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The ARISE USA Resurrection Tour

conversation between Robert David Steele and John Peterson

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Tour Overview

A 3-month tour kicking off May 17, 2021, with 84 stops across the United States, the themes including: Constitutional Counties, Faith, Family, Freedom, Election Reform, Sovereignty and Truth. Robert David Steele and former congressional rep Cynthia McKinney are the primary tour leaders. Sacha Stone is the tour’s Creative Director. The tour’s official websites are and

John: Hi and welcome it’s nice to have you with us again today we’ve got a wonderful short interview with Robert David Steele, my old friend from two, almost three decades ago. Hello Robert how are you my friend?

RDS: John, it’s always a pleasure. I have to say, you bring out the best in me.

John: Well, I appreciate that. Thank you so much. You know, the reason we’re talking today is because you’re going to come and be with us at the Transitions Talks on the 17th of April – just over a little over a month from now – and we’re looking forward very much to having you with us, as we always have in the past. You’ve been here twice before, and you’re a big hit and we have a good time together always.

And, one of the reasons why I really like having you with us is that you’re one of the kind of…the biggest integrated systems thinkers that I know. There aren’t too many people have that have kind of a big over-arching perspective, and see different pieces in the system and how they all come together. Everybody gets kind of myopic and fixated on the target and stuff like that. So, it’s a pleasure to have you come. And, what I’ve asked you to do – and you’ve been gracious in agreeing – is to help us see the picture going into this future, this amazingly different future that we’re going to have. Help us paint an integrated picture and how you see the world and how it might emerge and evolve, and what that might look like. We have to hope in the middle of all of this. It’s really easy to get consumed by the media and all of the messaging that’s trying to tell us how it’s all coming apart and it’s terrible and we have to wear masks, and stupid things like that.

RDS: Well, let me change one word…the word is “integrity.” We’ve lost our integrity. We’ve lost our integrity as a public. We’ve lost our integrity as a government. Science, medicine and media, the academy, the churches, the labor unions. they’ve all lost their integrity. And, it turns out, John – that because you kindly moved this forward a month, I was going to start a national tour on the 15th of June then it moved to the 17th of May because I want to be in Mount Rushmore on the 4th of July – the bottom line is Earth 4.0 after the defeat of empire, and the rise of humanity as Lords of light and love…is in fact the culmination of everything I’ve been doing in my past lives and it’s the beginning of what I’m going to be doing for the next 40 years.

And for you, I’m essentially developing my stump speech for a nationwide tour that is going to hit no fewer than 65 places already identified. People can go to and see the tour map. We’ll probably add 10 more stops. But, we are going to hit every one of the 50 states – including flying to Alaska and Hawaii – with myself, Dr Cynthia McKinney, Sheriff Richard Mack, Lee Dundas, Penny Kelly and I’m hoping Trent Loos, who’s a great American Farmer. We’re even going to be towing a tractor which runs on water. Okay? And, doesn’t have secret software from John Deere which is ransom-ware.

So, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and what it boils down to is “Constitutional Counties,” faith family and freedom, and open source everything. And, I mean, I’ve been integrating holistic analytics, true cost economics and open source everything engineering. So, what I’ve done for today’s session is that I’ve actually blocked out what a book would look like, and I’ll just go over very quickly the chapters of this book. I’ll be developing this for a professional presentation for you of about 90 minutes duration.

But, chapter one is about paradigms lost and found, from capitalism to laborers, from vertical to horizontal governance, of restoring the integrity of everything – including the election system, hashtag #UNRIG election reform is what Dr. McKinney and I have been about since since about 2015 – and then reconnecting civil society. We have allowed digital assassination and digital censorship and digital manipulation to destroy families and communities and networks of like-minded individuals. God bless Donald Trump he has actually opened the door for what Cynthia and I called “Beyond Trump.”

“Beyond Trump” is where the public takes charge again. Where we go one we go all. But, when I say all, I include the Libertarians, the independents, the Sandernistas, the Constitution Party, the Green Party. We’ve had a two party tyranny in the United States of America where there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, who front for the deep state.

So, in chapter 2 I talk about how inclusive capitalism is the breakdown of the 1%. Redemptive capitalism, the black sheep, mutuality economics…and there are other economic constructs including county coin, where we eliminate federal and state income taxes and all money is collected at the transaction level by the county, which then allocates into the state and the federal government. The federal government is no longer allowed to print or borrow money! And if you want to go to war, the public has to raise the tax rate to afford it.

Now, I did my original thesis on revolution in 1976. I created an original matrix and all of the preconditions for revolution exist today in the United States, the most important two of which are concentration of wealth and loss of faith in the legitimacy of all government institutions. We’re there. I believe that we are undergoing is going to be known in history as the most spiritual bloodless revolution in the history of humanity. This is really huge, and I’m still feeling my way through it. And, I’m very indebted to you, John, because you’ve introduced me to people like Penny Kelly and Sherry Edwards and others and I really benefited greatly from the people that have connected with me through you and Transition Talks and the Arlington Institute.

Now, uniting humanity for action requires that the public be connected to the truth, and that’s not to be found today! It’s not to be found in the US government, which lies to us. It’s not to be found in the media which lies to us. It’s not to be found in the medical profession, which lies to us. It’s not to be found in the universities which lie to us or the churches, which also lie to us. So, holistic analytics and true cost economics…true cost economics is huge.

If you look at tractors, for example, a John Deere tractor costs $250,000 and has secret software that they use to ransom more payments from the farmers. It’s impossible to repair in the field. Marcin Jakubowski can build a perfectly good analog tractor for $25,000. The difference is the farmer’s not being held hostage by the banks. There’s no predatory 90% on that tractor for the banks and there is no secret software that screws over the farmer. And, the tractor that we’re going to be towing across the country, painted bright red…is going to run on water. I am not kidding here! This tractor is going to run on water. so we’re offering the American Farmer complete freedom from the deep State as represented by John Deere. This is huge.

Now, we also have to have open source everything engineering, which I just alluded to. I just want to make the point that open source everything is not just about information technology. It’s not just about software and hardware. It’s about energy. It’s about water. It’s about food. It’s about governance. It’s about open space dialogue. It’s about manufacturing of every kind. One of the things our tour is going to promote is breaking away from big everything, ending Big Agriculture, ending Big Pharma, ending Big Government and going down to communities.

We’re talking about single income family, stay at home parents and home schooling. We still need schools. You still need group activities, particularly music, art and physical education and sports. But, we’re talking about multi-generational households. We’re talking about completely opening up the West with small family farms, that have that land in perpetuity as long as they produce children who stay on the land. We’re talking about restoring butchers and candlestick makers at the local level. Most local butchers and other kinds of manufacturers have been put out a business by the Deep State using the federal government to create regulations, to destroy the ability of a normal human being to make a living at the village level.

So, we’re talking about localization, what Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls “Anti-fragile.” We’re talking about self-sustainability at the local level. Now, in convergence, I’m seeing people converging on education, food, health and water. I’m seeing a complete change in governance, in which we eliminate top-down fascism and bureaucracy by regulation, and we substitute bottom up education and conversation. And, we bring together the networks which I call academia, civil society, commerce, government, law enforcement, media, military and nonprofit. We need to get away from the stove pipes, bring everybody back together.

Global “climate change” is a fraud. It’s a scam. So is “Stop the Steal.” Stop the Steal is code for the GOP ripping off the American taxpayer to get money that they will not spend on election reform. But, I see a whole new wave of agriculture, small cities connected by high speed rail surrounded by family farms. I see complete rebuild of infrastructure. Free energy as well as renewable energy, that does not freeze when it gets real cold, as Texas found to its dismay. The windmills all froze, green energy did not work in the crunch. And then, open source engineering. And, finally in “society,” we’re looking at family, gender immigration, justice, security.

I see transgenderism going out the door. It is going to be an all-stop on cultural Marxism and the state and Bill Gates and George Soros telling families – ripping children away from their families and turning these children into little monsters and deviants – because deviants behind the government are trying to basically take children and turn them into drag queens at an early age. This is a real deep cultural issue for America. Do we allow the government to change the sex of our children before they have reached an age of maturity? This is a revolutionary issue, in my view.

Now, I formed an internet steering group – a Web 3.0 steering group – and we are going to be addressing this in the near future. I don’t know if I’m going to get an open source agency when President Trump returns as I do expect him to return. But, I am going to create some kind of open source information network which basically puts Amazon, Facebook, Google, Meetup, Twitter and YouTube out of business! And I’m working with Juan O. Savin – at and a couple of others – and I believe that we’re going to see the breakup of Big Tech and we’re going to see the rise of a decentralized, federated system.

And I also say that the county coin – which is county barter currency that gains value when it’s spent locally and it loses value the further away it gets from the county – will be complimented by “county Web.” So, information will be under the control of the county. Of course, we’re very proud to have Sheriff Richard Mack – the founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association – traveling with us, because constitutionally elected sheriffs are the highest law enforcement authority of the land. And, they have the power to arrest federal state and local officials – including the FBI – who dare to encroach on the Constitution and abuse their powers.

What we’re seeing right now in America is a complete pushback, not just against globalization, but against federal, state and local officials who have been bribed, blackmailed for brainwashed to betray the public trust. And, I’m leading this caravan – this war caravan – into the heartland to engage and enrage the public and show them that Constitutional Counties combined with faith, family and freedom, election reform and the truth are all we need to restore America the beautiful! And I’m very, very confident we’re going to succeed.

Then, to just wrap up quickly I have some concepts on future oriented hybrid governments, I have some concepts on how there are trillions and trillions of dollars out there. We do not lack for money, and in fact I have a labor training plan. Every American that has lost their job to the meltdown of the fraudulent economy can and should receive paid job training…in farming, local manufacturing, coastal preservation. There are a number of areas where we can put America back to work with gainful employment that is of the land, for the land, of the people, for the people.

And last but not least, we need to come together spiritually and you, John, have been very encouraging to me. I agree with you that we’re on an upward spiritual path. I absolutely believe that we’re undergoing The Hero’s Journey right now and Juan O. Savin has talked about how we have to have a near-death experience and hit bottom. I’ve actually got goosebumps. We’ve hit bottom and our return starts with some combination of Donald Trump coming back in – when the fraudulent election is overturned – and the tour called “Arise USA Resurrection Tour.” It starts on the 17th of May this year and your presentation, that you’ve invited me to give, is the kickoff.

John: Yeah, this is going to be great. It’s really going to be fun to have you again and see this really big integrated picture. Something you also mentioned in passing is this idea…that everybody should have some kind of…universal national service. I mean there’s just a whole host of these things that we’ll bring together and everybody will have get a chance to chat with you and ask questions. And this will be not only in life here in Berkeley Springs – just 100 miles down the road from Baltimore and Washington – but we’ll live-stream it. And so, regardless of where you are, if you’re listening to this, you can access this and it’ll be available for at least two weeks afterwards. So, you can lie in bed in your pajamas at watch and you can watch it multiple times. We’ve got something for everyone and it’s going to be a really great time. It’s the 17th of April…and we’re very much looking forward to having you back.

RDS: Well, let me point out that behind me you can see me packing up my office because from your event, I’m heading south and I may never come back!