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Arise USA Resurrection Tour Plans, Schedule & Speakers

Apr 28, 2021

Sacha Stone, “This is where the spiritual dimension, the morality of the good people of the world, is finally getting to its feet.”

Tour Leaders & Presenters

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Robert David Steele

Robert David Steele

Sacha Stone

Sacha Stone

Trent Loos

Trent Loos

Leigh Dundas

Leigh Dundas

Sheriff Richard Mack

Sheriff Richard Mack

Kevin Jenkins

Kevin Jenkins

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Michael Jaco

Michael Jaco

Tina Griffin

Tina Griffin

Scott McKay

Scott McKay

Laura Eisenhower

Laura Eisenhower

John Peterson

John Peterson

Penny Kelley

Penny Kelley

Justin Deschamps

Justin Deschamps

David Nino Rodriguez

David Nino Rodriguez

Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel

Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel

Clyde Cleveland

Clyde Cleveland

Dr. Robert Young

Dr. Robert Young

Tour Plans and Visions: The Freedom Train is about to Depart!

Want to catch the whiff of some strong Liberation Coffee? Tune in to this high energy preview of the great new vision for America and the world emerging as a result of the gathering Arise USA Resurrection Tour storm brewing, coming soon to a town near you! Please share links to this page with friends, family, colleagues, local media and others. Follow tour events online and one of the upcoming 84 rallies in your region.

Help Fund the Tour

The Arise USA Resurrection Tour is a grassroots funded initiative that depends on support from citizens across the spectrum ready to step up to the plate and join our fight for “We the People.”

Failing SSP-CIA & Pentagon Dark Timeline Projects: Ongoing Planetary Spring Cleaning

Here’s the latest planetary Spring Cleaning update from Kim Goguen, a woman with credible claim to holding the highest security clearance in the world...

Planetary Energetic & Ascension Updates

Here are the latest updates from Kim Goguen, a woman with credible claim to having the highest security clearance on the planet and the highest level...

Major Earth & Cosmic Energetic Upgrades Underway

A few days ago, Kim Goguen gave her latest news update, outlining what she depicts as the ongoing shut down of the ancient far-flung "Dark Side of the...

Benjamin Fulford Interviews Kim Goguen: New Earth Projects & Plans

Creating a Golden Age Foundation Last month, veteran indy journalist, Benjamin Fulford, interviewed Kimberly Goguen - controller of the Global...

The Latest Ground Command Updates

Feeling a lot better this week than during the weeks before, when we had crazy weather everywhere – record heat, tornadoes and hurricanes – and many...

Climate Change & the Mainstream Media Secret Decoder Ring

There's a major temperature spike rippling across Earth right now. Have you also noticed sleep disturbances? Heart palpitations? Just be glad you're not...

Bifurcating Timelines & Ascension Progress

The excerpts below are taken both from Lisa Renee's March newsletter and in-depth articles, Changing Architecture and 3D Breakdown & Enlightened...

A Real News Update

Kim Goguen and team are currently the best source of Real News on planet Earth. This associates with Kim's control of the global Quantum Mapping System...

The Most Important News Updates in History (P2)

Epic Breaking News UN and NATO troops are now on the ground in Canada, having been handed control via Justin Trudeau's recent declaration of martial...

Planet Earth Under New Management: The Latest News from Ground Command

Ready for some Earth-shaking GOOD NEWS? Tune into just five minutes of this recent block-buster update, starting at the 10 minute mark, for some amazing...

Restoring Self-Goverance: Peoples Assemblies Lawful Orders

We are besieged on all sides by bankrupt corporate criminal racketeering outfits, masquerading as lawful governments. This is true across the...

Fall of the Cabal: For the Times, They are a Changin’

This clip marks the resignation of the man who, until recently, was head of security for Canada's Cabal boy wonder, Justin Trudeau, another clear sign...

Rob Potter Interviews “Ground Command”

"I was realizing as Kim was speaking that we're witnessing...a formal shift in this planet's the life force returns to humanity. You know,...

Lisa Renee: Collective Awakening Event

Many have spoken in recent years of “The Event,” referring to anything ranging from a financial reset or mainstream media takedown to a “solar flash”...

A Message from Ground Command

Yet another AMAZING update from head of the Global Repository and "Ground Command," Kim Goguen. (click image at right to watch)"I think we will see very...

Life Force Update (Jan. 19th)

Transcript Excerpts"I'm sure you're all familiar with maritime or admiralty law, which gave someone control of your soul, or your vessel. Right? Okay,...

The Global Health & Wellness Consortium

A project launched last year, the Global Health & Wellness Consortium (GHWC), claims to have replaced the UN's WHO, subsequent to the UN's charter...

Laura Eisenhower and Mel K: From Great Reset to Great Awakening

"The dependency on the medical system has now become, like, death camps. All the coverups of protocols that work, all the censorship of doctors and...

The Global Food Supply Destruction Project

"When you step back, you see a controlled destruction of food production, all according to plan."Earth: A Planet with Ambitious Closet Satanists On the...

Wising Up to the Waiting-for-Saviors Program

Q: What's the alternative to tuning in to Mr. Cowboy Boots droning on for hours saying nothing? A: Tuning him out. Likewise, all other Trust-the-Plan...

Teachers Unions & Education Sector Great Resets

Former Education International (EI) exec Sharan Burrow addressing the UN's ITUC, touting the WEF's 4th Industrial Revolution trans-humanist party line....

Dr. Bill Deagle: A Walk Down Conspiracy Theory “Told Ya So” Lane

2012: Dr. Deagle Presages COVID Conspiracy Theorists Arise! As the slow-to-get-going Great Awakening process proceeds, more and more are seeing that the...

Dr. Christina Rahm Talks to Tank

Dr. Christina Rahm, who has created the ROOT health boost products along with husband Clayton Thomas, is a fast-rising star on the alt health and...

Are the Wheels of Justice Slowly Grinding?

Are the RRN Gitmo Reports for Real? has been published reports this past year - such as those outlined here - involving alleged arrests,...

Ricardo Bosi: Australia Declares Victory

"The case can already be made that many of these people are already guilty of treason. But, if any remain silent in an obvious attack on Australian...

Trump Warned by US Military About COVID Vax Promos

Breaking Good News The US Navy Command's COVID warning to Trump is already bearing fruit. Having sent back channel messages to Donald Trump over the...


HELP MAKE THIS VIDEO GO VIRAL! Okay, relax, it's already gone viral, with over 1 million views on Rumble since being posted two months ago. So, all you...

Trump Still Your Hero in Waiting?

If so, might be time to buy more coffee. Or, what about shutting off the water heater awhile then taking a shower? Hasn't been a clue that someone...

The New COVID Omicron Draco Reptilian Variant

Book pages shown below are from the book, "Voyagers: Secrets of Amenti" by Ashayana DeaneReady for some Prime Directive word game fun? Okay! Let's...

UNN Canada COVID News Update

Ready for a high-paying job with the Canadian government? Great! You can help keep people "Safe" and "Responsible" by herding them into extermination...


Repeat after me, "It's NOT a vaccine! It's NOT a vaccine!" Here's another excellent COVID silver bullet to circulate, a 30 minute presentation by MD and...

Gitmo Corona Crimes Tribunals: Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo Et Al

This report of yesterday by claiming that California Governor Gavin Newsom was arrested last week, related to his COVID cartel role...

The MATRIX For Real: Zuckerberg Introduces the DARPA Meta-verse

Hang on to your seats! Just when you thought the COVID craziness - including inverted "facts" and "fact checkers" and criminally insane governments and...

COVID Injection Nanos, Black Goo & Hydras

We know the COVID injections are setting up long-term AIDS like chronic auto-immune conditions by disabling the immune system via the mRNA spike protein...

Why the GCR-RV, Quantum Financial Systems and NESARA-GESARA Haven’t Happened

Kim Goguen aka: "Kim Possible" has an incredible tale regarding what she claims as her role in our world. Among other things, Kim claims to control...

COVIDLand Documentary

Notable out-take "We had a patient that tested positive for COVID. But, that's not what killed him. The gunshot wound is what killed him." For all the...

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