’s the Vatican letter.

If you google “NESARA” you’ll get page after page saying it’s all lies and a stupid “conspiracy theory.” False again! An insider who was personally involved getting NESARA passed and signed into law in 2000 (a former Delta Force commander) told me about it in person in 2004, when I met him in Costa Rica. This page has the background thru 2011. “9/11” actually done to prevent NESARA’s announcement. This is all very relevant because the group still behind NESARA is the US and international Q Alliance that’s been directing Trump’s main moves. The counterpart GESARA plan – Global Economic Security and Reform Act – will create a kind of planetary Golden Age if the Gates-Fauci-WEF group cannot stop it.

Further updates about what’s going on right now on the WEF “Great Reset” vs. NESARA front is in this article.

As with NESARA, if you put “Judy Mitovits” into Google, everything returned says she’s a liar and fraud. More lies! They’re saying that because she’s got the first-hand goods on Tony Fauci, having worked with him for decades at NIH and, before that, at the  Army’s Ft. Dietrich bio-weapons lab. She knows all about his criminal past and CIA background. The Plandemic documentary about her on Youtube was breaking all-time Youtube viewing records during its first week earlier this year, so Google was told to delete her channel. However, that plus a new “Plandemic II” documentary are now available free at

Several sources from inside the Committee of 300 – which is chaired by the Queen of England, Bill Gates has been a member of C300 since 2009 – have revealed that COVID stands for the global “Certificate of Vaccination ID” project. IE: what Bible scholars would call their “Mark of the Beast” plan. While this year’s SARS-corona flu (COVID-19) has been shown by all honest studies not to be significantly more dangerous than any other engineered SARS-corona flu we have annually, the planned injections (“vaccines”) will definitely be extremely dangerous both to health, freedom and well-being. Those will will be readable by smartphones and serve as “new normal” “immunity passes.” The goal that C300, the WEF and Gates Foundation have in mind is to create a kind of global techno-slavery system like China has, but ultimately worse, one where they can also “reduce the population” in any way they choose.

Here are two articles about what the Gates-Fauci injections will actually involve –

Luciferase ID 2020 Biometric IDs

DARPA COVID Biochip Can Control DNA


Although the mainstream media will not run stories telling the truth about how dramatically COVID death stats have been falsified, the CDC’s Director was recently forced by certain elements in the Trump administration to tell the truth by “downgrading” their 2020 COVID death count by 94%. The “CARE Act” has been paying cash-starved US state governments from $50,000 to $300,000 simply for each “COVID positive test” reported, the full list of payout amounts here. This, despite the fact that the inventor of the PCR test being used (Dr. Kary Mullis) says the test “means nothing” as it is being applied and has called the corona situation “a huge fraud.” Likewise, he’s never covered by US television or newspaper reporting.

In addition to the payments just mentioned, there’s the $10,000 to $30,000 average US Medicaid payments to hospitals, clinics and mortuaries for checking a “COVID co-morbidity box” on death certificates, even though the person has actually died of old age, heart attack, cancer, common flu, etc. Many doctors and nurses have videos on Youtube expressing their anger about hospital administrators forcing them to report “COVID deaths” just to increase profits. Also, the average age of COVID deaths in the US during the first six months of CDC reporting was 72, more than half those from people herded into nursing home “quarantines.” Meanwhile annual death counts from all routine causes – normal flu, heart attack, respiratory conditions – mysteriously dropped to all-time lows (ie: no payola).

There’s a similar situation of payouts to hospitals and clinics in Mexico and countries around the world, those funds coming thru a joint trust administered by the World Bank and WHO, with over $10 billion of those funds having originated from the Gates Foundation (the Gates Foundation is a greater source of WHO funds than any government, it’s invested $5 billion in WHO in the past 4 years, another $5 billion in its GAVI vaccine sales project). A friend of mine here in Ensenada has an aunt who’s a nurse in Oaxaca and she says that, likewise, in their hospital the COVID stats are being falsified to get WHO payments.

The US mainstream media also will not run reports about the many honest studies which prove that this year’s SARS-corona flu (“19”) is not statistically more dangerous than annual “novel SARS-corona flus” we’ve had every year (eg: “avian bird flu,” “swine flu,” now the claimed “bat flu”). All annual flu viruses since 2003 have been SARS-coronas engineered by big pharma labs then released alongside the “free vaccines” that we see every year, those vaccines actually paid for by governments via World Bank loans that are tied to required WHO “pandemic contracts.”

This article by a group of Swiss doctors has factual info about COVID-19 risk factors as well as this article posted to the Ron Paul Institute website. Ron Paul has probably been the most honorable long-serving US congressional rep during the past 20 years and he’s also an MD. He’s always a good source for honest information.

The main problem with our world is that there really is an “illuminati” network that runs the show here, although a better name for them is the international criminal mafia Cabal. Some refer to the 3D aspect of this network as the Deep State, but it is actually multi-dimensional, involving “forces of evil” and demonic elements on the higher levels, then it has its human agents among us in all different sectors of society. Most people just “follow the money,” but at the core of the 5D, 4D and 3D Cabal structure, there are serious satanic types, like Bush Sr, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, the Queen of England, Evelyn and Jacob de Rothshild and thousands of others in our court systems and government, Hollywood, banking, the defense sector, etc.

Because we are now in the prophesied “End Times” period, wherein the half-way point in the 25,800 year cycle has been reached – which involves one orbit of our solar system around the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone – we have reached alignment with the high-density energies of the Galactic Equator, also known as the Galactic photon belt. This is why the Mayan long-count calendar ended in 2012 as Jose Arguelles and others have explained. The current high-power photonic energies are what is causing all “climate change” (except for California wildfires and droughts caused by satellite-based maser systems) and are also creating natural human ascension effects. Those ascension effects are what the Cabal’s COVID and 5G criminal master plans are attempting to stop. However, people are “waking up,” making it much more difficult for them to cover up the truth with the sophisticated lies pumped out through compromised mainstream media and government channels.


COVID = Certificate of Vaccination ID

Moderna = MOD-ification of Endogenos RNA

Here are a few other good articles about the COVID game plan –

  1. The NIH and CDC Are Not Public Institutions
  2. Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned to Usher in the New World Order
  3. We the People Can End the Plandemic
  4. Halting Our Descent into Tyranny: Defeating the Global Elite’s Covid-19 Coup


On the “Good News” front, I’m excited about the new Thrive 2 documentary, which was produced by Foster Gamble, who’s been a friend of mine and regular contact since 2008.

Foster and his wife founded the Thrive project in 2011 and launched the original Thrive documentary that year. It’s now been seen by about 100 million people. Two months ago, they launched Thrive 2. You can watch the trailer at and can also watch the whole film. But, first, I recommend watching the original Thrive 1 which you can watch free. A link for it is toward the bottom of the home page.

I was introduced to Foster in 2008 by a friend of mine who was a former NASA astronaut, Dr. Brian O’Leary. He, Foster and I shared interest in “suppressed revolutionary energy and transportation technologies,” which associates with my project. Before creating the New Energy Declaration project, for several years I had online the largest collection of information anywhere about the unlawful application by the CIA of the 1951 Invention Secrecy Act, basically to prevent human progress (and allow their Deep State partners to continue increasing global control).

But, the good news is, we’re in the process of reversing all those things and putting planet Earth under “new management” (:

Thrive Online Presentation Slide (given Oct. 31, 2020)