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Arise USA Tour Plans & Visions: We’re Ready to Roll!

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Wow, what an uplifting and high energy conversation this was and what a great new vision for America and the world is emerging as a result of the Arise USA Resurrection Tour storm now brewing, which is what the topic this conversation is all about.

Please SHARE THE VIDEO LINK. If you have a website or social media page that’s a good start, but also post links to the “comments” threads of appropriate high-traffic pages, channels and websites. The link can be sent directly along with your notes to local media, to neighbors and colleagues in the US to interest them to attend and report from one of the upcoming 84 tour stops and rallies in their region (see tour schedule).

A few video notes and excerpts follow but, really, you need to tune into the whole conversation – at minimum, the first half – to get all its wonderful high-energy goodness.

Sacha Stone –

“This is where the spiritual dimension, the morality of the good people of the world, is finally getting to its feet.”

Dr. Rima Laibow –

“Every single thing, from the molecular to the macro, is under exactly the same attack. Whatever you care about – whether its constitutional or health related or the future of your family – everything needs to be defending against exactly the same globalist orchestrated attack. Whatever’s important to you, it’s where you need to become a warrior to preserve humanity, community and spirituality. Otherwise, there’s nothing left.”

Sacha Stone –

“For me, the exciting thing about this tour is that it is probably the first time in history that such a comprehensive pulse of Middle America is going to be taken. We’re going to have this conversation together. I’m the outsider – helping to guide, process and document this thing and do a bit of rah-rah here and there – but I, as the world looking into this – to America, to the pulse of America – want to understand that song, that song in the pulse of America. Because that is the song that’s going to lead all of us to Hallelujah! And, I’ll tell you, the whole world knows that right about now. Whether you’re talking to someone in Mozambique or Bolivia or Myanmar, everyone is looking to America…for obvious reasons. America is the chosen land in many respects. It has also been weaponized and cult programmed more than any other country. It is also the most extraordinary pantheon of talent and skill and stamina. So, let’s make that conversation matter.”

Robert David Steele –

“Make no mistake about it, Sacha. Your role here is as important as ours. You are our token foreigner and we welcome you. This is really important, ‘America first,’ but then Canada, then Australia, then the United Kingdom then everywhere else. We are leading the charge for the world, not just for America!”

Sacha Stone –

“This is an appeal, again, to the many many thousands of people out there. I know this is going to reach a helluva lot of people next few days. Please, help us make this happen. I am, yes, breaking with tradition and rattling a can and asking you, please, lean into Robert David Steele’s program…and where you can – emphasis on Middle America – donate to this. This, seriously, is worthy because, again…these are the voices, this is the salvation, this is the redemption, people. It’s not coming from Ezekiel’s chariot. It’s not coming from out there from a Pleiadean starship. It’s happening here, and you must factor into this. Please, stand with us and make this tour happen.”