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Jerry Day re: mandatory vaccines –

Study Shows Direct Correlation between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks

Amazing Polly re: “Contact Tracking” –

5G Websites – Focus on California communities effectively rejecting the DC-FCC-Telco 5G push. – Group of scientists that understands the grave 5G profile and are trying to help arm the public. Example is this page on their site recommending that city councils across the country legislate a max of .1 watt ERP (radiated power) for all wireless transmitters installed in their communities – great idea that should be acted upon. – Environmental Health Trust – Physicians for Safe Technology. Could be a great resource for finding MDs to issue medical opinions that can be presented at court – per the Ray Broomhall and NoL processes – to prevent the installation of 5G infrastructure, get installed 5G infrastructure uninstalled and prosecute criminal and civil claims against associated power companies and telcos.

San Diego 5G-equipped LED streetlights controversy

5G Summit Kevin Mottus interview

Kevin has run for congressional and senatorial seats. Now serves as a DC lobbyist for groups suing major telcos related to brain tumors. Midway through the interview, he mentions $2 billion in lawsuits of such types related to 4G tech (“Murray vs. Motorola,” others) such damages set to become dramatically worse with 5G.

Says that he got involved education the public about 5G after losing several friends to brain cancer associated with exposure to 4G transmitters. His 5G topic website is He mentions a half-dozen other websites in his talk I’ll list below.

30 minutes, “We need to reach out to all of the congressmen. The FCC can no longer be allowed to get away with this. They’re getting away with harming people. They’re getting away with disabling people. And, it’s not an exaggeration to say that they’re getting away with killing people, in the case of cancer.”

All 5G “small cell” transmitters being installed and planned – moving much closer to homes and workplaces – will have both 4G transmitters operating to 5Ghz and 5G transmitters operating up to 90Ghz (and up to 100 times the maximum pulsed 4G power density levels). 4G transmitters also are not capable of “collimating” or focusing energy in laser-like beams unlike 5G transmitters, whose primary R&D pioneers have been Lockheed and BAE per use as “directed energy weaponry.”

5G “faster Netflix” speeds will still operate well below 4G maximums not to mention fiber optic which is both faster, more reliable and secure than 5G, plus being totally safe versus potentially lethal (but neither 4G nor fiber optic can provide final link “smart meter”->”smart appliance”->”smart taxes and lifestyle control” 5G can.

42 minutes, “People need to reach out and they need to start on a federal level. They need to reach out to their congressman and it needs to be a very direct conversation.” Mentions talking to a Huffington Post reporter who said Verizon objected to their reports about 5G harm. Their editors wouldn’t comply so…Verizon bought them (2015). Just a recent vignette re: what happened to the entire US mainstream media landscape in the post-WWII era, dramatically worsened via the 1996 Federal Communications Act. Horizon is also the worst all the US telcos in terms of repeated linkage to use of telecomms technologies in violation of both US and international law (criminal and civil).

56 minutes, talks about the website and others, “…focused on local issues and how to push back about 5G.” “These are resources…that can help people realize they’re not alone and arm them to push back against what is absolutely a grave injustice that is continuing.” “The industry has gotten away with harming and killing people for long enough. With 5G, we’re talking about maximizing people’s exposure rather than minimizing it and we need to stop.”

“It is unbelievable that this is continuing in this country and that the FCC in cooperation with the FDA, the American Cancer Society – and, unfortunately, add in the World Health Organization – have been allowed to side-step and work around the biological effects and health effects.” “We need to arm ourselves in terms of taking this to the courts for what it is…a criminal matter, and to exercise our rights as citizens to participate in our democracy and exercise our ability to organize others” (referring to congressional elections every two years).

Final minute, “You can do it, you must do it, if you want to protect yourself, your family from this clear environmental and health hazard that is causing injury to our citizens…and will increasingly do so with 5G…emitting high-density wireless radiation without our consent.” Mentions again his website. Personal email address is Could be a good resource for a Borrego group to hire, teamed up with NoL and Ray Broomhall strategies.