Corona Virus Coffeetime

CV CoffeetimeReady for the Real News re: “the virus situation” and its artificial problem-reaction-solution setup? Great, just read this latest article by Justice Anna von Reitz –

5G Coffeetime Arrives

If you scan posts made here a few years ago, you’ll find many references to “the new greatest threat to the human future and nature” – not recognized as such even still by the majority, certainly not in recent years – namely “5G.” Making a few posts here during recent weeks, the 5G theme is […]

Judge Anna on CV and 5G (P4)

From: More Invasive Nasty BS Excerpt – “Did you know that Bill Gates has nine (9) vaccine laboratories in production, planning on profiting from the “emergency” he has helped to create? Did you know that anyone 18 and younger has already been micro-chipped when they received purportedly harmless childhood disease vaccines? Did you know that […]

Judge Anna on CV and 5G (P3)

From: Fauci, Gates, Birx and Soros Excerpt – “In case you didn’t know, Soros funded the research lab in Wuhan, China, where all this current mess got started. Wonder of wonders, right? Gates has been conspiring to patent “novel” corona viruses and investing in vaccine manufacturing to immunize against the viruses he is creating. A […]

Judge Anna on CV and 5G (P2)

From: Face the Liars & the Truth Excerpt – “That’s not going to work, either. No matter how many Talking Heads they plaster on the news waves. The rest of the world, and indeed, the American People know, that China did not cause this. Indeed, we have good reason to know who did cause it, […]

Judge Anna on CV and 5G (P1)

From: Dear Mr. Trump – Emergency Order Arrest Two. Judge Anna is requesting that Bill Gates be arrested and all his assets seized due to what she claims to be his direct role in orchestrating “corona virus events” toward the goal of “mandatory vaccines everywhere” laws (with draconian penalties and draconian health effects). My own […]

5G Summit Sampler

I just posted two video clips as brief excerpts from over 30 hours of excellent 5G topic interviews by Josh del Sol on his website. These clips feature Claire Edwards, former UN official and co-founder of the project. Closing thoughts to her 2nd clip, “5G is a wonderful opportunity to be who you […]

The 5G Summit

The single best resource I’ve found on the internet to learn the truth about the serious risks – and, serious insanity, in the view of many who’ve studied the topic – of 5G. These are critical and largely misunderstood topic that tie in closely both with the “corona virus emergency” and prospects for a sane […]